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: His Q is completely different, The only similarity is that it heals and is single target, The W is completely different. The only similarity is that he gets attack speed from it. His E is completely different. His R's only similarity is that it suppresses. They kept high-level concepts, but completely changed the mechanics of literally every single ability
The Q is exactly the same but with a new mechanic on it though? His new W is his old E, but can't be used for running away anymore, only for its original intended purpose of "run really fast"; it's also his old W in a way, though it doesn't buff ally attack speed anymore. His new E is completely new, but that's because they made his old E and old W the same ability. His ult functions the same when it connects, but is a skillshot now, which is definitely the most impactful change.
Rewt (NA)
: The Aatrox and Warwick reworks are very similar in their execution. Take 2-3 core concepts. Keep them, but change literally everything. So I don't get how you can say they kept the idea of Warwick but killed the idea of Aatrox. Warwick had the healing on his Q kept. Healing on Passive kept, Ult is a suppression kept. But everything was changed. The kept concepts but changed everything mechanically. Aatrox. Kept Healing as a concept, kept his ability to knock up targets, So while they kept one less thing, they maintained the core concept of him. Lifesteal. They just moved everything around.
Warwick had more than just a few core concepts kept, Warwick has the entirety of his old kit in his new one, with the major difference being that his ult is a skillshot now, and he has a few new toys that keep his gameplay refreshing. He's really not much different, aside from being less frustrating to be up against. As someone who's played both old and new Aatrox, I can tell you that they absolutely do not play similarly. His changes, most importantly the removal of his old W, have drastically changed how you play Aatrox. I will admit, Aatrox's new Q feels good when you land the sweetspot of his Q2 and Q3, aswell as when his new W actually manages to pull. But it definitely feels more like playing Riven than playing Aatrox since his kit revolves around his Q now. The revive being gone only makes him more foreign.
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