: Homerun Garen?
bump give a like to make it happen please
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: Major gameplay problems with new 7.7 patch
The new client made my game switch to my default Graphics card. I just simply made it to where league runs on my other garphics card that is for gaming and it fixed my problem. hope this helps.
: Can't turn off profanity filter?
lmao, tormit should be top comment. if i exited the game and entered it again, it came back, typed /chatfilter and it, "enabled," but i was able to cuss, now my problem is solved between every game. :D
: Can't turn off profanity filter?
go to riot games/ league of legends/ config/ and open the game file, then go down and find the enablechatfilter in the chat section. ig with different computer, different coding issues are happening and the location of the certain chat filter that is bugged is anywhere. lol.
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Rezandra (NA)
: This should have been S rank
i went 13/0/12 as diana jungle and didn't get an S rank, just went 23/4/8 and still did not get an S rank, i think it's because my cs was only 106 for a 31 minute game, but jungle doesn't get as much CS as other roles. so.... i mean, c'mon. put a different set a rules for jungle. 13/0/12 carrying your team and then going 23/4/8 carrying your team when all 3 lanes are getting wrecked, then you gank gank gank and single handedly win the game by getting yourself fed and getting other lanes caught up? deserves an S rank, but i only get A+.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
For whatever you said you planned in the future, would we have to check our e-mail to get it? because uhh.... i dont ever check mine unless im told to by something, i just dont check my e-mail reguarly. lol
: Patch 4.8 notes
there's also a bug with wukong's q. if you press q and switch targets at about the same time, he'll do the animation of attacking the minion, do no damage, and do the attack animation again with no damage, then it finally q's the minion/person on the third attack, it's not a huge problem. but it's an annoyance and i jungle with him so it will slow me down a few seconds each time it happens. thumbs up this for riot please because i do wukong in ranked a lot. and it's annoying when the last hit doesn't hit the champion with my q, even though the animation went off and no damage.


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