: Well, look at it from a female perspective - if we ignore the fact that is was a diamond team that shouldn't have been there in the first place and naturally ended up embarrassing themselves entirely, what was the reason for banning all supports? It's not strategy for sure, and it never happened before, so obviously, it was gender-based. So, in a way...it kinda is sexist. Of course, you can say it was just friendly banter, joke, etc. but considering how much stereotyping there is about girls only playing/being good at supports in games, from a female perspective, that wasn't funny at all. It's equal to telling those girls they should be in the kitchen instead of gaming. So, yeah, you can trash Riot for it all you want, but I'm here to say good job, they deserved every punishment. That being said, I agree with Myrmiron too, it shouldn't have ever happened in the first place, and Riot should take some blame as well.
But the thing is they are all basically low diamond Support mains and certain support champs can be played in multiple roles like karma or zilean. Also banning only supports has happened before to a Brazilian support Dioud who was really good and he just picked a different champion than the supports that were banned. Like legitimately the girls top champions are Nami, Karma etc. Also it's disrespectful to the competitive players on the other team to be playing against players far below their skill level. The Russian league is at fault for letting unqualified players, not because they are female, but the fact that they are basically 4 low diamond support mains and a manager ruining the competitive integrity of the league
: I like Ahri
If anyone wants to know what the art is referring to its [This Dance](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/97/89/a5/9789a5752645415a682409687bd786f6.gif)
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: Tumble crits for half your HP once she's finished Shiv and IE.
I mean riot tried to remove the crit tumble from her kit and put power somewhere else but the whole forum cried about how op she was gonna be


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