Ąspect (NA)
: But still even though it will be surrender at 15 now. You will have that yasuo and vayne thats like, " ITS OK BOIS I SCALE RULLY GOOD." Then they proceed to feed 4 kills within the next 5 minutes.
People surrender too often as is. Surrendering at 15 is a surrender with even less information. I would have been very, very frustrated if they simply moved the surrender threshold back 5 minutes. Thank you to Riot for having the foresight to require a unanimous vote in this situation. I will almost never agree to a 15 minute surrender, but this change can only possibly be seen as a pure good. Not a single person could ever claim to be frustrated by this change because no extra surrenders will occur that they themselves didn't approve of.
: Hand out pain like candy eggs with Cottontail Fizz
Riot what have you unleashed upon this world...
: Best College NA?
Thank you for not including the 8 other teams who participated in the NACC
Dana (NA)
: UBC'n lots of Asians.
: This guy is going to be the main for so many trolls
I can already see people using Bard to ult their own teammates when they are trying to run away from something. This is literally a champion who can cc his own teammates
: Let us participate in jolly cooperation. PRAISE THE SUN!!!!
Since this clearly a thread of Dark Souls players... how cool would it be if they made a jarvan or xin skin that looked like dragonslayer ornstein
: Every time we try she just slays herself before we can finish it.
Riot if you made a Dragonslayer Ornstein skin I would throw paper money at your company so hard it might break some windows.
: OMG - China's Men in Black
It really looks like these are paintings
: General Tso's chicken.I perfer Fries,Chicken and anything Junk food like.{{champion:5}} But not liking rice
If that's not poetry, I don't know what is
Fulcrous (NA)
: Madlife isn't as good as he used to be in his peak. Mata > madlife is the general consensus for #1 support KR right now.
Yeah but Madlife has been in some TV commercials. Koreans are just as illogical as anyone else when it comes to voting
: All-Star U.R.F. Results – Pick 10 Revealed!
Let's give team Fire a garbage comp and see if they can win anyway
: Official All-Star Challenge Teams Locked In!
Am I missing something? Where is faker?


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