: [Champion Concept] Aria: The Resolute Shade.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} so good
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
{{champion:1}} body got spare change they would like to donate to me? ;;
: {{champion:126}} .
: Welcome to Primetime!
* {{champion:119}} + {{item:3508}} = DEATH :D
: I understand Arcade{{champion:37}} but... why Guqin{{champion:37}} ...
It was for Lunar Revel. Had to do something cool I guess.
: {{champion:110}} is so metal. {{champion:222}} is more punk rock. {{champion:110}} wins.
Ohai, Rito. I'd agree. Personally, I thumbs up'd Jinx. I feel like their is so many things in her utility that scream HARCORE.
Zaccea (NA)
: What? I voted for "Other (Comment who!)". Who said he is a singer?
: They changed the sounds for Arcade so they would fit the skin, why not do the same for Pentakill?
They also did the same for Guqin Sona. Wow.
: Karthus in his VU clearly says to Varus that he is on the eve of liberation
I forgot this! That could be good news.
Zaccea (NA)
: Urgot. Literally grafted with metal.
I put that choice as a joke. Nobody wants a singing crab.
: I guess he meant Marksman. Some people didn't receive the news that ADC means now ADCarry like Tryndamere, Aatrox, ecetera - and Marksman are like Ezreal, Jinx, ecetera.
Yeah, sorry. I'm from Season 2. xD
  Rioter Comments
: {{champion:103}} you serious? These awful half-puns have d{{champion:92}} me insane.
{{champion:133}}tessensial puns? Lemme just lay this here then. {{champion:126}} see me rollin', they hatin'.
: Silver {{champion:10}} is only for the collector's edition, isn't she?
Actually, she is. Judgement Kayle is the one Abbador is thinking about.
: Pentakill Rises
{{champion:103}} Karthus, what kind of music do you even sing? {{champion:30}} Good music, you fuck.
: Poro community creations roundup
These adorable things are melting my {{item:3110}} >3<
: PAX East cosplay roundup
I'd give that Aether Wing Kayle my {{item:3110}}

i think im dead

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