: Does Demolish go on cooldown if it charges up but you leave range? Or only after you use the empowered attack?
Only after you use the empowered attack.
: > [{quoted}](name=gregab,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=F8us08uT,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2017-09-13T23:11:41.057+0000) > > Have no fear Darius will also have a base stats update like every other champion. Will even Skarner get a base stat update?
Lo, even Skarner will get stats.
: Furthermore, since smite uses a charge system, does the bonus armor apply when you're at zero charges, or any time you're below full charges?
The bonus applies whenever you can't cast smite. When you're at 2 charges of smite and you cast it once, it goes on cooldown for 15 seconds before you can use the second charge. During those 15 seconds you get the buff from Perseverance. Then when it goes off cooldown and the second charge is available to cast you lose the buff until you use that second charge and put it back on cooldown.
: wait, so Darius isn't gonna have base stats updates like other champion with removal of runes because of perseverance? Because As a Darius adept I don't find this attractive compared to the boots free at 10 min, the CDR cap being added as bonus AD, the tenacity based on legend stack or the gathering the storm one.
Have no fear Darius will also have a base stats update like every other champion.
: Hey, for Font of Life, can you heal constantly for as long as the mark is up?
Yes. As long as the mark is up all of your basic attacks trigger the heal.
Penns (EUW)
: Does Font of Life have an internal cooldown or does a dot with corrupting potion = hp rain?
You have to basic attack marked targets to get the heal.
: Are these able to be used in a Secondary path?
Yes. They are not keystones. So when Resolve is your secondary path this is one of the slots you can choose from.
Kryonik (NA)
: What are your reasons for keeping Precision and Sorcery as Primary only paths. It feels really constricting to have a keystone from the other three and then be stuck with runes from only Inspiration, Resolve, and Domination.
You can primary any of the 5 paths. And once you've picked your primary you can secondary any of the 4 other paths.
: Does Demolish go on cooldown if it charges up but you leave range? Or only after you use the empowered attack?
It only goes on cooldown when you actually use it to attack a tower.
: Back in Season 3/4, you guys removed the Mastery that gave boons for Summoner Spells being on cooldown. Why did you guys bring it back, albeit in a more generalized form?
I think you're referring to Summoner's Wrath? http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Summoner%27s_Wrath_(Season_2012_Mastery) That gave specific stats based on which summoner spell was on cooldown: armor and mr for exhaust, ms for ghost, ap and ad for ignite, etc. It might be counter-intuitive, but Perseverance is actually less generalized than this. Summoner's Wrath was trying to give the exact stat you already wanted. That basically turned it into a general buff to your summoner spell no matter what it was. Perseverance on the other hand only gives you defenses, albeit two different kinds: Tenacity and Slow Resist for the current emergency (the next 10 seconds) and then armor and mr that last longer. This should make it more specific to tanks or other people who want to increase their survivability in fights.
: First off: these look very cool :) For demolish: is there a way to stop it or is it unstoppable? Is it a dash or just an explosion like Trist E? I'm guessing it's like Rift Herald's dash attack but also wondering if it can be used for towerdives? Lot of questions, sorry^^"
Thanks! Some answers for your questions: The way to stop an opponent from triggering Demolish is to force them away from the turret before the 4 seconds needed to charge it are up. Clear the wave, deal damage to them, threaten them with a CC spell, have an ally move towards the turret, etc. There's no dash involved at all. After they've been there for the full 4 seconds their next attack on the turret deals bonus damage in the model described.
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Kloqdq (NA)
: They are being replaced by the current runes. Basically they are merging the two together. Unless I am misunderstanding something that is what they are doing.
You've got it right.
: No AP scaling?
It currently also has an AP ratio.
: As someone that's both interested in game design and went to a college for it (Wasn't the best unfortunately, we mostly learned modeling) I find this facinating and I'm glad that you guys are sharing this with us. I'm also hopeful that this will help people understand that what ships to live wasn't the first and last idea you guys had for something and that there's actually a lot of work involved with designing these things and that that means they won't flame you so much for things that aren't your fault.
Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed reading this. Before I worked at Riot, when I was studying game design, I loved reading stuff like [Zileas's List of Game Design Anti-Patterns](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=293417) and they were a big part of why I wanted to come work here.
Paress (EUW)
: Alright so I like the idea, but one of the problem, besides the "If it doesn't go on cooldown unless it's activated, then I'll refresh it all the time", is that the Keystone may become simply annoying for the guy who uses it. I mean, the Keystone forces you to stick near your ally just because you'd feel the absolute need to use the mark. What about champions who are in frontline or need to engage ? You can't always stick to your ally, and it becomes exhausting to seek for all the threats But the main problem would be in my opinion that it could become a huge snowball keystone or an anti-kill keystone : the ennemy doesn't get to deal damages and even could become affraid because the guy can FIRST give him a shield. You know, counterplay-wise, the threat of granting another shield BEFORE a burst/DPS may be too strong. My suggestion would be to work like Sterak's Gage : if an ally champion takes X damages (maybe calculating % health) within Y seconds, ally becomes marked, and then when you walk near him, then he is granted a shield. It would resolve 3 problems : - you can't keep the mark all the time because ally needs to take first X amount of damages - ennemy gets to have some counterplay (allowing to damage ally) - you don't have to stick near your ally as he needs first to take damages, you then have a bigger time to protect him. Oh and quick semi-offtopic question : do same minor runes stack ? Haven't found any answers yet
Thanks for the comment. What you're saying about the need to constantly keep the mark up is exactly what we're trying to address with our further iterations on this. On the counterplay question a lot of how we think about that is also the value of the shield. I didn't mention numbers on that here (because of how much the actual play pattern is still under iteration), but that's a big part of the tools we have for ensuring that people who play against this don't feel too stifled by it. On your off-topic question: I'm not sure I understand it? There are definitely a lot of non-keystone runes that have strong synergies between them, even across the different paths -- if that's the kind of stacking you mean. If you mean individual runes that involve specific stacking mechanics, we've [already announced](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/coming-preseason-runes-reforged) Relentless Hunter, Ingenious Hunter, and Ravenous Hunter, three Domination runes that all work off of a stacks that you gain when getting kills or assists on enemy champions.
Penns (EUW)
: Does the shield have hp scaling tho?
: Question on Runes Reforged itself: When Runes Reforged was announced, it was said to be a combination of runes and masteries. But to me this all looks like new masteries with a runes UI ( which manually moving masteries like runes doesnt make much difference than choosing option a b or c.). Maybe I'm just not seeing it... How is Runes Reforged a mastery and runes system in one???
Keystone Runes (like this one) are more like masteries. But you also get 5 non-keystone runes in each build and a lot of those are much more stat-oriented. If you look at some of our previous posts you can see some examples of these more stat-oriented Runes. For example, take a look at Stone Skin, Mirror Skin, and Discipline that we announced [here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/runes-reforged-picking-your-playstyle).
: That's basically how the last version described works. "Being in combat" and "taking damage" are roughly equivalent conditions.
Yup, the last version I described only procs off of damage from an enemy champion or "significant" damage from other enemy sources (think tower shot or dragon attack).
: I feel like a big part of skill expression is lost when there is any kind of significant travel time on this type of ability, as it forces you to only be able to play predictively. If I'm playing as Soraka, I need to be able to hit this reactively, because there are times where I cannot predict the damage incoming, and if the travel time is as long as it appears in this clip, then that might take away half of the skill expression from the keystone. Overall, I love the idea, and I'm looking forward to testing it out! Also, it might be cool if there was a version of this (or maybe an item or alternative keystone :P) that would provide the banshee's veil passive instead of a standard shield. It would be really cool to have some way to predictively "cleanse" (for lack of a better term) an ability than just cleanse it after the cc goes through (like with mikaels). Especially if this ability only works on allies (and not on yourself), I think it could really offer some more skill expression to supports.
I'm glad you're excited! The dynamic you're describing about predictive play is very much one of the things we're still working on with this rune.
: Wow looks like a really nice Keystone. Does the range increase with the auto attack range of the champion or is it the same for everyone?
It's the same for everyone. If you're out of range and you right click on an ally you'll run into range and then apply the shield.
: This is super cool, can I ask if this will interact with Mordekaiser ult?
Mordekaiser mains have the best questions. :)
: Are you considering a Stoneborn Pact replacement?
Nothing to announce yet but we're experimenting with runes in that space.
: Would love to see the numbers behind this mastery. Does it scale on HP like Courage?
I didn't share the numbers because they're very much in progress (and highly likely to change with future iterations) but you're right it scales with bonus health.
Eleana (NA)
: Hmmm from the image shown it does look a bit like a channel but maybe I'm just misinterpreting it
In the last version described, there's a very brief travel time between when you click and when the shield turns on (watch for the small green particle that moves from Braum to Caitlin). After that there's a window of a few seconds where any damage from enemy champions to Cailtlyn would trigger the shield. There was an early version I mentioned in the post where the champion with Guardian Soul actually channeled briefly before applying the shield. The idea there was they could cancel the channel by moving if they hadn't actually meant to apply their shield. But we found that having to wait made the whole thing feel less responsive and ending up in repeated short channels disrupted your normal free movement around.
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macapi (NA)
: I dislike it mainly because it's unreliable if its not garanteed to hit. In my opinion, the only champions that would prefer it to the current iteration of thunderlord are those with a hard cc engage spell like {{champion:12}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:497}} or those who can slow or root with their main poke spell like {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:79}}
This is not an iteration on thunderlord's. It's a separate rune.
: You misunderstand. Is am complaining about the vfx side of the runes, not the gameplay mechanics. I do not mind titanic hydra, runans hurricane or thunderlords because they are very mild effects that do not take away thematically how a champion feels. Having thresh with a cutsie little furby hovering next to him is very distrating and thematically clashing. If I buy, for example, omega squad teemo skin is because the thematics of the skin spoke to me, and meshing fire breathing or flying unicorn special effects over my character while I am playing that skin takes away from it in my opinion. For example, if the rune "Meteor" was a surge of energy that erupted from the ground and had effects similar to thunderlords, that would be a lot less distracting/thematically diluted than a meteor being chucked from your character (I know they are placeholder vfx, but I don't knwo what rout they want to take things) More concretely, Helpsy or whatever his name is as an Sakura Card Captor animal is very dissonant with dark characters. however is the vfx for Helpsy, for example, an orb or a minute totem or something like that, then it wouldn't so heavily clash with champion mechanics, because its look would be more "neutral". That being said, I'm not sure runes that give champion "mini games" would be fun, since they would maybe sinergize extremly well with some and very poorly with others, but I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt until I have my hands on them
I hear you about the thematic concerns. As mentioned in the post this is nowhere near the final vfx. These vfx were made by a game designer in order to make the rune legible in our internal playtests. And they were made using bits of existing vfx that were already in the game. That's something we do often for prototyping. Once a real vfx artist has worked on this it'll get much less noisy and fall into line much more closely with the level of the other vfx in the game. Also, we haven't finished theming it. So it may not end up as a literal "meteor" at all.
: The 5 man meteor and ult, I dig it{{champion:62}} Is it cast relative to your position? Like if I dive a team and land a 5 man knock up, will it come down before the knock up ends?
It's cast from your position, but its travel time is constant so it'll move faster the further it has to travel.
Helmight (NA)
: Is there any concern about having this many unique effects cluttering up teamfights? I can see teams with a couple of Meteors, a Perixie, and possibly another high-visual noise mastery really makings things hard to read.
We're definitely keeping a close eye on the amount of visuals that runes add to the game, especially in team fights. As mentioned in the post, these effects are very much temporary. They were made by a game designer out of cannibalized pieces of things that are already in the game just to get the rune to the point where we could playtest it. Before we get anywhere near launching this a real vfx artist will work on it and make it both much better and much less loud.
jmp231 (NA)
: Wait so if jinx hit some one across the map with her ult would the meteor fly all the ways cross the map?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Why is Cass' mana bar Purple in the first gif? And what's that little direction arrow on her after she gets damaged? :^)
That purple tinge on the mana bar is just an artifact of the gif compression at the small size. Open the full size gif in a new tab and it looks normal. That arrow is part of the temporary indicator for Meteor. It's point at the direction of the incoming meteor so she knows who cast it and from where.
Foucz (EUNE)
: Seems to me like a very specific keystone aimed at control burst mages and very specific ones at that, some of my worries is that it seems to be hard to proc and use your other poke spells. For example it seems great with lux q however i use lux e to poke enemy and it will proc my metor which seems to make it easy to dodge. This leaves me with very little window of actually begin able to use it. I would suggest to make it work only when i land cc on enemy champion. (similar to Courage of the Colossus ).
I can see how you'd have that concern, but it actually works with more spells than you might think. For example, we've found that with decent positioning you can land Meteor off of Lux's E a lot of the time, even after they have tier 1 boots.
: I really like the concept, I'm just not sure how I feel about the visual of a big fireball. In my opinion at least, I'd prefer if rune effects didn't look so much like actual spells. Maybe if it was something more toned down but still visible, since I imagine you want clarity. Or maybe it could even be some kind of "eruption" ability, where it works exactly the same, just fire erupts from the ground after a delay rather than a projectile. To me that would be less clutter while still being clear. But don't get me wrong I really love the way you guys are going about all the new runes. Huge step up from old system
Totally with you. As mentioned in the post the current fireball effect is very much temporary. It's just a placeholder put in by a designer to make it so we could playtest the rune internally (we've jokingly been referring to it as the "meatball" around the team). If and when Meteor's released it would have much more appropriate effects made by a real vfx artist.
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