: For the VFX, it was a constant challenge to not let her rocks cover up everything on the map, especially with her Q rings. Some of the earlier versions were patterned disks of stone set in the ground. You can imagine how quickly those would cover up everything everywhere! The E wasn't much easier. We needed large, clear landmines that didn't draw all your attention to them, but still let you know where to avoid.
Well Thats Rock Solid ,As well as ,Ground Breaking. I'm terribly sorry. Forgive me.
: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Ohhh Man She iss soo cool 10/10 Guys Good job in creating a Great champion. I know there will be people saying is is so OP but ya' know they will cry. But as for my Question. What was the Hardest/Biggest Challenge In Creating Taliyah? Also How did you decide on her final Outfit , It suits her perfectly?
: It's like when you ask the support to focus the closest enemy instead of diving the enemy ADc or to not stand at tower when you need lane pressure and they act as if you killed their family or something and flame you. Oh and yeah bot games : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=hman912 There are two sides man.
yeah i play with my little brother hes 11. i dont play anything but bots and aram with him. he doesnt like the rift
: Damn those bot games you play support in sure are intense.
LOL this guy ^
: It's a team effort. You both suck :) Real talk though. It's a double effort. Games that your ADc is braindead happen, but if you consistently lose your lane maybe it's not your ADc.
Team work wooohooo and all that bis. it just worries me that people would rather tear other people down instead of playing the game and having fun. its degraded to people Saying "kill yourself" or my fave so far "if i see you in real life , ill kill you beacause you dont deserve to live"{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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