: Patch 9.3 Notes: Lore Edition
more morde lore {{champion:82}} whos that sad boy ruined king???
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: According to a leaked podcast, Swain's new lore involves some kind of demon he's made a pact with (low key confirmed by Reav3 on the subreddit). It's highly suspected that Beatrice is the demon in the new lore.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Jericho,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=irnjK7I2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-03T20:50:58.665+0000) > > According to a leaked podcast, Swain's new lore involves some kind of demon he's made a pact with (low key confirmed by Reav3 on the subreddit). It's highly suspected that Beatrice is the demon in the new lore. dont want to get cut with how edgey this reworked swain might be
Leyin (EUW)
: let's see, I expect we will get a Teaser this month that will hint first Beatrice and then Swain.
> [{quoted}](name=Her Protection,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=irnjK7I2,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-01-03T15:17:59.955+0000) > > let's see, I expect we will get a Teaser this month that will hint first Beatrice and then Swain. O BOI
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: When they say he had vastayan blood, it means he had an ancestor at some point who was a Vastaya. Remember the Pig-man Shai mentioning those with extremely diluted vastayan blood can shift between a human and chimaeric form. It's a pretty good explaination for Swain's ult.
whats up with the ravens though, are they vastayan too?
: why did you mess with champion:50
to me the champions they couldn't find and answer as to how certain characters shapeshift got labeled vastayan, from a development standpoint its a good idea, but it leaves the fact that the champions that are vastayan are all connected. Now i thought that swain was some ancient demon, that was summoned by the black rose to take control of noxus and hes really not even human, swains just a meat puppet, i certainly think thats better than, swain went to ionia and found the vastaya then somehow got some vastayan blood.
GreenLore (EUW)
: He isn't even a Vastaya,they only say that he got Vastaya blood,but that could mean that he simply killed a Vastaya and used their blood in a ritual or something like that.
: "Mysterious" isn't really a good thing for lore; For people that want to know more about the champion this is very bad. "Mysterious" just seems like a excuse for not fleshing out the character fully.
i kinda meant it like show don't tell, not "mysterious" bad wording on my part. Theres alot you should know about some characters and sometimes you should know very little, like characters from darksouls or magus and magil (same dude i guess?) from the chrono series, these characters have alot of depth to them but you get told an extremely limited amount of information.
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: Rise of the Dragons
{{champion:50}} https://youtu.be/rcjpags7JT8
: Ranged Top Laners, and How Painful it is
i dunno, heavy sustain and cc could easily counter range, aatrox and chogath are the answer
: {{champion:50}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:14}}
I was thinking blashyrkh, forgotten existence, and free your hate
: Assign a Metal song to a champion; Volume 2!
{{champion:50}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:14}}
: Well its league not Dota 2 ( where you can be banned for chat and still play the game) . Riot has a community that is ruled through fear of bans not general kindness, I have never seen someone be flamed and actually apologize for playing badly or actively attempted to be nice to that person to make them stop. They only respond by with reporting that person even if their feeding have actively ruined the game for everyone else involved and are so stuck up they see nothing wrong with it. Riot leads through fear like SJWs instead of love/understanding. You can see this dating back to Riot Lyte days and still continues into their policies and jsut look at some of the provacations Riot Tantrums gives. He never tries to be compensate and help these people. No, he publicly uses inside information to discredit anything that is about how bad the ban system is and defends a broken system (i think he might be before Lincoln if you catch me). Look at what Riot Lyte did when he moderated, he abused his power just like Riot Tantrum and others do by using private information to win arguments since they don't have the brain power to actually debate (just like Social Justice Warriors when they shutdown debates by shouting racist, misogyny,etc ). Never have I once seen a Riot employee actively take the side or even come close to the one that is banned, no they say their system is perfect and never makes mistakes. Their system actively defends trolls that know how to manipulate their system while punishing normal people that obviosly get outraged when their time and effort is being wasted. They also use the term flaming so loosely its seen as so pathetic, "o you said something someone doesn't like" you must have flamed and they never actually review the cases or else they would most likely provide more than the chat logs for one side. They also never give you entire chat logs so people can't see how bad their system really is since it bans those that have a spine and can't sit for 30+ minutes while others actively waste their time then report at the end saying hope riot actually get these trolls this time (news flash they won't since they know how to work the system. Just look a troll's match history and you can see a lot of trolls get away with it for a long time) In Dota 2 they also have actual voice chat so you can have a conversation much faster and not have to type out a paragraph. Also voice chat clears up a lot of confusion with what people mean and usually lets you actually make friends or help others in the game. This is why lol is seen as one of the most toxic ever in any game since the mute and report strategy is really quite absurd. Riot has breed the culture of "o he said something i don't like so I'm gonna report and get em banned" instead of a healthy culture of every can have a say that they are having a bad time due to someone else. Then they can use that input to say okay lets correct this to the best of our abilities or explain why this is happening and make the experience good for everyone. EXAMPLE FOR Lets look at a situation here for example, Say your midlaner(or any other role really) keeps dying (no kills or assist) and at the third or fourth death you say "can you play more passive and stop feeding the enemy team or else this game will become unwinnable." They could just mute you after that and report you and that would be seen as flaming someone for doing poorly. But in reality (where most of us live but not Riot) this a perfectly acceptable request since if they continue with their behavior it will drag the whole team down. With us having to either carry them or them losing the game since their midlaner is fed and can stomp us now since they never stopped to think of the impact of their actions. I'm not saying they suck at the game, I'm saying they need to stop or we will lose the game. That you are drastically hurting our chances of winning so please and politely asking you to play more passive and stop so that others can have the chance of actually winning their lanes and not be stomped. But no one every says "sorry I am trying my best and I will try to play more passive so we have a chance" no this community just reports you after feeding more so that they can keep their ego in tact. When I use to play this game actively, I would always apologize for doing poorly since I knew my play was actively hurting others experiences,but no one else ever came to this conclusion. This community is so selfish and egotistical they think their experience is the only on that matters. That the 4 others are only mad because they aren't winning, when in fact they are angry since you refused to stop actively trying to win your lane so much so that you lead 4 others to lose the game off your decision to say I think i can finally beat this guy that has 4 kills and a lvl up on me. The really sad part is the first person that realizes his role is not just about himself doing good, but about the team winning will get banned before the selfish jerk that ruins the game for 4 others since they neither stopped their actions or let their team know that they had made a mistake and they needed extra assistance to remedy it. Anyone can lose so much their team loses also, it takes an actual decent player to realize if I don't lose really really badly and just wait on my team to come help then we have a really good chance to win this. TLDR: want a good community, look else where . Riot ruined this one.
people take this game way too seriously and its distasteful, I think the feeding mentality is kind of like a mini gambling addiction, "ill get it the next time". I agree 100% with the whole sjw thing, although I'm not well versed in the riot history, my understanding is some guys liked Warcraft 3 copied a bunch of other games and made league, like ashe, ripped straight out of dota, swain's kit is like the warlocks in wow, mordekaiser is just sauron. those lengthy paragraphs were a good read.
: That pesky champ select troll
I don't know how to feel about this, define champ select troll, because I main Mordekaiser bot, and I've gotten a lot of shit until I reached mastery level seven with him, and occasionally some one try's to be cute and say "no adc?". I agree that Shyvanna shouldn't be bot, Veigar doesn't belong in the jungle, but if its something some one isn't used to like sion and kled duo botlane, I don't see a problem, its something weird in an online videogame it should be a given.
: Am I a toxicity magnet?
what I've learned is that league is an online game, and the internet is a cesspool, ergo don't take the game personally, not ignore them but recognize why those people are the way they are, most likely they use league as a tool for boosting their ego's. I would get used to a few champs you like best and beat them at their own game in a sense, that shouldn't be your goal, but it does give a "reality" check, you can't really reason with that kind of person.
é boi (NA)
: So I've been accused of cheating...
unless it becomes a reoccurring thing, I wouldn't sweat it.
kds6402 (NA)
: Sorry, Everyone.
I'm wondering what the nature of "toxicity" is, is it venting, is it the game getting to your head I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say.
: I know its mean and I am definitely not in the right, but when I see someone is about to pick Nasus into a team that will not be able to survive a 4v5, meaning we won't last long enough for him to get strong, i will ban Nasus. I will say "plz no Nasus" or something but they usually don't respond or tell me to screw off. If I see my teammate is going to pick Yasuo and i look at their OP.GG only to see they regularly feed or just plain do terrible on Yas, I will ban him. Most of the time they flame me in all chat for the first 5 minutes, then they will move on and forget about it. They actually tend to pick better champions or champions they have good winrates with instead and do really well (i guess in an attempt to show me how good they are and that I was wrong for not believing in them or something). They also stop being mad at me after a bit because in game I am overly nice to them, unless they mute me lol.
what gives you the right to take his pick though? other than your guess that your team comp doesn't need it, to me that seems self righteous.
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: Petition to make Level 7 Mastery of champions be different for each one
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
i think aatrox should look like his old concept art http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/File:Aatrox_concept_1.jpg
: Urgot is at least unique and offers some interesting things to his team. Aatrox is just a watered down version of every other fighter in the game, even when itemization favors heavy auto attackers like patch 4.20 he STILL only comes up to par at best.
i like both their lore though, aatrox is vanilla, the original art work for aatrox looks bad ass and i have no idea they didn't go with the all black and his back cape, p.s. aatrox's legs look weird, urgot's are cool
: {{item:3345}}
{{item:2050}} {{item:3675}} {{item:3673}} {{item:3672}} {{item:3671}} {{item:3362}} {{item:3361}}
: Inside the Shadow Isles with the Foundations team
: Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]
"my army will soon storm your gates revenant" shouldn't yorick and mordekaiser cooperate, hell they're even in a band together. i think their core ideologies are polar opposites but they would have a lot to gain from each other. I don't see yorick caring about valoran since the ruined king is from there, and i think morde just wants to rule everything and he doesn't really care about the black mist, yorick can get rid of the black mist and morde could get his immortal bastion back {{item:3345}}
: he's a fad , probably not ;-;
: he's a fad , probably not ;-;
> [{quoted}](name=im happy i dance,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=G718Nujp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-25T06:18:56.336+0000) > > he's a fad , probably not > ;-; totally called it
: Ask Riot how we’ve made Events out of Ranked 3’s
is it difficult to develop a story for league
okino (NA)
: Serious ping spikes and lots of lag.
yesterday and today ive had lag spikes, out of the blue. i haven't had the pink screen, but i got 6 digit ms
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Kadavik (NA)
: The enemy team goes in for an early invade.
: {{champion:83}} guess he could be... underground...
Kittenguin (EUNE)
: Urgot
{{champion:83}} guess he could be... underground...
jusho1 (NA)
: Swain is popular
he's a fad , probably not ;-;
Zanphyra (NA)
: Swain
i've gone ad swain before its difficult, especially with the mage update, its mostly his ult, it feels awkward to use ad items on him because of the auto attack animation is ... _different_ and somewhat sluggish; for the most part his kit would really do well as an ad carry {{item:3146}} (adc swain works)
: Swain rework [concept]
i like the concept for a pet Beatrice, but swain kinda feels lame, when i first started playing him i thought everything about him was rad, but his ability's aren't flashy, they don't feel like I'm doing anything, essentially i feel like I'm mashing keys in an order and poof i got a kill. I think swains ability's and classic skin need to be reworked, the concepts of the ability's are "_fine_" in a sense. unless you have tyrant swain, _you don't think swain as the leader of Noxus _, he just seems like a decrepit, weak, old... **HOLY SHIT HE'S A DEMON BIRD**, that is what makes swain a bad ass. Every one is like "he sucks" "lol everyone counters swain" then you just "~~morph beneath them~~" taunt and throw a joke to add insult to injury . but his ability's and his combo's don't have a similar feeling to his ult, they work nice, do what they are meant to do ~~kill things~~ , but they are lackluster. PS. {{summoner:17}} why is this still a thing
: Swain
i like his kit its simple and its fun
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: Sometimes I'm sad Morde doesn't use mana
YES i was going to argue and try to start a pissing contest, but this made my day

im happy i dance

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