: Starcraft was balanced infact it was TOO balanced in a sense that there was ONE strat and whoever could do it the most efficiently and click the fastest. Would win.
not really... there are always things you can do to counter what your opp is doing
: starcraft 2 - balanced :pick one lol i stopped playing that game long ago but the balance state was so ridiculously bad and blizzard only ever fucked up even worse with every passing patch so i just gave up
starcraft 2 was balanced though if you watched the pro matches one race wasn't winning all the tournaments look at a lol tournament though... no one plays certain champs because riot is too lazy to fix them
: That sounds like a terrible idea, I'd rather have a imbalanced game that keeps evolving and adding new content and characters, and keeps on changing. Then a dull game that stays the same for the rest of its life spam.
yeah keep adding champions and not going back to adjust any of the older champions that suck a lot of champions aren't even played anymore... if riot wants to add new champions they should at least fix the old ones
: Solo Queue?
plus riot is most likely not giving us balanced games... they don't want people to have long wait times so some times the teams will be horribly imbalanced because you can only get the slots you queue up for ever since the patch I've gotten the most inconsistent teams ever.... one day will be 10 wins in a row... the next day i will get 10 losses (they put really stupid feeders on my team almost every game) clearly the match making system is f'd up and sucks and riot should remove it
: Get Used to Imbalance, It's Here Forever
there are too many champions if the # of champions were reduced the game would be possible to balance thats why SC2 is a balanced game... 3 races i suggest riot reduce the # of champions to 30 or 40... if they want to make more $ just add more skins
: Can No Longer Be a Secondary Support Player
primary/secondary = whatever is open/whatever is open good job on the bad naming of things riot apparently the people who work for you don't understand basic english
: Can some people just admit the truth to themselves!?
riot is too lazy to balance their game too busy releasing new champions that are basically other champions recycled can we get 10 bans per team to make up for your incompetent champion balance team? since you never adjust champions and just keep releasing new broken items without considering what affect it has on the game riot clowns
: just pick your primary for your secondary, problem solved
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Rock MD (NA)
: AP feels so bad this season.
oh yeah thanks for getting rid of mana pots too apparently they were too confusing for bad players
Rock MD (NA)
: AP feels so bad this season.
yeah AP champs suck this season... they've been going downhill for a long time i like how oriannas range is god awful when they buffed all these AD champs that can play mid try poking your enemy and get 1 shotted gg riot release more broken champs + items and don't adjust any of the old ones ever thanks
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EmEx (EUW)
: Make balance a greater priority
they need to release new champions (for $$) and splash art though... real important stuff riot plans to solve this imba shenanigans when they introduce 30 ban slots per team
: why do you have to lock in champs and bans?
16 opportunities to have a game cancelled vs the old system (10) plus in the old system you didn't have to lock in after picking a champ
Illiad (NA)
: Its like filtering all the fish who arent paying attention into a blender, hopefully by the end those who cant swim will sink and the community will be better for it :D to say its Riots fault for people not paying attention is silly logic you gotta believe that.
> [{quoted}](name=Tetsu Juan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YE2utmys,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-06T23:06:54.829+0000) > > Its like filtering all the fish who arent paying attention into a blender, hopefully by the end those who cant swim will sink and the community will be better for it :D to say its Riots fault for people not paying attention is silly logic you gotta believe that. if you pre-pick your champ, then why do you have to hit lock in again? makes no sense
: What do you mean the person who designed the system is a moron? People who forget to lock in are the morons.
they give 6 people the opportunity to ban... if 1 happens to be afk, then you have to requeue... wtf? in the old system you'd just lose the ban
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: Queuing with support as your secondary role
why even call it primary secondary? it just takes whatever is open and gives it to you crappy match making system i spent 30 minutes finding a match too... like all the extra time they added with their retarded "choose the champion you intend to play" crap it should give you primary 80% of the time and secondary 20% of the time or something... my guess is they couldn't figure out how to implement it the way it should have been due to trying to balance MMR with roles... so they put this half assed garbage in
: Petition to bring back team builder
i agree... whoever designed the new system is a moron and should take a basic class in computer science the past 5 games in a row I haven't gotten my primary... not once what is the point of primary/secondary if its really 50/50 or less?
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