: Agreed. I love playing supp Zyra because I can usually force the enemy ADC to either take damage or get CS, and the fear you see in them when you start running their way is just too much fun.
And at the end game screen when the other team says "wtf support did most damage"
: So I Bought Rengar Today...
You can throw bola mid jump. Doesnt seem like it would ad much, but in practice you see the difference.
: but just like annie Zyra is terriable if she is not fed. Her early game may seem strong and reliant to kill you a lot but her mana will deplete quickly. She is quite squishy too.
A Zyra who runs out of mana in lane isnt playing her right....
: Might have to try the build out. I think Liandrys in general is an under utilized item.
My favorite item in the game, though thats probably just because im a zyra main :D
Krigjer (NA)
: Well, they WERE challenging back when I was a new player. It goes easy bots --> intermediate --> actual players. There's a point where if you're still playing bots, maybe a competitive game like LoL is not for you.
I had like 200 bot wins before I started norms (real people so scare!)
TendajiX (NA)
: Even if i do get a gift, I won't use it in PvP until i have a decent grasp of the champ or maybe even some degree of mastery. Feels dirty to use a skin for a champ u don't even understand lol
Kuzja1 (NA)
: http://imagenes.es.sftcdn.net/ongames/scrn/5000/5003/mortal-kombat-xbox360-47869.jpg "Oh shit! Yo, ma boy, you think you can do the same to me because I'm tryin' to be real with you here. I'm ugly as fuck, even though the chicks still hit, I'm ugly as fuck. If you could smack me with the hammer and make my face look good, I'll die a happy man for the first time. So please help your boy out, please."
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Keystone masteries ruined diversity
I think the masteriy changes were actually a decent concept. To have a bunch of them add unique mechaniques for differing playstyles/champs. Most of the old stuff was just basic stat buffs. But yeah... Gonna need some work.
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: Test the Servers with Party IP!
Man but 24 ping was so nice :P
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
So.. im on the West coast... and i get aggravated any time my ping is over 40..... {{item:3070}}
yukaras (NA)
: Time = Money. If you made your wage and you checked your hours played on league... wait im going to do that.94.7 days... 2273 hours... I think I might cry.
so if time=life then.... life=money?
: fiora is freelo
idk... i been just playing fiora the past couple weeks and my winrate is 75%....
: Alright, people; what do you think should be the new 120 AP item?
What about an item that gives an active for blocking spells so basically a small version of yas' wind wall and also if the wall blocks a spell (not sure if it should block autos since zhonyas already is for countering ad) then you get a small speed boost.
: Name your unlucky champion that you do always lose with.
I mainly play support and I always lose with {{champion:25}} . So anytime im in ranked i just ban her right off the bat so i dont have to deal with a good morg
Shetler (NA)
: What's your biggest Noob Moment?
When I first started playing I never built any higher tier items, only whatever was cheap (like sapphire or boots)and would get confused when later in the game you couldnt buy some items. Eventually i figured out there were only 6 item slots
hikop (NA)
: Any Riven mains around?
Thanks for the tips guys, guess ill just keep practicing. Just played a match against an ahri and got reckt :P Im pretty sure thats not supposed to happen.
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: A new wombo combo.
AOE/CC combo Top - {{champion:92}} Mid - {{champion:127}} Jg - {{champion:32}} AD - {{champion:51}} (preferably has Runaans) Support - {{champion:143}} just trying to think of something different :)
: Top 5 supports and why?
{{champion:89}} > {{champion:412}} > {{champion:53}} > {{champion:143}} > {{champion:267}} Thresh and zyra would be my favorites though. Zyra contributes so much damage and thresh is just so much fun to make plays with :)
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
{{champion:32}} gotta be my favorite champ in the game, and i dont even play him....
: It seems like you haven't try to search "poro ahri" on Google... Don't do it.
iWrek (NA)
: I know no one will see this. But I love each and every one of you. Have a wonderful and joyous life.
This guy, someone get him a {{item:2052}}
: Why lose so much lp with an afk?
Yeah I see your point but if riot were to make it so that you lost less lp for a loss if your team had an afk that would sort of incentivize players to leave early if it looked like you might lose.
: New skin idea- Soul Reaver Fiora
: Who was your first penta?
My first and only penta was with Fiora a couple months ago. killed four of them in bot lane then chased down {{champion:32}} into their base and barely got him as q cd came up I was severely fed though because their jungler just stayed top lane the whole game and both he and their top laner fed me kills until I was 10 and 1 by mid game.
: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:53}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:201}}
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: 2 Years and counting Riot.
I live in oregon and when my internet isnt crapping itself I get a steady ping of 17/18. And isnt the reason because riot is based in Seatle? Or thats what my friends here say....


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