: Will Aatrox get his rework by a VGU Team?
He is not on a list for next VGU. It says Gameplay Update only
: Yeah, their visuals/thematic weren't pushed very far either -- MF for example still has the same clothing and silhouette from before the VU, whereas a full realization of her theme would probably land her closer to Captain Fortune visually while upgrading her overall shape and animations. Hopefully they'll go back and revisit her/Kass once the more problematic champs are out of the way.
Reav3 (NA)
: I think you are highlighting why we stopped doing VUs. They really weren't noticed much or appreciated. 2 of the champions on your list already got VUs not that long ago.......
Kass and MF didn't get the full art treatment (vo, recall, etc)
: I absolutely love all the work that's come from the VGU teams thus far (Galio has been my all-time favorite, especially on the art side). I honestly can't wait til they get around to giving Quinn her VGU, but in the meantime I'm just looking forward to any new updates they make. As an aside, here are some other champs I'd love to see realized to their full potential: {{champion:80}} -- Needs less "Sparta" and more "celestial badass." {{champion:40}} -- I'd love to see Janna's kit modernized to fit her new lore. Art-wise she'd probably be one of the most beautiful champions also. {{champion:131}} -- This one's a bit more contentious, but I feel her art is pretty dated and she could be much cooler both visually and gameplay-wise (should feel like she's interacting with the moon instead of just launching light from her blade on people) {{champion:7}} -- Also contentious but I feel Riot could get a lot more out a full VGU for LeBlanc than just updating her bit by bit until she's healthy. I also think she has a lot of potential for amazing visuals, though other champions certainly need it more. {{champion:10}} -- So much potential for the angel theme but it's really underserved at the moment with Kayle's bland kit.
Totally agree with you on {{champion:80}} He is my most anticipated VGU
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: New Freljord concept art!
I've had this as a wallpaper for a long while now
: The MOST important thing when Pantheon gets updated
Absolutely agree. I was thinking he'd be fully armore except for arms. He'd still have his bracers though. But his shoulder would still be bare, and broad. It would put him more in line with the Targon/Diana/Leona look, and still have this warrior feel that his character is suppose to carry
: Pantheon Splash Art
Will happen with VGU
Bultz (NA)
: Can we get the lore behind Yasuo's and Riven's new skins?
: Who do you want to get the next legendary skin?
{{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}}
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: Remember Xayah and Rakan, they got there teaser 1 day before if I remember right, And my comeplete source isn't based on this leak, but I wasn'T sure if 7.12 or 7.13 so I decided for 7.12, because more "arguments" were for 7.12
They didn't have a teaser a day before. It was on a Friday. 4 days before
: Fixed it
What's the story on this? Where did you see this? Etc
: "Sólo uno lo levantará." Only one will lift it.
: we have urgots update coming up, then evelynns after that who knows whos next
I know. I'm speaking about after Urgot and Eve
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: Honestly? Mordekaiser isn't even numero uno priority for me at this point, I enjoy the champion and there are champions that are also in dire need of some love. PANTHEON especially could be one of the coolest champions!
I eagerly wait for a Pantheon VGU everyday of my life
: This patch, friend. Just go into the game and pick him. They're a lot more fluid and responsive.
: aa animation updates
Where is this? I can't find anything online about this
Sasogwa (EUW)
: I'm not sure I like the changes to Jax autoattack
Where is this. I can't find anything online about this
: Now that Jax got his season-1-ish AA animations changed...
: Multiplayer games should not be super flashy high res graphics like Witcher 3 or Skyrim...specially one that makes you watch your characters from an above perspective. The characters and the maps are detailed as much as they should be for the distance we all see the characters and the map. They dont need to be needlessly more detailed just for the sake of having details.
Umm please don't lump Skyrim and Witcher 3 together. Witcher is in a whole other league
Reav3 (NA)
: Our recent survey data shows that about 25% prefer new champions, 25% prefer VGU's and 50% don't have a preference between the 2.
I myself prefer VGUs. And I've noticed that with each new VGU release more and more people seem to be interested in VGUs and want more
Reav3 (NA)
: Well we currently have 3 Champion teams, so while 2 were working on Xayah and Rakan the third one was still making a new champion. We are currently evaluating our cadence of New Vs VGU's though (As we do every year or so.) Overtime we will likely start to do more VGU's and less New Champions. With how long it takes to make champions the effects of that shift will take awhile to be seen though. Nothing drastic or anything. Current thinking is probably shifting to more of a 50/50 New Vs VGU rather then the 60/40 we have now. Overtime this could shift more of course.
: Skin Themes People Want Explored
Dragonslayer Warring Kingdoms Project Pool Party Dragon Trainer
: Blood Moon Yasuo was offered for free for every account transferred to JP server during the opening, if that's what your mean.
In the past they released a skin solely in commemoration for the new region being available. But maybe they changed it for the Japanese servers
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1. Late 2. Wrong. Although he did get a good amount of tweaks and improvements, that's not a "full VU"
: > [{quoted}](name=Tormentula,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=jPl6m8MN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-02T17:39:26.230+0000) > > It looks nothing like ana. primary the gun.
: Pulse Fire Caitlyn Preview
Disappointed by walking animation. Rest looks good
: What should Caitlyn wear?
http://xelandra.deviantart.com/art/LoL-Caitlyn-Redesign-391316429 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/NEMQNoeN-caitlyn-visual-update-concept-20
: Apparently it didn't need it since it was post-visual update, same with meowkai and Victorious.
It wasn't post VU. Just modern enough
: The thread got removed but here is a Redmercy Video with all the stuff that was leaked still in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKM_c7QNHY A little more than half of the stuff that was leaked has already come to happen Maokai and Zac are in the tank class update The new champs would be a harpy and phoenix: Xayah and Rakan There is a undeniable reference to Pulsefure Caitlyn on the PBE when you start a game as pulsefire Ezreal So far all the stuff seems to be happening.
Already saw the video. Just thought that, with the OP posting a link to the Star Guardian website, he had something else that confirmed it. Guess he didnt
: Am I the only one who really hates Xayah and Rakan, and is worried about future champions?
: Well, that's just silly, because Garen is a Demacian soldier too, a very important one at that. No reason to not expect at least some Demacians wearing similar armor. Further, there's no reason to believe Xin Zhao would have standard armor because he isn't just a standard soldier, he's steward to the King, so it might make more sense for his armor to be similar to another important soldier's, like Garen
Garen got his VU before they solidified Demacias look. Just look at the art for the new Demacia page. It also shows a rough direction of what they might look now if they got updated. He's not the only champion with this discrepancy
: Garen has the giant shoulder guards (pauldrons? I don't know my armor parts very well) it would make sense for Xin's armor to be similar, both being Demacians close to the King.
If you look at the the current "look" for Demacia, "giant Garen model level" shoulders is not a part of it
: Xin Zhao Story/Character Discussion
This is what I feel would be cool/work - Ionian captured by Noxus - When rescued J2 was older and Xin was the same age as J3 - At present time he has grey patch on side of hair, showing that he has been in Demacia for years and making sense of the fact that he's been alive since J2 time - Doing away with the giant shoulders. Doesn't make sense on his character
: Hmm, Swain is one of the reworks I'm interested with. On one hand, I have little to no interest in the bird mage. But on the other, I am utterly fascinated by warfare and generals. Swain seems kind of a hard nut to crack. Because his gameplay is so completely unlike his supposed personality, I don't see how Riot can rework him in a way that doesn't annoy either those who like playing the current bird mage, and those who are interested in his aspect as a military leader. Good luck.
: > [{quoted}](name=immortalibra,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MvAr9yeJ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-04-21T03:06:04.342+0000) > > How do you know? Because I dont see anything its part of a leak thats leaked a shit load of all the upcoming reworks/newskins/new champs its 100% right so far
I know about the leaks. But he linked the the site, implying something is there to see.
: I agree. I want to see more VGUs happen, and less new champs. It will give them the chance to modernize the game at a quicker pace.
Couldn't have said it better myself
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: Are you excited about Star Guardian Ezreal?
How do you know? Because I dont see anything
: The best thing about this game is {{item:3077}} . The best part is activating it mid spin on melee champs to deal tons of damage. Sometimes I buy it, undo, and buy it again to feel that thrill some more.
I'm a Garen main so I know what you mean about the spins
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: I just wish the voice pitch didn't also change the tempo (the speed) of the clips. At low health they play so ridiculously fast
My guess is the only way for them to get that pitch is to speed up the audio
: Is Sir Kled supposed to be what Kled would be like if he was demacian?
Doubt it. Their "style" is different from the classic medieval that Kled is wearing
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Since the next champions are Urgot and Eve, which kinda represent the factions Noxus and Shadow Isles, I kinda doubt it. I don't think they would chose the exact same combination of factions 2 times in a row. At least as long as Urgot keeps his ties to Noxus. Personally I would prefer Rammus to get an update. His kit is in a worse state than Swain in my opinion because alot of its potential is limited by the enemy doing mistakes. If the enemy is not attacking you, you are not as useful as Rammus. And they introduced alot of mechanics the last time which just naturally could blend in Rammus' rework. The movement speed scaling from Warwicks ult could get implemented in Rammus Q, he surely should get an ad shield (which they introduced with Camille). And so on. I would find it kinda strange that they have these elements now in the game and don't immediately use it to update Rammus. And his model needs serious work, too. He is not the slightest looking like on his splash art.
I see what you are saying about the factions
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: The next two VGUs
I doubt {{champion:20}} is next because of the very recent passive changes. I would've guessed him as next but they don't do passive changes and have the VGU team doing early on him as that is pretty idiotic and double work. My guess is {{champion:50}} and {{champion:82}} Even though I REALLY wish my boy{{champion:80}} was next
: I'm terrified, I basically one-trick Pantheon. Hell, I was originally introduced to playing the game by a friend as I could play a Spartan and kill monsters. How cool is that? Everything that Riot has hinted at with the rework is pushing him away from the awesome hoplite stuff, more toward the lame god of war/space parasite nonsense they turned him into with the lore rewrites. I just know there's going to be lame space-y particle effects, a new utterly impractical outfit that looks like crap, and a bunch of lines about how he's a god or some crap. All I want is just to play my Spartan.
As a Pantheon main I'm actually excited for gameplay and visual changes. I personally thinks he needs them, badly. LOL's art style is fantastic and I can't wait for Pantheon to he t his turn. He is my most anticipated VGU. His lore changes were a bit off for me. Imo they could use some tweaking
: Favorite Vladimir Skin?
I dont play him but Vandal imo is coolest
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