: I've been referring to Dark Star Orianna the whole time and was the whole time.
Ahhhhhh, my bad on this! Sorry! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Was it? I think he just did a concept of it afterwards. You can find SirHaian's video on Youtube, which was posted before Vlad's concept.
Nope! Not SirHaian, i can't seem to find the video either! I think you get the two mixed up... And the name at the bottom right hand corner says "Vlad Bacescu"! Here's a link to Vlad's concept, he also states that it's a personal project: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vrDV6 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It was made by Sirhaian BEFORE he was a Rioter. So technically it was a fan concept.
It was actually made by Vlad Bacescu!
: When the one woman said "if you don't break a sweat, it's not a sport" I wanted to reply "what about chess and poker? Both are considered sports and there isn't a lot of physical activity there."
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kNEAAaf7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-02T15:40:30.967+0000) > > When the one woman said "if you don't break a sweat, it's not a sport" I wanted to reply "what about chess and poker? Both are considered sports and there isn't a lot of physical activity there." Personally, I wouldn't consider them sports either. Don't get me wrong. I support eSports, but I think it's a little disingenuous to call the players athletes. Just call them what they are, eSports.
GenoXx (NA)
: oh....pffft lol...silly me
it's not Caitlyn isn't it? the glove is pink, but Caitlyn's are brown... maybe Mafia Jinx? idk
Sharjo (EUW)
: So there's this new Summoner Icon on the pbe...
I personally don't think that's Caitlyn's glove... Looks like Mafia Jinx's... Maybe it's just the lighting which makes it look pink insted of brown... idk :s
: Its because China has a thing against human skulls being shown.
gubigubi (NA)
: Please do not change Fioras night raven splash
Karthus one, too. They didn't replace it, but they made some unnecessary tweaks to it, and it doesn't look good now. ;c
Sharjo (EUW)
: He has returned.
I see 'claws?' in the video? Is it that new dragon champ? Does anyone else see them?
: This isn't the way to nerf Ahri
I don't really like this nerf, because I think that her E is somewhat her only escaping tool pre level 6... so this is kind of ridiculous :/
: Forget {{champion:51}} The true sniper is here {{champion:202}}
{{item:3070}} {{champion:51}} {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Does he have anything to do with Fiora? Because most of his abilities have 'rose petals?' in it, and Fiora's splash art does, too! xD
: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
Something I just realized, Caitlyn's ult is her basic attack... Extra Large! :o
Leu07 (NA)
: Goddess (Skin Line)
Hera's crown looks like Miss Vietnam(from Miss Universe)'s Headdress for her Ao Dai!!!
: Lunar Wraith Skins
Lunar Wraith Morgana is not a snake, she's supposed to be a wolf, I guess.
Artits (EUNE)
: Spellthief Lux & Dark Crystal Ryze
At first, I thought they were Riot's work... Amazing!!!
: Actually, those icons _were_ really made by Riot. :P **Riot Aquatic Moon**, to be more specific. His full portfolio: http://www.aquatic-moon.com/ A bit from his portfolio: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/534b8e68e4b057a498ded9ac/56732dd469a91a5538ec6308/56732e0c69a91a5538ec65aa/1450389055424/11-+ICONS_2.jpg?format=1500w
Do you know whose icons are the yellow ones?
Wait, Bloodfury Renekton is a legendary skin? What?!
: Poppy Update Q&A
What happens when Poppy W then use E on an enemy?
: Poppy W + R
Her ult also notes that the targets are untargetable when they're knocked up/back too... So I guess they won't get stopped! :)
: Out Of All The Poppy Skins
It's kinda weird when her hair in this splash seems to be purple, but it's brown in-game... The art is great though!!! :)
Neamean (NA)
: Maybe it's hiding and waiting to spook us when we least expect it.
I hope so, but what's the point of releasing Harrowing/Halloween skins when it already ended?!?! Kinda sad, this put me in the mood of not wanting to buy Harrowing/Halloween skins ;(
Neamean (NA)
: The Harrowing: Success and Failure
Something that I noticed, no Harrowing/Halloween ward skins... ;(
Gankattk (NA)
: About this years harrowing...
I've been waiting since sun rise, been waiting all days, and nothing happened. Wanting to buy many skins... :'( I cri T.T {{item:3070}} {{champion:7}} {{item:3070}} ... {{item:3070}} {{champion:222}} {{item:3070}} ... {{item:3070}} {{champion:16}} {{item:3070}} ...
: So far this Harrowing is a disappointment....
Slayer Jinx looks like a custom skin for some reasons, I still love it though! Best year of my League life so far, TWO Jinx skins in ONE year!!!!! xD
Valkymie (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Fairy Ashe
Yessssssss!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: The New Champion is Death or Life and Death
: @Riot What do you guys think about Annie's ult in terms of game health.
People often say that Annie's ult stun is stupid, because it gives no warning... Well idk what the animation of her full charged passive is for... Sigh!
Carnage (NA)
: i have 299skins what should be number 300?
PROJECT: Fiora since you like Fiora xD also, buy it when it first comes out, loading screen card thingy, worth the money man!!!
: Whenever I see someone make a Topic about Project: Fiora hair.
Rhyak (NA)
: Project: Fiora Visor
ooooh, ooooh, her joke, too... Lucian got a new digital smiley face, why cant Fiora get a digital Teemo's face? :C
: She does have a pretty face. Just look at her!
PROJECT... She's a robot man... xD Edit: oops, didnt read your sentence right.. sorry, but yeah it is beautiful!
Leu07 (NA)
: Project fiora?
Dang, yours and Riot's look so alike!!! Edit: oops, not yours, someone else's...
Criilian (NA)
: PROJECT: Fiora, or maybe Special Forces Fiora?
It comes true man...
: Who The Five New PROJECT's Are Based On Hints
That social pre-view image, is that Jax?
: Am i the only one who likes the new fiora rework?
No, you're not, I love her rework too. But bad thing is Riot didn't give her a new champion spotlight(cause I think it's just a gameplay and visual update, not like Gangplank's update, which makes Gangplank to have a new champion spotlight, not Fiora). I've been posting some discussion about giving Fiora a new champion spotlight, so we can learn some mechanics out of it, but it seems like my post didn't get any attentions at all... :'(
: It's just that she's a completely new champion now. Not necessary a different champion, just a much more fleshed out version of what they were originally trying to create. She actually has an high skill floor now, and I think people are still trying to play her as the lvl 2 cheese press-R-to-win champ she used to be. The outplay potential in her new Riposte in particular is incredible.
New champion with no champion spotlight... Sigh :'(
: I think it is Oriannia just because the woman seems not to have a neck of course this could just been a splash art error.
I don't think it's either Caitlyn or Orianna, because I see a line and it seems like the woman is holding it. Is it a blade(Fiora, idk, she already has a school theme skin), or even a spear(Kalista, I don't think it fits). The line is pretty thin, so I don't think it's Caitlyn's rifle... ok, idk @.@
: Academy splash art secrets/speculation/theorys
The pentagram on the board... The Black Rose has the same pentagram thing, too. Click to see:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/The_Black_Rose
DropFill (NA)
: @RiotRepertoir , what you guys at riot suggest to build on fiora?
Can she just have a new champion spotlight? It'll be better since her kit is sort-of entirely new now...
: Academy splash art secrets/speculation/theorys
Hey, if it's Orianna: http://upload.inven.co.kr/upload/2014/04/24/bbs/i3402641877.png idk, it's just something I found online.
: Academy splash art secrets/speculation/theorys
I was thinking the same thing, too. About the guy with a hammer... Jayce confirmed?
: Dear Riot, can we please stop sharing a single splash across multiple skins.
About the claw, they basically just flip the splash the other way, and BOOM! Battle Boss Blitzcrank splash... Such lazy people >:(
: Anyone else has a problem with Arcade Riven's face in the Splash art?
To me, her face in this splash looks just like her face in her classic splash art... ;-;
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: It might be just me, but is Fiora on her new splash...
Cruella Deville learned to use a sword...
WillYum (NA)
: Change back her hair! I miss the old hairstyle and the red streaks{{champion:114}}
They overcut her hair... Rito plz!
: I just don't like her hair part??? Like why does it look so strange??? :l
: So.. Fiora WAS pretty sexy, why are we making her now look like Cruella De Vil?
Ok, so this is the exact same thing that I told my friends. Fiora ages so daymn quick!
gubigubi (NA)
: Meddler said Fiora is getting some art changes a long with her update. She keeps her hair right?
One kinda stupid question, why Fiora needs an update? I think she's fine. Please don't be mad at me... :'<
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