: TFT *NEEDS* to grant an identical number of items to all players.
If I had a dollar for every time I've been in the top three with 2 completed items, while the other two have 6+ completed items.
: Stop trying to force us to play with friends.
Ranked has been broken since day one. Tis the reason I only play this game for 3s and aram.
Fadedpf (NA)
: Stop pretending Ekko "doesn't have burst" and give his ult a mana cost.
I'd like to take a moment of silence for the burst mages that do less burst than ekko, the supports that have less utility, the assassins with less movement.
Svddenly (NA)
: Does everyone hate Mark/Dash?
Meh, its just replaced one problem with another. First it was "no poke gg we lose" Now its "no chain cc, gg we lose" the team that rolls three tanks wins now, while the team that rolls a pretty a balanced team gets steam rolled. It honestly doesn't help the champs that needed it, while helping ones that already had good gap closers. Now they get to save it for after the mark/dash when that squishy adc or mage flashes away. Also, the people say "just dodge it" they dont have to hit you with it. A minion near enough to get on top of you and next thing you know 5 bruisers are in your face.
: I feel like between this and the firewall errors i'll be banned for leaves by the end of the week
> [{quoted}](name=TUFF Puppy,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=2EYWiams,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2014-12-21T22:29:05.203+0000) > > I feel like between this and the firewall errors i'll be banned for leaves by the end of the week Been getting those firewall errors almost every other game lately.
: Yes, I would love a pendant to show off my "accomplishments" in a mode decided 99% at champ select. There would be no greater accomplishment, in fact.
Id say 50%. I've many won many aram matches with a melee team vs a full poke team. At the end of the match, its still which team or player on that team is better.
: Give me one good reason for Swains unpopularity?
Because we don't want him to be popular. (we, the swain mains)
: ARAM Rank System?
I would love that. I decayed from gold to bronze this season because I didnt have time to que, champ select, and possibly be stuck in a 40+ minute ranked game. I stuck to mostly arams with a few treelines mixed in when I got to play. Now I dont even have a gold banner, but i have some 20% more wins than loses in aram. Would definitely love some kind of banner or ribbon
: Sona has a 56% win rate ATM.
Her Q+passive auto attack is half life at just about every level without building AP. Its even worse on maps like ARAM.


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