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: honestly something like that could easily break the game mode though while what champions you get in the free pick and store aren't always the same, if you can get 3 pirates early, that is spare gold you are now making to slowly equip your team to be ridiculous what they are doing (or did) to help mitigate the problem people were having is a good start, but iit is yet to be seen if it will fix it
It is possible to break the game mode. Every patch to the normal game "could" break the game. It would have to be played in the PBE and tested but in the end I think players would like it more given the time was taken to balance it.
: the issue is how would they price those items? gold that you could have spent buying that third champion you need to get it to level 2 would be spent on items that may not guarantee your success
That is up to the player though. I'm sure an item shop system would have to go through PBE and be watched to see how to make it balanced. Yes the player would have to decide, spend gold to buy this item that might help or refresh and maybe get a champion you need. It adds another dynamic to the mode and I think that's a good thing. Watching players try new strategy's and improving how they play is the entire point of a ranked game mode.
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