: seeing lots of games with double digit deaths or negative kda so how should you be punished ?
Put a harsher punishment down on my account, I don't care it'll contribute to less toxicity coming from players who are annoyed with feeders
: Intentional, sure. Unintentional? No, that would lead to dwindling the playerbase to the point where a game couldn't even be made anymore.
: so you want to punish people for being bad? should i go and look at your match history and point out games you should be punished for playing badly?
Go ahead and add me to the list, it'll still contribute to feeding problem
: I agree Intentionally feeding should get a harder punishment to deter trolls, but unintentional feeding is just one shitty player, he is still trying his best, but his best is just not enough. dosen't make him a troll . what you are basically saying here, is that RIot needs to create a "minimum skill requirement". truth is, if your team is losing, you have atleast 1 player feeding. and it aint fair.
I think minimum skill requirement is the correct term but there should be some kind of suspension from ranked if someone's dumbass goes 0/10 for more than 3 games
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: It can be a live match or a rebroadcast, but you have to watch it on the lolesports website.
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