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: This is a LONG READ but it actually has a TON in info so read! In any case - I use this scenario a lot and it helps provide logic: **Imagine this**: Some random crackhead is yelling at you and 8 other people happen to be nearby. This dude is just spouting all kinds of stuff about you that you know isn't true: That YOU'RE the crackhead and you're a terrible person etc, and anyone that tries to defend you he just turns on them too. If this crackhead is spouting literally nothing and you know it's not true, are you going to sit there and try to defend yourself from him or are you just going to ignore him and continue about your day? You decide to defend yourself from this dude literally living from a cardboard box. The crackhead was just commenting on how you can't dress or something, but you escalate it and say you hope the crackhead's mother comes and disowns him or that he commits suicide, etc. Now YOU look like the crackhead to passerbys. The 8 other people are trying to enjoy their day but are bothered by you both. They haven't been paying attention, so all they see and hear are two crackheads arguing and they call the police. You get punished and go to jail. It's the same thing in league. Most players don't know or care what's going on between you and X. They just want to enjoy their game in peace and not be brought into it, so you BOTH get reported and punished accordingly. But it all could've been avoided if you'd just let weirdos be weirdos and let him yell until he tires himself out because no one is listening. 1. If you're having trouble keeping calm in normal games, remember that normal games are NOT ranked games and your performance as well as what other people think of it does not matter. Most people prefer you save your troll builds or picks for your premades but no one is going to stop you. If you don't have friends, {{item:3070}} find some people on the league subreddit or something! Most people there want some friends, too. But I mean, no one can stop you if you don't want to build or play traditionally, just keep it out of ranked, & you just have to learn to not care that they're pressed about it. I play Nashor's Tooth on Sona and Ori all the time, or I go Ori support sometimes because it's fun. Now, I'm extremely good at Sona & Ori so I use that as well, lol. I wouldn't play Manamune J4 when I've literally never in my 4 years of league played J4 in any game-mode. You **CANNOT** get reported for building off-meta OR playing bad; ONLY if riot believes you truly are inting and you run Reksai Mid with Ghost & Cleanse. Remember that. 2. In addition to that, playing league can be rough! When I got my 5 game chat restriction back in June, it was because I had dedicated the day to grinding and I was frustrated that after playing like 8+ games I had only won like two of them I think? League gets frustrating, I know! If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed just get up and do something else for like 20-30 minutes. Take a shower, read another chapter of a book, make some cookies or cook an elaborate meal, spend time with your pets (MORE than just taking them for a walk), or go play a single player game that will make you more relaxed. My go-tos are Stardew Valley, Civ 5, Wow, or Sims. Playing back to back games, especially when it isn't going how you want it to, will only make you play worse and will make you more trigger happy when it comes to lashing out in chat. 3. Think about what you're typing. Is it coming from a place of anger? Don't hit enter. Did you have to double think about whether you'd get banned for saying it? Don't hit enter. Is it constructive? If not, Don't hit enter If someone said it to YOU, would YOU get annoyed/mad/frustrated? If so, don't hit enter. Training yourself to NOT immediately go to chat for everything (even to type SLSJDKALDJ if you died) is the key to not ever saying anything toxic. If you read it and think "Theyre gonna get so mad at this XDDDD" don't send it. 4. Use chat to be a better person. If riot pulled up ANY of my chat logs even prior to my ban I use chat very sparingly ONLY to type what can't be easily communicated through pings. Things like ambushing in bush, or who should split, or if we should bait baron instead of trying to commit, etc. And all of those can be communicated quickly and precisely. *Ping OMW, general arrow ping @ river bush* "Ambush? I'll R Soraka", *Team pinging Baron* - *Click Amumu portrait so it shows he's still dead for 5 more seconds in chat* "Wait mumu we need his ult". 5. Your account is on VERY THIN ICE. Any report received against your account deemed probable WILL result in a permanent ban. The period for this can go on for as long as it needs to, and will be longer if you decide to not play as your account status won't decay or anything. It will stay where it is until you get back. Even things as ""Minor"" as saying "use your brain" or something COULD potentially get you banned so like I said, train yourself to not immediately jump on your keyboard anything anything happens. If anyone shows ANY hint of toxicity (? Pings if you die, "WTF (your champion)", or starts being cocky to the enemy team or toxic to anyone else on your team, mute them. Odds are they'll turn it on you when they get the chance and at this point you do NOT want to get it ANY sort of argument. I wouldn't even do playful banter with the enemy; most people don't care and just want to play and the risk is not worth losing hundreds of dollars in RP. Anyways, TL;DR 1. Don't be upset if you're doing bad in normal games. They don't count for anything. Just do your best and try to win. Don't troll build in ranked and if someone is doing it to you, consider reporting it to riot, but just be aware you can't get banned solely on troll building. If you want friends, check out league-related subreddits. Most people want groups to run missions with, or some people want to look cool with matching skins! 2. If you find yourself getting frustrated faster in games, just take a break from not only league but ALL MMO type games. No Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, Arma, none of that. Play more single player based relax games, cook a meal that will take more than 20 minutes or hit up 123movies and watch something. 3. Classic Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you read what you say and you think that YOU'D get mad if someone said it to YOU, it wont help the team. Keep it constructive, recommend builds or ways they can survive in lane. If they don't want to listen they're only hindering their own progress. 4. Again, classic rule. Use chat for small concise messages that CANNOT be communicated or explained throroughly with pings. In average I have 5-10 lines of chat in any given game, usually closer to 5. Don't use chat unless you need to, or if you really want to be positive and give GJs to people where its deserved. 5. THINK THINK THINK about that you say or you WILL be banned, and it will be no one else's fault but your own. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} It's a long read but I hope it helps!
That is one hell of a way to look at things. Thank you
: Need help after 2 week suspension
Hey one more thing, I recently bought the worlds pass just before this. Will I still get the full value, and am I eligible for end of season rewards? thank you
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: > [{quoted}](name=mönkeyman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=562v0Ft3,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-01-28T04:51:44.548+0000) > > No. I duo q with him often, and we never int. It was for solely afking to my belief. I've never heard of a temp ban for simple afk, I could be mistaken, TY for a answering me. I agree with the advisor though. GL to your friend.
The afking would occur every 3-5 games, so riot for sure noticed it and thought it was giving up or something
: My friend got permabanned for 1 line of text at the end of a game
All the feedback is much appreaciated, teaching me a bit more about league and its policies of toxicity
: My friend got permabanned for 1 line of text at the end of a game
Yea, he said kys. In this game, saying kys is more bannable than inting or giving up I guess {{champion:32}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=mönkeyman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=562v0Ft3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-28T04:41:32.596+0000) > > I find it both hilarious and confusing as to why my friend got banned. He's been honour level 5 for a long time, but dropped back to zero due to afking in matches(his internet wasnt that great at the time and it was only blind pick, but he still came back and the afks were 5-10 mins long) Due to this, he got a 2 week ban and 2 months after coming back he got this, but the funny thing is this was a solo player report from a toxic vayne and the one line of speech he said was at the very end of the game(literally 1 second before defeat screen) deserving of ban yes or no?{{champion:32}} Be4 i even clicked this i was thinking to myself, "i bet he said something like, "kys" and got insta ban." Oh look he said kys so he got ban for it. Your never suppose to say that or you will get ban for it.
It was a solo report too. Solo reports dont get noticed by riot, but apparently this one did
nerak23 (NA)
: Did they get the 14 day for inting ? Not for simply afk and leave buster.
No. I duo q with him often, and we never int. It was for solely afking to my belief.
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: we are unable to see unless you use a site like imgur. WE do not have access to your discord
My bad. this is my first post, so i dont know some of the basics. He said" uninstall vayne eat shit kys vayne you're so bad and u cant farm u have no positioning ur so bad man i hate you i wish death upon you bitch kys" This was the 2nd thing he said the entire game, and the only toxic thing he said the entire game
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