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: > [{quoted}](name=send me yuri,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TkUpfVRx,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-27T15:24:40.036+0000) > > "People who have to get up early on Mondays are in the minority" is what you are saying, which is extremely incorrect. What about people with school? no, it's called be a little tired. People who can't afford to be a little extra tired one day a week are in the extreme minority. School is a joke and requires bare minimum to score in the B+/A- range. I didn't go to bed a minute earlier than 3am when I was in school so don't throw that at me. It's not a big deal. Grab a coffee and do your work. If anything highschoolers tend to stay up later than the majority of the population and since that age is riot's target demographic....makes sense to me.
You're getting awfully angry at a stranger over the internet over something that doesn't matter to you, so I'm ending it here. GLHF on the rift :)
: > [{quoted}](name=send me yuri,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TkUpfVRx,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-08-27T02:03:02.581+0000) > > Exactly what the other guy said. "nothing gets done on mondays anyway" is unfortunately not true Then that's unfortunate, just like people who are scheduled to work weekend nights you are out of luck. The jobs where you cannot stay up late one day a week are in the vast minority.
"People who have to get up early on Mondays are in the minority" is what you are saying, which is extremely incorrect. What about people with school? You're missing the point about this post, which was about having wider windows of lock in time, like tier 4 did. If tier 4 can finish before round 2 for tier 2 games can even start, people who work nights, have to get up early, etc. would be able to play. This is just feedback offering a suggestion and you aren't even reading it, just looking to shoot down ideas.
: Probably to allow people like me who work during the day on the weekends to have a chance to play.
I mean it makes sense, but then what about the people who have to get up early for work OR school? or the people who work evenings on weekend? or the people who work nights on weekends? See how you can't just say "well this one group of people needs to be catered to"
: IMO the time is OK for West coast on a Friday, cause you can Q up later as well, but I'd agree, there could be more slack on weekends. Plus, they got rid of Friday matches anyway.
Yeah, I'd understand Friday because then West coast has time to get home from work and play one. But that would be keeping in mind ONLY the Pacific coast. I thought they were having it on the weekend to avoid that kind of thing
: 1am isn't that bad imo for 1 day a week. Everyone is slow and nothing gets done on mondays anyway, go for it.
Exactly what the other guy said. "nothing gets done on mondays anyway" is unfortunately not true
xelaker (NA)
: Riot is on the west coast, I assume. But either way, Riot isn't the best decision makers as of late anyways...
While I know Riot is on the West coast it's still pretty bonkers for them to completely forget about everyone NOT living on the West coast. It's kinda like they didn't care at all for anyone not on the West Coast. Cuz even Mountain time would have games ending around midnight, especially if their tier 1. Just seems silly to have it on the weekend if not during the day, especially on a Sunday night.
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: Clash pick/ban phase lagging.
I've had a few issues including laggy champ select, it's bugsplatted twice during scout phase. I think it's just a lot more intensive than other things.
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: I played on PBE and Eternals in death recap are the most stupid thing I've ever seen
This was also my ONLY problem with it. The fact it blocks the ACTUAL game is what bugs me - like it is giving them a very slight advantage for paying money. I appreciate being able to mute it in chat but it's just annoying when I can't see the real game because I have to see how many binds this Lux has gotten.
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: LF Org Coach
Hi! I just sent you an add on League. I've been a part of a few teams, organized two, and only coached one, but it was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again! I'm more than okay working with another coach (discussion is important! :D) or even being assigned to one player and helping them improve. I'm only d4 but only focusing on my flex rank rn. I'm available all those days aside from some Tuesdays.
UF Llama (NA)
: Diamond 2 adc/top lft any rank :(
hey! are you looking for a flex team or like an organization team w/ tourneys?
JaoPao (NA)
: Hi, I'm a top laner, would love to queue w/ you guys: add JaoPao
Hey! I might be on later tonight, might have to wait until tmrw ;-; I'll add you tho!
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MrKurbanov (EUNE)
: How to make my own Club and play for RP?
Riot is no longer sponsoring tournaments (it got abused to hell) but you can check battlefy, they have tournaments for money. There are some leagues that require like $5 to get in and give out prize money at the end. There may be some local events near you, just check the board for it
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Seacat (NA)
: First Time LCS
How was it! I am going soon and I'm nervous lol
: Coaching eSports/League
It's HUGE but you can check this out: I used it when teaching my cousin. Of course, don't info dump it on them haha, there are a lot of components to league. If there are enough players you can have them 5v5 to avoid going vs smurfs.
: Now that you mention it, I do remember them sort of guiding you down the rows. I think generally, the earlier you are, the more likely you'll be in front. I've never seen or heard people steal seats. There are ushers and a lot of staff nearby and almost everyone is pretty friendly. The worst thing I've experienced is when people get annoyed by others cheering for ward kills haha.
(Late reply, my bad) but I'm really glad to hear that! I was a bit worried I'd have to find a jacket to leave behind that I didn't care if someone stole. I have heard a LOT about not cheering for wards kills though lol
Madjack01 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forehead Kisses,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=710iEEqv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-22T21:56:16.180+0000) > > Awesome, there's a few museums I wanted to go to in my free time. I'm pretty excited! My only concern is safety, especially as a girl alone lol Oha Santa Monica sounds like a dangerous place, with women fearing for their safety and all. I have two female friends who actually like to travel (internationally) alone because of the freedom of not having to look after anybody else. Their experiences have been great so far. And they are both very different characters too. One of them isn't social at all and even though a lone woman seems to be more approachable for people (mostly guys), she was left alone when she wanted to be. The other one meets people on a constant basis (though mostly guys again). For none of them was safety big of an issue. They both agreed though that they don't like to linger in certain places for too long when they didn't have a reason too. I myself like going to events like these by myself from time to time. Sometimes you can just enjoy stuff a lot better without any social entanglements which might distract you. Funny thing is, people tend to notice when you genuinely are having fun with something and like to approach you more ( and that's coming from a dude who's asocial as hell :p). Edit: you can always kick your bf's ass and make him come with you o7
After telling people I grew up in Chicago and hearing LA is 'better' in terms of uh that kinda stuff, I'm not TOO scared. I know to be cautious still though. I don't mind flying/staying at a hotel alone or even going to the museums alone but I'm a tad afraid of going out to places like the LCS, AKA social events, alone. I would be really happy to meet some people while there and make friends! Just not sure how to do that at LCS when I'm alone (my bf is super social and when we join calls or anything he usually does all the talking lol). This, however, is my first trip like going somewhere and not having someone to meet on the other side so I'm both excited and nervous. Thanks a lot for the input I feel a lot better about going!!! So long as I just forget about my nerves and focus on the moment, I'll enjoy it, I think. Which will eventually lead to people coming to me lol
: It's a bit outdated for me going back to MSI 2015 in Tallahassee, but I definitely speak for the people atmosphere of League venues being pretty chill and hype when it comes to the right timing. I remember feeling jittery at first; looking around the stadium a lot. By the end of like...the first game of Day 1 (which was the opening FNC vs TSM) I relaxed into the atmosphere and just got vocal. I sat behind a group of AHQ fans and joined in on a conversation of the day so far as an LMS fan at the time. I'm also pretty sure those fans got camera time on stream too during an AHQ game. I wimped out of that but I was happy anyway. As for just the fear: the way I overcame it was saying that those who come to any event are there for the experience whether it be in the form of supporting a player, team, or just the scene as a whole. I'm sure you'll enjoy it quite wonderfully.
I've read a lot of people traveling get super nervous but once they get there feel a LOT better. So I'm hoping for the same once I get to my hotel and eventually get to the stadium. I'm just really hoping to make some friends while there ^^
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forehead Kisses,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=710iEEqv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-22T21:56:16.180+0000) > > Awesome, there's a few museums I wanted to go to in my free time. I'm pretty excited! My only concern is safety, especially as a girl alone lol I have a friend who carries pepper spray with her, doing the same is always an option, tho if you wanna avoid something that drastic, just stay in very well lit and/or crowded public areas, and you'll be fine
I was afraid they wouldn't allow that on the plane (understandably), but I have heard of like emergency noise makers I thought about bringing. Though I don't really plan to be in places that are dark all alone haha. Either gonna uber everywhere or walk in the daytime. I'm very cautious since growing up in Chicago lmao
: At the Arena, they do have a snack bar, amusingly called “Noms,” where you can get nachos or a hot dog, kind of standard stadium fare. There is also a gift shop which should be open. The problem is, you can really only go there during intermission, and that’s when everyone goes, so it’s really crowded. But if you can survive the crowds it’s a good place to get a souvenir. I didn’t see anything there that you can’t get at the online store. Outside the arena, Los Angeles does have a wealth of places to eat and visit, but you really can’t get anywhere without a car. Even the street that Riot Games is on, is not very pedestrian friendly.
Oh awesome. I will probably eat before (i've been recomended a lot of good places near by!) but in case I want snacks :D I guess I wouldn't care much for stuff if I could just order it online (unless a friend really wants something from there specifically lol). Though I heard a few "vault" pieces are sold there. Not super huge on crowded stores though. Now that you mention it, I was debating walking or getting an uber. I should just google maps the way! At least I have time to figure it out haha
: hmmm, brothal could do the trick, mate.
I don't think my bf would approve lol but kudos for thinking outside the box!
: Hey there! I'm not on the esports team but I've been to a few matches. Seating is first come, first serve and after games, you can go up and high five the players as they get off stage. Usually after a game, the players will then wait outside for some photo opportunities. People have always been friendly in my experience. On a nearby street called Sawtelle, there is a lot of vibrant nightlife and Asian food (ramen bars, boba, Korean BBQ, etc.).
Ohh. I few people told me they kinda "assign" seats based on how u come in. So if I leave for the bathroom or something, my seat won't be stolen unless by mistake. But now that you mention K BBQ I've always wanted to try it!! Thanks, I'll totally look up that street.
JoeMG (NA)
: You should definitely take the time to walk from Santa Monica to Venice. It's a nice little stroll and you get to see both beaches/boardwalks.
I'll be sure to take the time to :D Santa Monica kinda reminds me of Navy Pier in Chicago. Not sure if it's super fun alone but it certainly is pretty. Hopefully the weather is warm around then too! Thank you for the input :)
: Watch the games online instead of paying to go see any events. The players don't have time nor want to talk to fans but instead if you donate to them on their streams.
That's fine if they don't want to meet me, that's not a part of their job I suppose. I'm going for the experience :)
: Santa Monica people are cool. I never went to see the LCS but there is a lot to do and see in the area. My cousin lives there and I've visited him there many times. There are a lot of college age kids running around with so many colleges nearby
Awesome, there's a few museums I wanted to go to in my free time. I'm pretty excited! My only concern is safety, especially as a girl alone lol
: Get Korean BBQ :) Also be careful walking on the sidewalks because you could accidentally step on a sleeping homeless person. When it gets dark it can be hard to tell sometimes...
I didn't even think of K BBQ! There's none of that by me, so I really wanna try it now! Thanks! Lol, I used to live in a big city so it's nothing new to me. I used to make sandwiches but this time around I'll probably just carry granola bars to hand out.
: There's beautiful beaches, excellent food, all sorts of amazing things to do. Hell, go to disneyland, but don't go watch people play a videogame....
Well I actually live right by disney world and tons of beautiful beaches AND used to live in a big city, so I've already done all sorts of things! So I think seeing my favorite players would be more exciting and cheaper than things like theme parks :)
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Julíen (NA)
: Proving Grounds League is Looking For Staff!
Can teams that are a mix of Gold/Plat join? They'd just be in the upper division right?
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