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Seen (NA)
: Quinn needs to be gutted.
get good kid {{champion:133}} KAW KAW VALOR LETS GET OUTTA HERE
: ww main, looking to change name
Outfoxer (EUW)
: Avowa, The Fading Light (Champion Concept)
this is absolutely incredible, you deserve so much more recognition for this
Outfoxer (EUW)
: Avowa, The Fading Light (Champion Concept)
Smeltor (NA)
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: Well, that's your opinion honestly. Personally, I'm glad they added keystone masteries. They do add a bit more diversity to the game (do I want TLD for better burst, SRS for a quick escape, or get DFT for superior trading?) Also, I didn't like the Season 5 tank meta. When every match had a Jarvan or Vi, you get a little annoyed when you can't escape their ults without a QSS, dash, or flash.
Yeah, I guess actually Early Season 5 was what I was thinking about. I just liked using a Champion's own kit to work through things better. I liked bursting with my Twisted Fate W-Q-empowered auto instead of doing the same thing but with an extra pop from thunderlords... it just feels like its too strong
: Can we unlock soloq in hextech box?
genuinely laughed out loud lmao
Eyesack (NA)
: It's sad as you climb you realize a lot of the champions you played become obsolete
marjin00 (NA)
: doombots
oh heck yeah those guys were fun
Tranoze (NA)
: Stop decrease AP item cost and total AP.
if they change the prices back to the ones they were at before the game would feel alot better ;-;
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: We've see talented and motivated individuals and communities develop some really cool stuff with Riot Games API being open to developers. I believe that we can see something similar done w/ Sandbox mode. Is it possible for Riot to be able to provide something for the community to put their skills and passions to better this game, to help their fellow summoners, and unburden their beloved Riot Games? It doesn't even have to be clean. Look at how well 3rd party developers deal with replay systems that have to be updated every patch; it's something that at least fills the need for replays for the time being. Riot Games is unique in the sense that they have proven over and over again that they care for the community and that the community is a large force that shapes the future of this game. Let the community help develop 3rd party ways to supplement an official Riot Games Sandbox mode (i.e. Starcraft's 'Use Map Settings'). Imagine people creating small modes to help Last Hit, Attack Move, Assassinate the back line, etc. I mean didn't MOBAs start from a few creative minds able to play with the pieces of an existing game? Let us help Riot {{champion:201}}
What would be super cool is if we could get to a stage where League is very Warcraft III like. You could design your own map and instances, but have to have the skills and knowledge to do it. It wouldn't be easy to just build a map from scratch, and would have to take time. It would be amazing if we could create new maps that could be posted to the hypothetical "League's Creators Page" where these maps could be downloaded when you join the game lobby to one and by the time you have collected all the necessary people to play yours is downloaded. (Seriously have someone from Rito go and play a few multiplayer games of Warcraft III and you will get what I mean.)
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
little off topic, but could we get more than just 3 bans? some champions are so similar and plus there are just so many champions now ;-; (renguuu and khazikxazkxxx as an example) {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}}
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
"As a result, most players had the impression that he was just a weird dude who's always moaning about gems." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
"This is a man who could star in a shampoo commercial. And you'd buy that shampoo." Hah! No I... Alright you got me there.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
can you make it so that adc's don't build tank items like sterak's gage and actually crush people? all you need to do to win is build a steraks' and a maw and its over for enemy team
Sharjo (EUW)
: Taric's VO is here!
: International Distribution of Audio/Voice
agreed 10/10 i want the Japanese voice pack so bad
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Sciela (NA)
: See, here's where I know this is fake: in the trailer, Jhin shot with his ***left arm***. So... while that's some nice fan art, it's not a leak. And his left hand had black leather gloves, not a robot arm. D: Also, a lot of the engravings on the mask are missing or in the wrong place. It really is a nice piece of art though. Looks like a splash! So 9/10 on that.
lol when you wrong af :P
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
how many traps can he have down at once? it would be cool if it wasn't like 2 or some small number.. how about like a teemo shroom?
: Cant create a discussion?
Oooh! Your account's level on here hasn't been updated! A Riot employee should be able to fix this! Good Luck~!
: {{champion:157}} "Ok, we need to figure out who will take the One Doran's Ring to the Magma Chamber and destroy it." {{champion:79}} "The magma chamber is a myth. They never finished it, only left it as an incomplete promise." {{champion:45}} "Oh, it's very real. I, Veigar Greybeard have seen it, once. It is where Phantom Karthus forged the Doran's Ring, and it is where we shall destroy it." {{champion:32}} "I will take it there, but I do not know the way." {{champion:45}} "Yordo, you? Well, alright then, you have my staff." {{champion:86}} "And my sword." {{champion:32}} "Thank you, Garengorn." {{champion:110}} "And my bow." {{champion:201}} "My shield too." {{champion:79}} "And my Barrel." {{champion:110}} "How is that going to help us on our journey?" {{champion:79}} "Because, silly elf. We need something to relax us after a hard day's work. Hahahahaha!" **** {{champion:1}} **"GET EM TIBBERS!!!!!"** {{champion:45}} **"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!"** "Destroys bridge, knocking himself and Tibbers down it." {{champion:32}} **"GREYBEARD NOOOOO!!!!!!!"** {{champion:45}} "Flash you fools." {{champion:86}} "We have to go, now!" {{champion:32}} "Let me save him, he was our carry!!!!!!" **** {{champion:79}} "So you got us lost in the woods with your, _"tracking skills."_ Now what?" {{champion:110}} "I am sure Garengorn knows what he is doing." {{champion:201}} "You guys need have trust. Like we trust Yordo to deliver the Dorans Ring, we must trust Garengorn to lead us. Oh ho, that is a bright light." {{champion:13}} "Yes, Mr. Lionheart. It is I, Ryze Whitebeard. I am the revived version of Veigar Greybeard. Phantom Karthus is going to attack Middle-Runterra soon. We must prepare." {{champion:86}} "Hmm, you are a little bit taller than I remember." {{champion:13}} "Is that a short joke?" **** {{champion:32}} "We are almost there, Ram. If I feed, you will have to carry me." {{champion:33}} "Ok." {{champion:32}} "You are a man of many words, Ram. Maybe one day we can go back to the BandleShire, and you can plant that Maokai you always wanted to."
{{champion:45}} "Flash you fools." i cant breathe
Tonay (NA)
Can we get themes for maps? (Give me a frosted rift option PLEASE){{champion:201}}
: Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs
thought this was going to be about ping, winrate and what bs a vayne top is
Swizzle (NA)
: this should work
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Paress (EUW)
: What are the weapons you would love seeing on a next champion ?
soulstealer blade that can summon the dead ~ collect corpses from lane and then when you get ganked unleash a bunch of dead minions as skeletal servants and run as they eat the jungler
: [Champion Concept] Kydax, the Blood Drinker
i could totally voice act this you have no idea how great this would turn out if i did
: thank you riot for DOING THIS
: More arcade skins coming?!?!
arcade ezreal please please please
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: Champion insights roundtable: Gangplank
{{champion:41}} "Loses Hand" "Juggles oranges"
: Riot Pls
{{champion:17}} I saw this and went into an uncontrollable fit of laughter{{champion:17}}
: Patcher & Landing Page Visual Refresh to PBE


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