: What did Riot support say about your client issues?
That it's no doubt his fault, I've had issues after certain patches where suddenly out of nowhere my ping would spike to 200 from my usual stable 40 and my FPS would tank to 2 in every other game for like 2 seconds each time. Send a ticket to Riot? "If you'll download our hextech tool and send us a copy of the results we can get back to you!" Download the tool and send results to them? "Check with your ISP and make sure all of your routers are working properly! Also ignore the bug report page that is teeming with others asking about the exact same thing! This is **_your fault_** we have done nothing wrong." Riot support is a fucking scam and the only people working there are lazy good for nothing trolls that won't do a thing to help you no matter the circumstances.
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: Caitlyn has been sitting way under 50% winrate the whole season
How about you fucking nerf the dominant ones? Jesus christ this constant power creep has already put the game as a whole into a shitty spot and you want MORE stats added to make the problem worse?
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: Scroll all the way down. Look at where someone only said "I love the game" and see the amount of downvotes he has.
So people disliking what amounts to a substance-less spam post? Why isn't it downvoted lower?
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: What's the point of this post? Why is this even in gameplay? What does other people playing the game have to do with YOU? Just because YOU aren't enjoying it, it's impossible for other people to enjoy it? Just because YOU aren't having fun, it's impossible for other people to have fun? Dude, if you're not enjoying the game, go find another game to play and stop making senseless posts on the boards. I've recently picked up Ziggs and I have a 32% percent w/r on him but I'm having the time of my life. Not saying that the game doesn't have its issues but the boards have literally been acting like the game is dying since I've started playing 3 years ago. Thankfully, I didn't let this toxic forum deter me from playing such a great game. Ready for my downvotes because we all know that saying anything positive about this game on here will get you downvoted.
More like ready yourself for downvotes because people are allowed to disagree with you. Isn't it funny how your type just assumes any negative feedback you receive stems from some sort of echo-chamber instead of you just having an opinion others don't agree with?
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: I might get downvoted, but I like all the diversity in this meta, I haven't had too many games where it is dominate or get dominated. Maybe not high enough elo? (Gold5)
What diversity? It's practically the same 40 champs with the only variety revolving around which of them get banned.


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