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Jofeyy (NA)
: I'm pretty sure ascension is a perfect testing ground for the new assassins. Which is why they did that. At least I would if i was the brains behind the RGM queues.
rather play URF and messem up twice as hard
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Give us URF or we RIOT!!!!! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} or you know you could always give us it permanently C:
: LoL-Themed Game Show: Looking for Contestants!
Cool stream have been here a few days now. Haven't won but seems legit and would like to win in the future. !rigme win Kappa
: I heard if you play with a party, win, and win fast; your chances of getting a key increase. Even if that is true the chances go from zero to 0.000001 percent because I won a ranked game in a party in under 20 minutes and no one got a key. They trolled us good with the hex tech system
Indeed, i've won quite a few games I dont play 24/7 but havent gotten a keyshard in about 2-3 weeks (give or take) this system seems quite unfair not to mention you need 3 shards before you can actually get a key, dont understand why they dont just drop full keys much like chests.
: I haven't gotten a key in like 100 or so wins, maybe even more. It seems like they almost never drop at all anymore. There's no way it should be that low.
Agreed i'm wondering if they're eventually gonna be extinct tbh.{{item:3070}}
RiotBok (NA)
: Key fragments aren't guaranteed after an S ranking. You have a chance to get a key fragment after every win regardless of your score or your teammates scores. As mentioned before, the drop rate isn't linear. As Wingfield commented in the linked thread, you can think of it like a leveling system. Earlier key fragments take less "XP" to earn than later keys. Hope this helps explain things :D
So it is true that drop rates on keys lessens as you aquire more? If so why should keys be at a constant downward rate and also will they eventually just be pretty close to extinct?
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: Alot of people have got there champs/skins... be patient ffs.
Just wondering has anyone got their champ/skin yet or is it like a really slow process???
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: Champion Insights: Tahm Kench, the River King
Tahm Kench = Fed {{champion:105}}
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays Spotlight: Akali’s reset party
{{champion:53}} Lent a Helping Hand
: All-Star U.R.F. Results – Pick 10 Revealed!


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