: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
YES YES YES. Ya know i think this will increase the talent pool for pro play too. NA LCS player pool is pretty much restricted to people already living on west coast only.
: Donating 2014 LCS fines to a good cause
As a bisexual person im offended by this. It is as if they think LBGT is a disability and we need special help.
: "I won't miss" -- Ashe returns to pro play
she's strong at a range but if you saw C9 vs DIG you see what ashe is weak against. Anyone with an instant dash to get in on her and cc her a little bit. She has no answer to that, she cant, and her only hard CC is on a long cool down to try to self peel.
: New player reform system heads into testing
automatic banns scare me. you are giving the machines too much power
Ramuhdo (NA)
: QOL Change for new Ashe E
yeah i can agree with this.
: Ekko is champion #125
IDK 4 bans per team wouldn't be too bad. So banning doesn't take forever both teams could ban 2 at a time. I think it would be a good thing for the lcs. People like to see more champions, and this would encourage pros to play more champions.
: Champion Update: Ashe update heading to live!
i don't think this is a over buff. Ashe was useless before this change. 30% Slow means nothing in the face of 50 champions with huge instant gap closers. Now she actually has some power to make up for her lack of a mobility spell.
: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
his kit reminds me alot of fizz with all the auto attack buffs. Litch bane is a must it looks like.
: Yeah, the way that soccer players stay fresh is more from substitution and not overexerting themselves rather than official breaks.
pro soccer players stay fresh by standing around in a big empty field doing nothing instead of playing, and people wonder why the US doesn't like watching it.
: Riot's broadcasting has gotten out of control. There is WAY TOO MUCH time being wasted on "analysis"
pretty sure they are buying time for the players to take a break and set back up... Would you rather stare at the empty stage during this time?
: Riot, this is why you need to get replays implemented
riot has left victor banned from competative play for 2 months because of a bug. They have done nothing to fix it. Start from replay has some imbalances like you know where your opponents are on the map when you return to play.
: If Your Jungler Takes Devourer
I dont think devourer is a good item.
: PSA: If you take ignite top and lose lane
by the same token if you take teleport and don't use it to secure objectives for your team you gave yourself a disadvantage in lane for no reason.
: An interesting idea. Could use a bit of tinkering to make sure people don't end up as champions they have never played before, or so people don't just use this as a way to get extra ip while being able to pick what they want to play, but it is a good concept. I know the game awesomenauts has a similar system, although it works a bit differently in that game since the teams are much less comp reliant and there isn't as much of a meta.
yeah that's why i bring it up. Its in other games, and makes those games better. And i also point out, even if the in-progress player is bad or a troll there is still a better chance of winning than not having them.
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footfoe (NA)
: Are other jungle upgrades worth getting?
well specifically nocturne he has does alot with attack speed. I wonder if devourer is just a noob trap item even on attack speed champions. my build would be. machette > stalkers > Cutlass > finish enchantment > BOrk > Giants belt > whatever
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: Change it up with Chroma Packs
i like this. a long time ago riot tried to sell skins thatwere just recolors. They realized this was a total rip off and stopped, but i still miss the recolors. For less than the cost of one skin you get 3, thats a good deal.
: Champion Update: Ashe takes aim at PBE
she's lost her useless passive and gotten a real AS steroid. Seems like a buff in every way.
: Lose yourself in the song of River Spirit Nami
eh i bought it but it could have been more original. I wanted mud fish nami
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays - Lee Sin's 1v2 Outplay
It looked fancy but. he didn't need to flash. he just goes in on his q gets kill and kicks back hec.
: Pr0lly - Second Coming
prolly is really good. I worry about him though. He like randomly leaves teams to frolic in the woods and stuff.
: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
Okay, just hurry up with the next featured game mode. Next one needs to be even better.


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