: How to Spot a Scripter From a Scripter
i'm playing on eune right now and i 90% of my games i lose against of scripters. and most of them don't even bother to show how many scripts they use when playing league. most of the ranking on eune has become something less than a joke. what bothers me is that no one actually listens and most of my matchups are against hackers. i admit i haven't been actually acknowledging scripters in league for 7 years now. and somehow i'm still a bronze because i play agaisnt last seasons "diamonds"/"golds" who've been at it for seasons. as for scritps you should look how well they manage to micro dodge anything. and how good their map awareness is. in bronze, there is too good map awareness. too great micro dodge. there are so hard hacks that sometimes i can't even press my abilities. i mean i press them but they don't activate. i dont know what is going on at riot servers, but i don't think i want to. i think most of their problems comes from outsourcing. and somehow they endorse all this.
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Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: New Comic – Olaf vs. Everything Series 1
FIRST OF ALL you don't introduce it well, is just a mélange of cheap pointless action. SECOND OF ALL no hints to a backstory. THIRD OF ALL the DIALOGUE. A five year old could come up with a better dialogue. I understand that is a mash up with all kinds of champs and skins, but there's nothing to it. I mean in a simple game with noobs you could make better stories mostly because there is a POINT to it, a DIRECTION, a FEELING.
: So I totally get if Olaf isn’t your cup of tea. That’s cool, but let me try to convince you otherwise because I’m a big fan of the berserker. Olaf’s one reason for living is to die in glorious combat right? Then he finds out that he’s going to die peacefully as an old man, literally the last thing he would ever want, the greatest taboo, the ultimate dishonor. And so he goes on a quest to find the most incredible doom. Olaf isn’t just fighting monsters, he’s fighting fate itself. I’m a sucker for those kinds of stories. And for Viking berserkers. And fight porn, and Olaf’s general silliness when he’s not out chopping creatures into tiny giblets, and even when he is! This comic highlights Olaf’s character fantasy, letting us see the berserker at his best, as an unkillable force of nature. I enjoy reading things that are violent and over the top and that’s what we were going for here, trying to put this version of Olaf in these fun, interesting situations where he gets to meet characters from other dimensions and explore how he’d interact with them. It just so happens that most of the time, unsurprisingly, that ends with a little blood in the snow, or mud, or whatever. If you don’t buy into the character fantasy, I can’t help ya there. That being said, I wouldn’t suggest trying to make one-to-one comparisons between this Olaf and his in-game character. Does Olaf heal himself when he attacks enemies in Runeterra? Probably not. Does he call lightning from the sky to smite his foes? Nah. In the comic you see callbacks to those abilities because it’s fun, easter-eggy stuff, but this isn’t Summoner’s Rift Olaf. This isn’t canon Olaf. This is Olaf vs. Everything Olaf. There are similarities, but they aren’t the same. What does this mean for you and the comic? If you enjoy watching Olaf get beaten up and dishing out punishment in return, stick around, there’s a lot more of that coming. We’re also going to be digging into his motivations a little. But just a little, because then there wouldn’t be as much space for chopping would there? I’d stick around though, even if you don’t enjoy Olaf, I think you might have some fun seeing where he ends up!
nothing you mention in the comment could not be deducted from the comic mostly because the comic doesn't show it, doesn't make the reader perceive the reality there, which is very dissapointingly random. like the dialogue. or characters. they are not related, there are no relations between anything. there s no feeling. nothing.
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Surge06 (EUW)
: This man fights one on one with your main. What happens?
he will embrace the heresy in the end XD {{champion:131}}
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
no penta with diana at the end of montage XD?
: yes rito we want a victorious diana skin!!! and some legendary diana skins!!!! more diana skins!!!! and icons!!! and wards!!!!! PLZ RIOT!!!
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ItsYusif (NA)
: Rito you're making a Leona/Diana legendary skin right? Whoever wins gets the skin, just like the Lucian/Thresh battle and thresh got the skin. :oooooooooo Good stuff! But I think Diana works because she's so broken, and hard to be countered unless Leona builds full tank, then Leona wont have enough damage to kill Diana.
yes rito we want a victorious diana skin!!! and some legendary diana skins!!!! more diana skins!!!! and icons!!! and wards!!!!! PLZ RIOT!!!
: diana for the win
guess why moon heretic XD
: Designers weigh in on Leona vs Diana
Everytime when i put diana vs leona in an epic fight, the fight would be epic, lights flashing, screams and many wounds, but they won't lose to each other, diana would be forced to almost kill leona, but she won't do that, her moon won't allow it,and they would end up understanding each other and heal their wounds caused by some sort of misunderstanding caused by their religions, ending up as friends and in the end supporting each other.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
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Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
we want a crazy cat lady yorick and a hamburgot!!!!
Jhíñ (EUW)
: How do I stop flaming?
change your attitude overall and dont let yourself swept by the matches flow. you must realize that usually people are not competent or more competent than you or as you mainly because, besides being different personalities, they probably and most probably are younger and you could cause harm to them by being offensive. you may look smarter or smoother by flaming, but that only is hurtful. its okay to lose 10 games in a row, its ok to lose 15 20 whatever, it doesnt matter if youre outmatched outskilled. its usually your choices in the game that cause either lose or win or losing spree. of course there are trolls, flamming kids in your team or whatever, but that doesnt mean that you should go on spamming the chat with flaming. if you feel like raging too much, take a break, read a book, watch a tv show, go outside, hang out with friends, fill your time with something else until you feel that you're not that angry anymore. don't just get offended by anything else, people probably either don't know what to do more than that and they burst out raging, mainly because they made a bad decision, or don't know how to handle a situation. besides, overall raging denies your focusing on other things, let's say you rage over that idiot support which takes cs and doesn't heal when needed. by flaming at him, you stand by the tower if you're lucky, or right in the middle of the lane, while giving opportunities to the enemy blitzcrank to grab you. but if he is dead, maybe their jungler just thinks that he should take some kills bot and bam, you're dead, that's not fair you were typing. why you were typing? because your supp was bad and tries to act unlike a supportive role, but that supp, maybe he is a 10 yo, that just got home from school and he's just not skilled, because maybe he can't, maybe his little brother watches too and wants too to play and bugs him, maybe his cat just is acting crazy, there are alot of reasons. besides you maybe miss like 17 cs, which are the same just as a kill. miss cs, miss building that infinity edge. again your 10 yo supp's fault because he doesn't know how to play. no it's really not. he's just a kid. he went in to enjoy doing something great, but you ruin his experience, ruin other's experience. just like that maybe you feel like trolling. bam, min 20, match lost. 1 unskilled player, and another either afk, either feeding the enemy team on purpose. it's a game. it's not real, besides, take things in a somewhat positive attitude, make fun and jokes about that lil froggie cho that just took a bite of your little akali, hey lil cho has to eat. you died? let's say you died because the jungler came up. meh, jungie, jungie, was just passing by, watching you getting dead and bam skillshot. rengie the hunter and the lil cho from accross the street. lil rengie was fed because top pantheon didn't learn how to stun. they don't teach at school today. back in my days, you were learning that the hard way, my mum for example, got so mad one match that i lost 1 22 1 with her master yi, that she blocked the internet for a week, can you imagine? killer pantheon skin, rengie when saw it died a little inside. not too much, but a little. hey that's effective. but i guess that's why he started feeding rengie in the first place. he became a catnip. dayum. besides he only kills at his ult, what a ... cat. and no, it's not about just you feeding because you just don't know how to outskill a jax. you will do better next time. sometimes you get killed when you were about to kill the other guy, it means something usually, that next time he'll get it. or maybe your champ is a late game champ, play less aggressive the first 5-10 minutes, focus on creeps, creep denying, lane freezing, stay safe. but then suddenly the whole enemy team decides top tower is gone. you can't face 1 v 4 with tower. or 5. so why go in. stuff like that. gg wp. easy.
Blink121 (EUNE)
: how am i supposed to know where are the champs' extended lore
yea and why doesnt make riot a story mode? is that hard to invest in a story, lore ?
Elfezen (NA)
: So Aurelion Sol is basically the god of league universe?
: > I really think that there should be a top-up pop-up of the client if you switch it to the background This will be brought back in a future patch. They didn't intend to remove it. > the timer blocks all other features in the client I think that does suck (though I've never had a low priority queue). This is something you'd want to suggest on the **Miscellaneous** board I think, because the **Help & Support** board is for getting assistance with technical issues.
why miscellaneous because it's really a big problem. it really needs help and improvement, but i see your point. thank you for the reply. ___________________________ "Chosen of the moon!"{{champion:131}}
Tamur (NA)
: General Couteau died tracking an assassin from the Institute of War
Nooooo! But really i would like to see him tho....
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: Positive play icon unlocked
there should be more rewards for positive playing. people been flaming alot and there should be more in-game aspects that rewards positive playing and chat. until then you can do whatever you want and people will be still flaming.
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Arie (NA)
: Just Noob Things
Hey would be a nice if riot would troll people who troll when buying two or three or even 6 boots by adding a boot helmet on the champs. Some boot's aura which will look like boots which will display a boot icon on the minimap :P . Rocking boots :))) .
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: Skins still in vault hours before being stolen
Nothing I'm interested in. Thank you.
: HEY I'M GROMP I'M NOT SO GROMP AAAAAAAND WEEEEEEE'RE THE GAME GROMPS ...He has the right expression for it and everything...
I sense that the new champ will be Gromp
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