: And no, just because ADC is picked every game doesn't mean that the role is perfectly fine. There are a variety of reasons why ADCs are usually the only ones who can work in bot lane. 1. Melees can't work because most supports + most ADCs can freely harass them every time they go for CS. 2. Mages can sometimes work, but they aren't always the greatest because of the duo lane XP being lower than a solo lane and a possible lack of AD in the team comp. 3. ADCs, when a team is coordinated well and plays around them, can output more DPS than most mages can. The only issue is the "coordinated" part of the sentence. No one is coordinated in soloQ, therefore it feels ass to play.
You just proved a point, if ADC doesn't have enough coordination is soloq to be doing what they can, should the be buffed to compensate that? Of course not, if it's so ass then pick another role. If it isn't fun then don't play.
: I really like Aatrox and hate how all these deluded people just want him gutten and forgotten. He needs a minirework not a gutting like this but people see pro play and freak out even though he has a low pickrate in soloQ and an abhorrent top winrate.
How much of a valid argument do you think winrate really is? Everybody complains about champs like aatrox, irelia, and akali. Some of them have been nerfed already, but the winrate doesn't show how powerful the champion is. I played Viktor before he got found as a good top laner, the second he got nerf after nerf it was upsetting, but his winrate didn't show any form of being busted. If we went off of winrate, these would be the champs needed buffed. Irelia, Jax, and Urgot. Winrate is not a valid argument, seeing that the majority of players don't know how to consistently win, causing champions to look worse. If somebody plays aatrox their first week of playing league and ints on them with a 10% winrate, should aatrox be buffed?
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: search up some guides online. I learned how to play Kindred( i still suck, but not as much) that way. Champs I want to improve at but I'm good with: {{champion:51}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:145}} Champs I'm crap at and need lots of help: {{champion:83}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:40}}
{{champion:83}}. You generally want to play a more passive laning phase, trying to scale as much as possible. The "bugfix", kinda made it difficult for him to succeed. Your maiden targets them when they hit you, so never go under turret, they will get it on you fast. I would also recommend Grasp over Conq, not sure which one you take. I would say going {{item:3078}} into {{item:3053}} and then full tank. I generally can do well with that. The problem with Yorick, he can be bullied in lane very easily. He also is screwed over by good junglers, I wouldn't recommend playing him, and trying someone else. He can do good in lower elo, but the higher you get, the more impossible he feels to play.
: As a Diana player it makes me furious to see The Coven and the Eclipse.
The assumption is Diana is one of their rework projects that is coming in the near future, and giving the old Diana an event and then reworking her a few months later doesn't seem smart.
: If we can't cancel teleport...
For everyone looking at this, he isn't serious, he was mocking the teleport change. YOU HAVE TO COMMIT!!!!!!!! What's the point of flanking with it anyways then, if you are put in a good spot if your team is destroyed, and a bad spot if they are, it's a risky play now? Why can't we cancel anymore?? Punishing us with a cooldown is good enough in my opinion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pûffeez,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vep7msT9,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-11-21T12:45:58.850+0000) > > I disagree, I don't like Garen's ult at all, the true damage is too much, especially if you are the villain, plus it is coming from a champ with tank stats and bruiser damage, kind of hard to make the game fun with that, Cho I don't mind as much, and I don't see Darius pop off with his ult enough to say it is a major problem, but pyke with Dark Harvest and the Lethality change to his kit, yikes. It only deals true damage if it is against the villain it does magic damage otherwise but has a really ridiculous missing health scaling on it so if you don't have magic resist it might as well be true damage.
Garen isn't a problem for me, as long as I lane against it, usually laning against Garen for my teammates is impossible, and a 10-0 Garen running at me while im the villain is a fat L.
DearPear (EUW)
: Gonna drop the unpopular opinion, but if she's that freewin, care to explain this? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/485897458443092018/514288764244459550/unknown.png
Winrate means nothing my friend, if winrate shows how powerful champions are, then obvious overpowered champions call for buffs, why is that you ask? When something isn't really meta, the amount of players who play it drop, leaving only the people who are generally good at the champ to carry its winrate to positive. When you look at someone like Irelia, high pick and play rate in all elos, she will get played be straight up bad players, tanking her play rate. If you want to put winrate into the equation, you need to also include play rate, because bronze players with a 35% winrate, they are the reason meta champs winrates are down, they don't understand the game at all.
: I don't mind it when it is something like Garen or Cho's ult as much but when it is bs that can be spammed over and over and over again for big damage like Darius and Pyke ULTs or is just a basic ability or passive they have that deals crazy damage late game like Fiora and Vayne I don't want it in the game.
I disagree, I don't like Garen's ult at all, the true damage is too much, especially if you are the villain, plus it is coming from a champ with tank stats and bruiser damage, kind of hard to make the game fun with that, Cho I don't mind as much, and I don't see Darius pop off with his ult enough to say it is a major problem, but pyke with Dark Harvest and the Lethality change to his kit, yikes.
Reav3 (NA)
: Well Neeko is in the last patch of the year, and we still have another new Champion before K&M, so it is highly unlikely :)
If you are able to give clarity, would that new champion be related to the Chain teaser?
: Losing 11% attack speed from Inpiration + Precision hurts.
This is a good example of an unflexible meta, I play Kench too, not in the support role btw, but these new runes kind of lock in the meta, and make all other picks weak and kinda unviable, if a champ doesn't work perfectly well with a keystone, they aren't given a chance, the new flex option doesn't provide much, the health is basically nothing, the attack speed isn't worth anything, and if AD and AP is available in the first 2 slots, why can't attack speed be too? It's considered flex, not just offensive like AD and AP, some champions need that more than 10 extra AD.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sunibee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gPXiqPNQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-20T04:48:43.598+0000) > > Active items wont happen or rather are far less likely to happen. > They overwhelm players and data showed most people have a disdain for them or think the focus should be mostly on champion mechanics _"playing Zed/Yasuo/Akali is already mind boggling enough why make me juggle actives while im at it?"_. > Riot has talked about this multiple times before even giving us crazy stats to go along with it. Very few DFG users even remembered to use DFG before its removal and as a personal anecdote im personally REALLY bad with remembering to use Redemption before I die. > > Part of the charm of league is being simple and easy to get into. > Making a large pool of active effects is the opposite of that idea. > > I think rather that tossing some actives in you should make more passives that kinda have a short opportunity window like {{item:3508}} {{item:3050}} or {{item:3094}}. > These items make windows of play and can change your playstyle but they dont require extra clicky clickys to work which eases the brain. I agree with this. It's the main reason why I play League over Dota 2 even though I've played both a lot. I don't like having to manage active items on top of my normal abilities... although League is admittedly slowly starting to turn into that with certain builds requiring a lot of active items. (Ie: Predator + Youmoo's + sometime's an item like Hydra or BotRK) I make an exception for things like Zhonya's that are basically required in certain match-ups. Heck, if I had been a game designer, I might have put forth the idea of splitting active items into "combat" and "support" actives and then allowing players to only have one "combat" active at any time. (This would for example force people to choose between Gunblade and Zhonya's but still allow Redemption + Mikael's) An alternative would be to allow people to build multiple actives, but to make all actives share cool downs. So if you had protobelt and Zhonya's then by using Protobelt you couldn't use either for 40 seconds and by using Zhonya's you couldn't use either for 120 seconds.
Predator and Youmoo's isn't something hard to manage though, but if you had a Mikaels, Botrk, Zhonyas, and Protobelt. That would be hard to manage. (I know that isn't a realistic build, but it's an example of what it would be like to have 4 actives in one build.) It's like having 8 abilities instead of 4, Just half anyone can have too.
: Itemization in League: Lack of Diversity, Simplicity, and Ubiquity
I love the thought and the idea of this, but having so many actives will overwhelm players. It also seems like building the same thing every game is how it goes. I feel like introducing champions that do the same thing but in a different style is all they are doing. Look at {{champion:222}} and {{champion:18}}. They do the same thing to an extent. They auto fast and provide AD damage over time. Look at {{champion:101}} and {{champion:99}}. They spam abilities from long range and do bursty AP Damage. The builds will be similar because it's the same thing with different abilities. Tristana get's a bomb, while Jinx get's a rocket that slows. Xerath get's a stun that hits one person, Lux gets a Root that hits 2 people. It's similar things reskins. That is the root of your problem. It's hard to make champs crazy unique and balance the game at the same time. That would result in less champions too. The items are fine, but the stormrazor thing where if you don't rush it you automatically lose. That's absurd.
: Can Rioters actually, and honestly, say that they enjoy the game?
I honestly don't think a damage loss to everyone is needed. I think giving tanks less damage, nerfing conqueror and bruiser damage would help. Champs like Garen that are tanky as hell (even without building straight tank items) shouldn't be able to q,e someone and do half their health. While taking damage from all 5 members off the team, and just walking away like it's nothing. The game has turned into a whoever wins at lvl3 wins lane. I have seen too many one sided games recently. Include teleport changes as well, riot is turning it into a no way of coming back, one sided game. It is really tilting to play. Also, me being a bad player helps with that too lol.
: Level Beyond 30
I personally like the BE system except for one thing. Not getting any after a game. I know that when you level up you can get like 1800 BE, but getting like 50 for loss and 100 for winning a game for people that become high levels. It will be hard to get new champions the higher the level you get.

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