: If Ohio State is anything like their football team.. hands down, they take it all. LOL
Not if MSU has anything to say about it.
Arie (NA)
: What role do you main?
I AM SUPPORT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aea9IQlNphU
Raydn (NA)
: Ionia could be spring? :)
: Dear Devs, just be mindful that Taric's current skins are still a part of who he is. We all accept and embrace our outrageous champion.
> [{quoted}](name=Mogey Bear,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EABt8X1q,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-03T21:00:40.877+0000) > > Dear Devs, just be mindful that Taric's current skins are still a part of who he is. We all accept and embrace our outrageous champion. It is one thing for the Fabulous Skin, a whole separate topic for Bloodstone.
: Community Creations: League Gift Tags!
This is my feeling right now: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2014/026/a/7/league_of_legends_poros_by_cowblender-d73x5dx.jpg
Tamat (NA)
: **This is a scam**. Moderators are removing the links as quickly as they can, but a legion of scammers are determined. It'll be gone soon. In the meantime, please report any posts like this so that moderators can review. Thanks!
Just got a guy in game who was redirecting to it. The account's name is GrandHail.
: YUSH! Female void creature, love it! And dat ulti sound, pubs are gonna be so fun!
I saw the ult and kind freaked a little.
Takran (NA)
: Stage 4 Kha'Zix: The Ultimate Predator
I very much think that the idea of apex predator would work out well, as it encourages the team to do more than just act in the lane war. Plus it is thematically brilliant.
: That's the old league judgement for Xerath with all references to league removed. We get to see how Xerath became obsessed with power, we got to see what he sacrificed for it, and we see why Xerath is obsessed with it: it's all he has. With his new lore, Xerath should be all about freedom, not power. And frankly, there just isn't as much of an emotional connection with Xerath. Before Xerath was retconned, he could have had an entire movie made solely about him, and there still would be room for Azir and all of them. Now he is just a plot device.
The biggest thing that Xerath needs is an overlying theme of freedom in his quotes. It would also make his kit very interesting from a thematic standpoint, as his entire kit would be derived from control/lack of freedom for himself or others. His Q and ult, his two most used spells, cause Xerath to be restrained, causing him to sacrifice freedom for power, a contradictory action on Xerath's part. His W and E cause someone else to be restrained, i.e. slowed or stunned, meaning Xerath acts like those he despises.
: So you're saying we should put Jax as a champion from the Kumungu Jungle? Giggidy
Kumungu can't hold back the Jax-man.
: I didn't realize that. Jax must be fun at parties.
Well, who knows what weapon he's talking about... <ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg>
: Every time I kill Soraka, I feel like part of myself has died too. Like sometimes duty demands more of me than my soul can bear. Like I have done an awful, horrible thing for which I have forever incurred the wrath of fate. {{champion:55}} {{item:3070}}
: A Different Take On The Jax-Man
I like this idea, as it makes the reason that Jax fights both current, since there is no longer a league, and appealing, he is protecting his home. I would love to see this as the lore, and if not that, as a skin.
: make his shield or his weapon bigger pls. his hammer is pathetic compared to sion
Honestly, the shield should be more emphasized due to Taric's nature as a guardian.
Rioter Comments
Caseo (NA)
: http://th07.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2014/181/0/b/fan_art_rework_taric_the_gem_knight_by_akiman-d7onxdy.jpg I really like the look of the armor and Taric's appearance in this one. I think the armor is a little underwhelming though; perhaps something with a similar base, but a lot more flourish.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric? PART II. Pics or it didn't happen!
I personally got into League because of Taric. I am not joking when I say that the idea of having one dedicate themselves, not to their own power or advancement, but to the simple act of making sure others are okay, is one of the most appealing ideas of Taric's character. While I am sad that the IoW is gone, along with Taric's core lore, this leaves a great amount of headroom for new possibilities. While most people where pushing for the idea of Taric being part of Shurima, the character does not suit him, as the desert is not a place of structure or presence, but of ebb and flow, like a harsher, more desolate ocean. Taric, in my humble opinion, should be placed as part of the Solari Lore, as part of a 'Homeguard' of the Sun or Iron sects of the culture. The mountains offer a sense of strength and solidity that Taric's previous lore did not. The mountains also offer a chance to explain the power of the gems, and why Taric uses them rather than metal or stone like so many other champions do. With all the energy of the Sun, both normal and magical, focused on Mt. Rakkor, the inside must hold some secrets, no? While I would like to help in the design and choosing of what you do with my favorite Champion, I am not, and cannot make the final call, and hope that you make the best decision possible.
Opeli (NA)
: Where Story Happens.
Since this is not the place for people to write fan fiction, and there is no designated spot for it on the new boards, are you completely removing the idea of it from the site? If so, I believe you are making a mistake, as you are not only destroying the content that thousands of players have enjoyed, but the hours of work that those creators put forth out of sheer love for this game. Only to have you treat it like garbage.
Shetler (NA)
: Canada, the Southern United States and the East Coast in general are all areas we want to hit more meaningfully next year. Trust me, many Rioters (myself included) are East coast transfers. We intimately understand the frustration of missing out on things like Prime, Blizzcon and many other amazing con experiences due to financial constraints or simple geographic proximity. This year we hit up PAX East in Boston, Momocon in Atlanta and are still slated to revisit Atlanta for Dragoncon and Toronto for Fan Expo. While that's technically 4 cons on or near the East Coast, you're right in that it still doesn't provide an easily accessible con for everyone and our work is far from done. With all that said I think this is an extremely valuable conversation to have and the feedback is very welcome. One of the things that makes the League of Legends community unique is how passionate we all our when it comes to meeting in real life to celebrate the game. Whether it be at a Con, an LCS viewing party, as a member of a collegiate club or even participating in a tournament, finding ways to offer these experiences in some shape or form to every player in North America is something we're always working towards. - Rom
Has Riot ever thought about doing something at Anime Central? The League Cosplay Photo Shoot usually has at least 50 people with high quality costumes a year, and ACEN is one of the largest Cons in North America.
: Ok im seeing alot of this question so ill make it simple >If you are going to watch it at 10:30am PDT go to http://www.twitch.tv/riotgames >If you are going to miss it bookmark http://www.twitch.tv/riotgames/profile/pastBroadcasts Happy Summoning {{summoner:12}}
Anoni K (NA)
: Thresh would really fit the bill, but that ADC role sure could use some love. I feel like they need to make it another female member, too. And going off female ADC skin counts, it should probably be Quinn. Could make Valor a black crow or maybe like a black pterodactyl or maybe even a skeleton bird! No idea what instrument she'd get, maybe she'd be another singer. \m/
Beruna (NA)
: There is at least one person here who enjoys Dominion. Loved URF, but don't take away Dominion. So no, not "everyone".
Fríggs (NA)
: Sejuani needs a skin where she rides a poro...I'm just saying
This man is asking the real questions.


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