: I literally can not believe the massive boner this thread is giving everyone. .... look at most of the comments. "Oh wow, I didn't even know there was already an indicator in the game!" Does that not mean anything to you people? Nobody pays any attention to it as is. It isn't even that old of an addition. They literally added it earlier this year. I want to say around the same time as the elemental dragons. Why do you think it will be any different if the icon in the mini map gets an indicator too? It really wont. Most likely this will get a few people to notice and make good decisions because of it, but most STILL WONT NOTICE. So sure Riot, go for it. Waste some more time on something like this that will have a small impact and don't focus on something more important. I mean, sure why not, Worlds is coming up and you're going to need something to do for a few months. I'm sure you have no big plans for the preseason. ... *now you asshats can downvote me because THIS is a negative post*
I believe the reason people don't pay attention to it is that it is confusing. Firstly, the bar blends in with the inhibitor and doesn't stand out, secondly, the bar is hard to read due to the colors mixing together and also is only a part of the circle in differing orientations across the map. Also, this was added to the PBE on 9/25/14 so I think people would know about it if it wasn't so hard to read. [Source](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/summoners-rift-update-preview.html)
: Maybe something like https://i.gyazo.com/84dc923c60ab2541959cb03f8901b933.png where it doesn't cut into the middle square thing
: Not that I think this is a bad idea, but there is already the visual indicator that you mentioned (the circle around the inhibitor) and an audible announcement when the inhibitor will be re spawning in 30 seconds. I just don't think it is necessary.
I never said this was a necessary change, more of a QoL change. Also other than the 30 sec notification humans without clocks in their heads will have a hard time knowing information that is available simply due to its confusing location.
: Now that we have jungle timers, can we have inhib timers on the minimap?
If you have any helpful comments I'd love your feedback.
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: You know what would really help your relationship with the community Riot?
I made this post which I think would be beneficial: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/PVNBqfox-update-the-inhibitors-icon
: they took the yasuo crit on ult suggestion. they are taking the chat filter changes suggestions. that's just the ones i have seen in the past 2 weeks.
That was a balance decision that affected one champion, it was a good suggestion and I wouldn't be surprised if they thought of it beforehand. These, on the other hand, are mostly wide affecting changes that affect the play experience. The others on the list are QoL or additions to content.
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/3fHRIi5X-yasuo-doesnt-need-nerfs Let's see how this goes. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Annnnnndd... it got deleted at -7
: A lesson on Mining Downvotes Properly
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/3fHRIi5X-yasuo-doesnt-need-nerfs Let's see how this goes. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: And if you are out of his tower nest he is useless as hell. Play someone who outranges him like {{champion:99}} or someone who can clear his towers or play around them like {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}} and he is pretty much done.
: He has Ekko syndrome. Designed to be built with damage, nerfed because he performs too well as a tank, and nerfs means he only ever viable as a tank.
Or does Ekko have Aatrox syndrome?
MagÊ (EUW)
: 6.18 just proved that 0 Fucks were given about damage creep
So apparently he also has the least damage of common toplaners and the least kills. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} http://champion.gg/champion/Shen
Wuks (NA)
: PSA: Don't participate in MMR boosting
Hey Wuks, just wanted to say that your participation in the boards has been awesome and I thank you for all the advice and help you;ve given out despite not even being a Rioter. Thank you. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Also, I was wondering, can you remove the tier 1 runes from my inventory? Or maybe reintroduce the rune recycler thing? These tier 1's are driving me nuts
Yes, they can, just send in a ticket, mine were removed in under 6 hours.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reikken,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y3Jc6N7J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-29T22:45:33.997+0000) > > too busy with esports to bother with fun things lel They can't even bother improving new players experience either. This game might attract a lot more new players, but it's sure as hell not gonna keep those new players.
Right now nearly every effort is being put into designing and finishing the new client. This will be an immense help to new players and also will benefit old players significantly. Due to this until it is launched, do not expect any changes to systems outside of balance, new champion releases, or lore
: It's a broken mechanic
Chrio (NA)
Why do you think minion block needs updating?
: What's an Evelynn?!
I think it would be cool if her vision was tied into the enemy being able to see her eyes, so if she turned toward you, you would see her, but she could walk right past you without looking and you'd have no idea. This would make her a lot less binary and help appeal to the sneaking up behind your enemy fantasy while helping balance her.
Chrio (NA)
: Petition to make taliyah moan when gnar throws a boulder at her
Yes, but it shouldn't be a moan, it should be an exclamation, like "ugh" or something to that effect.
Elfezen (NA)
: When you gank the enemy Jungler but unfortunately it was Udyr
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=iguy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqJ8G6sc,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-08-16T15:11:21.799+0000) > > Why do you think they're doing an assassin update after worlds? Very sure the Yasuo 'nerf' might come before that, Especially with the Tank Yasuo crap that happened earlier(funny how he's only received bug fixes since after season 4?), Reworks usually target 'main' role champions that especially need some major fix ups for them. I just kind of hope that Ahri (They did say AP assassin and Ahri is one of those champions who feel more like their sub-role and less like their main role) is on slot 4 in the major reworks or at least a minor rework since even though she's good especially in rank mode from what i heard, it still feels like her assassin end of damage tends to falter with things like old style utility, simple damage and a kit that 'was' just as vanilla as Annie before Tibbers got Rage mode added to her set of things and even when her flame shield was not a simple damage reduction but gave armor/magic resist instead while active. Course if we base it purely on it being a AP champion who are part of the Assassin role and plays like one then this could include: Ekko Fizz Katarina Nidalee Teemo Evelynn (If she is even counted that and she hasn't already been tacked on in the minor rework, which if i recall she was) But obviously Ekko is too 'fresh' to be one on that list. Teemo getting a rework and likely made even more utility powerful might scare alot of people for the coming of Super Sateemon, Nidalee might just focus on removing her silly plays of Q poke blasting and mess with her heal that works on team mates that feels out of place considering she's basically a 'roamer' jump champion. Katarina could definitely fit the page especially since they went ahead and gave her a PROJECT skin so it could be teased on that and her kit just like Ahri, are pretty out of date (simple and easily countered by a good deal of utility via items or other schmicks). Fizz would fall under the spot like Teemo's likely be scary but could also be nice to tweak his screw with you typical play style and make it more in line of being playful then trollie. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Well less anyone wants to speak about what AP 'Assassin' champion' that 'actually' could use the rework and maybe what other assassins should get a spot in the minor reworks? I'm all ears, especially if you want to talk about them reworking tank items since there is no way they aren't touching them before or for the rework considering the constant presence of them (That or they could make assassin based items stronger, who knows~). Especially considering the mage rework updated about 9 items, remade 'the old RoAges stone into Catalyst of Aeons', brought back Lost chapter for our morelloncion, gave us HEXTECH special items (along with tuning up the old one). We could likely expect at least half a dozen to maybe 10 items around assassins get tweaked too, maybe even more objective fix ups like how they added elemental dragons too with mage rework too?
You are taking this out of context. I only meant that assassins as a class will most likely receive adjustments and new items to help deter them from building tank and still dealing damage. I did not in any way mean to refer to the champions you have listed and their individual balance issues.
: Honestly, this "tank assassin" that's been going on for a while now needs to end.
Why do you think they're doing an assassin update after worlds?
Keepe (NA)
: March of the Yordles. {{champion:78}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:45}}
: Gameplay - Remake option with full team present
The cause is because the game registered him not moving as being afk, unfortunately even though he wasn't and was most likely being active in other ways the system isn't perfect and counts not moving and not being in combat as being afk.
: Its called auto fill and you can thank the people that complained about que times. Now you can get a roll that you never queued for. That being said I find it funny that you didn't already know this so many trolling?
Yes, but that is only diamond+, and I doubt that player could've made it to diamond legitimately.
: needs to be a thing in the current client.
It doesn't really make sense to entirely recreate the masteries system (as they have said would be required to do this) when you have an update coming in a few months that fixes everything else as well. Not to mention the resources would be better spent helping the new client come out faster.
: Your main and their favorite Pokemon.
http://pre09.deviantart.net/8f31/th/pre/i/2015/103/e/5/xerath_sticker__by_akarilunarico-d8mayzs.png http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/e/ee/Electivire.png/revision/latest?cb=20121005195250
Zarvanis (NA)
: {{champion:45}} http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/b/b4/429Mismagius.png/250px-429Mismagius.png?noredirect
More accurate, http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/pokemon/images/b/bc/200Misdreavus_Pokemon_Ranger_Guardian_Signs.png/revision/latest?cb=20150107225952 (it is a short joke)
: Karthus isn't wrong...
Umm, yes he is. "You have been dying since your first breathe" This isn't true. You begin dying around age 25, or as soon as the brain's development peaks. Hate this quote, it's completely false. If you want to be accurate, say "the moment you're born begins the countdown to death"
P0ll0 (EUW)
: So just started to play rankeds
This is a sentence. There is a space between the period and the next sentence, after a comma there is a space. Please remember this next time you make a post. Sincerely, A cringing grammar nazi
: **Premades should expect to lose if they don't use voice chat.** Just like solos should expect to lose if they refuse to ping or chat. **Premades who do use voice chat should expect to win more than 50%.** Just like solos who ping and/or chat. In short, *you're complaining about something being the way it should be.* --- Edit: I turned this into a longer post, [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/oPKpez4E-a-single-number-to-measure-premade-winrate-is-misleading).
I do believe this is a possible solution, unfortunately it's negatives will severely harm the player base that likes to play with friends but choose not to use voice chat. Obviously they should if they want to win, but many will not and will have negative experiences because of it.
: A solo may have voice coms, a solo may not. Not all solo's are the same capabilities. There is an almost verbatim argument to made about this with regard to solos using voice coms.
: This thread should be in memes and games, because all of your points are a joke. I seriously can't take you seriously, your points are so bad. This has to be satire, but that wouldn't add up because you're in Gameplay.
: this very same concept has unbalanced solo/duo q the entire time the game has been played. as i stated before, its free and everyone has it available. those that choose to use it have the advantage. its not dynamic q...its a lack of social skills. associating game balance and peoples tendencies to be introverted and scared to talk to strangers is a silly conversation to be having.
I do not believe solo/duo queue was balanced, however, I believe it was exceedingly more balanced and healthy than dynamic queue is. Also, >associating game balance and peoples tendencies to be introverted and scared to talk to strangers is a silly conversation to be having. this association changes how well players are capable of playing drastically, so I do believe it is an excellent discussion to be having.
: what exactly do you want them to do about third party voice applications? there are so many now i dont think there is a single thing you have said here thats relevant. any time you have a group of people willing to communicate and do whatever it takes to win vs a team of people not communicating and are unwilling to work that closely with their team mates the ones trying to win will come out on top more often than the lazy fucks. curse is free, you can paste the link and have everybody just join and you dont have to friend them, or give them your email address or real name. its been around a long time, start using it and stop whining.
Unfortunately many people are ignorant, there are also some who **_choose_** not to because of personal reasons, ex: they like to play music while in game. Others also can be scared and or only use voice chat with people they trust. Because of this there will always be groups of 5 who will not use voice chat, and inherently unbalance dynamic queue.
: I LOVE HIM!!!!!! http://tribzap2it.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/david-tennant-3d.gif?w=500&h=250 Speculation: Skaarl runs away when kled gets low on HP
That's not speculation, that's fact.
M1R (NA)
: Rito could go ahead and add in-game voip. That'd be cool and a good start. Wait, did I say that out loud?
I don't feel like voice chat in game is a good idea. Many reds have also stated that Riot has turned it down numerous times. Yes there are ways to implement it, but unfortunately RIot has made their decision.
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: But Riot'd have to make it so that the enemies can't see that they are debuffed, or they would notice that a place is warded because they can see the debuff themselves.
I'd bet money that there are more hidden debuffs on characters than there are ones on the buff bar.
: This would be too hard to determine and probably be impossible to code. Also way too many assists, especially in high elo. This would just lead to more gold disparity and harder snowballing per kill.
It would actually be quite easy to code in comparison to many abilities. The logic would look something like: If playerX has sighstone, then give enemies who walk inside vision of wards they place a debuff lasting for 1 minute(example) that grants assists if enemy is killed.
: Its not the Spartans fault that Zeus was on their side.
: Why Praise The Sun?
Dost though not believeth in thine jolliest of cooperation?!
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: NSFW Hot Pic Of Kalista (18+ Only)
: Demacia? Demacia! DEMACIA!!!!!! (Come and get a free mystery skin!)
https://i0.wp.com/i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s390/leagueoflosers/c6da0f116f07b3a60c8af09e621feafe.gif DEMACI-fucking-AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
: Forum Enhancement Kit: F.E.K 4.0
Fritterz (NA)
: Want something for free? Solve this Riddle!
I'm gonna say either death or the cycle of life and death. >At times we ponder on things _**passed**_. For all things we know, time will outlast. As time drags on, our comfort gone, All we can do is _**mourn**_ and look on. referring to death and how time goes on after we die. >At the beginning the process begins, Ends at the closing of all that has been. It’s when, not if, not if, but when. The wisest of all have serenity within. This is just describing cycles in general and how if you know death is coming you get a sense of peace. >An emptiness that cannot be filled With fingers reaching that are not instilled Never gives, always wants, Haunting the bravest, it will daunt. It makes people sad when you die, an emptiness in their lives, death reaches with fingers, death is daunting and feared. >Of fingers clenched and foreheads drenched Whether children to mothers or players benched Those entrenched from comfort wrenched Yearning and pleading will never be quenched. (impressive rhyme btw) Tension/fear, 2nd line no clue, you can plead but you'll still die. >Darkness thrives within our lives, This riddles lets the darkness survive. Struggle you may and put up a fight, Until answered, there is no light. darkness=sadness, rest=ending --- This is my guess and reasoning
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=iguy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HUiaLLtN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-07-07T23:14:37.361+0000) > > This is a little thing called sarcasm. I don't think that word means what you think it means.
sarcasm the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. irony the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. mock tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner. tease make fun of or attempt to provoke (a person or animal) in a playful way. Yes, I do believe I know what that word means.
Quepha (NA)
: Dynamic queue allows you to queue up as 4, 3, or 2 members of the team and still work on your rank, as well as queuing with people from outside of the team.
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