: The 2015 ranked season draws to a close
Why are you giving out more rewards geared only towards premades? I am getting really tired of seeing special promotions, rewards and incentives given to those who play with a friend. I have yet to run into a positive experience when matched with a premade team yet you guys keep rewarding them. Does individual play simply not matter anymore?
Lugg (NA)
: His stun had gotten so bad in Korea that he was 1st ban worthy. If a team got Veiger support, they had like a 75% win rate. It was so broken Riot had to nerf it.
so than why not increase the cost and CD instead of adding a ridiculous delay? When it was his only means of escape/engage riot really screwed him over
Rew711 (NA)
: I don't understand... (his cost is actually 20 mana) This is to stop people from abusing the turret feature on Heimerdinger. If they lose 240 mana instead of just 60 mana, they might have a tougher time putting another after another when he will have 500 (300 + 200 mana item) mana at most in the start of the game. Right now, its hard enough winning a lane against this bully when it takes around 8 or 9 turrets destroyed to get Heim to stop his ongoing assult. Those things deal like 12 to 34 damage per hit, per turret; that's 36 to 102 damage from all of them. Trying to kill one isn't as easy if they already are able to take that cool down to its lowest. They will obviously take 4 hits to kill. If Heimerdinger's mana was increased, it would stop the early game push. It will also make playing against Heimerdinger fun again and those as him that are able to still do well feel more accomplished.
most champs can 1 shot his turrets fairly early i mean really zed, morgana, malz, syndra. talon all can point and click his turrets away
: Here are my problems with this, unwanted champs being picked then kicked because they are non-meta, a group of four who vote kicks anyone who opposes them, and lastly people will figure out that they can be kicked until ten minute in which they hold their tongue until the time is up and they can rage and flame all that they want just like before.
people wont kick for non meta unless your feeding what are the odds you end up on a team of 4 people who just dont like you? if its a 10 min limit and then they flame you only have to deal with iif for 10 mins before u can surrender
: Sometimes I wonder if people know the difference between "intentional feeding" and "unskilled player." You'd be surprised how many times I've seen my teammates type in all chat "Report Soraka(Or whatever champion) for intentionally feeding." when I gave it my all the entire game.
than you shouldnt be playing ranked
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