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The sword is aatrox's lol The first three are from other mecha skins{{item:3070}}
Chesties (NA)
: Upcoming PBE application approvals
I applied nearly a year and a half ago, have never gotten banned or suspended and play on a regular basis. When I check my application it still says its pending review. :( Rito please let me find bugs for you
: How I leveled up IRL through video games
All my life I never truly understood what the point of video games were. I was 14, the video game industry evolving around me all the more. All I cared about was keeping up with my grades, getting into an Ivy League school, doing everything in my power to become the best in my school. And I did. I was one of the best. It was all good and what-not until I discovered the beauty that is League of Legenfs. I love it. I never realized what I was missing until I started playing it when I was 16 about to turn 17. My friend was the one who kept insisting—begging that I join this 'awesome, new game' that everyone is going nuts about. I didn't understand it at all in the beginning. Everything was just so complicated. But then I did understand it. League became a big part of my life. I finally understood what it was like to focus on something other than your grades. I finally understood that, even though I was one of the best at my school, I wasn't really having fun or enjoying myself with it because all I was was plain seriousness. League taught me to have more fun and enjoy myself; that it's okay to let go of your regular habits and be carefree for just a few hours. I love league of legends and I love my friend, Jason, even more for introducing me into a wonderful community. Thanks for everything and teaching me that life is not all about getting into the best school there is. :)
: Warriors
It gave me chills when I watched it live and it gave me chills now, too <3 Thank you, Rito and Imagine Dragons for an amazing video/song <3
: Anyone else noticed that {{champion:110}} used hail of arrows on that poor poro damn him. He is truly corrupted ;-;
RussoB (NA)
: Ohhhh new Tank.... His Ult is Audacious Stache all surrounding units friend or foe receives a smexi stache that blocks attacks from Ashe, Vayne, Varus, Twitch, and that bird girl for 10 seconds...
Nobody ever remembers Flinn. :/ Poor bird guy... It's a guy, right? {{champion:133}}

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