: Rival Question
Their skins don't warrant any voice lines
Reav3 (NA)
: Technically we have shifted internally to a 50/50 split. The reason I say it could possibly end up 60/40 next year is that if we end up shipping a uneven number of champions then it will appear as 60/40 even if we had a even amount in development
You probably can't reply, but isn't it possible we can an announcement this year of 2 more VGUs since the restructure of the teams
: What if VOLI pulled a FIORA VGU alongside the announce NUNU VGU in the future?
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Ralanr (NA)
: You haven't really suggested what he should be like, just "god of war". Most renditions of a "god of war" are usually hilariously over the top.
See, you keep reading "god of war". No one said "god of war". "God of war" makes you think of those things you've mentioned but no one is saying those words. Targonian Aspect of War is something different than "god of war". The team has worked hard to make their own word and style. And they've been crushing it. They don't stick to basic tropes and we all love them for it. Lets trust and see what they can do when they get their hands on {{champion:80}}. And as for suggestions I was actually thinking of him taking notes from his fellow Aspects. Sleek (not bulky) armor like Diana, with a bit bit more rugged look. Maybe a bit of hair coming out from the back of his helmet (just a bit). And I really think he should be sleeveless. Maybe small armbands, but definitely nothing else. Show how broad his shoulders are and how taught his muscles are as well. The sleeveless will set him apart from the other Aspects in showing how he is the most "fighter" and "about the battle" than the others
Ralanr (NA)
: No. A god of war doesn't need to show people how big his dick is by overly dressing up like someone who thinks it looks cool. A god of war should be designed as an efficient soldier. Because war is fought by soldiers damn it. People trained and disciplined in their art. Pantheon doesn't have to look super spartan, but he needs to look like someone who won't fall over because of his own weight in weaponry. We have Mordekaiser for that.
"but he needs to look like someone who won't fall over because of his own weight in weaponry" No one is suggesting that he be heavily armored. I certainly don't want that
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Frolo (NA)
: A purpose for Chromas in VGUs/model updates
I was thinking something similar to this.
: We now have 5 teams that can do either VGU/New Champ so.. many VGU!!!
: What champion would you like to see reworked next?
I too eagerly await a {{champion:80}} VGU
: Which voice actors do you want to voice League Champions in the future?
: [Poll] What VGU would you like to see next, right after Evelynn?
: Pantheon is a weird spirit thing. The only thing we know is it's using Atreus' body. And Atreus' body (including his vocal cords) is 18-20.
9/10 we see the voice also take over. This is nothing new
: I found something regarding Varus lore
: Hi, I'm Dienekes. I generally pop in to threads to show my annoyance at the Pantheon lore and VGU info heard thus far. And I am 100% in support of Blum being Panth's new voice. Even if technically by their own lore, Atreus is around 18 or so. Screw it. Blum is awesome.
Atreus may be around 18-20, But Pantheon is a lot older
: Summoners Rift should look as cool as Twisted Treeline or Abyss, current Artwork not nice
: We have a "Battlemage" class tag, but not a real Battlemage!
Looking at the comments... we have so many battle mages lol
: Darius doesn't need anymore because he has no particles because he's a simply champion Mechanically complex champions like Shaco and Katarina have tons of particles and spell abilities and potential different sounds and models. You can't go far with some dude who just swings an axe around. You can do alot more with teleporting champions that throw shit and make spooky stuff and have cool plays
"Tons of particles" ???!!!? What?!? You can tell you're clearly biased. And that line confirms it
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GreenLore (EUW)
: Sorry didn't see that this thread was necro'd
Elfezen (NA)
: it doesnt matter if its inbound or not really, at this rate even the tier 1 champions will take 8 years+ to finish with their updates, we get barely 2-3 VGUs per year
Last year was 4. This year is going to be 4 again. But even so, 4 a year is too little
GreenLore (EUW)
: He is currently among the top candidates for a VGU https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/yghB24Gs-now-urgot-and-eve-will-get-their-long-awaited-vgus-can-we-have-more-info-about-other-candidates?comment=0004
: Pantheon is such a cool champ, he is just unhealthy in the game right now. A non interactive kit that becomes useless post 30 minutes - so his gameplay isn't in a good spot rn. More-over, he doesn't LOOK good unless you have the Dragonslayer skin, which isn't something you should have to say about any champ. I was really hoping when A-Sol came out and we had the Mount Targon update, Sol and Taric came out and we got lore updates to Leo, Diana and Panth... but not even tuning. Not even a small scale rework. His kit is generic, his model is unappealing, I'd love nothing more than a full VGU
: After kayne being live,or from now on ?
I think think 2 patches after Kayn being live
: How much time since our Oh-so-wanted urgot rework ?
The patch right after would be great. But doubtful. I say the patch after next. So not the patch after Kayn, the next one after is my guess. EDIT: 2 patches after Kayn is when I think we'll see urgot
: Will Aatrox get his rework by a VGU Team?
He is not on a list for next VGU. It says Gameplay Update only
: Yeah, their visuals/thematic weren't pushed very far either -- MF for example still has the same clothing and silhouette from before the VU, whereas a full realization of her theme would probably land her closer to Captain Fortune visually while upgrading her overall shape and animations. Hopefully they'll go back and revisit her/Kass once the more problematic champs are out of the way.
Reav3 (NA)
: I think you are highlighting why we stopped doing VUs. They really weren't noticed much or appreciated. 2 of the champions on your list already got VUs not that long ago.......
Kass and MF didn't get the full art treatment (vo, recall, etc)
: I absolutely love all the work that's come from the VGU teams thus far (Galio has been my all-time favorite, especially on the art side). I honestly can't wait til they get around to giving Quinn her VGU, but in the meantime I'm just looking forward to any new updates they make. As an aside, here are some other champs I'd love to see realized to their full potential: {{champion:80}} -- Needs less "Sparta" and more "celestial badass." {{champion:40}} -- I'd love to see Janna's kit modernized to fit her new lore. Art-wise she'd probably be one of the most beautiful champions also. {{champion:131}} -- This one's a bit more contentious, but I feel her art is pretty dated and she could be much cooler both visually and gameplay-wise (should feel like she's interacting with the moon instead of just launching light from her blade on people) {{champion:7}} -- Also contentious but I feel Riot could get a lot more out a full VGU for LeBlanc than just updating her bit by bit until she's healthy. I also think she has a lot of potential for amazing visuals, though other champions certainly need it more. {{champion:10}} -- So much potential for the angel theme but it's really underserved at the moment with Kayle's bland kit.
Totally agree with you on {{champion:80}} He is my most anticipated VGU
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: New Freljord concept art!
I've had this as a wallpaper for a long while now
: The MOST important thing when Pantheon gets updated
Absolutely agree. I was thinking he'd be fully armore except for arms. He'd still have his bracers though. But his shoulder would still be bare, and broad. It would put him more in line with the Targon/Diana/Leona look, and still have this warrior feel that his character is suppose to carry
: Pantheon Splash Art
Will happen with VGU
Bultz (NA)
: Can we get the lore behind Yasuo's and Riven's new skins?
: Who do you want to get the next legendary skin?
{{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}}
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: Remember Xayah and Rakan, they got there teaser 1 day before if I remember right, And my comeplete source isn't based on this leak, but I wasn'T sure if 7.12 or 7.13 so I decided for 7.12, because more "arguments" were for 7.12
They didn't have a teaser a day before. It was on a Friday. 4 days before
: Fixed it
What's the story on this? Where did you see this? Etc
: "Sólo uno lo levantará." Only one will lift it.
: we have urgots update coming up, then evelynns after that who knows whos next
I know. I'm speaking about after Urgot and Eve
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: Honestly? Mordekaiser isn't even numero uno priority for me at this point, I enjoy the champion and there are champions that are also in dire need of some love. PANTHEON especially could be one of the coolest champions!
I eagerly wait for a Pantheon VGU everyday of my life
: This patch, friend. Just go into the game and pick him. They're a lot more fluid and responsive.
: aa animation updates
Where is this? I can't find anything online about this
Sasogwa (EUW)
: I'm not sure I like the changes to Jax autoattack
Where is this. I can't find anything online about this
: Now that Jax got his season-1-ish AA animations changed...
: Multiplayer games should not be super flashy high res graphics like Witcher 3 or Skyrim...specially one that makes you watch your characters from an above perspective. The characters and the maps are detailed as much as they should be for the distance we all see the characters and the map. They dont need to be needlessly more detailed just for the sake of having details.
Umm please don't lump Skyrim and Witcher 3 together. Witcher is in a whole other league
Reav3 (NA)
: Our recent survey data shows that about 25% prefer new champions, 25% prefer VGU's and 50% don't have a preference between the 2.
I myself prefer VGUs. And I've noticed that with each new VGU release more and more people seem to be interested in VGUs and want more
Reav3 (NA)
: Well we currently have 3 Champion teams, so while 2 were working on Xayah and Rakan the third one was still making a new champion. We are currently evaluating our cadence of New Vs VGU's though (As we do every year or so.) Overtime we will likely start to do more VGU's and less New Champions. With how long it takes to make champions the effects of that shift will take awhile to be seen though. Nothing drastic or anything. Current thinking is probably shifting to more of a 50/50 New Vs VGU rather then the 60/40 we have now. Overtime this could shift more of course.
: Skin Themes People Want Explored
Dragonslayer Warring Kingdoms Project Pool Party Dragon Trainer
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