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Kai Guy (NA)
: {{champion:56}} Is very easy to learn jungle on due to how forgiving his R is for making ganks happen. However he does not have the best vability as a OTP champion so I don't recommend you invest to much time into him. {{champion:19}} is also fairly easy to pick up in the role. CC champions tend to bring the best early-mid game impact in my experience and a lot of the jungle tanks have both good gap closers and CC. AIQ has a good set of recommendations.
Thank you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You want to avoid junglers that hit power troffs later as you will not be using their early/mid game nearly as effectively as you should. Tanks are usually the best about being good later whether you were invaded or not. {{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} Are your best bets. They have no gimmicks are super basic and straight forward and always do their job.
thank you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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Saezio (EUNE)
: So, you are bad at farming and you are asking if buying an item that rewards good farming is a good idea? My advice, pick an ADC that works good with doran's ring, and utilise the 5 ph damage on hit passive. Jhin is great or kaisa
well the extra gold helps like when i adc i kinda fall behind lol
: Mmm... I don't personally like getting Cull. The best advice I have for farming as an ADC is to just sit in the practice tool and practice. There's not really a hint, trick, or tip get better at it. Just practice and maybe watch the minion wave to see which minion your own will attack.
oo ook thank you
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: Then we'll say jng/adc. I main both halves of bot lane, but I can hold my own literally anywhere EXCEPT jungle. (I'm just too slow) if you catch me around, I wouldn't mind a game or two. See how things go.
well you wanna duo 2 games and see lol ?
: Same. Roles?
dude in this point i really dont know lol like im mastery 7 with lee sin , twitch and jinx
: You'll start to notice there will some Afks in there too, I have been getting a lot of Afks in the Gold MMR area which is totally weird lately.
i dont even get the MMR anymore lol
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: Good luck! I think you should practice on whichever champs you play most, so let's say you play 2 champs primarily, you can devote 5 hours to each, at least that's how I'd do it. Knowing how to CS as Karthus is different than CSing as someone like Tryndamere.
Oo ok thanl you sir
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Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: 1 and a good mouse to spamm rightclick.
: to main her? At least 10. You need to learn her early and late game, because they use different mechanics. On top, you should be exploring different build options and what works for certain comps. I always suggest at least 5-6 games for those two things alone. Teamfights are a whole different thing vs. laning because of the way your ult works. If you don't normally play adc, maybe a couple more games to get used to the lane and work with different supports/enemy botlane comps. I would give you a start build but tbh i build very differently based on comp, but stattik shiv and bork are always great things to have on top of a ga 3/4th item not including boots. Good luck :)
: Games don't help with vayne, she's an adc. How hard can you right click the enemy and can you not stand close to the gnar with a red bar? Do you understand invisibility and why it's overpowered as fuck? Do you know vayne's ult HAS invisibility and is overpowered as fuck? Do you know true damage is overpowered as fuck? Do you know vayne has true damage? If you answered yes to all of these, why aren't you fucking challenger? If you answered no to ANY of these, I have my answer.
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: Cull- almost never go for this unless you had to back without enough gold to get a higher ad item like BF or pickaxe. Some champions like Jhin or xayah like to go for items with long swords as part of the build, in which case you should go towards the long swords and the item that they build into. Only buy cull if you're playing a champion that rushes IE, but you don't have enough gold for pickaxe or bf. dorans blade- I usually start with this item nowadays. When in doubt, pick this. I usually don't go double dorans blade at any point. I'll usually opt for cull should the situation arise. Doran's shield is good in matchups where you know you're not going to be going for aggressive plays and you know you're going to need extra sustain. You might consider purchasing it into champions like MF, Brand, draven, or lucian. Doran's ring can be a good purchase on adcs who like having mana early game, like jhin and MF. if you plan on buying this, buy it at the start. Not really a good idea to buy this as anything else other than a starting item. Another start to consider is long sword+3pots. Some champions like Jhin and MF like to go right into lethality items like youmuus and duskblade. This allows you to build long sword right into serrated dirk and caulfields hammer on first back and can help you spike earlier. Don't buy relic shield as adc. It would have been a good idea two patches ago, but it's not worth it anymore. the zeal items that you pick up will depend on the champion you're playing and the state of the game. In general, you want to buy IE/ER and one zeal item and your first 2 items. You're third item is more situational. You may want your third crit item if you're snowballing. You may want some defense/sustain if things aren't going well. You might want armor pen if the enemy has a few tanks. some zeal guidelines: RFC is good if you want to be poking people with AAs every now and then, or if you're planning on getting SS. Champiosn with high AA ranges work well with this item, like Cait, Jinx, and Trist. Runaans is good for champions with strong on hit abilities, like kog, varus, and kalista. It's also good on Jinx because of her AOE autos. SS is good for champions who like to burst, like vayne and twitch. it's also good for waveclear. PD is good on shorter range carries like vayne or xayah who need to be closer to the action and constantly move. it's also good if you know the enemy has an assassin that's going to go ham for you every fight, and you may need the damage reduction.
: I'm not really an ADC main but I play Jinx sometimes and I usually support so I see what my ADC does alot. I think Cull is for when your behind, like after dying or missing cs. People get it to regain the gold that they missed out on. The 400 gold at the end of the mission is huge when you're behind. Sometimes I just take it for fun. Get Doran's blade in normal matchups, It has sustain and good damage. It's the basic all around item. I take it in almost every matchup honestly. Get Dorans Shield when you're in a matchup where they can poke you. Personally I don't like this item on ADC since you lack damage when you take it but I would take it against Caitlyn or something. If you predict that you are gonna lose really hard, I think it's not a bad idea. I would only get Dorans ring on an APC, It's not really good. It's better to just conserve mana than buy it. Relic isn't that great anymore but it's nice with Fleet still. It's good for melee adcs too like Morde or Yasuo.
Oo ok Thank you very much
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: RioooooT! i need more blue essense
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: Legacy Client Now Retired
is there a mod or something that we can use so we can go back to the old one or make a vote of wish client everybody wants lol
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
Yall better not make a april fools we are still in a{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} rpil you know
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: Here is some of my spec: - 2.4Ghz Intel Quad Core i5 2435M with Integrated graphic (Intel 3000 512mb) - 8GB Ram - 500GB Samsung Evo 850 - OS: Windows 10 Professional 64 bit - Monitor(not really necessary): 1280x800
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
Well league of legends players guys and gurls hold on to your butts this is gonna be a fiesta lets see if are single core processors can run 40 fps in a team fight and with Skype open and YouTube open or lets see if it even opens because clearly they have not try a potato processor i think the only potato processor they try was an intel 5 with a 6 Ram lol like Riot try this Get a intel single core processor or AMD does not matter but has to be single core with a mm i can say like for Ram like 3 or 4 if you want the challenge then 2 or 1 and then try and run the new client and try and fix it lol and if you get to run 40 ill suck that lollipop lol {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Well you better make this client Run with a intel celeron duo core if no then idk yall gonna loss alot of players. Because i have a intel pentium i cant buy a 200 something dollar processor and i get 40 or 50 fps wish im really fine plus i have skype open and etc and with the new client i get 20 with skype open and etc stuff f* off m8
Fengoku (NA)
: i really don't understand this. the new client doesn't have the item set tool (you haven't even started development on it) which is ridiculous. why not implement the new client after the item set tool is completed - since even you guys say players want it really badly? further, it's still laggy/buggy/glitchy/slow af, and i see no real benefits of it. draft/ranked = too glitchy/slow sometimes u might miss a ban/pick, blind = load in too slow to ever call ur position. one of the best things about league was that it runs on all types of toasters and literally everybody can play it without many inconveniences. there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the old client at all. all it was missing compared to the new one imo is the replay system, and i don't see how they needed a WHOLE NEW CLIENT just to implement a replay system? srsly riot, just why....?
Because they want money and they are not gonna get any money becausewith the new client they are gonna lose alot of players lol
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Like Riot just make a mod or something so we can keep the old one like make a vote who ever ppl likes more wins like who votes for the new client and who votes for the old client Riot you know nobody wants the new client so just keep the old client and keep fixing the new one because even a friend that has a intel 7 processor still laggs like you gotta test the client with a not good pc like get a intel pentium duo cores and try out the new client its gonan have no fps like 30 and its not gonna go up {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
well poor of those league players that dont have a good pc like me :( we got those i3 pentium those week ass proccesors and these ppl want us to buy a 350 dollar processors like i7 or other things my ass lol this client better be the same as the old client it better not drop my fps to 30 because the old one i get 60 when i downloaded the new client it drops me to like 30 and 20. RIOT!
: Afk ranked players an idea
yeah mon but this is stupid lol
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Bambei (NA)
: No. No champion will force you to do that, you have to actively think about it yourself.
: Every ADC is equally dependent on good farm. if you want an ADC that's fairly safe in lane that doesn't encourage over-aggression, you might try Ashe or Caitlyn. It's really a trait you need to just learn on your own, though. If you really don't have enough control to prevent over-aggression, ADC may not be the role you're looking for. Some 2v2 matchups hinge on the lv2 all-in fights, and without choosing your support you may not get to control the amount of aggression they put out.
: {{champion:15}} You are essentially useless until you get some decent farm under your belt, and she has a variety of ways to waveclear.
: ^ What they said, but if you want someone who is more likely to force you think that way... I would say you need to join the League of {{champion:119}} His passive grows off farm and catching axes, so a pretty CS heavy focused guy early on.
Well i cant play draven i dont get his q i try to learn him but the problem is that when he trows his axe i click the the side where i wanna go and it goes another way and a person told me you are not clicking fast and im actually am but i dont know draven is a wierd champion to play
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: > So your saying im bann for 14 days for just feeding 1 Game only Yes. The punishment for even a single game if intentionally feeding is a ban. Recurring offenses will result in a permaban at this point, regardless of what it is, until such time that you've shown your behavior is no longer a problem. Intentionally feeding is about the worst thing you can do to your teammates. It's an extremely frustrating experience to say the least. If the game is absolutely going to be a loss, that's what the surrender vote is for, and it's a team decision to do that. Your team may not agree that the game is lost, but your feeding only ensures it. Just play the game out until the surrender time limit and put your vote forth; if it doesn't pass, then you are obligated to continue the same way as you'd want your teammates to if you wanted to continue.
But its bs we where gonna loss we all the lanes where lost so whats the point we had bot lane open and then my friend fed to and he did not got bann like wtf!
: This is stupid
like we where not gonna win the game all the lanes where loosing like we had a open bot lane so whats the point lets die so they can end. But no they want you to try in a normal game like -_- im not gonna win LP so whats the point
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: Jinx W isn't even touched in 7.7 (which goes live tomorrow). Remember pbe stuff doesn't mean that it's going to be in the following patch (or in any live patch). Always worth reading the patch notes to see the actual changes.
Searo (NA)
: lvl 3 kat ult is 15 sec kat's passive reduces everyspell's cd by 15 sec when she get a kill or an assist
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