: LeBlanc nerfs on PBE are missing the mark
Yikes a lot of lower elo players showing their colors here lol. This is a very rational post and it deserves attention. LeBlancs early game dominance is more about her gank assist than raw damage. People at higher elos and pro-play dont die solo to Leblanc as easily because they know she has high damage. The root from Ethereal Chains is what causes issues. It lasts a long time and come level 6, landing a chain essentially gurantees a kill which is perhaps a bit too strong. The fact is, while shes a strong solo q pick...the numbers aren't there to support a nerf of this magnitude. It's too much and in the wrong direction. This is a nerf geared toward pro-play that doesnt even target why she is strong in pro play. It needs to be reconsidered and adjusted to be nerfed in the right way.
: I think both were equally unhealthy in different ways. The remake was really unhealthy because of how much it muddied counterplay with all its weird bullshit, yet at the same time players didn't enjoy playing her either. Now we're back to the original one that's just pure cancer to play against while giving the LB players their cheap instant kills all game. The real problem is they didn't gut her numbers after her revert. This champ should not be viable tbh.
They did gut her numbers actually. Not huge, but she is weaker early in the game than she was before
: Leblanc revert was a stupid idea
There are a couple things about your comment that confuse me. For reference, I call the current state of LeBlanc "original" and the clunky version I call "rework". First, the skill ceiling between the two versions of LeBlanc. You mention that the rework had I higher skill ceiling or was more complicated to play. I have to whole heartedly disagree with you on this point. She theoretically had a more combos than ever before because of toggle ultimate, however, since her W did next to nothing in terms of damage it was used as primarily a gap closer or passive application. This limited what combos were viable, making her much easier imo. Second is the age old excuse that I always see. Original leblanc just one shots everything! It's so easy! Yes, when fed she can one shot any carry who has built 0 MR. But the same can be said for any assassin. I've seen Zed, Talon, Katarina all one shot people when they are fed out of their minds and the enemies fail to build any MR or Armour. Hell, I've even seen Wukong do the same thing and hes not even classified as an assassin. But the other thing you mention is that she can just QRW people. She can...if people are that stupid to walk up in range of the combo. The only people I pull that off on are people who dont respect the damage or dont have vision of me. If someone is constantly dying to QRW then they dont understand how to play safely. You would also have to be pretty fed and killing someone with 0 MR as well. That's their problem, not a problem with the champion.
: ***
I dont think you've ever played LeBlanc.
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: This is one of the more experimental changes noted in the comment above the full changelist. The output of LeBlanc's ultimate isn't drastically different from other mages' ults in lane, and the necessity for a low cooldown at that stage isn't clear. So we're trying out aggressive cooldown scaling as a first step here, and we'll be looking at how games play out and the feedback we get and tuning as makes sense.
To be quite frank, i think this is pretty clearly going to be a problem. I actually expected the ult CD to DECREASE considering the revert of the Q passive. I'll be testing on PBE how do I leave feedback?

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