: Prestige Updates
So now you value player's investments instead of profit? Remember you buffed Kha Zix because you blatantly wanted players to purchase his chromas. If you want more money just let all the past Prestige Skins and upcoming Prestige skins to be available for a short amount of time. That's called an investment. I really wanted Prestige Caitlyn but I was in another country for a while during her event.
: So I lost AP when I bought an AD item.. Whats going on
OK! I totally didn't take that into account! Thank you for explaining.
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AP malphite has the potential to put out as much damage as a full combo from talon, to potentially everyone on the enemy team. That is royally absurd. Please please PLEASE nerf his ass. I DO NOT want to start banning him just because he can be picked in this way. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS THAT U HAVE BEEN CHANGING THE GAME BASED ON PRO PLAYERS AND PRO STATS AND COMPLETELY DISREGARDING THE CONSTANT PROBLEMS 90% OF UR PLAYERS ARE DEALING WITH. CAN YOU PLEASE CONSIDER EVERYONE BELOW DIAMOND FOR JUST A SLIVER OF YOUR TIME? HOW MANY OF YOU BRAINDEAD CHICKENS ARE EVEN IN THE BALANCE TEAM? MY GOD.
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: Patch 8.24b notes
You guys should just be happy that they brought this discuss section back. It was gone for a while :).

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