Necrozard (EUW)
: Morgana's universe page is down (Lore update incoming !?)
: Varus Abs Appreciation thread
: For the clarity sake, please fix the dim SFX particles on Dark Star Thresh
Ahris (NA)
: ***
Nope. She’s after
Rioter Comments
: Fix Universe site on mobile plz
: Was kinda disappointed though since I have Retina display, everything's blurry as hell :/ I usually just seek out the original ful res and set that as background
Really? I would suggest you make a post on this. Their wallpaper app should definitely be the place to provide full res versions.
: Kassadin's New Background
It’s only a paragraph. Patience
: Insane in the membrane, insane in the Swain.
That’s old canon that isn’t really that canon to begin with. Unless it’s coming from a Riot employee with a recent comment, I wouldn’t take what other players say and years old statements too serious
: This is how Varus referred to her in his short story.
You are right. I'm sorry
: New God Staff Jax skin Teased!
It’s not 1820. His animations are the same. So it’s Most likely 1350
Xplozyon (NA)
: Akali's Lore
No it doesn’t. That’s how he looks when they conquer Varus. Boom. Easy
: I didn't think of ANYTHING you said, lol oops I'll look more carfully next time, but what do you think about the part about her looks and abillities, that revolve about snakes? I mean that detail is small but what are the odds that Varus would look for his sister in the same tomb?
Doubt she’d have snake stuff
: > According to the original lore (one mentioned on the Wikia page) it was the Ascendeds that 'won' the Darkin War, while a powerful 'golden warrior queen' might have lead them, who's to say that the either she is one or other Ascendeds around that time didn't turn the tide of battle. If this golden warrior queen was from Shurima, when they locked away the remaining Darkin in different places across Runeterra it would have been sensible to keep one is eyes view. Although a Aspect of the Sun and Kayle would also fit in this so. This is interesting, makes you really wonder who was the flame haired woman.
There was no flame haired woman
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4ETHBsZy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-03T18:22:37.191+0000) > > You actually have this backwards. The Shurima Varus remembers was actually a desolate wasteland, as the Darkin Wars probably occurred before Shurima rose to power, so he is surprise to find that it is a nation now/ was once an empire. > The tomb Varus encounters, is the tomb in which Xerath and Renekton were sealed until Cassiopeia released them. This was also where she was cursed, hence the snake statue. Since Nasus and Renekton were the latter of the Shurima's Ascended hosts, they couldn't have been the ones to seal the Darkin, its even questionable if the Darkins would be common knowledge to them, Nasus may know of them, however he was a librarian/ historian after all. > > The ones responsible for ending the Darkin Wars are likely the Targonians, due to the revelation the a the Darkins are a race alien to Runeterra and Targon is the only faction with dealings beyond the realm of Runeterrra. It has also been speculated that a former Aspect of the Sun may have had a a hand in establishing Shurima teaching them how to harness the Sun's energy (hence the Sun Disks), the flame haired woman is likely this former Aspect of the Sun. While Nasus and Renekton were recent Ascendeds in comparison, the process of Ascension was ancient even before their Ascension, according to the lore. Shurima's fall was only a couple of centries ago if that. But Shurima is far far older. The statues of Nasus and Renekton added later to the temple maybe, as their Ascension was long after the Darkin War, Aatrox is mentioned to have been wandering the world for millennia, this is even after he was locked away. According to the original lore (one mentioned on the Wikia page) it was the Ascendeds that 'won' the Darkin War, while a powerful 'golden warrior queen' might have lead them, who's to say that the either she is one or other Ascendeds around that time didn't turn the tide of battle. If this golden warrior queen was from Shurima, when they locked away the remaining Darkin in different places across Runeterra it would have been sensible to keep one is eyes view. Although a Aspect of the Sun and Kayle would also fit in this so. Time scales are all off on Runeterra and when all thse empires and wars happened so it's confusing, but I'd be more inclined to think Shurima was around and Ascension definitely was when the Darkin War occured, it doesn't have to be an all powerful empire but still better than it is now.
Wiki isn’t canon. Ascended weren’t mentioned in Darkin Wars in the official lore
: Some Zoe concept art from Newmilky
Hurts checked out his page.. This guy is ridiculously talented
BBagz (NA)
: FYI About Swain
: "I ask of you...are you my summoner?"
I was thinking, for Pantheons VGU he can have the same helmet and function as Saber of Red from Fate: Apocrypha. Maybe you can toggle it on and off. I know you are not on the team, but since you may get the reference I was hoping you’d pass it along. Please?
: Average Skin Costs and High
I, for one, am loving the 1350 skins. It is really disappointing when your champ finally gets a skin and its just 750. No recall, no special particles, etc. I'd be really frustrated if I played Gragas. His last 3 skins were 750. My heart goes out to them
SatomiKun (EUW)
: He says that Reav3's blog post should reveal fit soonish.... when is that soonish? {{sticker:sg-janna}} I need to know who it is. I want it to be Rammus so badly.
Swain should be around January/February. So after his reveal/release
SatomiKun (EUW)
: It got stated that CertainlyT was working on early ideation for a new VGU after finishing Zoe. That's what he means, not that it's confirmed to be Rammus. Just phrased it unluckily.
It was also stated that it’s early ideation that might amount to nothing, and to take it with a grain of salt
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: The Next VGU after Irelia
Where’s the proof that this is confirmed to be his next project. Because I saw nothing of the like. And, unless I’m missing something, I haven’t seen yet, Spideraxe prove he’s a reliable source EDIT: Also. He’s not a Rioter. Look it up
: How could you? He'd probably be one of the coolest characters post-VGU. He's got a lot of untapped potential and with the recent Targon stuff we've gotten there's so much room to make him something more than just a 300's reference.
Couldn’t have said it better myself. I eagerly await a Pantheon VGU more than anything else
: Actually, my source-full friend, Spideraxe, said on Twitter that that VGU has been locked already a few days ago.
People claim things all the time. He hasn’t actually proven himself yet.
: Thanks, Katey. I'm sure you can't speak to this, but unless this is all part of a larger storyline or rework, why change the narrative at this point in time? I read a little of the leaked thread, but I'm assuming those VGUs are going to constitute a major of the VGUs for 2018. At any rate, can we just swap his W with his passive, and make that an AS steroid?
What leaked thread are you referring to? I am very curious. Thanks
Korios (EUNE)
: Taric actually likes Diana and it was confirmed by an AMA as not a LGBTQWZD character
: I have a really strong feeling that it's Pantheon, considering everything Spideraxe said on Twitter (that the champ usually goes top or jungle) and that it's Zoe's team for the most part, so they already know Targon rather well.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: The next VGU: Do you feel the tremors?
Don’t get too invested in CertainlyT. They said he just started early ideation and that it’s possible nothing can come out of it
: Why would Rammus need it? He is in a really good spot gameplay-wise, so there is absolutely no need for a gameplay update. His visuals do not look bad at all, either. I’d say {{champion:32}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:77}} deserved VGUs (or at least VUs) before {{champion:33}}
: With normal scheduling Swain would be released in December as seen in the past of the alternating New Champ->Rework->New Champ-> rework. As they normally would aim for, but since 7.24 which should be out next week and then a micropatch mid december. For the most part no one will be in Riot between 7.24 and 8.1. 8.1 if following recent trends will be in mid to late January leaving 8.2 around Late January,early February. Then Swain will likely be out in 8.3 in Mid February.
Actually January- February is the “normal” just by going off when Urgot was released
: Why does Riot stress so much over this game's personality?
There’s a reason league has been standing the test of time. And “visuals, lore...” is actually the exact reason I’ve been playing this game for years
Jinkuzu (EUW)
: Ambitous elf Jinx SHOULD have thigh highs not leggings
: Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath: Please return missile launch sounds to his E
Try putting this thread in the report a bug section
: I really hate all of Wukong's skins
I feel the exact opposite of you
Jellbug (NA)
: Passed your comment along to the awesome Universe team. I'd love to see the Demacia dev diary up on Universe as well! <3
Thank you sir. Much appreciated.
: Question to Reav3 about next roadmap.
How do we “know” the next project started will be a VGU. And don’t say because CertainlyT is working on early ideation. That was stated that nothing may come of it, plus the team working on Zoe has obviously gone to something else by now. We just don’t know what that is yet
Rustfe (NA)
: Zoe is flashing the Compton Crips Gang Sign
Mr Popo (NA)
: Updating Old Champion Voices
So many reasons why it’s not simple to do an update for everyone who needs it
: They are available on Universe.
: Pbe preview : hextech kog’maw
Looks great. Love the aesthetic they established with Hextech
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Helixarrow,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=d5afiG8d,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-20T00:58:58.661+0000) > > Uh... Lucian? Why Lucian? _Shadow and Fortune_ {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} “Who are you and where can I get a pair of guns like those?” said Miss Fortune, offering her hand to the new arrival. “My name is Lucian,” he said, warily taking her hand.
He showed up. Doesn’t mean he’s part of Bilgewater. Olaf showed up, but he’s still part of Freljord
: Hey Jellbug, would it be possible to upload Demacia’s dev diary video and the artwork of their people and environments to its regional page on Universe too?
Yes! I’ve been wanting this all year
KoKoboto (NA)
: I really love the Idea that Mount Targon could be a map
I feel they knocked it our of the park! The setting, art, ecosystem, etc. is some of the most original stuff I had ever seen
: @Riot Developers - Karma's Bio Tells Us She Is Support/Bland
efflam (NA)
: That's a good point. The Universe platform is evolving, I don't know all the details but it's in the process of improvement. It's always the balancing act of working towards big goals vs fixing something that is causing player pain. On the lore side, we've been focusing on the big stuff for a while and there's a disconnect between what our perception of the IP is VS what is accessible to most of the player base. For ex stuff like short bios in client with link to Universe, platforms team definitely want to tackle :) I look at the boards pretty much every day, usually when I can't answer myself ( not my expertise ) I will screenshot the interesting comments and post it in internal chat.
The Targon update did exactly what i asked of you guys. The timing is funny. Thanks for the reply and keep up the amazing work, all of you
Rioter Comments
efflam (NA)
: Are you referring to ( for example ) stuff like the raptor-eagles riders of Demacia that were shown in the video but are not shown on Universe ? I can ask. Usually we are super selective about what we put out there, picking images that best showcase the faction and might have impact in future stories. I have many new images of Shadow Isles I'd like to add :) Targon should get some new ones I think.
Yes. That is what I am referring to. Perfect example of you guys doing what I explained is today's Targon lore update. You guys added bunch of art/info and you put it all on its respective page. Great job on that. Thanks
Santozed (EUW)
: We seriously need more of these.
I love that they added art to it. AND that they added it to the Universe page
: What if VGU pantheon look like this?
I’d rather he look more like the Asgardians from the Thor films. I think their design is perfect for Targon
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