Slime876 (NA)
: Many of these are good changes, but why is it still that the number of items you get from PvE rounds is variable? It's not exactly fun or skill related to lose to someone who's randomly acquired 4 more items than you.
: Xerath's turn... He would have worked so well with the new arcade skins :( Especially since his playrate is now higher than 6% (Riot you're not going to lose too much money with all the Xerath players rn please hear my plea)
i feel like Xerath would get the Battle Boss skin line instead, along with maybe Viktor too.
xGvPx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Centarius,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=dmbJchzb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-07T18:05:31.781+0000) > > My girl Qiyana is T H I C C. Her passive should be called "rubber-necking": causes enemy champions to slow down when they see her walking by.
UpooOnMe (NA)
: Autochess has ranked so this kind of game mode already has a proven competitive pull. Nexus Blitz is so new and random. Making a ranked ladder for it was not a priority while it was in testing because they were figuring out if people even wanted to play it long-term.
I don't think OP was talking about making NB be permanent w/ a ranked mode, rather just making it permanent. Just stating how they didn't make NB a permanent gamemode when the said they would, but they make a new gamemode with little to no testing (whereas NB was live as limited time and soon taken off) AND they are adding it with a ranked mode. Ya NB was is ARAM, would be a perfect gamemode to have along side ARAM. And from many comments in this whole comment thread, it looks like people DID want NB even tho Riot thinks we dont for some reason.
Kokuto (NA)
: Where's Nexus blitz, one for all, project game mode, blood moon game mode, poro Kong, ascension, darkstar, Nexus siege, doom bots, not Dominion, hexakill, I'd even take nemesis draft at this point.
Guess those gamemodes didnt make them enough money with the extra ad-ons for the the specific events.
: We lost NB for this? Thanks, i hate it Wake me up when they made a game mode like Bliz.... again
It really is a shame they didn't keep NB. It was such a fun chill gamemode, kinda like ARAM.
: These look really cool! Only question I have is: why are the Little Legends visible in ARAM but not Summoner's Rift? As someone who doesn't play ARAM but plays a ton of SR, I'd like these lil guys to be visible in the fountain by the shopkeeper or something.
Wow that's actually an extremely great idea! I'd love to see my LL next to the shop keeper as well, that would be a neat ~~little~~ addition.
Jabalor (NA)
: SO let me get this. Nexus Blitz had to pass 2 beta testings before you guys could decide if it would become a permanent gamemode. Yet this one you are already planning even ranked ladder for it?????
Nexus Blitz should have been a permanent gamemode. Like ARAM, just a fun little gamemode to mess around in and have fun.
: Teamfight Tactics
I get it isn't all that popular but before making new gamemodes, how about doing something with Twisted Treeline? I've been playing it a lot recently just to hit gold and yoink the chroma for the victorious skin later, but as I was playing it the map is just a complete joke. The map design is horrible, the meta in it is worse, the jungle camps are still golems/wraiths/one headed wolves, and the jungle camps have no spawning animation. The fact you guys are working on new gamemodes while just completely brushing this off to the side looks so bad as a company. I wouldn't even mind you guys getting rid of it, considering you did so to Dominion (and that map had more fun potential ESP with hide and seek). Hell you guys could replace TT with Nexus Blitz, that gamemode was heeps more fun as well as updated to the current League of Legends map design. I know this probably won't get the attention (that imo it deserves), nor will you guys even address it; but it really is a shame.
: All those champs you name literally got skins this year. And the Camille skins are indeed beautiful. And who doesn't love dunk master Ivern? He's a lanky, funny guy... you got me on Kled though, but I'm mostly bummed I missed the Janna skin
he did say decent. and im sure its universally agreed that the kled and ivern skins are bad lol.
Sõõ (NA)
: You just had to make another Ezreal skin... I've sworn to myself to buy all the Ezreal skins, but little did I know at that time that you would make more skins for Ezreal than any other champion.
people like you are the reason they keep making skins for him lmao. fml.
Keshaun (NA)
: I hate to be the one saying it, but I wish tanks would get some love because bruisers just running down squishies and instakilling them isn't fun imo. If it's not Riven, it's Hecarim, or Jax, etc. Seeing the Rageblade nerf is a good start to reduce Vayne/Kai'Sa deleting tanks.
i assume Riot is not doing something about it for a reason, i.e. the tank meta. they really dont want us complaining about it again so theyre treading tanks lightly, and honestly tanks dont seem horrible factoring out kaisa/vayne.
: A) Please just make another twink champion so you can divide up the skins you give to Ezreal. Or, more preferably, find a way to go a season without giving Ezreal/Lux two skins. Are they cool in concept? Sure. Are they good? Debatable. But if you give 'actually good skins' to other champions who need them, perhaps they'll start becoming more popular as opposed to just mining those two to death. Tack on Ahri. B) Yuumi obviously should've been released with cats vs dogs. Obviously should've been the/a prestige for that, too. Is it obviously an excuse to recycle cats vs dogs before the season ends? That depends on how clever ya'll are being. I've lost faith. C) Explain to me why Nautilus isn't nerfed? He's overloaded with cc, durability, and damage. I'll accept that I just don't know how to deal with him if someone wants to do said explaining (other than 'dodge q'; Nautilus seems to be at the point that level 2+ he can walk behind enemy wave and whether or not he lands the q, retaliation barely phases him). But in the end, it feels like he's just not being played enough and being a proper tank isn't good enough for the age of agro supps. Is the only solution really just gonna be "go Janna; perform Anti-Leona/Zac maneuvers"?
i hope youre only getting down voted for the naut comment. point A and point B are undeniably true. id be shocked if Lux and Ezreal go a single year w/o getting two skins, even more so Lux considering she also got the prestige. its ridiculous how unpunishing it is for Riot to constantly make skins for these two because they are incredibly easy champs that people love to play for that reason. and why Yuumi wasnt released with the cats vs dogs update ill never understand. i guess it's because she was too early in development? either way im sure anyone would have preferred a comedic cat yuumi skin rather than a bland "battle principal" skin. either way to get too down on all your down votes, some people just cant accept the truth. hopefully they look to providing skins for champs that lack the 10+ lux and ezreal and honestly kat (even tho i love her design, because even she has too many skins). have a good one pal : )
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Still waiting for the Loading Screen Boarders to be updated.
: That's a great question. One that I'm very curious about, too. To be honest, I like the picture of the blue ward (Honor 3). All of them look pretty good, so I think I could accept having only the orange one. It'd be a pity.
I feel like the feathers on the wards should have been 1 feather for honor lvl 3, 2 feathers for lvl 4, and all the feathers (3) for level 5. Kinda just makes more sense.
: While Victorious Graves is still locked at Gold, we wanted to spread rewards out **to encourage your Silver V mid laner to actually use these things (for once).** The shade is real.
: As much as I love you guys, you do realize everyone else is going to pick / ban him right? It's cool that we don't have to play him to achieve one of the requirements, but needing to get a killing spree or double kill shall be the tricky part. Oh well, icons be free if you're determined so I can't complain.
: Sorry but that killing spree one is hella stupid, like that gives us a fair chance *support main here*
considering its an ad brusier/assassin jungler. not really that stupid
Psyrik (NA)
: The quests are going to make him even harder to play than usual tbh
how the fuck would playing the game make him harder to play?
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