Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: IIRC Dota is entirely balanced around Competetive play, not solo queue, right? so LoL's regular play is a lot more balanced than Dota's. *Take this with a grain of salt though, I have never played DOTA, so I might be incorrect here.*
Nah, Valve nerf (and buff) heroes that are not seen in competitive play at all (i.e. Omni, Meepo, and Bloodseeker). Also, if anything, competitive play and (higher level) regular play pretty much match in terms of picks.
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Lucky (NA)
: Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight
Can't be a CertainlyT champion if the champion excels at only one thing. (CertainlyT was in charge of reworking this guy)
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: Counter-play for thresh largely revolves around mind games. You have to trick him into wasting a skill, then capitalize on the advantage you then have.
That's the stupidest thing I have read all day. That's like fighting a guy with a gun with your fists. How do you beat him? Just make him waste his bullets by playing mind games! Oh, but hope he doesn't hit you with those bullets.
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: ... Malzahar nerfs?
Because this game is a fucking joke now, that's why.
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Lugg (NA)
: It's a mechanic they like because you get punished for getting hit multiple times.
Yes, and, like Vayne, they put it on a highly mobile champion... YET AGAIN
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Tyren (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CppL,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eFw8JH0W,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-09-14T18:23:29.459+0000) > > Its not the hook. Its the lantern.The most cheapest spell in the game. That's assuming the ally is smart enough to click on it. Don't know how many times I could have saved an ally or done a hook lantern combo. I guess in Bronze they think it only gives a shield.
That's the stupidest argument I ever heard. It is like saying pointing a loaded gun at a person isn't dangerous because you haven't pulled the trigger.
: Hey MaliciousMetal, Mordekaiser definitely isn't performing in solo lanes to the level we expected. Some of this is players adjusting to his new playstyle, which favors his jungler playing closer to his lane (strong 2v2 counterganks and Morde doesn't lose experience). Some of this is adjustment to his new build paths (I'm pretty convinced that Gunblade rush isn't nearly as optimal as it is common). However, a lot of it is that _Morde is just much weaker in a solo lane than I expected_. We are beginning to test some alternate paradigms for his W that include self-castability to hopefully give him a substantial boost in solo lanes. Look for changes here in 5.18. That being said, Morde is not likely to return to the "immovable object" capable of permanently keeping a shield large enough to slough off entire trades. To the extent that is what you enjoyed about Morde solo lane, you're out of luck. He should retain great carry potential, amazing in-fightturn around capability, and best-in-class capability to completely turn around a game if gets the right ghost. As to Mordekaiser being unbalanceable, I don't think that live Mordekaiser demonstrates this. Many champions require teammate to bring them to peak effectiveness -- peelers such as Janna, engagers like Amumu, and fragile carries like Jinx are unlikely to win a game without ally support. Indeed, this is an important part of League -- champions should find their greatest success when properly paired and coordinated. Champions who lack synergistic strengths are generally relegated to isolation/split pushing. Unfortunately, solo pushing side lanes is a narrow space to occupy. Due to their agnosticism toward the other nine champs in the game, we tend to see one or two split pushers dominating the rest at any given moment in the meta. I think there's a balance to be struck when it comes to the W that current errs too heavily on the side of dependence, rather than synergy.
As a question, what made you decide to literally shift all of his damage to his Q while not addressing his mobility issues? You merely solved his "issues" by giving him a insanely strong nuke while changing his kit, nerfing everything else, making his kit revolve around single target damage, rather than the AoE clearing champion he was prior to the rework. This, to me, makes no sense. The main thing keeping Morde behind was his mobility, and it was not addressed by the slightest, instead we glorified his immobility, while changing/killing his whole kit.
: Check Ursa from DOTA (the most kited and useless in teamfight hero, but noone can 1v1 him) - they lifted his kit and changed the % hp to his own, so he can't be a melee carry,
You REALLY REALLY don't know about dota. Jesus christ. Ursa's ult is strong as fuck now. It has a 2.5x multiplier on his fury swipes, which means he can basically kill anyone in 4 hits. His ult also now gives him 80% damage reduction for 4 seconds and removes debuffs on him. Stop talking out of your ass. He's a good carry, all he needs now is BKB and blink and he can kil anyone he wants in a teamfight. You don't know the game at all.
Decrit (EUW)
: Ok CertanlyT, you still have not answered so i am forced to put out the ultimate weapon... ** give me an high five ** i know you can' t leave me hang' in
I don't think getting a high five from him would be pleasant, as it would be covered in semen due to him jerking off to his own champions.
: 2/3 of the heroes in DOTA are made to be played by 5 years old... (Faceless Void ults me and misses half the times then I crit him 1 time and he explodes - I was PA... ) The game would be better, if they rework most of the strenght and agility heroes - most of the designs are like the old Sion, Garen and Annie, some are even more retarded - like the Lifestealer, Wraith King and company.
Lmfao. Holy shit you obviously never played dota, if you did, you are plainly a dumbass. There are so many nit-picky things with each hero that you probably don't know about. If heroes in DotA are made for 5 year olds, then the champions in this game are for newborns and HotS is for fetuses. Lifestealer and WK has to utilize Armlet, which is 50x harder to use than any item in this game. There are tons of strats for them, for example, the Lifestealer Bomb with his ult and WK saving points until level 11 for his ult to make sure the 5 minute cooldown doesn't happen on it. Lifestealer also has his Q for magic immunity, popping it early and everything. Also, putting his E onto enemies for his team to heal as well. WK also has mana management, if he uses 2-3 Qs before he has a lot of stats, he wont have mana for ult, which means he dies for free. WK does indeed have 1 active skill, but there are so many things to the game that make DotA a whole different game than LoL. Faceless has his ult, but he has to make sure to aim it on the enemies and not his allies, has to pop BKB and Mjollnir and MoM, also has to time his Q to disjoint enemy projectiles. Also, he has to farm efficiently, with tread switching and deciding what to build. You are probably under 1k mmr if you faced a faceless that ulted a PA without MKB. 2/3 is not EVEN close to how many "stupid" heroes there are. But I see 1 stupid poster here, you.
: Awesome guide and well reasoned and presented feedback. An informative read and I will share it with the other designers. I've been using pretty similar builds to you and finding pretty good success. I'm never sure which first big item is the best first buy though.
Of course Riot only responds to the more or less "positive" feedback. Fuck you guys. Seriously. Respond to some of the negative ones for once. Tell CertainlyT to get his head out of his asshole.
: Morde is able to pull the souls out of those he curses. Dragons have souls.
Then how is he able to pull the souls out of MF and Gragas? They don't even have souls.
Seenan (NA)
: Why is Tryn's kit still a thing?
You guys are complaining about him when someone like Yasuo is around. This is hilarious. You want to talk about a toxic kit? Look at Thresh.
: Why did Riot give morde more complexity,too much counterplay,polarized gameplay,and call it healthy?
: It amazes me that people still defend Fizz as being balanced
Just like how I am amazed that people still call Thresh and Kalista to be balanced.
j j (NA)
: If anything ruined the game in the past couple years it certainly was 1) Mobility 2) Mobile assassins 3) bruisers capable of both damage and tankyness. It wasn't a middle ground these guys could potentially do more than squishies. 4) less mana dependent champions. (energy, resourceless) 5) reworks that gutted champions. 6) removal of dfg for Luden's. (luden's does too much and works on every mage)
7) CertainlyT It is basically when the game went downhill. Just admit it everyone.
TheShinx (NA)
: The whole competative scene has. Not just the LCS. Riot listens to the pro's and them only. Unless you work inside riot/Are a Pro LoL player you have 0 weight on how the game is balanced. Sad but true statement I have made.
Well, there is the case that you are CertainlyT, then you listen to no one.
: Zed buffed again on pbe: you're kidding me?
CertainlyT must be giving some high quality handjobs to the balance team for that outrageously strong buff.
: Why is Fiora being buffed when she has a 53% win rate
Riot is making a Project skin, so her, Lucian, and Zed require buffs because all of them are getting one. Also, LCS BIG PLAYS
: Pretty sure Riot has said that they will never support a manaless ranged adc,so I doubt they would want to buff AD Kennen. I forgot the exact reason why,but they said that.
Seeing what atrocity CertainlyT made Mordekaiser, it is not far out of reach for that to happen
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: All my friends have quit...
All my friends (and pretty much me as well) quit because of things like this Morde rework, Skarner rework in general, the actual release in Kalista, and the many other stupid crap Riot has been shoving out. For most of us, Riot changing the UI was the tip over the iceberg (I mean come on, it just looks awful compared to before), and we straight up stopped playing the past 3 weeks, going back to playing WC3 mods instead, we actually found out what fun really is again.
: youre unranked -- yasuo is a noob stomper champ --> there you go youre a noob
Typical Yasuo picker here guys, an idiot who doesn't know about the game
: I don't really play Yasuo but I feel like he's good where he's at. His ult is unique, and to be honest, when he's behind that's really the only good thing in his kit. Not to mention he needs a knockup in order to use his ult. So if he doesn't have a team built around him he might not even get the chance to ult.
: Any reason why Kalista still doesn't have a cap on her E on monsters?
CertainlyT is probably sucking off the balance team to make them not nerf her (and Thresh)
: The difference is that Thresh's hook has a windup time which allows it to be predicted. Blitz's hook is far more instant which is why it's more troublesome. Not to mention Thresh already has reduced cooldown when he lands a hook, meaning the ordinary cooldown is tweaked higher.
> Higher cooldown - 12 seconds vs Blitz's 16 seconds Not to mention the mana cost either
: could we nerf Thresh W a bit?
Remember when people complained about Vlad's pool being a get-out-of-jail free card? Whenever he makes a mistake in positioning or anything, all he has to do is just press W! > Fizz came out - Well, it is just another champ that gets it, people complained like crazy about it > Thresh comes out - People praise CertainlyT for his "creativity" with the lantern, even when it is a get-out-of-jail free card for allied heroes, making their mistakes mean nothing and have no punishment against it. Just shows how time changes. Power creep is out of control at this point, so even something as atrocious as Thresh seems balanced to some people.
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: "Unpicked" But how many of those that were picked won? Don't pretend that shit like Storm Spirit and Gyro doesn't dominate Dota.
Here's with win statistics - Let's compare this to last split's LCS - See the difference? I hope you do.
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: idk whats wrong with u kappa {{champion:157}} === fun especially when u juke the jungler all around lane with the minions when he ganks and has no cc. i enjoy that so much
Yeah, I bet the enemy jungler enjoys that soooo much too. Your fun = misery for others. Good job you masochistic bastard.
: What happened with him @ PAX? I'm genuinely curious. Maybe there's a video out there? - skip to around 23 minutes or something, QA is a bit later. It is basically him jerking himself off for 10 minutes and saying that Thresh was designed to do literally everything, and excelling in everything. Then, whenever any balance questions came at him he just sarcastically pushed it off and did not answer it at all.
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: The golden age is season two bruh.
I 510% agree with you. I could give you money by how much I agree with you. I probably used the incorrect wording, it is more around that the game is in a huge downward slump, and will keep diving down until we get some real people working on it.
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: Ekko's damage is exceptionally sub-par and unreliable for an assassin. I can build glass cannon and still get out-damage by a two damage item Nocturne. Or any ADC. Or any other assassin. This is what he trades for utility. He is, basically, the Ashe of assassins. Yeah, he'll do damage but almost anyone in the same class can do it better.
: im getting extremely tired of thresh.
Everyone that played since Season 2 or behind knows that Thresh is a broken monstrosity, but most people joined the game afterwards, giving the majority of people thinking champions like Thresh and Zed are A.O.K. in this game. By now, a lot of them (including most of my friends and pretty much myself, playing a game once a week max) quit this game because of the broken balance in this game that Riot never seems to want to address. It's the unfortunate truth, there would probably be nothing done about Thresh. Now that champions like Ekko and Kalista are in the game while there are champions like Morde or Galio are still what they were years ago, the game is thrown off of balance and it will be a excruciatingly slow climb back to balance through "champion reworks". However, the balance will be shifted to the newer one, where mobility and CC rules (see: Sion rework). I will just leave this video to show what a fun and exciting champion like Thresh brings to this game...
: > [{quoted}](name=Zenthon127,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i1PXMEu7,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-05-30T17:05:37.072+0000) > > Oh please, this isn't even release-Darius tier, let alone release Zyra/LB. AFAIK LeBlanc wasn't considered OP until a little bit before her mini-rework. Care to enlighten me?
When she was released, she got hotfixed mainly for her mana costs (because the pre-CertainlyT days had standards for this). Her base damage got tweaked a bit as well, but if I remember correctly, it wasn't that much.
: And Zed isnt overload? :o passive - damage Q - damagex2 W - passive AD + escape + sight E - damage x2 + slowx2 R - escape + sight + damage + untargetable
Zed was designed by CertainlyT. By default the kit is overloaded crap.
Eggbread (NA)
: Want a good game? Give a champion massive up sides and ginormous down sides.
They have been doing that the whole time!! Kalista's jump back is her hugest downside! We trade not canceling auto attacks to give her infinite mobility!! /s What next, Ekko's ult is a downside because he gets displaced out of position? Oh no!!
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: I mean, the blue side has a 15% advantage lol. How can you judge individual champions when you have map discrepancies like that?
Well, map structure/unfairness is a bit separate from this topic of champions, it's another fire that Riot has to put out in some time in the future (hopefully soon).
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