: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
For a company that trots transparency around in making decisions and business practices, you really need to provide qualified analysis of your findings here. This is by far the worst possible decision that could come to the NA LCS period. If you think viewership problems are the issue, why don't you copy LCK's format/scheduling? They have a Bo3 and they manage to get all their games in because people are willing to watch the games over 6 hour streams 4-5 days a week rather than you cramming all the content into two days on two streams. Common sense here says why don't you ask your viewers if they'd be interested in more days of LCS rather than shrinking down games and going back to Bo1. Rather than try to get everything in on Sat/Sun why don't you do Thursday-Sunday and do Thursday games as literal Prime-Time games. You have an Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer there who I'm absolutely positive can coordinate and run a prime-time show, for those who don't want (or don't have) traditional TV services, this is a great option. Start at say 7PM EST which would be 4PM CST and play for 6 hours a day, assuming you have 6 one hour games in 2 Bo3 Series. That means at the latest you'd end broadcast at 10PM CST/1AM EDT. I personally am already up that late already and wouldn't mind sticking around to finish LCS, especially seeing as that if it's gone that late already there's probably been some excellent competition earlier in the day and I'm already hyped. I want to know who got polled for these changes? Did you just do ballot-box style polling in the LCS studios and not bother to ask any online fans? I know I've never seen on any survey anything related to e-sports content, and there hasn't been anything on Twitch, the Broadcasts, or even in-client. This seems like a move to increase marketability but even then, I don't understand how less games makes streaming rights and advertising dollars more profitable, and my background is in Television Production and I have been a Television Producer and currently work in the entertainment industry. I'm not even going to comment on the competitive integrity issues this brings up, and how this literally is a slap in the face to every single person who just paid the franchising fee to have you turn around and change this on them, because I highly doubt that even with NDA's in place, you informed potential franchisee owners of this SUBSTANTIAL change in format that could very well cause some future franchisee prospects to become disinterested. NA has actually put up a good showing this year so far at Worlds, and even in the NA LCS. There's a definite bridging of the gap, but I doubt we're gonna see that success continued to be grown upon because when teams aren't playing, they'll be grinding solo queue and streaming. No team is gonna bootcamp 24/7 or scrim 24/7, and there's likely to be less of that with this new Bo1 format. Other folks have commented on these points well better than I have and I'm not going to beat that dead horse (unless it's Hecarim in which case screw that dude). The only "positive" that may come from this is that you'll see more fiesta games as teams pull out cheese comps just to win a Bo1 game, but the entertainment value of that is like a WWE wrestler getting a cheap pop from the audience for stating the name of the town they are in that weekend. It's not sustainable, and it certainly will wear off, and when viewership numbers tank even more as a subsequent result, you'll have to consider even more drastic changes or revert to Bo3 without admitting you fucked up. I don't see a single person in this rapidly growing comment section that is expressing approval over these changes. I doubt they are similarly being expressed in a positive manner elsewhere on social media like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter as well. If you read all this, thanks for your time, and I can only hope my comments are read by those with decision making power and that this change is reverted.
: Xayah and Rakan Available Now + Launch Promotions!
Is there anyway to get the homescreen to not default land on the stupid xayah and rakan page? Sorry but I don't like either of the new champions at all and I'm considering taking a break from league if you're going to continue to force them down my throat. I think they are both cringey as fuck and they will be the absolute last champs I will ever buy and I will ban at least 1 of them every game if for the simple fact that I absolutely hate them.
: 4 Takeaways from Quarterfinals
Yet another Korean finals match... I'm totally disinterested in worlds. The games are all gonna be clean sweeps from here out one side or the other, and there's nothing fun about clean sweep games in the semifinals and finals stage of a supposed Worlds Championship when clearly it's "which Korean team is gonna win this year, and what's their tournament record gonna be?"

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