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: 2 damage items?? nah... i got 100-0ed by a darius that i actually beat in lane, but he got 3 mr items (i was playing ekko) and no damage at all. but yet the second he got 5 stacks of his passive on me he just ulted and byebye me :3
you got 100-0ed by a darius...hmmm. He obviously didn't burst you because you let him get 5 fricking stacks as ekko. If you just stand there letting darius hit you that many times you deserve to die. Ekko seriously has so many ways to disengage a Darius especially if he's winning like what
: Yeaaaaaah.... no. If people were to shift all the blame onto Riot, then what would stop half of the player base from simply not owning support champions and saying "Sorry, don't have any supports or rune pages. Can't play support." That's just a bit too close to being a cop-out answer for any player who gets autofilled to a role they don't want to play. Sooner or later, everyone is going to be autofilled into a role that they don't necessarily want. It's just a part of playing ranked, and it's not the end of the world. All they have to do is suck it up, play the match to the best of their ability - play safe if you aren't comfortable in the role, and let yourself be carried by a teammate who IS comfortable in their role, and then move on to the next match. Sheesh! I'm a support main, and even I get autofilled to roles other than support. As far as Riot not giving players the necessities to play all roles... playing ranked is not a necessity of the game. It's a privilege. Riot already restricts it by making sure that players are at least level 30, and that they own a certain number of champions, to try and make sure that they have the basic game knowledge before turning them loose on their MMR. It's the player's own lack of foresight if they are not prepared with a suitable champion or rune page for each potential role they could encounter. Back to the OP - I suspect one of the main reasons it hasn't been put in place is because of how many different ways it could be abused. The topic has come up many, many times here on the boards, and players are justifiably frustrated by the seeming lack of punishment for trolls. Since the IFS was instituted, Riot has steadily been working on ways to tailor that system to better detect trolling and intentional feeding. It is a bit more difficult than some of the other types of ToS violations though. Is Player X intentionally feeding or just having a bad game? That question can sometimes be difficult to answer, so much thought has been going into how the system would review those reports, in effort to prevent innocent players from being punished by mistake. In cases like yours, with a champion select troll, who is simply wasting everyone's time because they do not like their role, people seem to be on the fence about whether reporting someone in champ select would be a good thing or not. Especially in flex-queue, when/if groups of 4 are allowed (not sure if they are back up and running now or not, since I don't play flex), it could just as easily be abused to try and force the fifth player to role-swap. And if the player refuses to swap, boot them. Then they get a 5 minute delay, and the group gets to move on to the next victim. I dislike dealing with the champ select trolls just as much as you do, but I am not sure that this is the best way to solve the problem. We may need to trust in Riot to keep brainstorming on this one until something can be found that won't have quite such an easy way to be manipulated.
Yes this would probably be a problem with premades, so maybe a champion select report or kick system should only be implemented in solo queue or something. Or have the reports be worth less if it is made by premades. This has been a problem for many seasons, but it is most rampant this season due to autofill. Back when it was pick order, I remember some people using this strategy and trolling in champion select in order to force others to dodge. Innocent people are being punished while trolls are being rewarded and that is messed up. I would trust Riot, but this has been going on for far too long and there has not even been an attempt to fix it.
: Definitely, it's far from okay to troll. That being said, you can't reasonably expect everyone to have the time to get a reasonable champ pool and fill a rune page without spending money, and if you spend money people tell you you're doing it wrong.
Yes, it is hard to learn new roles and we should do something so that IP or runes are more accessible. However, I am okay if someone valiantly tries and fails at a new role. I am okay if they get autofilled and play poorly. What sets me off is when somebody refuses to even try a new role and tries to avoid this by trolling in champion select in order to try and force another innocent person to dodge.
: I mean, seeing as how buying champs iwth IP seems to be stigmatized in my experience, it takes a lot of time to work to buy new champs, and runes cost rp, that's a good few years before someone's allowed to play ranked. Not fun for anyone.
Yes, it is tough to be competent with a few champions in every role. However, this does not mean it is okay to troll just because you did not get your main role.
h5LYF41Lam (EUNE)
: even in terms of balance riot has done all they could to drive players away from the support role,the most popular and highest winrate supports are shieldbots who most people find unfun to play with and against. All in all its not the league of legends community that is bad its how bad riot has been handling the game. Paladins had it right for ranked reach mastery x in a y amount of champions to play ranked. and make runes/cards affordable.
Yes, but some people are legit one tricks. It's okay if you can play all roles EXCEPT for one, but if you are a one-trick who trolls just because you do not get your role, that is unacceptable. For example, this Kalista did not get autofilled support or anything like that. He just got put mid, but he is a jungle one-trick who trolled because he could not get jungle. We should be able to punish these type of people in champion select
h5LYF41Lam (EUNE)
: This is not the player's fault,its riot's fault,they allow level 30 players o join ranked without even having 1 support or a complete runepage. I have been there and i have done that,if i get autofilled i just tell my team hey guys i have 18 champions and 1 runepage for adcs i can not play support. Do not blame the players,blame riot for not giving them the necessities to play all roles in ranked.
It is both the riot's and the player's, but mostly the player's. I disagree about how the players should be blameless. They have a clear choice to make: should I actually learn a new role, or should I troll. If they choose to troll, the blame falls upon them. This game I just played was in high plat, the troll had enough champions and runepages, but just felt entitled to jungle. If you decide to troll just because you did not get your main role, you should be punished plain and simple. This may be different for lower level people who just do not have the resources or the chance to learn new roles, but it is inexcusable later on.
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: Remember that the remake and replay architecture takes 3 or 4 years. and the remake is very bad maybe in some years.
True, but in the case of an AFK in previous years, people who AFK or disconnect often still get punished. However, people like the Yi I played with do not because they only say stuff in champ select and post game and because there is no report option for "stealing a role." Maybe refusal to communicate with the team. But I did a quick skim through his past 30 or so matches and he had smite every game and in 4 of those games, another one of his teammates was jungle as well, which means he stole their role. That means in the other 26 or so cases he either got jungle, got another role but forced his jungler to switch with him, or he instalocked jungle so there were two junglers in champ select, which provoked one of his poor teammates to dodge and lose LP and time because he is being an asshole. The fact that he is doing this without getting punished in some sort of way just appalls me as I have never seen anybody do that in champ select consistently.
: that's true, and i know that is very easy to implement but riot don't listen her players.
Well, I mean sometimes they do I guess. It was worth a shot
: yes but too many people cant see a garen mid, Ahri jungle, Jhin Support (as example) whitout think that is a troll that only want the chaos and destruction of her own team, but you had your point, the rol stealing not are rares and this should be punished, but automatic detect this is hard because some players are agree to echange rols. the problem of make reports always enabled is that this cause a lot of baseless reports (That would make difficult to find a guilty), and make it automatic make hard to detect some infraction but toxic is the only one that can be easy for riot to implement. Unfortunately riot does not hear a comment unless it has many views. {{item:3151}}
Yeah so I'm saying for the report system it'll be just like regular reports. You may need chat logs and stuff from champ select to back it up. Also, some cases aren't too hard to detect. For example, the Master yi i was talking about has only played jungle in his past 20 games or so, which seems pretty fishy. Also there were multiple instances where his team had two junglers which meant that he stole somebody's role. So if there are repeat offenders like this, it should not be too hard to detect.
: agree, but sometimes someone want to go antimeta, and this would make him become over kicked or reported and dont would let him play as him want, and this is not a problem if he know what are doing, not like a temmo jungler whit tiamat that end 0/16 and this is hard to predict in champion selection. but a toxic player should be easy to detect, and this should be trigger a kick out vote event for the other 4 members in the case that only one be toxic.
That is a good point, so I don't know exactly how a kick system would work, but with the report system, the reports would work just like any other report. A champion select report would need proof in order to punish the person, and going off meta is not a punishable offense. However, if you are intentionally trying to steal someone else's roll, or just being super toxic, that is.
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: The 7 dmg on Draven early is huge. 10 AD is even larger. While 10 AD might not seem a lot lategame, it will hurt a lot more early game than you think. It only evens out at lvl 13-14 ish. For the first 3 lvls, when you're doing the cheese, he will lose out a lot more dmg than you think. Alot of the early trades end up with the opponent flashing out, and the bleed finishing them off + AAs with Noxian Might. I would prefer if they nerfed his 5 stack steroid and gave back power to the DoT itself. He should be a bully, and he's not doing that anymore, except against immobile nonflashy picks.
In my experience at least levels 1-4, if I even get to 5 stacks on them they either burn sums or are dead with plenty to spare. The extra 10 rarely makes it or breaks it until I hit 6 or unless they are innately very tanky like say malph naut or poppy
: Also as a M7 darius main (this is a smurf) I wholeheartedly disagree. I'd rather the Q nerf than the passive nerf.
Well the passive nerf is definitely a bigger nerf, but I am alright with it because 30 bonus AD level 1-3 is still really high. I just don't know why they gotta nerf Q with that because he is already punished enough for missing it. Just kinda overkill if you ask me
: boi all the rivens i play against use that third q to escape after the combo that ends with tld proc and w stun which leads to her escaping with both 3rd q and e i hate facing a good riven which is why i recently start maining her. honorable mention... fuk camille.
I have the hardest time vs illaoi haha
DatTwo2 (NA)
: I feel like they should have the weak hit of his Q the same damage it is now and revert the change, but I'd rather have them slightly reduce the blade width on the inside of the circle. I play a decent bit of Darius and sometimes I feel like I'm hitting it just _SLIGHTLY_ too easily. I feel like people should be rewarded for outplaying his Q by dashing in the center at the right time, and sometimes it's shaky if they actually get the outplay and are very, very slightly too far away from the center. This is just my two cents though. This would mostly just be adding counterplay while keeping his _OVERALL_ damage, although I do believe Darius is in a fairly healthy spot at the moment.
That would definitely help top laners with a non point and click dash against him such as fiora or riven. But both of them counter him pretty hard already so I don't really know who else that would really help as people like poppy jayce maokai dash straight on top of him
Kilanost (NA)
: To be perfectly honest, Darius is so strong even early that I just don't want to gank him as he stands unless I'm playing zac and I have passive.
Well, I main jungle and top. Recently I have actually been putting jungle as primary because it makes such a huge impact and I see Darius top as a free meal. He is pretty safe to gank 1-6 and even after if you are smart. It is only scary when you gank a 5-0 darius because at that point, he can probably 2v1. The problem is many people don't know how to gank darius for some reason. When I am pushed up, the enemy top laner often goes in on me like 5 seconds before his jungler trying to bait me or something. As a result, I already have 4 or 5 stacks on the dude before his jungler comes to the rescue and by that time, I have a much higher chance of killing both because I managed to trigger Noxian Might
: ***
The problem isn't Darius though, its the 4-5 man bot lane meta. Junglers are so focused botlane that they neglect top lane. One of Darius's biggest weaknesses are ganks, but if the enemy jungler isn't going to gank a Darius, of course he'll thrive.
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: He's recent strength is primarily due to meta-shifts (i.e. Maokai, Poppy and Nautilus gaining popularity in top-lane). His strengths, weaknesses and counters are unchanged from a month ago when he was considered weak (due to the prevalence of Kennen and Jayce top).
He was definitely not weak a month ago. Not as strong sure, but still high ban rate/play rate and relatively good win rate. Was also doing very well with him last month personally.
: Thanks for this, I honestly had a lot of trouble with {{champion:122}} and he is one of the champions that I had no idea how to fight or build against. Even using this I still think he is op but these are some good tips to know for when I do end up against him top lane. Usually if I'm top lane and some one picks Darius then I just pick a ranged champion just so I don't have to get close to him and can farm from a distance, though I personally don't like to play ranged top laners. So If you are against a Darius, would you just build your normal build? I've had friends tell me when I'm playing a fighter/tank into Darius that I should just build tank against him since I can't out-damage him anyways which I always thought that was a bad idea since Darius doesn't care about Armor since he has build in armor pen and his ult is true damage. I guess you could always build {{item:3748}} since that is a tank item that Darius doesn't ignore since it offers HP. So I guess if I were to play {{champion:58}}, you would suggest to not really try to fight him but farm and stack up my fury on minions and wait for him to pull me in and then Auto>Stun>Auto>Q and then Dash away and wait for that opening to happen again. I guess Renekton could still be one of the few people to still dash on to Darius since he can use 2 Dashes but you don't get a lot of time to use that second dash and if Darius times his pull when you try to dash out then that would be either a kill or a flash from Renekton.
Ah sorry for the late response went to bed. Well really depends how you are doing in lane and who you are playing. If you are playing a tank just go your normal build, if you are playing kennen or jayce still build dmg. If you are playing someone like renekton (I'm no renekton main) try to build some damage first unless you are losing terribly, because if you go full tank, he will easily get 5 stacks off of you while staying healthy. And as for playing as renekton v darius I suggest you either let him pull you, unleash your combo and dash away, or to dash into darius with a full fury bar w, q dash away. I have actually had a lot of trouble against this. The empowered stun usually makes it so I do not have time to e the renekton back in. Just dash in auto w reset q and get out. Don't get greedy for that extra AA or two because that might give me the chance to pull you back in.
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: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish, you are the Schmidt to my Jenko
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: Darius too strong?
Coming from a Darius main I couldn't agree more. Also he's a free meal for enemy junglers early game, especially if the enemy top has some sort of cc.
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: When people call Nasus "Susan"
Everybody gon die... startin with zed
: Ranked Lobby Bug
Same thing happened to me except it said that someone else had left the lobby and instead I got deducted 3 lp and got a waiting time. I still had like 16 seconds to choose my champ
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: What is Riot's answer to the declining league community?
Honestly I agreed with everything you said up until you started complaining about adc nerfs and mage buffs. After that it just started to sound like "I'm an adc main and I don't like these nerfs." Well they were well needed when just like two months ago adcs were some of the best performing champions bot lane, top lane, jungle, and some like corki or Quinn were also played mid. They were just overwhelming. And I don't recall any assassin buffs recently so remind me if I'm wrong and most mages that were buffed still aren't that strong at the moment so I really don't know why you are complaining about their changes.
: When the servers go down in the middle of your game
Poor bob. This paperwork is like Bob's wife here. It's thick, ugly, and has Danson's fingerprints all over it. No offense, Bob.
: That is true. I agree 100%. Zed's only job is to kill the carry. But lets say in a team fight. Where all the ADC is in the back line. Everyone in front of the ADC is supposed to peel for him. Let's say they don't do their jobs. And then the ADC is punished for a team game. And no matter how much the ADC peels, she can't stop the zed from one shooting her. Everyone on the team has some sort of defense to protect themselves from Zed. But what about the ADC????? The only defense that the ADC has is their team. And you know damn well if you're not in a dynamic que you can't expect your team mates to help you. There is basically no counter for an ADC against a Zed in general. You can say you can build a GA bUT the problem with GA is that it can only be used within 4mins or so. So it's a useless item against zed where his ult is a almost 60second cooldown. And not to mention most ADCs want to build full damage otherwise they don't really do that much damage. And that's true a Talon can one shot as well. But there is a counter to him and that's a pink ward. You can stop a talon before he even tries to do anything. Now you're not wrong. An assassin's job is to 100-0 a carry. But how can a carry fight back if he gets one shot by zed? Look at the other assassin's. Mage assassin's are stopped by Hextexh, or QSS, the AD Pink wards, Stereks gage, and QSS. Only champion you can't realy stop is Zed. Not much of a defensive option for an ADC anymore.
In my opinion a carry unless the assassin is super underfarmed or just gets outplayed hard should NOT be able to fight back. An ad carry's job is to do sustained dmg to a whole team. It is the job of the team to protect the carry and the job of the carry to stay with the team. Now if an ad carry does get caught ALONE by a moderately fed assassin whose job is to kill the carry, the carry deserves to die unless the carry outplays the assassin hard. In this case, vayne mistimes her flash, doesn't even ult and e's me after I unload my combo including an AA. She deserved to die simple as that.
: To be fair any adc regardless of whether Zed is fed or not will complain about Zed. Mostly because ZED LITTERLY DESTROYS ADC's, ALL OF THEM ARE SQUISHY, Since the removable Zed's Ult on QSS it's almost impossible for any ADC to really win against him. The combination of Zed is super easy to use, so I understand why people complain especially ADC's. Mages of Jg/Mid have Hourglass, Jg/Top/some supports are too tanky to be one shotted by a full combo, and you wouldn't normally ult a Support anyways. ADC's have no defense against someone like Zed. I've had games where a Zed was 0/4 and I'm 10/0 but after a couple of items later he can one shot me with a full combo. It's legit broken. But of course Irelia is broken as well. One item, then the rest is tanky, of course people will complain about it eventually, but it's just that nobody really plays Irelia and a lot of people play Zed because they think they're faker.
Well that is Zed's job. Unlike an adc, he's not supposed to be the one doing all the damage. He's supposed to assassinate the adc then get out. Sure a 0-4 Zed who has decent farm can assassinate an adc 1v1. Not only is Zed made for doing that, but he managed to catch the adc out at a good time. Unless it is later, no way can a 0-4 Zed with one item or maybe even 2 assassinate an adc that is not alone unless the adc is with like a brand who cant land any of his skills. Zed should get rewarded for catching the adc out especially if he burns his ignite and duskblade. A 0-4 talon can also 100-0 an adc with ignite and duskblade.
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Ghxztt (NA)
: It's sad to have to have players like these. Nothing you can really do to stop it.
Yeah man, I just hope that if they keep acting that way one day they'll be banned or just lose enough elo so I'll never have to see them again
: Why would I play Jax when Irelia is better right now in every way
Irelia is pretty strong rn but Jax can outduel her still I believe. And he takes towers FAR FAR FAR faster. So better splitpushing. check.
Calabok (NA)
: You should have banned zed
Mistakes were made. But honestly the guy woulda probably then flamed me and trolled because I didn't ban fizz
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: When someone calls you and your buddy "feeding trash".
: Why not balance Zed by making his shadows' abilities do 50% damage?
Yeah I get it he's probably one of the most annoying champs to play against. I personally don't think he's really all that op and winrates show that too. Do this, and he's gutted. It should be fizz your worried about
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: When your team wins the game due to your glorious sacrifice
I actually low key cried when I watched this part of the movie when I was seven years old
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