: The thread got removed but here is a Redmercy Video with all the stuff that was leaked still in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKM_c7QNHY A little more than half of the stuff that was leaked has already come to happen Maokai and Zac are in the tank class update The new champs would be a harpy and phoenix: Xayah and Rakan There is a undeniable reference to Pulsefure Caitlyn on the PBE when you start a game as pulsefire Ezreal So far all the stuff seems to be happening.
Already saw the video. Just thought that, with the OP posting a link to the Star Guardian website, he had something else that confirmed it. Guess he didnt
: Am I the only one who really hates Xayah and Rakan, and is worried about future champions?
: Well, that's just silly, because Garen is a Demacian soldier too, a very important one at that. No reason to not expect at least some Demacians wearing similar armor. Further, there's no reason to believe Xin Zhao would have standard armor because he isn't just a standard soldier, he's steward to the King, so it might make more sense for his armor to be similar to another important soldier's, like Garen
Garen got his VU before they solidified Demacias look. Just look at the art for the new Demacia page. It also shows a rough direction of what they might look now if they got updated. He's not the only champion with this discrepancy
: Garen has the giant shoulder guards (pauldrons? I don't know my armor parts very well) it would make sense for Xin's armor to be similar, both being Demacians close to the King.
If you look at the the current "look" for Demacia, "giant Garen model level" shoulders is not a part of it
: Xin Zhao Story/Character Discussion
This is what I feel would be cool/work - Ionian captured by Noxus - When rescued J2 was older and Xin was the same age as J3 - At present time he has grey patch on side of hair, showing that he has been in Demacia for years and making sense of the fact that he's been alive since J2 time - Doing away with the giant shoulders. Doesn't make sense on his character
: Hmm, Swain is one of the reworks I'm interested with. On one hand, I have little to no interest in the bird mage. But on the other, I am utterly fascinated by warfare and generals. Swain seems kind of a hard nut to crack. Because his gameplay is so completely unlike his supposed personality, I don't see how Riot can rework him in a way that doesn't annoy either those who like playing the current bird mage, and those who are interested in his aspect as a military leader. Good luck.
: > [{quoted}](name=immortalibra,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MvAr9yeJ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-04-21T03:06:04.342+0000) > > How do you know? Because I dont see anything its part of a leak thats leaked a shit load of all the upcoming reworks/newskins/new champs its 100% right so far
I know about the leaks. But he linked the the site, implying something is there to see.
: I agree. I want to see more VGUs happen, and less new champs. It will give them the chance to modernize the game at a quicker pace.
Couldn't have said it better myself
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: Are you excited about Star Guardian Ezreal?
How do you know? Because I dont see anything
: The best thing about this game is {{item:3077}} . The best part is activating it mid spin on melee champs to deal tons of damage. Sometimes I buy it, undo, and buy it again to feel that thrill some more.
I'm a Garen main so I know what you mean about the spins
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: I just wish the voice pitch didn't also change the tempo (the speed) of the clips. At low health they play so ridiculously fast
My guess is the only way for them to get that pitch is to speed up the audio
: Is Sir Kled supposed to be what Kled would be like if he was demacian?
Doubt it. Their "style" is different from the classic medieval that Kled is wearing
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Since the next champions are Urgot and Eve, which kinda represent the factions Noxus and Shadow Isles, I kinda doubt it. I don't think they would chose the exact same combination of factions 2 times in a row. At least as long as Urgot keeps his ties to Noxus. Personally I would prefer Rammus to get an update. His kit is in a worse state than Swain in my opinion because alot of its potential is limited by the enemy doing mistakes. If the enemy is not attacking you, you are not as useful as Rammus. And they introduced alot of mechanics the last time which just naturally could blend in Rammus' rework. The movement speed scaling from Warwicks ult could get implemented in Rammus Q, he surely should get an ad shield (which they introduced with Camille). And so on. I would find it kinda strange that they have these elements now in the game and don't immediately use it to update Rammus. And his model needs serious work, too. He is not the slightest looking like on his splash art.
I see what you are saying about the factions
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: The next two VGUs
I doubt {{champion:20}} is next because of the very recent passive changes. I would've guessed him as next but they don't do passive changes and have the VGU team doing early on him as that is pretty idiotic and double work. My guess is {{champion:50}} and {{champion:82}} Even though I REALLY wish my boy{{champion:80}} was next
: I'm terrified, I basically one-trick Pantheon. Hell, I was originally introduced to playing the game by a friend as I could play a Spartan and kill monsters. How cool is that? Everything that Riot has hinted at with the rework is pushing him away from the awesome hoplite stuff, more toward the lame god of war/space parasite nonsense they turned him into with the lore rewrites. I just know there's going to be lame space-y particle effects, a new utterly impractical outfit that looks like crap, and a bunch of lines about how he's a god or some crap. All I want is just to play my Spartan.
As a Pantheon main I'm actually excited for gameplay and visual changes. I personally thinks he needs them, badly. LOL's art style is fantastic and I can't wait for Pantheon to he t his turn. He is my most anticipated VGU. His lore changes were a bit off for me. Imo they could use some tweaking
: Favorite Vladimir Skin?
I dont play him but Vandal imo is coolest
: better than Omega Squad Twitch and Fizz, which is probably what we are going to get because of that damn leak that has gotten everything right so far unfortunately
I dont get how an Omega Squad Veigar could work
: Oni Poppy [Skin Concept]
Looks similar to this skin http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/DrMundo_6.jpg
: I don't know, it could just as well be Akali or Irelia up next, or some other Tier 1 champion. I'm not so sure they'll want to VGU two Noxians in a row (Urgot then Swain), unless their past trend of "align VGUs with regional lore updates" is not something they want to keep doing moving forward, or unless (crazier thought) Urgot is no longer Noxian. Ionia on the other hand hasn't been touched on in quite a bit lorewise, so it seems ripe for an update both narratively and champion/gameplay-wise since some of its champions are outdated and problematic.
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Bultz (NA)
: Any Word On Demonblade Yasuo Yet?
: Just realized I'm a sucker for great art
The whole art side of this game, splashes, VO, animations, etc, is what drew me to this game and is what keeps me interested in this game
: Quinn could look really cool with the new Demacian aesthetic
Exactly! Garen's VU didn't hit the mark imo. He looks a bit silly to me. And now with with the new look of Demacia being established I really see the potential Garen had to looking badass. Just take a look at his armor in the art for his color text aka the hag story. A polished version of that would be awesome imo
: Old Legendary reworks
I feel you on this. But realistically only happening when the champs get their VGU
: For a woman who sits around praising the moon all night...
Solideus (EUNE)
: Quick list of what's currently reasonable to expect in regards to future VGU's and updates
: What about the champup team? Any new sub teams?
O please surprise and say yes Meddler
Lazy cat (NA)
: Will current Challenger skins be renamed to Conqueror?
GreenLore (EUW)
: I feel like the top candidates after these 2 are gonna be: {{champion:82}} because Pizza feet and his failed rework {{champion:80}} even more pizza feet and his new lore isn't that well integrated into his kit {{champion:39}} I agree that they do talk a lot about her,not to mention that she really needs a better classic splash {{champion:20}} Uh there are so many problems for him,he has a boring personality,not very interesting lore,their gameplay is rather gimmicky and their ingame model just looks horrible {{champion:50}} "When does Swain get a skin" seems to be really popular nowadays,he might really become the next Urgot if things continue like this.Also he is central to Noxus,so I guess they want to update him rather sooner than later. And {{champion:106}} might be the darkhorse that no one expects,as they mentioned that they have a really cool concept for him.
Sounds familiar. Do you have the link for when they mentioned Voli
: I can hardly wait for the next VGU's to be announced
Doubting but hoping {{champion:80}} is next
: So is Wukong a Vastaya?
For originality call him Wu. Simple and don't need to overthink
: Well, they/Reav3 said that the two teams are already exploring the next couple of champions to get a VGU. I think it'd be Nunu and Mordekaiser or Pantheon. They all seem like the strongest candidates to me- With Nunu being the most outdated (IMO) and both Mordekaiser and Pantheon are sort of like Warwick's case, with them having a ton of untapped potential in their ideal archetype (_Death Knight_ and _God of War_) _and_ being fairly outdated (while also being a bit of a design/gameplay mess). -_- Personally? I really want it to be Nunu and Mundo first (Sorry MM :P), though, honestly. I've been craving for a Nunu VU (and now a VGU) since about 2013 and I feel like Mundo has a ton of potential and could be super cool with all new and modern art, design and VO that would match his new bio and story (which I really enjoyed). But again, I wouldn't be opposed to a Mordekaiser VGU instead of the Madman of Zaun.
I was thinking Nunu but then he just recently got some passive changes on pbe. They wouldn't do that if they were already going to work on him next
: With Urgot and Eve's VGU nudging ever closer, when can we expect the next reworks to be announced?
Exactly! VGU news is the best news. I wish they could get a third team on it :( My money is on{{champion:50}} and {{champion:82}} being next EDIT: But I hope/wish for {{champion:80}}
: In Eve's short story, she was asked by a chem-baron if she'd killed a particular Piltovan noble the previous week or some time like that, and she said that the grey lady had done it. The grey lady is just an alias for Camille.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Her lore surely will. Looking at this text, pretty sure Ahri is vastayan and it seems that there are 3 grades. Grade 1: very strong animalistic features. Example: {{champion:107}} Maybe even Rammus is one, it gets mentioned that there are short limbed ones in shurima. And we still don't know what he is exactly, even after the shurima update. And Urf seems to be one too. Grade 2: human looking with some animal characteristics Example: {{champion:103}} Grade 3: shape shifter Example: {{champion:76}} I think that was a pretty elegant solution to explain these champions.
: This isn't the first we've heard of the Vestaya
: New stuff on Universe
{{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:62}} What they did here is so cool
Leo1024 (NA)
: Which Is Coming First? New Champion or Urgot Rework?
They said a new champ will be next before another VGU
: both of them need to be bigger in game, imo Galio is roughly the size of Sion (might actually be smaller without the wings) and Malphite's not big at all
It's not that simple. I want them to be a bit bigger also but the would be more susceptible to skillshots and other things. All this needs to be considered when talking about size
: You do know that you're only hyping me up more with every one of these VGU's? Every one of these just show how much potential some of the older champions have, untapped and just ready to be full expressed in a VGU, ChampUP are truly artists, forming amazing pieces of art out of rough boulders. Like sculptors, chipping away the bad stuff and improving the good one to be....Greater! You guys **rock**! Can't wait to hop on the PBE tomorrow and see what he feels like, but who am I kidding, we all know he's going to feel great to play as.
Could not have said it better myself. This talent makes me even more eager for {{champion:80}}
: I never said they scrapped him i just dont think its actually a teaser for galio cause aatrox has major work on pbe and the silohete looks like the current aatrox
Aatrox is not a major rework at all. When this turns out to be Galio and you see the kit, then you'll see what is really a major rework.
Crewx (NA)
: I just realized how badly I want a Dragonslayer Pantheon login screen.
Ixchel (NA)
: Can Riot tweak and bring back Battle Priestess Soraka?
: Fine, but still http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/01/dev-state-of-champion-update-january-2017/ You promised that you would break the mold of how samey Vanguards feel in new and exciting ways. How are you going to do that with only two reworks and an itemization touch up?
: @Reav3 Will Hextech Galio be brought up to Hextech Annie's level for his VGU?
: List some Voice Actors who haven't voiced Champions yet, and need to do so in the future
Ixchel (NA)
: LoL looked and sounded SO much better in 2009
Meta Noir (EUW)
: Wow, I am actually surprised to find someone to share pretty much the exact same opinion as me, right under this answer! 99,8% are saying ''Voli'' all the time anyway, which also fits all the other very consistent names very well, may it be ingame or in general. The ''-bear'' also sounds so silly & unthreatening, while it is clear, that he is a bear anyway.
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