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: How to Fix BFB (Black Flashing Bars) for Nvidia users
I tried all the steps in the OP and I'm still having this problem. And this in OCT 2017. I am running a Dell XPS 15 with Gerforce GT 540m graphics, 2GB graphics memory. This is an NVIDIA Optimus notebook. Meaning it has both intel HD3000 graphics, as well as Geforce 540. I have switched everything but game client to onboard as suggested. This includes C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe and all league client exes in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy including leagueclient leagueclientux leagueclientuxrender all set to Integradted graphics. Then i set C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client\releases\\deploy\League of Legends.exe to NVIDIA card. Still have the flicker. I've tried almost every combo of nvidia control panel settings. i have win10 64 bit, latest nvidia drivers with geforce experience, latest intel HD3000 graphics. when i look on the geforce activity tool, that tells you what programs are running on the card, it does not run any client programs on it at all as expected, and it show league of legends.exe running on the card as expected once the game has loaded and started. Please help!
: Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way
Why the hate on junglers?
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
get down with the sickness: KEMICAL eSPORTS
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
: KEMICAL Looking for Bronze/Silver Flex and DUO players
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: Looking for Streamers
what's up buddy I've been working on my stream channel looking to collab. also already have partially formed for fun team: KEMICAL would like to join forces plz join discord: ty added.
maktol (NA)
what's up i am a bronze player and may be able to hook you up with a few other dece. bronze players who hang in my team channel. team KEMICAL: discord - add me in game or come join channel happy gg.
: KEMICAL Scrim Thursdays: Looking for: RINGERS and OPPONENTS (bronze - gold)
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slotshot (NA)
: LF Bronze players w/ a mic
hey slotshot. I'm adding you in game. Hang out in my discord we've been playing bronze flexes and duo qs with voice looking for more friends. KEMICAL
: Looking for people to grow out of bronze
sup man i have a little group in discord we are leveling out of bronze in duo and flex. idle and look out for games especially mid afternoon into the night. KEMICAL
: LFM Bronze flex team!
added. we've been playing some bronze flexers and duos from my discord im sure anyone there would like to join the party. come hang out KEMICAL
: LOW ELO B5 player looking for a few good buds with MIC!
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Kelyx (NA)
: DE Recruiting Bronze/Silver and Gold/Plat Teams
I'm down. btw your friends list is full.
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: Looking for a top laner and jungler for a dedicated team.
Ign: icemanKEMICAL Rank: b5 Role: jg / top Top 5 champs: Kha-Zix, Maokai, Camille, Warwick, Graves Strengths: Positional play. Communication. Weaknesses: Hard to find time after 9:30 PM EST to play. bronze 5. put me on a practice squad if u have to I just want to meet some solid players.
Jenka (NA)
: Friendly Discord Community L4 Friends/Free agents for Ranked teams
Greetings from team KEMICAL. I have been working towards a similar goal with my own discord group. I will join y'all and hopefully we can make friends and combine forces. ign: icemanKEMICAL
Zenkage (NA)
: Discord Duo. Lets get out of bronze.
added all in thread kemical discord:
: Welcome to KEMICAL eSPORTS. A Movement and a Team.
A new day and a new chance for those poor, teamless gamers to find solace in the shelter of their new home online. I have heard you clicking in the night, oh lonely one. I beckon to you to team up with some familiar friends rather than accepting the chaotic randomness of solo que. If you are ready to step into the light, then look no further than the OP for our discord chat and bring your mic. -ICEMAN
: Hello! New player here, looking for people to play with
Team KEMICAL is always looking to take in the unexperienced and give them peers so that one day they may flourish into the polished killing machines god made them to be. So, child, if you are ready to accept the gift of KEMICAL, Proceed to our discord server and try to make a friend. You may find a friend, you may find rivals, but together, we can ensure eSPORT's survival. Thank you. -ICEMAN
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Clawesia (NA)
: Looking for some peeps to play with who wont shoot me while I relearn to play the game
What's up. I'm looking for this too. Join me in my personal Discord Channel: KEMICAL eSPORTS a mellow place for serious gamers who are trying to practice up and find good teammates they can build lasting relationships with. Think of it as a pick up game channel with focus in a competitive direction. name is illOdin. by the way this channel is just starting up please excuse if numbers are low at the moment. Those in at the ground floor will surely be rewarded for their loyalty in the long run. This goes for anyone else reading this thread too.

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