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: how to hit a 7 sphere ult as syndra?
So you're essentially doing it right. but there is neat little trick. Place a Q, then another Q, then wait like half a second and pick up your first Q, place another Q, throw the Q you picked up, press R, **and place an additional Q while your ultimate is firing the spheres**. The ultimate picks up any spheres that are placed while being casted. There you go - a 7 sphere ult!
Jøkèr (NA)
: I can't wait for the Syndra rework in the future.
As much as I enjoy current Syndra, a rework would look fucking UNBELIEVABLY good on her. so much potential; instead we just get a sorceress in dark leather bondage gear.
: > [{quoted}](name=honey love,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dxEWEAEX,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-07-14T14:27:05.759+0000) > > he’s actually in a decent spot atm. He has a 0.7% play rate and a 48% win rate lol. That is one of the worst spots a champion has ever been in.
I mean when you see a champion like Syndra, yeah. He’s a victim of the meta. Not a bad champion.
Zedex (NA)
: Really, how opinions change. The reason he "left" was because everyone blamed him for the problems the game has. Players of this game need to realize that they're the problem, not the designers.
You’re speaking for a select group of hateful players and neglecting the side that supported him. Morello wasn’t perfect, but his method of balance had more thought proccess behind it than just “add more damage, yahhh!!”
: Velkoz Buff Doesn't Address the Core Issues
Shut up and just enjoy more damage!!! -Riot We really don't need it tho... but we could definitely use some-- -actual vel'koz players we said... shut up... and take your free damage... -riot
: I can even tell you where this stems from, having been around to see its' rise. The expanding scope of the AD stat. Seriously. AD use to do what it stands for, increase your "attack damage". Where as now, and around S3 if i remember correctly, they started to recklessly expand the role of AD to include ability power. And I'm not talking about AP, i'm talking about AD increasing the power of champion's abilities as their primary source of scaling damage. (Which a lot of people seem to avoid cognitive association between the two concepts by calling AD scaling abilities "skills"... idk) The fact of the matter is that with the introduction of a lot of the AD assassins, "skirmishers", and AD mages, they've created an arms race between the classes which utilize the stats involved. AD abilities(assassins) > AD auto attacks(marksmen) > Defensive Stats(tanks) > AD abilities The problem is that while each of these categories have classes which blatantly fall into them but also have an increasing number of champions which fall in between, the amount of middle ground between them, while only behaving based on the interaction between two stats, creates a constant circle of motion. AD skirmishers, AD divers, and AD juggernauts all end up acting as middle grounds between these categories. But remember, 3 categories 2 stats. Basically what ends up happening is that every time you try to buff a class to make them no longer irrelevant, the result is that another class who's already middle of the road, gets buffed to be OP, which pushes another class to irrelevancy. This continues in a circular motion, creating an arms race between the AD classes. "What about AP though?"... well based on other very popular threads on the forums, which even got a complaint thread about how often people made these threads. AP isn't exactly an equivalent stat to AD anymore, with AD benefiting from CDR, atk spd, crit, lifesteal, armor pen, & lethality as secondary multiplier stats. While AP is limited to CDR and {{item:3089}} (< WHICH IS A FUCKING ITEM NOT A STAT). Mana doesn't behave as a multiplier secondary stat, rather a limiter secondary stat, and they got spell vamp stripped away from them, and compensated with raw health, which doesn't in any way act multiplicative with their primary stats like lifesteal (or arguably CDR & atk spd when you factor in kiting) does for AD. Also because of the nature of CDR, it use to be very inefficient on AD champions, but with AD casters the stat was no longer uniquely an AP multiplicative secondary stat.
This thread isn't really meant to be about AD vs AP, but since I **COMPLETELY** agree with you, I'll comment a bit on it. So yes. Back in the earlier seasons of League, it wasn't a strange thing to see 800-1000 AP on any mage. You didn't have to be Veigar to reach the four-digit mark... but AP has consistently been shaved off of AP items. Even the relatively recent AP itemization overhaul (which btw, was a failure) shaved off even more AP. Mages aren't in a terrible spot, or at least the ones with mobility aren't, but they prevent the little poster-boy assassins from doing their job, so they have to be neutered. Again - this caters to the little boy that loves his flashy plays. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Its not a crisis to riot tho. They change the game to what it is now to what, to appeal to the current player base majority. They are probably still making a crap ton of money so in their eyes there is no problem. They still have a mass amount of players playing the game and buying stuff. As much as the VETS are hurting riot has almost no incentive to change the game towards what you describe. It sucks, but it seems like riots made up their minds.
Yes, that's entirely the problem though. They're milking out the game to a non-sustainable player base. These 13 year olds won't be staying here long once another flashy game makes its way into the scene. And when that happens, the veterans will have already moved on from a game they were once familiar with.
: > just whining from players who fed, or underestimated a fed carry, and got rekt At any rate there is nothing to tell them apart. If they had good arguments they are doing a damn good job at hiding them.
On the contrary, I had just had a _really_ good Zoe game before I wrote this post. What is Zoe? A fucking bursting ball of cancer. So I had a really good game, and I wrote this post. Your logic kind of puzzles me when you speak for a huge community with such an accusatory stance... ://
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Damage creep? More like "Balance team" . If damage creep would be all there is, you could do something about it. But the balance team refuses to nerf things. They just further buff the things that are weaker and they do it every patch which results in an endless cycle of the same shit. Just look at the recent pbe buffs: > Cassiopiea Noxious Blast (Q) AP ratio increased from 70% to 80% Total damage increased from 75/120/165/210/255 to 75/125/175/225/275 > Corki Gattling Gun (E) total damage changed from 80/140/200/260/320 to 120/160/220/260/320 total resistance reduction increased from 4/8/12/16/20 to 8/11/14/17/20 > Pantheon Aegis of Zeonia (W) damage increased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 60/85/110/135/160 > Rek'Sai Queen's Wrath (Unburrowed Q) AD ratio increased from 40% to 50% Prey Seeker (Burrowed Q) AD ratio increased from 40% to 50% Void Rush (R) AD ratio increased from 185% to 200% > Sion Decimating Smash (Q) Minimum damage increased from 30/48/65/83/100 to 30/50/70/90/110 Maximum damage increased from 90/143/195/248/300 to 90/150/210/270/330 > Sivir Boomerang Blade (Q) cooldown lowered from 9 at all ranks to 7 at all ranks > Vayne Silver Bolts (W) bonus true damage increased from [4/6/8/10/12% of target's max health] to [4/6.5/9/11.5/14% of targets max health] > Vel'Koz Plasma Fission (Q) AP ratio increased from 60% to 80% > Liandry's Torment Unique Passive - Torment bonus magic damage increased from [1% enemy max health] to [1.5% enemy max health] [burn damage still 2% enemy max health, tooltip updated to note this] Does that look like they want to reduce dmg in the game? Instead of buffing underperforming champs why not just nerf the overperforming ones? The only dmg nerf there was this: > Sejuani Permafrost (E) Active damage lowered from 30/45/60/75/90 to 20/35/50/65/80
Yes, exactly. Damage creep. Oh a champion isn't performing well? Buff their damage! We don't need skill expression when everyone can just blow each other up!
: I believe the damage was increased over time to promote more aggressive plays. This allows for faster games instead of games that drag on over an hour, since at that time everyone was complaining about how long the game was. Can't make everyone happy. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I don't really remember people complaining about how long games were. I mean you have the Dota2 crowd - THOSE were LONG ASS GAMES. I always considered League pretty game, even when a 30-40 minutes game was normal. Btw, I mean hour+ long dota2 games were normal. That, imo, is excessive.
: > League attracted so many people because the expression of skill was potentially limitless. Idk, me and my friends came over bc Sc2 died out for the most part. We also used to laugh and call it a brain dead monkey game. Turns out there is a high skill cap, but def not why we started playing. I don't think I really know anyone who came to League for the limitless skill potential.
Yes, I definitely see your point. I didn't come to League to display "skill expression" either, but I certainly stayed for it. Now I kinda of stick around, repeatedly falling into a cycle of "I'll play just one more game, maybe this one will be different" but it's just not the experience I used to achieve from the game. I would rather put time into playing Fortnite or Overwatch if I want split-second reactionary gameplay. :(
Drusus (NA)
: I think the new runes cause plenty of issues than just DPS. Like, in my honest opinion, they really aren't that flexible. Like with runes there was always like two optimal pages for each champion, along with a few pages that were meant for some sillier builds. With Masteries functioning in a similar way, couple optimal pages, plenty of room for sillier builds. This likely won't be the one to break riot's back, but its going to be felt throughout the later seasons until its hopefully smoothed out. If its not smoothed out, well ya know what will happen.
You are most certainly right. Runes Reforged piled in a lot of damage without really implementing inherent defensive measures to compensate. The old runes usually promoted an equilibrium. Yes- most champions opted into damage runes, but they were idiots if they didn't at least use some HP scaling runes or Armor runes. The new runes also act as crutch for skill expression. It allows you to excel at whatever playstyle your champion requires without much thought process. The runes failed in their goals and lack diversity because they just let champions do what they already do better. It's a failure of a system, but they're not reverting it.
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: Kind of, but not really: Late game champions were viable. Early game champions were shit. Nearly anyone that was remotely tanky went full tank and did hardly any damage. Everything was centered around keeping Vayne/Jinx/Tristana alive. At least, that's the season 5 tank meta that everyone "loves" so much.
Protect the ADC was significantly worse in season 6 and 7. Season 2 and Season 5 were League's greatest periods balance wise. Season 3 wasn't too bad, but the rest are essentially garbage. Season 6 resulted in the overly dominant rise of ADC's and supports, which carried in through season 7... Season 2 > Season 5 > Season 3 > The rest
: Wanna join me in Battlerite? Thats what i've been on since i quit 2 or 3 days ago. The only reason i still played this shit is becasue it was the only game my pc could handle but now i have a new one B) I like tear mages a lot, but at the current speed of the game, i can never get my scale going. Also, im done playing against the same shit. No originality whatsoever. Im done with these edgy bois {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:157}} EDIT: Well never fucking mind because the pc just shut down and is having technicall isues. Back to the shitty laptop i go :^)
Battlerite is actually pretty damn good. It does get stale pretty quickly, but I've heard they're working on some new exciting stuff to make it less repetitive.
: Alright, lets entertain this: Suppose Riot DID "tone down damage", seeing how OP is a Riven/Jayce main, what would this mean for him? **A NET NERF.** Toning down damage on a large scale does nothing but buff supports and tanks, and further nerfing tank stats so you don't do that makes everything a net neutral, anyway.
I understand what you mean, since many champions are BUILT on their damage. I guess what I really want is a revert to the tank meta, but of course with some changes. There were so many viable champions in the tank meta and everyone seemed to have a good niche...
Jackom1 (EUW)
: "We think the Nexus has a bit too much health, to the point where it drags some games too long, going as far as exposing the losing team to the risk of a comeback. So we're reducing its health by 50% and have it recieve more damage the more enemy champions are attacking it at the same time, to reward teamwork." _all about the views_ - health reduced by 50% _everyday we stray further from god_ - if the nexus is being attacked by 2 or more champions, it'll suffer up to 20-100% bonus damage, depending on how many champions or attacking it. _small indie company_ - fixed a bug that prevented the nexus from being attacked whenever at least one inhibitor was up. That was never intended: you take down the last two towers, you win. End of story.
oh my god, the little comments that the rioters make are hilarious... "all about the views" "everyday we stray further from god"
: Makes a thread about damage being too high **Mains Riven and Jayce** Like...I can't...
What's the supposed to mean? Is he supposed to play champions without damage? Because I'm not sure why he would ruin his chances of winning just to make a statement. Damage is too high, and that's the truth. They have continuously loaded damage into the game. Runes Reforged was the cherry on top.
: A Trend among the Support emotes
As the carry you are trying so hard to protect goes in on a suicide mission, you must watch as everything around you falls apart. The life of a support main.
: Are we gonna get vs events for other rivals?
{{champion:134}} vs {{champion:43}} I want it so badly. A war for the future of Ionia. Syndra would support mobilizing for war, Karma would support remaining peaceful.
: Why people are complaining now about Electrocute?
In my opinion, the combination of Ignite and Electrocute is what really disturbs me. The ignite buff was unwarranted. Combine Ignite and Electrocute, that's 1/3 of my health if not more. That's not terrible, obviously, but you have to consider that it's without even factoring in the champions' abilities. Electrocute + Ignite does too much damage. Unpopular Opinion: Runes Reforged adds too much damage entirely and the numbers need to be nerfed across the board.
: No one builds {{item:3030}} {{item:3907}} is utter garbage {{item:3285}} still feels clunky, especially on AP assassins ({{champion:55}})
I made Netherstride Shroud with Katarina in mind as well. And this iteration of Spellbinder is actually pretty decent. But you are SO right about {{item:3030}}... it's just such a linear niche...
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: I wish there was another AP Armor item, something with a purely anti Physical effect
Magus's Regalia: +80 Ability Power +250 Health +200 Mana +45 Armor UNIQUE - Equilibrium: 20% of physical damage you take from enemy champions is converted into grey health. 20% of magic damage you deal to enemy champions converts this grey health into actual health. Grey health rapidly decays upon exiting combat. Total Cost: 2950 Minimum Cost: 650 gold (after items below are built) Builds From: {{item:3191}} {{item:1026}} {{item:1028}}
Gabresol (EUW)
: They just added 2 runes that won't really be picked. Maybe a Morgana or Vladimir will take nimbus, but Hails of blades just seems useless as keystone
It’s great on {{champion:134}} . Use your ultimate on a squishy target and then have the movement speed to escape. Or the movement speed to follow up. CDR is a core stat on her, so the cooldown is lower. Also, she can cast her abilities while moving, so you won’t be locked in ability sequences and can enjoy the full duration.
: Don't change Celerity rework Absolute Focus
I take Absolute Focus on champions like Lux and Xerath. It’s not that bad...
: While I do expect this to be an overall nerf to mages, it's not necessarily a blanket nerf. Champions who start Dark Seal or Corrupting Potion are strictly buffed before first base, and it's possible some previous D-Ring users migrate to these items as well and are stronger early. After first base I agree it's definitely a nerf, but in my opinion this is necessary for competitive play, and Mages have some room (though not a ton) for nerfs in Solo Q. I do share your concern that mages may just default to Tear builds to continue having effectively infinite mana (Presence of Mind turns on too late and is too conditional to be a big concern here for me). Hopefully the tear nerfs are enough that most champions are significantly punished for doing so, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.
Okay so you introduce tear in the mage item update, which grants a significantly higher amount of mana. A few patches later you decide to not only nerf the sustain tear provides (which by the way, is one of the only ways mages can stay relevant throughout team fights), but also to just carpet bomb the class as a whole? I hate to tell you, but not all mages are the same binary copy of _shove wave shove wave shove wave_. They have individual playstyles. Some require more mana, and admittedly, some require less than what they are provided with. Yet treating them all the same and completely skewering their mana is just going to end poorly. If these changes go through, people aren't going to rely on tear because it's _"broken"_. They'll essentially be forced to purchase it because otherwise they won't have the mana to cast spells throughout prolonged fights. The ADC can continue to mindlessly right click, but after a few rotations, the mage is just going to have to go back to base. That's the only reason why tear will be the top purchase in this next patch... but yes, let's nerf that too. Then mages will have to just start purchasing AD items since their basic attacks won't cost mana. I'm ready to see full ADC teams at this rate. Might start maining Corki mid!
: Hey Riot, if you're doing changes to Lux, why not give her E the Gragas Q treatment?
I have a little over 100k mastery points on Lux, and honestly, I kind of agree with you. What I would like to see is a damage ramp and a radius ramp. The damage would start out at around 50% or so and would also start out a tad smaller, but it would grow in power and size. This would add a bit more skill expression into her kit and also help out with wave clearing since the minions will remain inside the area as it builds.
: [IDEA] Profile personalization, and other few tweaks to the profile page
The leveling system being a part of the lore universe is just a brilliant idea. It'd also be a cool way, albeit small one, to integrate the lore further into the client besides just little champion backgrounds. I also hate that you cannot set what you want your profile background to be, so the option to change it is great. Maybe the backgrounds can be awarded upon achieving rank 7 with a champion or something.
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As a Bard main, I support the direction this chain of comments took. ;~; <3
: At correct circumstances, it could actually be perfect trolling. "Oh, great, 7 minutes in and we already lost bot tower" **"Stay positive!"** "Please surr all three lanes lost" **"We can do this!"** "Plz Lux stop leaving us just to three-ward the river" **"I want to see everything"** "Lux ur support, why build Rabadon" **"Pushing my limits"** "Maybe If Lux actually hit one ult once..." **"Keep believing"** "Lux, MF why are you in that heavily unwrded part of jungle" **"Curiosity is going to kill one of us"** "Lux wtf is that build" **"A beacon in battle"** "Shaco plz uninstall ur noob" "I am not, just bad game, I deserve challenger" **"Never deny who you are"**
All right, I'll roleplay as Bard from now on. {{champion:29}} : "Could you stop going after the damn chimes?" {{champion:432}} : *Aggressive Musical Note* followed by an *ootay~*
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: Your two highest mastery point champions swap passives
{{champion:99}} and {{champion:134}} Syndra would be broken... And Lux, well I'm not sure. Depends on how her abilities would be changed. Though I'd imagine her ultimate would gain bonus range at max rank.... maybe even a global ult... hehehhee
: What CertainlyT Feared? (The Vision Paradox)
I kind of loved and hated this idea that someone had with a smite equivalent support summoner spell. So essentially, it'd be a vision summoner spell. Then the support items would enhance this summoner spell in certain ways, or shift it to server a different type of vision purpose. The same idea could be applied to this, but it wouldn't really solve the issue with supports being ward slaves. I still really enjoy the concept though! I did a mock-up because I'm bored and avoiding homework, Clairvoyance: Reveal a targeted area for 30 seconds (Not global) Cooldown: 90 seconds Nomad's Medallion Enhancement - Golden Dust: Becomes cone-shaped and is reduced to a 60 second cooldown; sends golden sand in a large cone ahead of you. Reveals all enemies, including stealthed champions, and increases the movement speed of allies caught in the cone. Frostfang Enhancement - Ice Wraith: Send out an ice wraith to your cursor's location. The ice wraith will remain in place and act as a ward for 30 seconds. If an enemy champion approaches it, it will follow them, revealing them and slowing them for four seconds. Targon's Brace - Protective Field: The revealed area leaves behind a field of mystical earth; allies that walk through it are applied with a shield that will charge to a maximum amount so long as they do not enter combat.
Kythers (NA)
: Sion ult {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
> [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BAKgJnEn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-26T23:45:47.961+0000) > > Sion ult > {{sticker:sg-jinx}} I imagine him, in a rare instance, charging into a group of like 4-5 low hp enemies, and they all die and just go flying in all separate directions. _Proceeds to use dance emote_
Ebolol (NA)
: AP Galio is Disgustingly Overtuned
While you're 100% correct that he is overtuned, I just feel the need to say it's extremely difficult to get to a 700 AP build. Maybe in season 5, but no. I typically hit 500 ap late, late game. but let's give assassins border-line 400 AD and still acquire 200 MR. :/ sorry im salty
wildfox99 (EUW)
: nope,there are always vs AP (HP) and vs AD (AR) runes
My typical mage runes are pen marks, scaling hp seals, CDR / Scaling CD glyphs, AP quints. I found this to be a lot more universally compatible with my lane, and then leaving up direct countering to my items. HP seals are just a lot more "catch-all" and thus let me be a little more free with what I do in game.
Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: Please Rework Soraka's Lore
I think she should be sort of remade as Aurelion Sol's _daughter_ or creation. They wouldn't have a father to daughter relationship of course, but as Aurelion Sol speaks of destruction and vengeance on those who would chain him, Soraka focuses on peace and preserving all of life. So this would create an estranged relationship between them. Aurelion Sol would be stronger than Soraka, but he would still never wish to kill his child. Think of their relationship like Raven and her father Trigon.
Kynin (NA)
: As a support main I enjoy playing Galio support and it is effective. {{champion:3}} {{item:3070}}
For a support main, I'm sure it is effective. Not for the Galio I was playing with. He wouldn't even build sightstone, and he rushed banshee's veil.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: I would simple go following advice to those who are auto-filled to support role: * Play best mid champion or adc you can play * Take relic shield so you can take last hits once a while and heal both you and bottom role, and give both gold. Relic shield is better than ap item, as it gives you more buffer poking needs, and gives lane more gold and better sustain. With pure AP item normal mid play lead to your death due lower gold amount. * Harass enemies by poking them without trying to kill them. When enemy is hit to low hit points, they have to play careful. * Upgrade relic shield to targon's embrace asap, and build sightstone, then go for your normal build. You sell targon's embrace at end game when you have money for better item and need the slot.
But they never listen... at least in my elo of Gold IV
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: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
I miss the old unholy grail . . . that shit was so good on literally all the mages I played. Now it serves such a small niche that it's hardly even an item. The only person I really pick it up on is Sona and Nami.
Âzir (OCE)
: the end result is we just cycle through a list of FotM ap mid laners who are the "least shit" with the items available to them (right now it's Syndra and Ori)
Yep! Exactly. If they would just buff AP itemization, then nerf the over tuned champions accordingly, they would see more diversity.
: Luden's costs more and is less stat efficient than Duskblade and Shiv, yet deals less damage
AP itemization is complete shit, and has been for a while now. They have consistently shaved off ability power from items without any sense of compensation in individual mage scaling, and actually ended up making mage itemization more linear than it previously has been. There's really only two optimal build paths for mages as a whole, even though Riot is praising the adherent diversity the mid-season mage update brought - which I'll just say is a load of bullshit. In previous seasons, you could expect to build up to 800 ability power on an average game, yet now I'm lucky if I hit 550. I'm not saying that the mage class is in a bad spot, but the itemization really pushes diversity out the window. I don't see it changing anytime soon though, because AD itemization has been and will always be more favored by the balance team. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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