Bârd (NA)
: {{champion:555}} if they took away some versatility, he'd be fine. {{champion:84}} agreed. {{champion:39}} honestly, if they had just replaced her ult and left everything else untouched, she'd be perfect. {{champion:28}} I miss midlane Eve. I miss being a speed demon. {{champion:157}} honestly, he's fine. The boards hate him, but he's a pretty balanced champion who can be dealt with if you play around his windows of strength. {{champion:350}} Yuumi would be *fine* if League had the right items to deal with her existence, but we don't, so she's oppressive. For example, if we had Dota 2's Blademail, a Yuumi with Ludens would kill herself in two pokes. If we had Euls, we could knock her out of her W travel reliably. If we had BKB, we could ignore her ult. {{champion:74}} They should really rebalance him around Q max. If he gets to max W his laning phase simply becomes oppressive and braindead, but if he has to max Q he'd have to rely on counteragression and zoning *like he's supposed to*. {{champion:223}} he's fun in toplane, but there isn't anything you can do about him as a toplaner. {{champion:429}} passive is so broken she can't be allowed to be strong. {{champion:81}} yup. {{champion:13}} has only gotten worse with each rework. S3 Ryze was the healthiest one in the bunch.
I think if they stopped trying to keep the point and click snare on ryze, things would be so much easier to balance. so much of his balance and reworks have been based on just that one ability being obnoxious.
GankLord (NA)
: Why is there so little love/equivalency for AP items from Riot?
The only class of items that feels lacking to me is mr because some champs only get any real benefit from 1 mr item out of the lot. That's by design though I think.
: i set mid primary and supp secondary and get mid nearly everytime. Maybe its your elo?
> [{quoted}](name=Malix Farwin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4BMLGWoi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-12T09:32:57.764+0000) > > i set mid primary and supp secondary and get mid nearly everytime. Maybe its your elo? I guess. I mean it was just draft
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Keiaga (NA)
: I always liked the thought of riot adding pokemon-style elements to the appropriate champs that result in a single extra/less damage.
> [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BfLYmJ5a,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-11T03:45:43.744+0000) > > I always liked the thought of riot adding pokemon-style elements to the appropriate champs that result in a single extra/less damage. I've been waiting forever for riot to straight up put a pokemon trainer type champ into the game.
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: Stop taking our choices
I'm assuming your post is talking about the jungle change, which I agree with you. Especially when you have to fill in for a lane, but minions are worthless now.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: i think aftershook is good on him.
I prefer to go bruiser over full tank. I have a lot of success doing dark harvest/sorcery tree, but with roa and rylais as my first items. (haven't yet decided whether I prefer lich bane, gauntlet, or liandry's as item 3) This gives him enough durability to not melt immediately, without neutering his damage.
: Raptors and Wolves essentially yeah. But those have spawn times and Nasus plays up in top lane. Later in the game sure go poach raptors all day, but you gotta get to that point first.
Oh, I was thinking of actual jungle nas. That was legitly a thing for a couple years.
: You get stacks way faster from lane minions than jungle monsters. He has to actually kill jungle monsters to stack em (using multiple Q casts) while lane minions die as fast/faster than Q is even up.
Depends how you do it. I like to fight camps with smaller monsters so I can get lots of stacks from q on minions while autos and e whittle away the big one. Only the buffs and gromp really require multiple q hits.
Ratpie (NA)
: Honor capsules feel pretty useless
Let's just add that for people like me who own every champ, be is beyond useless. The only progression left for me is doing well on ranked, getting mastery, or getting more skins, none of which are impacted much by be. (I hold onto every champ shard so I dont need to spend any to unlock mastery 6/7)
: > [{quoted}](name=forresto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ht4Qy3Mt,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-22T21:40:23.971+0000) > > Why would you play zed top? I think akalis the only one on that list who sometimes goes mid. ah no? all those champs goes mid as well and are rlly good against zed i usually clapp zeds even with velkoz so
I basically never see any of them mid unless I'm playing ap cho once in a blue moon. Maybe you're in a higher elo than me where playstyles and comps are different
: Marksmen: Inherent Dissatisfaction
My perception is that the problem isnt necessarily marksmen themselves, but tanks being weak. Right now tanks can only tank properly in the mid-game if the enemy is weak. If the enemy is breaking even or fed, the frontline tends to melt fairly quickly. As a result no one really plays tanks these days, and you get 0-1 pure tanks per game for most games. This leaves the field fairly open for assassins to do their thing thanks to a lack of defensive cc. Marksmen also feel underwhelming in this scenario because their job is to do consistent damage against tanks. Instead, they have to fight damage-heavy bruisers, burst-mages, or assassins. When its between "you 100-0 me, and I take several seconds to kill you" you know who's going to win that trade. Adcs are also notorious for lacking real escape mechanisms. I think vayne and Caitlyn are the only ones with strong mobility. Ik some like mf or twitch can get movespeed buffs, but it's really not the same when you're trying to escape.
: We're going full circle
Part of the problem is that people do so much damage that a lot less people play tanks these days. It's just inherently unsatisfying because if the enemy isnt behind no amount of tankiness allows you to survive any decent length of time. That translates to adcs feeling pointless because if there are no tanks to dps then they really would be better off playing something with burst. My opinion is that the tank meta days were the correct meta for league because it created the most counter play, strategy, and variety in how we played league. The insta-death by anyone who sneezes at you meta is unsatisfying for a lot of people who want to play dps champs.
: > [{quoted}](name=AR URF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ht4Qy3Mt,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-12-22T17:41:12.294+0000) > > True, but back then when burst meta wasn't so bad. Veigar did much better. then again we are not in a ''burst meta'' stop with that so what arent champs suposed to have bad match ups? have you ever played zed into this? {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:86}} {{item:2421}}
Why would you play zed top? I think akalis the only one on that list who sometimes goes mid.
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Weirding (NA)
: The real question is: Why do flat damage output runes like Comet, Dark Harvest, Shield Slam, etc. still exist? All they do is up early game burst by adding in free damage, and the champions that make the best use of them are the ones that are already great at burst damage. We need less of that and more of runes that let you define your game plan better. More runes like what are in the Inspiration and Resolve trees, and less of what is in the Precision and Domination trees (with the exception of the "Ward" line in Domination). Runes should be something other than just straight stat and damage output buffs. That's _boring_.
I don't mind damage buffs as long as theres a gimmick involved to attach it to skill like the way comet interacts with most champs. It's runes like scorch and dark harvest where there's no skill interplay involved that annoy me personally.
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: I really....really....really miss being able to completely build runes totally around one champion..
I don't see why they don't just have old runes + new rune system as masteries. What matters is that everyone has equal access to free stats, not how much extra stats exist.
Paroe (NA)
: I wonder if anyone realizes why karthus is strong... ... Its partly because of dark harvest, Karthus has always loved more ult damage, but its mostly because _hes an unexpected champion_. Ive seen Urgot bot lanes work vs caitlyn and ezreal explicitly because they dont know how to deal with urgot. Its also the whole reason non-traditional bot lanes worked during the chicken little patch. DH has BEEN nerfed, Karthus is fine as he is, marksmen mains just need to learn to dodge his easily dodgable small AoE.
I used to play a lot of urgot adc before the rework because it made for a lot of easy outplays. No one ever saw him before me, so no one knew what to do against him.
: Congratulations...! Your tower is still standing with one block of health left! And the enemy team got 640 gold from that! As well as the gold from killing you! In addition to the minions they killed! Plus the minions you missed! You can now look forward to being 4 man ganked again or just outright solo'd for more kill gold and tower kill gold instead of farming at your inner turret!
people get more gold from 3 plates than they used to get from the entire tower
: Ok, good for the people who enjoy these. When do I get a setting that lets me start with all Emotes muted at the start of each match?
might as well throw in a laugh button ban while you're at it so you don't have to deal with laugh spammers XD
: Emote changes in 8.12
Anyone else feel like that sona emote looks like she just got molested? 0.0
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: Clarification on Pyke's Passive
Worth mentioning that there's nothing stopping him from using shields. Getting useful shield items like bloodthirster could give him even more survivability
: it was added in S3 and had 100 basedamage, so 250 with crit. now it scales to 140, so 350with crit, and till not so long ago it even was at 160(400), so quite some difference. It also did onlz give 20% crit. Damge creep is certainly a thing and there is no denying it, and it didn't start just this season.
I mean look at mundo. They had to nearly double the power of his ult....
: I agree with this. Reflex-testing is an acceptable, but tremendously limited form of gameplay, particularly since there's an increasing amount of evidence showing that there's pretty much a hard limit, and that practicing doesn't help that much until you arrive at a very high-level stage where reacting to very specific scenarios turns into muscle memory. Even beyond that, general mechanical plays are only a fraction of the plays that can be done in a game like League, as good tactical decision-making and dynamic strategizing are also components that deserve much more importance than they do currently. There are some more recent champions, like Warwick, that ease up on the mechanical gameplay in favor of other types, but unfortunately the vast majority of League's gameplay has become almost exclusively mechanical, with far less done to encourage meaningful tactical and strategic outplays.
Me: "Hey guys, let's go take that tower." My team: "Nah we need the kill gold." Me: "-.-"
: >Fucking hate head shots. It's why I don't like playing FPS games and why enjoying OW can be a huge struggle for me at times. There is **nothing** fun about getting on hit by widowmaker.
I hate overwatch cause there's no sense of progression. No champ levels, no item choices, not to mention there's maybe 20 characters that are all available from the getgo. it just gets monotonous after a couple hours.
: To start with a bit of a tangential story: when developing F.E.A.R., a FPS to this day famous for having one of the smartest enemy AIs, Monolith Productions were testing different ways of balancing enemies. What they discovered is that, when enemy soldiers had more health, they felt _smarter_ than the exact same enemies with less health, even if they also had exactly the same AI. Effectively, one of the biggest factors in the player's perception of the enemy's intelligence had nothing to do with their actual behavior, but rather with the time the enemy had to execute said behaviors, afforded by their additional health reserves. To tie this back to League, I agree with the OP, and I think part of the problem is that League feels less deep precisely because everyone deals too much damage, and people die too quickly. To pick a couple other non-League examples, it's kinda like the difference between Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2, where the latter's longer fights allow for more outplays and reactions, whereas the former's frequently boil down to whoever pulled the trigger first. When everyone dies too quickly, it's difficult to have individual champions express their own unique strengths, enact more complex strategies, or make interesting tactical choices in combat, because there's simply no time for any of that to happen. On one hand, this has made a lot of champions blend into each other, but it's also made certain classes completely dysfunctional, as fighters and assassins frequently die in the time it takes for them to approach and engage their target. Pulling back on some of this damage, and giving meaningful damage only to champions for whom damage is a core contribution, could help immensely in restoring some of League's depth.
This is even worse for ADC champs. If an ADC gets fed, they start instakilling any squishy ppl who get in range. (obviously contradicting the entire premise of adc, namely sustained damage over burst) meanwhile in the same vein they tend to get instakilled by anyone who reaches them. This is added to the fact that a large majority of their damage is single-target non-skillshot, so most champs are unable to utilize their mobility tools to outplay them if the adc is fed.This is just a miserable paradigm for everyone because either the ADC is way too strong, or they don't matter. As a sign of this trend, Mundo just got that massive buff to his ult. (an extra 2/3 effective power at max rank) That wasn't necessary because burst mages or assassins got stronger. Its a direct sign that ADC champs are doing way more damage than they used to. (sry this is a bit rambly cause Im running on 5 hours sleep)
: Why do Mages get stuck with 4 movement speed runes?
keep in mind: a- walterwalking also gives combat stats. b- no one except teemo takes phase rush
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: Probably Unpopular opinion; I think Rageblade adds nothing but problems to the game
I think it's more about the way it interacts with players who have proper positioning/team comp. on-hit effects primarily benefit people who have the right comp to sit in a corner and chunk away at people while someone else screens for them. Think kog with a braum support. This isn't really a problem with the item. Those people could reach the same damage numbers with something else. there are a bajillion kog builds where he does buttloads of damage. thats more of a team comp and strategy issue.
Itankyou (NA)
: The defensive masteries blow.
anyone else feel like the armor/mr masteries are a non-choice? I mean I could get a bit of armor, I could get a bit of mr, or I could get the same amount of both at the same time, and just have to wait a few minutes. I mean the numbers arent enough to make much difference in a lane so why not just get the one that gives both?
: Why don't we have an AP Upgraded item for QSS?
I feel like banshees is even better than qss. I mean it stops the effect from happening in the first place rather than you having to react.
: Nobody ever looks at Dark Harvest because of "infinte scaling", you only take it over electrocute because it doesn't have a cd. It has a lower base than Electrocute until you have a certain amount of souls depending on your level, and then it still has a .1 smaller ap ratio. Assuming you even get enough souls to where it out damages Electrocute in a single hit, which would be 141+10 souls per 100 abilitiy power at lvl 18, the game probably won't last much longer anyway.
it really depends how fed you are. The reason this makes sense on veig is because he is incentivized to power farm, and farm enemy champs, getting 1-2 kills almost guaranteed per fight barring assassins or fed super bruisers getting on him. this gives him good tools to empower dark harvest more than most champs. besides it just synergizes better with veig by nature since he pretty quickly reaches the point of 2-shotting squishies, and he can proc it multiple times in fights like you said.
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: Sona mains whenever Sona's winrate falls below 60%
Honestly though klepto sona mid is ridiculous right now.
sobi999 (EUW)
: lel since when did teemo not suffer ? Tbh i am all up for his ult to go away and be replaced with something else. I just wana play my fav champ without having free counters against it.
it's one thing to make teemo have counters, it's another when half the enemy team nullifies your shrooms XD
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: Raptors Need to Be Changed
They made it very clear when they made the pre-season jungle changes that the point was to make camps better or worse for different jung champs. for instance krugs were made the way they are to help sustained damage champs
: didnt they just increased the exp of the raptors? or did i missread that?
: Who the hell is building all of those pen builds at once? An ADC wouldn't benefit from that, no crit and no DPS. Congrats, you've negated the tanks armor - now have fun chewing through 3.7k HP with about 1 300 damage AA every second. AD assassins? They suck right now. And if they built that way specifically to kill a tank, the fact that a tank is absorbing that damage and not its carry is a win in itself. Complaining about this is stupid because that's not a practical or realistic build on anyone. And I don't disagree with the sentiment of damage being too high or games ending too quickly but tanks are actually really strong right now, especially if they can use CoC.
I can see it on certain bruisers maybe, like xin or darius, but overall I have to agree.
: Cho does plenty of damage to squishes w/o damage items as he has ridiculous base damages as is, I am glad his tanky/AP build fallen out of viability since he was basically a tanky burst mage.
I've seen him played as an ap assasin, it works hilariously well sometimes.
: worst part about being a mid laner
"why werent you paying attention to the map? your laner is all over us." bitch, I just took the 2nd mid tower during lane phase, and you're mad at me because you lost a fight without even losing your tower? true story, literally just happened.
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Verdade (EUNE)
: Magic pen is fine, Armor pen was broken. Why fix MRP if it's perfectly balanced?
I believe you, it just seems a little weird to give them completely different mechanics.
Eunson (NA)
: You think drakes are important in solo queue besides infernal? you must have never been out of silver.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
tbh I saw a post where someone broke down the math, and the 8% stat boost from infernal only really translates to an extra 3-4% damage on carries and even less on tanks/bruisers. It's not that huge.
Targon (NA)
: I would like another magic penetration item myself personally - mainly as an alternative to buying Sorcerer's shoes. These boots are near mandatory on all AP champions because of how valuable magic penetration is as a stat to do damage late game. What I would like Riot to do personally is rework the magic penetration items. It used to be that flat armor penetration was meant for AD assassins and % bonus armor penetration was meant for ADCs with sustained damage. There is almost no distinction for magic penetration with AP champion classes.
I never really got why they didnt just make lethality a catchall of magic pen and armor pen.
: There is a reason though. Ranged champions don't get MR per level, this means that if there were multiple MPen items it'd be VERY EASY to get to the point where your abilities deal true damage to carries, this is a BAD THING
it's already very easy. If I play high magic champions I tend to use my 19 mpen rune page. add in masteries, and sorcs, and you get 19+15+5ish = 39 add in haunting guise, and you get > 50 depending on your level
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