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Meddler (NA)
: Rageblade's probably on the weak side, we wanted to err in that direction and tune up if needs be though rather than the opposite given how dominant its been this season (get a look at which champs are dependent on it, which just like it etc). Bloodrazor's looking like it might be too weak, lot of champions its the best choice for are struggling. Might also be some champs who'd been nerfed due to how powerful they were in a game with Devourer we can put power back into now, not sure yet.
Rageblade. Dominant. This season. On who? Top is tanks. Mid is ADCs/Mages. Jungle is ADCs/Assassins. Bot is ADCs/supports. Who was rageblade dominant on? What class? Where?
Meddler (NA)
: Rageblade's probably on the weak side, we wanted to err in that direction and tune up if needs be though rather than the opposite given how dominant its been this season (get a look at which champs are dependent on it, which just like it etc). Bloodrazor's looking like it might be too weak, lot of champions its the best choice for are struggling. Might also be some champs who'd been nerfed due to how powerful they were in a game with Devourer we can put power back into now, not sure yet.
Jax is at a 45% win rate. Thanks for that Meedler. Big old bruiser dicking in the middle of a tank and ADC meta.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.9 balance hotfix going out soon
Sermo (NA)
: ***
Oh boy. This is why this meta blows dick. Low ELO bitches about the juggernaut rework and then we get a tank meta. Every time bruisers are good low ELO blows their load hating on them, only to hate the alternates more. Every. Single. Time. "Oh bruisers suck nerf them please- OH GOD PLEASE NERF THE ASSASSINS RIOT oh bruisers suck nerf the- OH GOD TANK META WHAT IS THIS PLEASE BRING BACK THE BRUISERS!"
Ralanr (NA)
: The rainbow thing wasn't funny. It got annoying really fast for fucks sake.
Well do you want me to spend 10 minutes writing this shit just for it to get deleted?
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Meddler (NA)
: Mid-season stuff that may be harder to spot on the PBE
Hi love your work, big fan. Was looking at the PBE and I can't see the reasoning why you guys are nerfing bruisers? I must have overlooked it, and as such it's harder to spot.
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Rebonack (NA)
: I would rather see no Crit on Trinity rather than no AP
Can we maybe keep the 8% movement speed? That was kind of important for split pushers (which Trinity is) to escape with...
: When are melee champions farming with abilities against an ADC..?
Olaf, Jax, Irelia, etc? Olaf last hits with Q, Irelia with Q, Jax uses leap strike to try and get a minion before the ranged dude can get in range, or counter strikes so he can get 2-3 low HP minions without getting half his HP chunked. Hecarim uses Q to last hit from further range. Nasus. Jarvan. PAntheon. Fiora.
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: umm darius fiora and gp are bruisers and they have defined top lane for a while now
Fiora is an ADC. GP is an ADC. Darius is a Juggernaut. Bruisers are Irelia, Hecarim, Jax, etc.
: 1: Because AP already has one? 2: Because fuck Fiora. 4: Sated? 6: Eventually 7: I'm not exactly sure, but there's something about efficiency being lowered across the board, while making it easier to get gold.
Oh okay I have a suggestion here! Remove the healing deficiency from mages too. Remove it from everyone. If Mundo becomes OP (and he won't) then we nerf Mundo. We stop balancing healing to have to be double the effectiveness because you'll always have a healing deficiency. If Soraka becomes OP (and she will) then we just... nerf Soraka. Tada.
: Essence Reaver was intended as an ADC item, but that didn't exactly work out. The CDR on trinity is just what happened to sheen. As for the attack speed and CS, I'm not sure why that should matter so much that you need to make such a huge deal out of it. Mana potion champions are getting bonus Mana Regen in compensation, LW now only applies to bonus armor, gives less % pen initially and has 20 less AD. I wouldn't exactly call that a middle finger, as you could easily save 21 armor just from the base armor (assuming it's 70) Not sure why you complain about the bruiser tops so much. The changes haven't even panned out, you haven't even tried them, *they haven't been officially released and you are complaining.* Also, I believe the sheen bonus damage is now slighty faster( was it 2 seconds before?) A lot of AD items have also lost attack damage, and there are plenty of new, unreleased items. Also giant slayer boosts their damage, not give them %damage. In other words, an armor stacking tank will still laugh at the measly damage the ADC is doing to him. Overall, sounds like you're impatient, looking only at the downsides, and radiating so much salt you could mutate an entire forest into salt beings. Just calm down and give it some time.
Bruisers are bad and the only one that really sees any play is Hecarim. Bruiser items get nearly across the board nerfs, and ADCs see across the board MASSIVE buffs. (Yes the LW change is a massive buff, you'd literally have to fail elementary school math to not see that.) BUT IT'S OKAY, I'M SURE THESE TWO THINGS WILL COMBINE AND BRUISERS WILL BE TOP TIER!
: Then you see that they finally went through with it and nerfed LW to ***only penetrate bonus armor***. That and the other tank items are getting brought back up instead (although a couple are just getting cost increases from what I've seen).
40% bonus armor is better than 35% total armor. Also, new LW adds 15% damage to targets with more health. The amount of people not actually doing simple basic math are why I recommend anyone who enjoys LoL to take a month long break. Let Riot suck off ADCs for a month or so, then they'll do sweeping nerfs and we'll hopefully be back to balance land,
: Its a nerf after that as well though, even then. It currently is 35% total armor, it is being changed to 40% bonus. Literally only champ negatively effected by this change for defense on the defending side is Thresh, who has his almost entire armor pool being based on bonus armor due to how his passive sets it. LW items still are at 40 AD, and the two unique passive routes on it still make you have to chose between stopping healing, or stopping health stacking. You don't get both out of it. Also, now LW items ONLY work on ADCs, as AD casters who frequent mid lane have no use for bonus penetration compared to the total pen from current LW iteration, except in extreme situations where the entire enemy team is building/stacking armor. And remember, if AD casters are having a worse time dealing with you, compared to now where they just laugh at you building armor at all, it is a one worse to the other being better case.
40% bonus is a flat increase to it's power. It's absurd to me that nobody is willing to even do basic math. Almost everyone that builds tank items is using armor/level right now, and with a mere Dead man's and Omen you end up at ~250 armor. LW ALREADY shreds more armor than it did before. Now factor in things like Shyvana passive, Jax ult, Malphite W, etc. When you're looking at mega tanks that actually build for example thornmail LW is getting RIDICULOUSLY buffed. They're basically adding an addition 15-20 pen on to it and people are saying "nah it's pretty much worse!" Not to mention that you can buy a 1300 gold item and sit on it for the majority of the game and have that fuck tanks. Oh and that one last thing... what was it... oh yeah LW now also adds 15% damage to tanks/bruisers/anythingthatisn'tanADC. Have fun tanks, get fucked.
: Actually they're not. Riot has already stated that they want Essence Reaver to be the new ADC Caster item, and because the new passive gives you CDR for building crit, it's unlikely an item that can give up to 30% CDR (new Essence Reaver) is expected to be stacked with BC (which gives 20% CDR). Is it possible that they're just nerfing the item because currently almost every single top laner buys it? =P
Yeah. That's why they're nerfing all the items everyone buys. Whaaaaaaaaaaat??! They're NOT nerfing all the items everyone buys?! They're only nerfing bruiser items? WHaaaaaaaaaaat?!
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Ryu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9dEc6EwQ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2015-10-29T06:44:46.659+0000) > > Depends. > > New cleaver off raw stats, if I counted right, is just short of breaking even without the passives on the PBE. > > Old cleaver is Gold Efficient: 104.71%. > > So overall it's value is worse. Not going to stop Garen/Darius from rushing it but still overall seems like it nerfed the item in terms of efficiency but it's better as a slot overall. > > I do see what you mean for the caster part, and honestly I do not have a problem with it if they want to dive into a most caster like build. This basically hits the nail on the head of the purpose of the changes. They weren't driven by forcing them into the hands of Marksmen but rather were due to some of our efficiency changes. The gross oversimplification is that item efficiency is going to be slightly lower across the board (and more equal across items), but players will generate gold at a faster rate. When looking at Black Cleaver, we wanted to make sure it was slot efficient and damaging enough to serve as a Juggernaut's core offensive item. Trinity Force has changes from the aforementioned efficiency sweep and from and cleaning up fighter component items. For a decent amount of time we were testing a Trinity Force that excluded Zeal and did extra physical damage on hit. Feedback wasn't great on it, as it just didn't feel like it spiked as it did before. Zeal, and thus crit, were added back to the recipe. There are a number of projects besides Marksmen being worked on for the Preseason and we'll be engaging in discussions about them more as the patch approaches.
Gage is 2550. Omen is 2700. Dead Man's is 2750. SV/BV are 2700. Why not increase the price on those instead?
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: Holy shit CertainlyT, nice fucking job on the Caitlyn rework
Forums weeks ago: WOW CERTAINTY MAKES EVERYTHING OP WTF! Forums now: Well he made my champion OP so... I guess he's cool!
: I see your point on Tri force being made into an ADC item but I am a bit confused what you mean by that for Black Cleaver Hash
They're jacking BC's price up by 500, reducing it's health, and increasing it's damage. They're trying to make BC the ADC "caster" item, rather than the melee bruiser item. I assume the idea is to push BC to champions like Graves with his new coneshots and ability reliance, and away from... well literally every champion who uses it now.
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: They said all the juggernauts have been toned down but their ban rate is still too high, ultimately not giving them sufficient data to actually see if they need more nerfs or not. At least thats what Meddler said. Hue!
That's what he said in response to DARIUS. Because Darius's win rate is 47% at bronze, up to 50% at diamond. So based on the data they CAN get, Darius is actually weak right now at almost all ELOs. I hope that tries to clarify the problem to you. Darius's ban rate and win rate do not match up, and actually completely conflict with each other. So they're going to wait and see if/when the ban rate clears up if it'll give them more data and show a problem.
Sinlaire (NA)
: one is a %Current health and only scales 1.25% at a time when scaling. Her other is 5% max. not even as much as vayne passive and hers is on a ~10 second E whiles Vayne's is every 3 hits. instead of toxic its all that makes her viable since she barely breaks a .3 AD ratio on literally ANY ability.
You're suggesting a champion needs two forms of %health damage to be viable?
Jasiwel (NA)
: One quick note: Lucian was actually quite average for the first month of his release onto Live. I remember distinctly because I was one of the few people playing him that didn't regularly complain about how underwhelming he was. That was also the last time you could build TriForce on Lucian without being flamed in chat. Then Lucian became super OP for a while starting with patch 4.12 (edit). That time was annoying because I didn't find him as fun. I enjoyed him as an AD Caster with okay mobility, not a hyper mobile ADC that had a caster's kit. I kind of hope that Kindred has AP values or magic damage in the kit. It's a marksman, but that doesn't mean it's going to necessarily be an AD champion, unless I fail at reading and was explicitly said to be an ADC Jungler. Anyways, I think if it has AP then Runeglaive could be super cool on it.
So what you're saying is that an ADC was released where ADC players failed to find the proper way to itemize that champion, and once they found the proper way to itemize that champion it became blatantly OP? Never heard of that happening literally every single ADC release.
: #Where is the "true" part of % Max Health Damage?! Could it be? Does this champion have no True Damage?!
No, she just has two forms of %health damage. You know, can't have an ADC anymore without %Health damage!
Meddler (NA)
: Core Gameplay: A quick look at a few teams at Riot and some of the stuff they're working on
Which is the team that constantly fucks up the balance in obvious ways? Well since the live balance team added zeke's herald, I'll assume it was them.
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Meddler (NA)
: Thoughts on the juggernaut reworks: Where we're up to after 4 weeks
: This is so true. ADC mains are lowkey some of the worst players in terms of complaining. Any meta that isnt a strictly ADC meta is considered an unplayable shit meta by most adc mains. "Tanks are too tanky, ADC's suck." "Mids are the most important laners in this meta, therefore adc is useless" "Junglers are so strong, ADC can't 1v1 a lee sin111!!!!11" then when ADC are powerful they begin to complain that a certain ADC is too powerful. "OMG VAYNE SO STRONG I CANT BEAT HER AS LUCIAN NERF." "OMG JINX CRIT ROCKETS ARE INSANE NERF PLZ TY RITO SO I CAN GO BACK TO PLAYING DRAVEN" like holy crap STFU adc mains.
Noooononono. If an ADC is too strong then ALL ADCs need to be buffed to that strength.
: I think we should revert the gromp nerfs
Do we REALLY need smite to be any more powerful? It's the most potent summoner in the game.
: I think it works the same way with Nasus Q
nasus Q just goes directly through dodge. It's one of the biggest reasons I stopped playing Jax: Every motherfucker on the planet just picks Nasus, and since solo queue I lose.
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: Yeah, he gets paid to play video games and makes more a year than some/most graduate students. (can't show the statistics because it got deleted, but you can google it for yourself) I feel so sorry for him. I'm sure he can dry his tears with a stack of benjamins.
He also has to play 12 hours a day, then has to do team building, and gets maybe at best 2 hours free time a day. Everyone makes this out like he just lays on a coach eating cheetos and makes money.
Keyru (NA)
: [8/31/2015] - Profanity Filter
Knalxz (NA)
: With the new lore can we get some likable villains?
What about Darius? He literally advocates genocide, yet we all like Darius
: I find it hilarious Ashe can't crit Yi or Olaf while they are ulting.
This seems fair to me. Want other examples? Olaf is immune to Yasuo ult for 6 seconds. Master Yi's ult makes him ignore Frozen Heart. Jax dodge doesn't dodge special attacks. Viktor gravity field can't stun Yi. I could think of more, but this isn't some anti-Ashe conspiracy. Your ability needs to slow people to work, and it doesn't slow. So it doesn't work.
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: Came in expecting a thread asking for Vayne nerfs. Got something better. Teehee.
Better than vayne nerfs? Impossible.
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: I'm an Irelia main, but enough is enough lol.
Okay so mercs is 1200 gold of mostly useless stats. Vamp scepter isn't going to help you at all. So that's nearly 2000 gold that's not helping you in the 1v1. But I'll be nice and say you probably got at least 600 gold of usefulness out of them. Then you have 1400 gold wasted. That's nearly 5 kills of gold wasted. You were effectively 1-1 to her 1-5, and Irelia is a far superior 1v1 character.
Statikk (NA)
: Hey guys, Dropping by to give you all an update on our current thoughts / plans. We are planning to hotfix some buffs out for Darius in the near future. The changes revolve largely around making Q much more rewarding to land. Here's the proposed changelist: **Darius** **Decimate (Q)** * Base Damage increased to 40/70/100/130/160 from 20/40/60/80/100 * Missing heal increased to 15% from 10% per champion hit (max still 30%) Also planning on looking at other potential changes for W and E for the upcoming patches and seeing if we can do some tweaks to make them more impactful again. Really do apologize to the Darius players who have to tough this out, we definitely undershot on him but we're trying to move as quickly as we can to correct it.
So is this going to be a monday thing, or? Am I just gonna be there at 1 AM and someone is like ~~"hey dead man's plate got released" ~~ "Hey Darius hotfixes happened! Cause your changes at the very least bring Q back to it's old damage at level 1-9, and then later in the game you can do more damage, and make's the heal ... well 50% bigger. It'll probably bring him from 43% to maybe a 47% win rate, which might be playable.
Afeee (EUW)
: Playing botlane this patch is the most horrible experience i've ever had playing this game
Tristana? Also, every lane is severely constrained right now. Top lane basically had 2 first-pick champions, then a couple counter pick champions. Jungle has been rotating a single most-OP champion and 2 mostly-OP champions since season 5 began. Mid ALWAYS has 2-3 the-best champions.
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