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: Terrible Blue Essence Gains
Oh well continue with the pettiness rather than actually try to address an ongoing issue. This behavior truly astounds me and is the main reason our community and game is in such a terrible state. Alas, you do you man.
Chyn94 (EUW)
: You need to disenchant shards to get blue essence. some worth 950 or 1250
> [{quoted}](name=Chyn94,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=A1RZLsnO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-08T11:14:09.878+0000) > > You need to disenchant shards to get blue essence. some worth 950 or 1250 Yes but in my experience the system is weighted towards giving you very low yield shards. As I said many ones that are worth only 90 or so.
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P0O (NA)
: I hardly ever play Pantheon, but making Q a skill shot would be amazing. You could add a 99% slow if it impales the target to a wall or another champion, just like Bard Q. That would be sweet.
Hmm interesting idea I'd add that to the wall interaction maybe a bit much to include champions too given its use in the rest of his kit, but definitely like the idea and the visual flair of it.
: He doesnt need to be reworked
Why do you say that? He's very one dimensional and boring to play, on top of being feast or famine and nigh worthless come late game his other contemporary Renekton has actually gotten much better in this regard. On top of just being un-fun to lane versus and not at all rewarding if you sink time in him because his skill ceiling is nearly non-existent. I am open to hear your side.
Chillee (NA)
: I like the concept, but I'd like any concept that includes rework and pantheon together lol but I thinks its so cool to see Pantheon throw a spear and just whip out a gladius-like sword (I always liked the weapon due to it being a weapon that can be used to fight with in many ways) and start slashing away! upvote {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks man and yeah like I said I love his dynamic as an ascended Paragon of War he just doesn't capture that atm. So I hope that something at least similar to this could be implemented.
jiffib (NA)
: I like the sword/spear mode stuff. However, I think given the negative reaction towards the recent Aatrox rework changing his kit so drastically, Riot's more likely to stick to his current play pattern a little more. They'd probably make his Q and his W skill shots, maybe rework his R and E.
A completely fair point though while shuffled around I feel I still preserved a large amount of his current kit, but making it more modernized. Thank you for your comment and thoughts though. I think people are starting to warm up to Aatrox but no doubt he was ill received and Riot will more than likely keep that in mind for future releases, though with Akali being pretty different from her former self that may not be the case if she ends up being well received.
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