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: ..._Because he's easy come, easy go A little high, little low_
_...any way the wind blows{{champion:157}} ..._
: Will Jhin be OP on release then nerfed to a little bit less op next patch like every other recent champ?
Except illaoi
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
: Pick a champion and I'll compose a track for them
Cho'gath. I don't care how, just do it.
: Your favorite champion is now your roommate
Cho'gath. ... Day one- he has eaten most of the food in my house. Day two- he has eaten my house. Day three- notes end here, and the body was never found.
: When Volibear trying to be stealthy
: Why is Aatrox so awful?
Rioter Comments
: There are many sentient races in Runeterra... but the problems is that Riot tends to create a single champion per race: **Humans:** The normal humans that we all know, they usually live in city states like Demacia, Ionia, Noxus, Freljord Piltover, Zaun, Shurima and some of them even live in Bandle City... yes, they do. **Yordles:** The little guys with fur. Most of them live at Bandle City and Piltover, however, there are yordles everywere, even in Noxus according to the JoJ. **Undeads:** Dead people walking **Voidborns:** Powerful monsters that were "born" in the Void **Voidlings:** Lesser creatures from the Void... yes, they aren't "Voidborns" **Centaurs:** We are not actually sure if they exist... or are an hybrid of the Shadow Isles {{champion:120}} **Dragons:** Yes, the Dragons are sentient creatures. Including the Dragon that you kill in Summoners Rift. Some examples of them in the lore are Ebonmaw, the dragon of Zaun, The Father of {{champion:102}}, the killer of the Father of Shyvana, Dragonsharks of Bilgewater, Sea Dragons mentioned in the lore of {{champion:62}}, Ao Shin etc. **Golems / Gargoyles:** Sentient creatures created by magic or technology {{champion:3}} {{champion:53}} **Lizards:** The race of the old Red Buff and Grez {{item:3159}}... they are able to create weapons, lanterns, armors and even use magic. **Celestial Beings:** Strange race of {{champion:432}} and {{champion:16}} **Darkins:** The Race of {{champion:266}}, only 5 of them are alive. **Marai:** The race of {{champion:267}} and Sea Hunter {{champion:266}}... they can grew up legs using magic. **Angels:** Race of {{champion:10}} and {{champion:25}} **Minotaurs:** Pseudo Extinct race of {{champion:12}} **Teeneage Mutant Carry Rats:** Apparently there is only one{{champion:29}}... but... who knows? **Trolls:** Summoners that make me rage and a Race from Freljord {{champion:48}} **Ursine:** Bear people {{champion:106}} **Yetis:** The race of Willump, friend of {{champion:20}} **Brackern:** Crystal insects... scorpions... things... {{champion:72}} **Manbaconians:** An strange race that likes to gamble, eat and drink a lot... the oldest Shopkeeper was one. **Unknown name:** Race of {{champion:105}} **Unknown name 2:** Race of {{champion:107}} **Demons:** Race of {{champion:223}}... and maybe other champions. ** ???: ** Race of {{champion:24}} ** Fae:** Race of Pix, friend of {{champion:117}}
salvaro (NA)
: League of the Galaxy
Sion is Drax. Just compare their joking skills and bodies.
: How old are each Champion?
Kalista- Almost as old as the concept of vengeance.
: Can we do to Sightstone what we did to the jungle items this season?
Well we already have {{item:3303}} {{item:3302}} and {{item:3301}}, I think that they could be combined with siltstone in some way.
: what riot ignores is the trade off, certain champions should have wave clear, others should have mobility. etc etc. if they have great wave clear, maybe they move slow. maybe if a champion can jump 50 thousand times and kite bruisers indefinitely, maybe, just maybe, they should be weaker in the damage department. but champions like wave clear, who were king for a long time (ziggs, syndra) were nerfed because they could spam forever and just not need or care to hit and they could just walk away and try again later with no real draw back (other than stealth or mobility/flash /incorrect positioning, or just take it and run at them with shurelya) champions need weaknesses, just as much as a strength to capitalize (their unique-ness, what makes them that defining champion) but right now, certain champions have their strength, and a very undefined weakness/very niche counter, or some champions just dont accomplish enough to warrant being picked at all.
: So I heard Dunkey got banned, and I see very unique responses compared to normal bans
: The real scientist behind PROJECT
What about Stanwick Pididly?
: Anyone else feel like champs aren't buffed/nerfed equally? ( Hear me out)
{{champion:82}}{{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}}
: No no no, it's simple. She's the one holding the camera.
: PROJECT Panorama Splash!
Can we get a gif of the elevator sequence from the video?
: We are almost at season 6 and there are still champs released in season 2 that cost 6300 IP.
: @Meddler, about this Syndra buff on the PBE
Can she get a real passive next?
: Old enough for the Old Soraka.
: Give us tempoarily 10 bans until you fixed the shit you created with the juggernaut update and fiora
: I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what is happening in that picture. But I approve.
: As a Zed main, I think we should nerf Zed
: Braum's mustace should scale in size with his maximum HP.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how possible is this? (serious question)
: Braum's mustace should scale in size with his maximum HP.
: Chaotic chroma packs arrive
: nobody but us knows that...
: I'm west coast, and i hear people complain about 35 ping instead of 15 ........................................ what
Archenz (NA)
: How I feel when my west coast friends complain about getting 70-80 ping.
: So if you learned to play league with 120+ ping, wouldnt you be more OP at 50 ping?
Rioter Comments
Ataraxas (NA)
: The new HUD with the old setup.
: Find the Diana!
Wait does this mean you have mastery as diana or as shaco??
: Piltovian Viktor - Skin Concept/Idea
: Sorry for the inconvenience...
Blue trinket is ok i guess...
Jofeyy (NA)
: {{champion:81}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:14}} Where will they go? :o
: hey look im blitzcrank and im gonna zone you simply because i exist
Sometimes I just run up to the enemy add and laugh... And they run anyway.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Goodbye Azir, we will miss you
Removing the knockup, shield, and damage. *throws up*
: When your Poppy and the enemy thinks his tower will save him becuse your at low health
: The real question is will you be buying him at launch, or buying him at lunch? Bah dum, tss.
I don't know if I should up- or down -vote this...
Duko (NA)
: I'm still waiting
But what is he?
Fowus (NA)
: the darkin lamppost
: Please prioritize a Zilean passive rework.
He's actually a pretty good support now and a surprisingly annoying mid.
: I want to know who you ship!
{{champion:30}} X{{champion:429}} X{{champion:412}}
: Thresh's name before he died
: This is the best one to come out of that
Scurrel (NA)
: Personalized League Of Legends shirts! Please See!
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