Åuzman (NA)
: My ideas and thoughts, Åuzman.
So you just want the ability to be toxic longer before you get punished?
: As a player with Autism, I'd LOVE to have one F-ing day where I wasn't called a R%%%%%.
I’m pretty sure that 99% of the people who call you that have absolutely no idea that you have autism.
Gëcko (NA)
: Something here needs to be looked at..
While his message alluded to homophobia, he didn’t actually use any hate-speech trigger words needed for escalation to a 14 day suspension. But you’ve done all you can do, there’s no good to come from checking up on players you’ve reported to see if they’ve been punished or not.
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I think he’s asking if “stick to TFT” has started being used as an insult yet.
agac4234 (EUW)
: kinda hard to tell people to ward baron with out chat. also kinda hard to tell ur support to switch to orecal when they get their support item full charged. also kind hard to tell the tryn to split bot while we do baron. chat is just all around a good thing if you dont have toxic people to tilt you so what the reason of mting everyone when u can just wait and see what type of people there are
You can mute people and still type in chat
: Uninstalling League
There aren’t even hundreds of thousands of hours in ten years’ time...
: OK I didn't commit a murder man we are people we make mistakes
You should be happy it wasn’t a permaban. That’s usually what happens when account sharing is punished.
Ryushiin (NA)
: So I think the enemy team ddosed my team.....
: and yet nobody does anything to deal with it
What would you suggest be done?
Pricce (EUW)
: BANNED for giving my account to my old brother ?
Account sharing is against the rules and typically results in a permanent suspension.
: Is it normal for over 30's to play this game?
How does the subject of age come up so frequently in your games?
Authórity (EUNE)
: Straight permanent ban without 14 days beforehand and for almost nothing offensive
You should send a ticket in to support, I don’t see anything that would warrant more than maybe a chat restriction, and I’m even hesitant to say it deserved that much.
: a different view on the NB3 incident
“there should never be a ban without a human having seen the games and then when handing out the ban” That’s not a realistic expectation at this point. There are thousands, probably tens of thousands of reports made each day.
: Universal Player Behavior Rule in League
Punishment is based on severity and frequency. You can be a toxic shit in one game (like NB) and possibly escape punishment. But if you make it a habit (like Nubrac) don’t be surprised when you get punished.
ce2727 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=LqVrQV2j,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-15T01:29:06.648+0000) > > It's _supposed_ to hurt. **Don't int.** Well of course, but how is an ignorant player (such as myself, pre-ban) supposed to decide not to int for the first time, if they're not aware of the punishment?
Do you need the threat of punishment to not act like an asshole?
Kei143 (NA)
: What's with your weird use of capital letters?
He capitalized the important words
: Contact riot support. They lifted my ban when i got false banned
There was nothing false about his ban, though...
Kanzler (NA)
: Single Tolerance. Not zero tolerance. It doesn't help if you perpetuate the zero tolerance lie.
Nor is it helpful to be pedantic. It’s referred to as “zero tolerance” in many official Riot publications.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Reports should be limited and renewed weekly or Monthly.
False reports don’t result in any kind of punishment, there’s no reason to limit what people should be able report. Machine learning requires lots of data to really shine.
Kat XD (NA)
: Why we should bring back tribunal.
Not only was the tribunal slow, it was also less accurate than the current system.
: Played against the SAME smurf 2 times in 3 games
If you ever play with someone that makes such a horrible impression on you that you don’t want to ever get matched with them again, wait 10-15 minutes before you queue up again. You’ll never see them again. Also duoing with someone on their smurf isn’t against the rules.
: > [{quoted}](name=insomniacjezz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=I15pBKL7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-06T23:31:16.332+0000) > > Cmon guys, this isn’t even a controversial post. No need to follow this guy around downvoting him to oblivion. Ya I have no idea why thats downvoted. Did he recently make a post making absurd statements or something?
Sort of: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/XnumcAWo-permabanned-for-saying-gl-hf-take-baron-x3-and-ggwp?comment=0002 He’s been getting into it with people for this past afternoon. It’s still silly for people to stalk his posts, though.
: You should send a ticket nonetheless. Doubt much will get done but it's good to start a paper trail in case things escalate. In the meantime you could just ignore his requests.
Cmon guys, this isn’t even a controversial post. No need to follow this guy around downvoting him to oblivion.
: Snowflakes at Riot
Since when is it so much to ask that people not be assholes to each other?
: Positvity tilts me even more. Constant ass kissing is not any kind of "support" for me
I appreciate the opinions you bring to this board, even if I don’t agree with all of them. You’re a valued member of this community!
El Pitufo (EUW)
: Support already asked me this but nope. I played on all 4 of my computers over 9 years, and recently on 2 of them (my razer blade and my alienware aurora), I also have a very strong password and did not find any evidence i was hacked, neither did the support, si I know for a fact that it is not because some russian guy hacked my computer. The thing they claim they found would be on my computer but I searched everywhere and can't find anything. So if i create a new account, i dont even know if they will have a false positive again or not, i'm a bit stuck.
It might be worth making a new account to see if you get popped again. If you do, you probably have something on your system. If not, you might contact support again and mention you’ve been using a new account for X amount of time and haven’t had any issues, and they -might- look into the issue further.
: Harassment of various kinds are crimes in the Unites States. I may not be the most friendly person, but I do not harass others, at least not in the sense of the word I was taught at the University of Georgia at Athens. You know, the LEGAL term used in court. I now know that my only shot at keeping my account is to let my team know that I /mute all at the beginning of the game because my tolerance level for toxic, mean and even in some cases down right "evil" people in this game is at an all time low. **PS: Its comically obvious that the two of you are downvoting every post I make, just wanted you to know I was aware. (Not that I said that either of you would care).** Anyway, Thank you Rujitra and GatekeeperTDS for your responses. I am going to use one of the rules on the summoner's code and just agree to disagree, rather than be a disagreeable person.
You don’t need to inform people that you’re muting them. Just do it. No need to make a big dramatic scene about it.
Νami (EUW)
: The only thing I can say is to post your chat logs and send a ticket to support if you haven't already. It sounds like you've already done that from the "Riot refuses to help" part though. If you ever have the two weeks ban, your account is basically on thin ice for a long time and any punishment you receive next will be escalated to a permanent ban which is what I believe happened in your case. Just because another player flames/trolls/ints doesnt give you the right to flame them in chat. The best thing you can do is mute them and focus on the game to avoid saying anything you can get punished for. I know this probably doesn't help, but maybe you'll unde more about the system in place.
: I got banned and will reply here every time I move up a checkpoint.
If you’re going to post updates like that, you should include how many games you’ve played as well as the amount of time since your last checkpoint. For science.
Aliquid (NA)
: Immediate assistance.
Don’t add toxic randos after playing with them...
: Would different reporting standards for ranked and casual work?
No, toxicity is unenjoyable at every level of play.
: Opportunity to get back perma banned accounts through probation
Such a program has existed. The first trial of it went terribly, and we’re still waiting on the results from the second attempt at it. I wouldn’t hold out hope for this becoming a normal thing.
: I am toxic. A lot of people are toxic. But, riot... we are still customers.
You may be customers, but a ban is Riot telling you you aren’t wanted and should take your money elsewhere.
: > [{quoted}](name=insomniacjezz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HwLF3ttY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-31T14:38:13.082+0000) > > I wouldn’t worry about it. Riot’s defection sydtems take into account much more detailed information than IP address. They are able to compare your input patterns against how you performed in past games, and since that won’t change, you’re good to go. Thank you for the information my man, I appreciate it. THe only real differece is I dont have my mouse macros out there so manually pressing buttons lol
Knihovak (NA)
: A story about a chat restriction I had, and how I reformed.
You can write to support and request a tally of how many times in recent games you’ve been reported for various things, whether they’re valid or not. Assuming you haven’t gotten punished, I wouldn’t worry about getting a surprisingly high number as an answer. Lots of players report people for all sorts of ridiculous things, like you used to do with Yasuos.
Alrock (NA)
: My Situation
The second game is an unfortunate side effect of zero-tolerance phrases existing. You could write to support and explain the circumstances behind you saying. However because of this line in game 1: Alrock: kill yourself I don’t expect that they’d overturn or lower the punishment, since that line on its own is enough to earn a two week suspension.
: Heading away from home, have a question for RIOT
I wouldn’t worry about it. Riot’s defection sydtems take into account much more detailed information than IP address. They are able to compare your input patterns against how you performed in past games, and since that won’t change, you’re good to go.
L9 Rage (NA)
: My 8 year old account chat logs
I hope you’re not too attached to your account. It won’t last long with that kind of in game behavior.
: this probably has to do with that in little league baseball (and probably other sports and activities), saying good game is a forced courtesy, despite if the other team might have quite literally bought their way to victory among other problems so now these generations are dealing with the consequences that, and because it is both used as an insult and a courtesy, it tends to be offensive if it was not a good game
How does one buy their way to victory in baseball or League?
: Checking number of games played
I think you can still see it after the end of a game
: if you saw a stranger walking down the road and repeating "you you piece of" and you think he is toxic I question your sanity. Bro, you would say what the hell is this dude or wtf or something of the sort. So no I don't agree with the idea that the above statement is inherently toxic. EDIT GRAMMAER STUFF
I wouldn’t appreciate a random stranger saying that to me out in public. I’d enjoy it even less if this was a random person I was expected to work with on a team, and if there was a way to ensure that other people on other teams wouldn’t be subject to this kind of behavior from this person in the future, I would use it.
: If they had filter enabled all they would see is "you you piece of" in and of itself not very toxic IMO EDIT: so yes you are getting banned for swearing in essence. This is why filter is broken. and any reports IMO from a player with disbale filter should be null
That statement is toxic enough to earn a chat restriction if you say it often enough, though.
: With how big you brain is trying to be this one flew right over you... If you are being banned for curse words...This should be impossible. We aren't debating whether typing it is right or wrong. I am saying it shouldn't be visible > therefore there is no offense. If you disabled it yourself your report should be null and void.
That isn’t what I said. It’s the opposite in fact. Swearing on its own will never get you punished. Swearing while being toxic toward another player will get you punished. Being toxic toward another player without swearing will get you punished. The swearing is irrelevant. A chat filter does not block toxicity that doesn’t include curse words.
: Is paying for coaching and getting wins by duoing with the coach boosting?
Duping with a smurf is not against the rules. Boosting means account sharing and having a higher ranked player use your account.
The chat filter censors curse words and some zero tolerance phrases. It does not prevent other forms of harassment and verbal toxicity. With exception to ZT phrases, words don’t get you punished, but attitude does.
: Honor takes too long to increase
With a username like that you’re surprised?
rujitra (NA)
: A well-used amount of pedanticism is healthy in any discussion environment. Others who view this thread will not only see one response that may not apply to them, but a more full explanation of the way it works in the general sense, which I may not have provided had you not commented.
rujitra (NA)
: Following the jungler player around and stealing camps from them (i.e. making the jungle "leash" for you), as well as telling the enemy team positions/items/etc are both trolling behaviors, both of which have been punished before. The line is not a clear cut line (such as "take 3 camps and you're a troll"), but it's based on behavior as a whole. If you're simply the top laner taking the gromp when it's up before you go back to base and buy (for that extra gold), that's not going to be punished, even if you take the gromp 10 times in the game. Likewise, taking a buff or two from the jungler isn't going to be punished, because the jungler doesn't own them. However, for example, if you leash then *intentionally* take the buff, that could be considered griefing, and if you are the bot lane and at minute 5 go all the way to top side to take their blue buff before they can, that would also likely be considered griefing. The simple answer is while nobody owns them, you're still obligated to follow your role assigned - and going top side to take a buff early on and stealing camps from the jungler are not part of the "bot" role.
Fair. I was just being pedantic.
rujitra (NA)
: Please tell me you described this behavior in the comment of the report. Most trolling reports that have comments in them are manually reviewed right now to our knowledge (as the automated system misses a lot), and comments help them quickly identify poor behavior. If you didn't, you can always add context using a support ticket.
In not sure that behavior would qualify as trolling. Kills, jungle camps, and CS don’t belong to any one player according to Riot.
: Never said it was feeding. But he was clearly trolling in my champ select (that I dodged after) and was being toxic so I imagine he probably was trolling in these games too
“Looked at his history and he has been inting.” You did, though. Inting = intentionally feeding.
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