: Who do you hope's gonna be featured in this April's Roadmap?
I predict the line up for 2018 is {{champion:84}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} But the one I want and eagerly await is {{champion:80}} Give his right hand a badass sword. He can still block, but with crossing the spear and sword. Truly the Aspect of War
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: Can the next champion be released like Jhin was?
Right it was cool. But it was also dragged on for waaaayy too long imo. I prefer what they’re doing now
: So with Irelias new teaser and reveal next week i have but on question @Reav3
: Yi and Darius are present too
I see Yi and Singed. But I don’t see Darius
: Was Mordekaiser a Giant in life, just like Urgot and Sion?
Neither Sion nor Urgot are a tall as that Morde in that video. By “giant”, it depends on what you mean. If you mean them being as tall as in the that video, then no, none of them are that height. If you mean them being above average human height then yea, they most likely are. And I would like, and am confident, for Riot to make Morde above average
Salson (EUNE)
: Technically, there is the Lord Darius skin. It's pretty much what he'd wear as a propaganda outfit.
That skin is not canon. Why? Well one reason is Because Darius is no lord
: Just now realizing that Kassadin isn't really a Void champion
Yea. New lore never mentions anything he can do being because of the void. Apparently it’s because of all these “items” he has. Now there’s a big disconnect between his lore and his art/gameplay
: Is Aatrox really getting a full VGU?
: The Next Ultimate Skin (Part 4)
That General skin is his Chinese splash art for his General skin
: What skins do you have? Not all of them have it.
I checked Warring Kingdoms Garen
: Meaning they're in the game. Check your skin tabs.
I’ve been checking everywhere in my client for weeks. Never found it
: What if your favorite champ got an ultimate skin, but it was awful and you didn't like it. You'd still be thankful for it even knowing that your champion will never get another shot at an ultimate skin?
“It was awful” ???? It’s not though. You’re being too harsh. Yea, it’s not current quality as others, hence the price, buts it’s still a great skin.
: Upvoted! As a MF main I am really pissed that we get the watered down version ultimate skin. Elementalist Lux was a great skin, but this is nothing compared to that. It just seems rushed. Her walk animations, the little diversity between "transformations" and many other things that people already pointed out. I love MF and i've mained her since I started playing. Please rework this skin and make it better!
MF mains are the luckiest mains in the game. Look at what she’s beeng getting over the recent years. They should be real thankful all the time
: Would you be happy if someone gave you a handful of garbage?
MF mains are the luckiest mains in the game. Look at what she’s beeng getting over the recent years. They should be real thankful all the time
: irelia next patch, it all looks like a 8,7 release, but 8.8 is a thing too, but 95% to 8.7
: Fun fact: Birdio is the first skin that costs less than 1350 RP since Chemtech Tryndamere
Ironic to me seeing that it has its own dance and death animations
: ? mf isnt getting a skin?
: Ummm... Volcanic Anivia :D
: Marauder Olaf. Two different weapons or not?
: TBF her star guardian skin looked odd. Her model looked like a mixed of jinx and ahri while her animation looked like different color palette than her pool party skin minus the ball. As an mf player this might be her first proper skin in a while, she has gotten many skins the last few years that is true i shouldn't complain however her skins have come out in batches with other skins. If she get's a proper 1820 skin that riot took their time working on then mf players like myself will be satisfied for years to come. I do feel for other champs as {{champion:72}} {{champion:9}} that i also play aren't getting a skin any time soon it seems. But we MF players wanna be as happy as {{champion:67}} {{champion:22}}{{champion:51}} players have been
“First proper skin in a while”?????? Huh???? Her last 4 skins were priced at 1350 (except for Captain, which is still a popularly beloved skin) with great quality on each. With everything that’s been given to MF over the years (not just skins) MF mains are one of the luckiest player bases of league
Rioter Comments
: Wukong needs a VU.
He isn’t the monkey king anymore. He’s not even a monkey. But I would love a VGU/VU. I would like for him to have a way simpler outfit
: League of Legends figurines
Wow she is talented as heck. You got a good one
Tialilia (EUW)
: Xayah's and Rakan's color stories just got new picture added
Absolutely love it. And by “it” I mean adding art to stories. Which amplifies the depth and yearning we have for more “world” Great job Riot. Really hope this is a trend
Whren (NA)
: Y'all are right, this is basically the reason.
As a Garen main, I’m a bit sad he got his VU when he did. Because, with his lore update and the solidification of Demacia’s look, he’d look SSSOOOOOO badass
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Dear Champ-Designer: if you are unmotivated or don't care about the theme you have been given...
Akenero (NA)
: Riven updated splash
Link please EDIT: Trifarian Legion was made after she left Noxus
Elipo (NA)
: So aparently human femeales of certain age
saltran (EUW)
: Jax was exposed to the Void?
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=saltran,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=5s37tsAq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-20T16:59:37.288+0000) > > Jax was exposed to the Void? Yeah, it's in his new Lore. Guy was originally from Icathia and the Void breach mutated him. I guess it made him immortal, too? Unless living for thousands of years was normal for Icathians.
: There's more lore coming...
New champ After void champ is from bilgewater. My theory
Bultz (NA)
: Can we have a Yordle update?
https://knkl.deviantart.com/gallery/ Here you go. It’s something This artist used to work at Riot and actually helped with the Poppy VGU. Through outsourcing I believe
: Your point post doesn't make any sense. It's a magic world filled with odd creatures. What exactly would make her stand out more so than anyone else? It's says "humanoid form", and her form is indeed humanoid. Downvoted and moving on.
: Shyvana's lore has her remaining in human form to hide her secret but she is purple w/ lizard eyes
HydroFun (NA)
: Riot has possibly hinted at the champions for 2018.
Aatrox actually proves your theory because it is likely to drop with his GU and new VO
: uhm ... yeah? he needs a new skin as well.
Lol. This is funny
: Which champ would you most like to see get the next Dreadnova skin?
: Stop giving Lux skins
You really put Ekko in there??? Ha! Come on dude
: Over 6 years waiting for Dragon Master Swain
People actually expected it to be legendary tier. Regardless, Riot delivered
: model and animations update: Veigar, Leona, Janna, Lulu, Xin Zao, Lux
: Swain available now!
Exciting. They just keep on getting better and better
GreenLore (EUW)
: Hmm I don't know this youtuber,so I dunno how trustworthy he is about all this,though I doubt he lies as he did not reveal a lot in the first place(and lying to his fanbase would be just bad for his channel),the only new thing was that the info about the next champ after the void champ,who according to him,will have an interesting combination of roles,which is makes me wonder what we'll get.
Before I saw this video I actually saw a Rioter comment saying they had him over to play the new irelia. He is a legit youtuber who I sometimes watch. I just thought, since we all clamor for any bit of VGU news, that people may find this interesting
Wrivine (NA)
: Basic Riven Needs a Visual Update
This argument can be made for half the roster. A lot need it more than her too.
Rioter Comments
: What champ u guys think should get the next legendary skin ?
{{champion:59}} this guy is consistently used every year. Yet no love. Weird
Bultz (NA)
: Soooo Lee Sin isn't up for a VU anytime soon?
Guessing you’re biased because there are sooo many that are worse than him. He does need it, but not “compared to most of the other humans”
Sunatu (NA)
: I found Kindred's voice actress!!!!!
Not her. Guess maining didn’t help
: js she's probably getting a update to her visuals soon to math the trailer.
They already said they’re not
: Swain could be the recipient of the next Ultimate skin.
My guess is it was just for the eyes. Hence the caption
: Candidates for: Heartseeker (2019)
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