Zac x Me (NA)
: What is the 15th month?
its month day format, october fifteenth, its how we do the date in america because thats how people say the date verbally more than something like the fifteenth of october
: Majority of players climb higher than others only because their mechanics are slightly better. It has little to do with game knowledge unfortunately for us Support or Tank players.
support main/ one trick poppy top. life is suffering
: You've never baked bacon in the oven with a little maple/brown sugar sprinkled on it?
i just microwave that shit lol, just lay paper towel over and make sure it wont stick to the sugar
: So far missions have only been used during the VS event, which has ended. No new missions have been added to the game yet. I hope RIOT adds missions as a regular feature for players to do daily, but I would think they are waiting until next season to do this.
ah, k then good to know
Rioter Comments
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
riven holding a scared yasuo in stargazer is my new favorite thing
: Sooooo.....can i report and ban all of the crap zyra, lux, and annies that take cs, build pure ap with no SS? Or what about the bard that never comes back to lane and jerks off with his chimes around the map?
: You say that, as if leaving the ADC alone in bot lane is uncommon. {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}}
there's a difference between roaming to other lanes and not going into lane in the first place.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HrTNaAcI,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-19T23:22:29.240+0000) > > The amount of angry posts toward the reworks, calling them Trash, gutted and other vile things is so not appropriate. > > A ton of Assassin mains complain about their champions actually getting counterplay, becoming more healthy for the game and generally being more thematically unique. > And still they complain, whine and get so very agressive and rude. > > Can you guys just appreciate what you're given and provide real feedback? > At least EVERY SINGLE ONE of these updates look great while stuff like the Juggernaut patch left some of the champs off worse than before and didn't get as much attention and love as the assassins. > > So please, calm your tits and be objective and stop being so unconstructive Probably an adc main saying this, although I can't blame you, since assassins are straight up broken when fed. I actually like this update because it's like getting a new champ for free, while actually having to have skill to win and not just slamming your balls on the keyboard for a penta.
considering you obviously dont know, MM is well known morde OTP
: So, is there some sort of japanese schooling thing I'm not getting, or is this saying that these people are ranging in age from 7 to 9? Because that's creepy as fuck.
grade 1-3 is prob middleschool or highschool but with janna being grade 4 idk
Sharjo (EUW)
: Star Guardians 2016: Janna, Poppy, Lulu, Jinx
these are fantastic, but they couldn't just give poppy's ability's a blue tint or something, they look so much like her normal ones that I almost consider not getting it when it comes out, but i love poppy too much it is really disappointing though. :(
: Wait till you see Mahou shoujou pantheon ( Sorry if I butchered that I'm not very good with Japanese words or terms ) and Mahou Shoujou Braum I couldn't find a pantheon one oddly enough
: A forgotten item I have never seen a single time in my whole time of playing League of Legends
If they gave it the ability to either disable enemy turrets or give friendly turrets a buff, probably faster regeneration or something, it would be playable usually though, you would only want this when ahead which makes it only good as a win more, item, and things that are only good as win more, arent good
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: I used to think that people in the league community has some shred of intelligence...
wouldnt pop and metal both not exist without rock having come in the first place?
: Well, i was counting junglers into the whole 30, and if you actually math the % of viable champions out of all avainible, then OW wins.
percent isnt really fair when OW just came out and lols been around for years
: How is that possible, that the Master of Metal himself can't win a mirror matchup?
: Yeah, I've played in games with silver and platinum at one time. Let me tell you, it's PAINFULLY obvious who the silver is... Cough Cough 1/9 Poppy top Cough Cough... ;_;
as a bronze 5 support main, my average deaths is like 4, though ive had near 9/double digits from bad games, being focused by one player the whole game, playing soraka, or tilting, but dont get how top can feed that bad, just stay under tower and play around a their jung camping and yours doing nothing, and if that doesnt happen then you should be good
: Anyone?
but this implies a romantic relationship, when OP implies a parental one, close enough though
: one of the saddest anime to ever exist but I don't regret watching any of it for a single god damned second, easily in my top 3 anime. It originally started as an online graphic novel/game before being adapted into an anime.
just to clarify the term was originally a visual novel.
: Let me tell you why X champion can be played anywhere and everywhere.
: Not really a question but genuinely happy you guys made an effort to make a non-sexualized girl champ who's also a person of color! That makes 4 strong {{champion:236}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:43}} ik a lot of people will give me flak for being an SJW for bein excited about this but it's important! Especially as the number one played game in the world.
karma is Indian, and tali is Egyptian, also you forgot illaoi but she is like Hawaiian or possibly Jamaican. only reason i say this is because it seems like you think they are all black.
: lol mathematically 6.10 < 6.9 but whatever
it's six.ten not updates/versions of software aren't like decimals
: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!) LAUGHING FISH EDIT:IDK how to gif
Azharidan (EUW)
: Isn't there a competitive player that had a perma ban, for DDoS etc..., but then riot deleted the permaban for let him join competitive ? Despite his bad behaviour ?
Jensen, that whole issue took a lot though, he showed that reformed and such etc, etc.
: League at PAX East - Download the Minimap!
kept trying to figure out who the bottom left yordle was, reaslied it was that fan artist that was featured a while ago, clicked to see their name
Sukishoo (NA)
: It was a regular mode back in the BETA, and used to be part of the Rotation Queue but has since been completely removed. So they had one too :p
wish i knew gamepedia was a site before i decided on this username for all my online account back in '05. now i always have to catch myself thinking i have a website for some reason.
Wuks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=YCitizenSnipsY,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5dmkJinG,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-02-25T04:09:52.429+0000) > > Under the section titled Custom Models and Artwork it only mentions information regarding custom skins in the paragraph below. My question since the word artwork is included in the title is that, is changing a splash art in your client allowed and if so will it soon not be? As mentioned in the quote, custom artwork is also allowed at this time. My paragraph is just my personal annotation of the quote; the quote is where Riot stands officially.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
I have summ1 mapped to T and summ2 mapped to Mouse 3, flash is usually the latter?, F is for my trinket,and 1-6 are my items, does everyone just forget/ignore you can rebind your keys, and why isn't this shown RIOT, :(
: My view on people who EXCLUSIVELY play AI games (I can't believe how many people have reading disabilities and discuss those who play a mix of both). They are either: 1. Bad 2. Young (grade school) 3. Afraid Analysis: 1. Bad - League is a fun game. People enjoy farming, killing, winning. Some people, however, lose most of their games - which makes it unfun. However, they still really like the MOBA style games. Therefore, they play AI where they can win. 2. Young (grade school) - Kids just want to play games. They tend to not understand most of what's going on and are content with just simply playing. Parents may keep them in AI to not expose them to the harsh internet world, or start AI games for them because they know their kids will end up dying and not being able to play. These kids don't care if they're playing AI or PVP, they just want to play. 4. Afraid - Then there are those who have low self-esteem. They feel they are not good enough and are afraid to enter the world of PVP and potentially perform badly. This issue is easily overcome by playing in a group of welcoming friends who expect you to feed and are okay with it. You sound like you might be in this category. Note: Enjoying playing the game and playing the game competitively are not mutually exclusive. Enjoying the game means you like the mechanics of the game. Playing competitively means you are actively trying to win. A player who is not playing competitively means they are not trying to win. Specifically in league, that means they are playing with no objective. Unless the player is trolling, this is highly unlikely as most people play their games to win the game. A player not playing to win is no different than a person reading books and not trying to finish them. Just like how books are meant to be finished, games are meant to be won. I don't know how about people who go to coop-vs ai games just to bash on people. Usually PVP players enter coop games to try out a new champion/build or get their first win of the day. It is not normal for someone to go in to bash on people - these people needs to get a life. The worst I've ever done is go into an AI game and afk farm jungle in order to (hopefully) let my team lose, to see how hard I can carry in the last stretch (and also because I'm interested to see just how bad people can be at the game). I have almost lost a couple AI games because of this. But never have I bashed on a bad player in an AI game. You shouldn't bash on anyone unless they are negatively affecting you (which shouldn't be possible for higher level players as they shouldn't ever have a chance of losing an AI game). And even then, you shouldn't be bashing on people.
or practice, instead of doing custom/ip grinding maybe, not sure on the math on that though.
: I know, just showing some common sense for the sake of common sense.
fair enough, God/gods/people in general know we need it on the internet
: Touchy
did you mean touche? or are you calling him touchy?
: I play poppy support!
as we all should, I played her support as old poppy too, now shes just better and doesn't need trinity force
: The existance of X creepy thing doesn't make Y creepy thing less creepy.
also you cant change peoples opinions, gave up trying that after one time.
Oberic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RaptorKarr,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oWyEspoR,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-12T09:58:17.063+0000) > > > > Vi going to be getting some payback REAL soon Deadeye. So what exactly is going on here? Is it Master Chief punching through Red Vs. Blue guys because they're jokes? I haven't watched much of it.
not master chief, but pretty much, forgot what episode this clip is from but it has really epic music and shit, its really cool
: i feel like this is a reference im not catching... also zyra's face in that last one is awesome
: The most unfun champions to play?
meta tank supports {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:111}}{{champion:223}}
Shahamut (NA)
: Lawful aggressive?
kinky?{{champion:51}} {{champion:254}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QlWhTePk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-12-17T23:57:22.866+0000) > > It's s religion, what did you expect? Chaotic Neutral.
always thought of religion as lawful neutral personally
Decrit (EUW)
: Pardon, i meant the NA boards, that are different from english EUW boards. They still speak english ofc it was just to indicate a different platform.
meh I havent browsed the EUW boards myself though it does seem that people from either do tend to go back and forth sometimes.
: It looks like Thunderlord's real problems are the few picks that exploit their DoTs like {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:17}}. If it's going to get nerfed, it should stop proc'ing from multiple instances of damage from the same ability within its duration.
Decrit (EUW)
: Honestly? Nope. Not going to deny LF efforts, it ( is a he or a she?) adds charm to the boards ( even thought is not an original charm, still makes them more intresting ) and sure seems a swell guy/lady. Still there are two reasons for which i would not like to see something dedicated to it. First, it is LoL related only because he posts on LoL boards. Its humor is nothing original, only its applications are ( which is addmirable in its own!) Second, and most importantly, it will open a Pandora' s box where people on the forums would start becoming Diva's for the sake of recognization culmination with the addition to the SR. There are already Diva' s over here ( Malicious Metal, or whoever posts about Cassiopeia ) but at least have their own functionality, and i would like to not have emergent Divas for the sake of being recognized. Third, people who do not roam the boards ( and most importantly the english american ones ) won' t get the reference and probably never will.
english american?, as in americans wont or english wont? either way that seems incorrect
: Karma, Sona, Cassiopeia and Mordekaiser
karma and sona are completely fine, as for the other two, mord got hit thematicly, and cass is the new urgot
StrayXL (NA)
: That Undertale reference
there were two
Meatwick (NA)
: Don't let your memes just be dreams Riot, DO IT!
want to change the dance of a new champ? *KAYLE CAN DO IT*
: How to troll people on the boards --- MUST READ BELOW
I noticed right after hovering for a second, just came by to say good job and have an upvote :D
: Let Soraka's E work on jungle monsters
I just want the e to work on minions in general, even if it only does 1/2 damage and doesnt snare, the fact that it does no damage at all is sad
: Tear would suck on most supports. Chalice or Forbidden Idol would be much better for a build path.
chalice and tear item, I want one so bad, also a chalice/ glacial shroud item, but that's another matter
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