: I think young kids use that to bypass censorship in games with maturity filter on to say tits. It's like PEN15
what the hell does 7/17 look like?!? I guess it's tit in 1337 but really? cmon that's so ridiculous haha
Rioter Comments
: I actually did this very recently in a ranked game where 2 toxic players (our jg & adc) were having a negative attitude all game & flaming our Teemo. Yes,I was defending the Teemo & kindly asking them to chill with the attitude (a toxic attitude is much worse than feeding).Yes,we lost.Yes,I reported them & they probably reported me. And I kind of expected it to happen because the adc stated they "needed" to win the game to get out of bronze 2 or something.Yeah,they were bitchy because they weren't winning. Will I continue defend players?Yes,but only for a bit.Then,I'll ask the abused player to mute them if the toxicity goes on too long because I can't focus on defending you all game.We can report them afterwards,but during the game,we should focus on the game (unless life or the bathroom happens of course) & not the chat of toxic ass players.
Defending teammates. Not always the easy move, but it's always the right move.
Calebpro (NA)
: It's impossible to climb silver as a support main
Honestly I don't main support... But I do love playing it. I actually was last pick for every ge in my promo out of silver and into gold and as a result was a support for every game. Instea of picking mages like a lot of posts here say to play, I picked big play makers like thresh, Janna, and blitz (sounds troll but many silver adc's can't dodge and when the enemy picks a Mage support blitz ruins their lives. ) I crushedy promos as support and honestly carried my adc's. Just remember the most important rule, protect your carry. As thresh it's great to hook the enemy carry, and lantern in your amumu jungle, but after that you don deal damage so no need to keep on the carry, back off and stick to your ADC like glue. Peel for that man. Peel like he is a goddamn orange. Flay 'erry one back, hook their cc, just keep him in the fight. Blitz is simple, hook either their carry, or their cc squishy (like zyra or someone), as Janna? Your job is disengage. If you are losing a fight ult and retreat, if you are winning, slow their carries and sheiks yours. If the fight is even do what you can to peel, and ult to heal your team/ split theirs. Team fight go haywire once your team is split. You can carry as a support, just remember it's a team game.
: I think the biggest issue is the out of meta picks, HOWEVER, that being said, RANKED IS NOT THE PLACE TO TRY OUT OF META PICKS IF YOUR TEAM DOES NOT WANT YOU TO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I´M LOOKING AT YOU JUNGLE TEEMO. So, counter argument is if you want to do out of meta´s - play 5s.
What if the out of meta pick works? I had a support Ashe the other day. I was ADC and said ok man lets do it. My whole team raged and said gg noob Ashe. Ashe kicked ass and fed me til I was 15/3. She roamed and helped the team even more than our op lee sin jungle. Had your idea been implemented Ashe may have been kicked and possibly banned for her troll behavior. Also let's say I jungle Teemo (I don't because I have a soul, but lets just say I do). Let's say my win rate in 98% in normals because I am simply the god Teemo. Why should I get regular 5-16 minute bans, AND be reported to the tribunal, just because my off meta pick really does work for me? It's not like it's the first time I play Teemo, I've tested it, I am a shiny golden god, but this post states that my behavior is troll and I should be banned.
: This this is what we need more of! Champions who* DON'T HAVE A CORRECT WAY TO BUILD THEM* i can't say this enough, having a best way, but no "correct" way to build a champion means that they are balanced very well, because depending on the situation they have multiple play styles and builds. This is what makes them flexible not overloaded kits. Looking at you guys {{champion:64}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:117}}
Uhh thresh and lulu maybe .. But to be honest ap thresh is a weak as fuck lane and AD thresh is silly because all of your skills take time away from auto attacking (dealing damage) though it is fun. Lulu can be Ad or Ap and be fun either way.. You will never see ap lee sin and ap gnar isn't very good (one ap scaling skill, may as well go AP Ashe). Basically lee and gnar are either tanky or build full damage and that can be said of any champion
I just tested this theory. Made a new account, said I was experienced. First game I was against 3 smurfs 2 new players. I got 20 plus kills. Every game after that I have had only smurfs. The worst players on my team still had te word smurf in thei name, and claimed to be at least silver. I've only played til lvl 6 on the account but I start every game by asking who isn't smurfing and every game they are all smurfs. I think the problem is when gold and plat players beat smurfing silver players badly their mmr drops and then new players get stuck with low Elo smurfs. Even a bronze 5 smurf has more knowledge than a brand new player and that's the problem
Morkuro (NA)
: Warring Kingdoms/Terra Cotta Azir
Rioter Comments
: you can only carry so hard in a game, during the end of season 4 i was in bronze and played as jungle, and in several of my games, especially my promos people fed extremely hard and I would lose. You can only carry so hard. I managed to climb to silver by the 2nd week of preseason, but I had one of my friends in silver play in order to offset the possibility of someone feeding. Certain champions can do well, but cannot carry. Even if I'm going legendary on jungle amumu (pre jungle change) I still couldn't carry because our azir fed 0/11 before it was even 15 minutes
Honestly I just won my hardest series ever (gold 4). My first game my support sifaka was 0/6/1 by 15 minutes. Rather than rage I controlled the aspects of the game that I could, csed rather well, and pulled off a few good moves to get myself my first two core items. I ended the game 16/4/9. Do I deserve to be plat? Probably not. But I earned that win. My next game my fried decided to support me as jarvan (duo Q). Our mid DC'd before the game started so I told him to take mid I'll solo against vayne/lulu. By the 12 minute mark I was 0/1/2 and 20 some farm behind vayne. I manned up, and ended the game with 10 plus kills, 8 assists an somethig like 4 deaths (sorry at work can't check exact stats). Anyway, there is no Elo hell. Don't rage when people afk, just zip up your man suite as do what you can. Best advice is don't feed, and cs well.
: Wrong, I was bronze on another account.. made a new one got silver 3 and wrecked people so your logic is flawed.
I was silver for a long time. Couldn't get out. Then I finally made gold. I ranked up two smurfs who are both gold now as well... Once you have the skill level you should have little trouble getting within one or two divisions
: yea... because feeders, 5 dc's from teammates and people letting there friend who has never played before use there account really defines how good I am, not the times I used advanced techniques in a match, not the times I carried my whole team on my back, and definitely not the times I play decoy so my team can get baron, dragon, inhib, ect. It's the crap I have no control over that decides if I belong in bronze or not... but hey, what kind of logic can you expect from someone who can't count to 3. ;)
When you are better you will carry more games. Doing "well" in lane means you can beat one player, but to advance you need to consistently carry your team. Once you start winning your lane, roaming/snowballing other lanes, and securing objectives consistently you will rise rather quickly.
: > Rags to Biches. Bravo. fixed this for you
Rags to Bitches. Bravo. Fixed this for you
: I miss being able to build champions diversly.
I'm a gold player (G4) who in a ranked game had my support call sup Ashe. Immediatly our top laner started flaming. I, as the ADC, said right on dude I trust you. I ended 17/5 or something and my Ashe was 2/5/18 I think (don't quote me in at work) needless to say we face rolled the enemy bot lane who was playing a traditional lane. Off meta works fine when you play well and trust eachother!
Sharjo (EUW)
: The Terror Beneath
It looks like Skarner and the Scuttle Crab had a baby
Plus 12 (NA)
: Concept Skin: Bedtime Braum
Fluffy bunny slippers... Or fluffy PORO slippers????!
Fisk (NA)
: A Diamonds Goal In League Of Legends
You know the real reason you're both diamond? It's because you think you are the worst player on your team. Try finding a single Player in bronze silver or gold who thinks that
01iver (NA)
: Caitlyn Combos
AP Nasus support. You think I'm joking but his E shreds 20 armor at lvl 1. That combined with Caitlyn's headshot passive means you can take half of the enemy carrys hp woyh one autoattack at lvl 1. Just saying.
Pyro027 (NA)
: What's with all these EXTREME expectation!?
I have to agree. I recently made a new account to teach one of my friends the game without dragging gold players into his first few games. Our first match I played support so as nt to steamroll the game and yet we had lvl 6 players (clearly smurfing) yelling at him and telling him to uninstall for having poor cs. It was ridiculous! These players may be used to playing with lvl 30s on their main accounts but if you're going to smurf try not to beat up on kids just trying to learn the game.
: Try to review a tribunal case...you can't, because it is down. Unless Riot themselves are handing out punishments, no one is.
Riot is. I have plenty of friends who have to make smurfs because their mains are banned. This is as of September and October. Yes my friends are ragers, it happens.
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PL55 (NA)
: For many people the reason for smurfing isn't to get an ego boost, but it's what they do when they get banned or have a low level friend who would get destroyed by matchmaking.
I create smurfs when I'm teaching a friend the game. My account brings gold and platinum players into the game and ruins it for them. Even if I can beat that player it's basically the two of us slugging it out while annihilating eachother a teams. When I snuff I usually just duo lane with my new friends and try to make them look good. Give away kills as often as possible. That way even if I am smurfing, not the one snowballing
: Replace the large wraith with Helmet Bro
But helmet bro never dies. You would never get any gold from him... Ever.
: Lovely promos
I duo my promo games. I feel as though my promo games are always much harder than the average game. This is why if you have at least one other player that you can trust you should be able to carry the game.
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: Riot needs to address the gap between "Casual" and "Hardcore"
Riot does differentiate. It's called a tier system. If you're diamond, gold, or plat, and you don't care if you feed or afk... You won't be for long. Many casual players are stuck in bronze and while there are definitely some in silver the higher on the Elo ladder you climb the less of a problem this becomes. I am only silver 1 so I am by no means an expert, but as someone who started in bronze I can tell you that the "casual gamer problem" becomes less of an issue in higher divisions. Honestly just keep practicing, you'll climb the ladder.
: Things you wish you had done while leveling 1-30
I wish I would have played a more skill based champ pool. I leveled up playing people like Teemo and pantheon (before he was a good pick) and my gameplay suffered. It wasn't until I started playing high skill cap champs, like orianna, that I got significantly better. When I teach my friends I get them to play easy champs for the first 5 levels to get them hooked, then I encourage high skill cap champs for the rest of their leveling so that they start out ranked around the silver level instead of bronze.
: I actually really like the idea of giving assists to a player if the kill happened within the vision provided by their ward(s). I feel this would not only help supports but also encourage other players to actually help with warding.
I like this idea but you have to think of the possible abuse. Like if I'm a jungler with a good top laner who is in snowball mode, All I hve to do is drop a ward in the middle of top lane (or a pink in a bush) and I get assist gold every time he gets a kill in lane. Sure this is great but if I drop a ward in every lane then I'm getting assists all over the place whether I'm actually providing vision or not
Zhugan (NA)
: ADC Meta
You say that burst mages re invalid in an ADC meta but what if Annie dfg ults the enemy ADC completely killing him. Thn your ADC can clean up gg you win. How is this an invalid pick? If your tram decides To try a different comp rather than an ADC centric comp why not just burst the enemy ADC with say, annie then have Jax as your ADC clean up while maokai tanks damage?if a burst Mage can blow up th adc of a team who is focused on their ADC dealing most if their damage I don't see how burst mages are invalid.
Wasabo (NA)
: Which champion to get next?
Zyra. She is an awesome and fun support who will help you work on mechanics for both support and mid. Support time has short queue time and honestly you can carry a game HARD as a good zyra support.
: adc class is kinda in a bad spot
I don't know what division you are but if it's a low Elo then that is probably your problem. Adc are dominant forces currently and shouldn't have trouble with brusers early game unless they are super fed. You should always be out farming a bruiser as that is almost your only job early game. If you are on par with the bruiser for number of complete items you should be able to kill hem simply by kiting (on your own if you have a dash or with support if not). If a brusrr is ahead of you build LW a little earlier than normal and you should be fine


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