iBubster (NA)
: When to invest IRL $$ into League?
I first bought RP around 3-4 months after starting to play League of Legends I never ended up buying any PC parts for League, as my graphics card is decent If you are getting bad framerate, you could prob buy a decent $100 graphics card and get 60+ fps
Vei (NA)
: I am worried for my jaw
Was getting your teeth aligned something necessary that insurance covered, or was it a procedure done in place of getting braces?
: Riot, can you please support AP lucian mid as well?
I think AP Lucian is something Riot will continue to neglect for a long time They still neglect AP Kog' Maw, even though that use to be meta a couple years ago The chance of them caring about AP Lucian are low
Dasdi96 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=invisiblecat1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=06qrGkIT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-22T04:08:42.414+0000) > > Better off building {{item:3135}} for over 1k gold less to deal more late game damage I already build it though.
Most mages build {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3157}} There's really no room for Rabadons Unless you want to remove {{item:3151}} , but I'd rather swap it for {{item:3102}}
Lowvyr (NA)
: PSA: Do NOT eat laundry pods
I love how in the commercials for them, they show how you are supposed to keep them away from children, but you really should be keeping them away from idiotic adults {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Is rabadon's deathcap too expensive?
Better off building {{item:3135}} for over 1k gold less to deal more late game damage
: "Camille is abusing comet so comet needs a nerf"
The issue isn't Camille abusing comet, but every top laner being able to abuse comet It is basically morphing top lane, where tanks can outdamage bruisers, so it needs nerfs in general
: why dont people give it their all anymore
You're just weird League right now is incredibly snowbally, so that first blood or baron the enemy team gets is usually enough for them to win You're better off calling it quits after the enemy team gets a major advantage and queuing up for the next match, than holding onto hope for the next game But don't worry, I am weird like that too
: Malzahar doesn't do anything in Lane, barely any interaction. Just wait for jungler and Press R.
Malzahar can never be viable as long as he has a point and click suppression Need to rework that, then start to fix his other issues
: So is Viktor ever going to stop working in burger king or?
Riot just remembers that one week where he was strong a couple years ago and thinks that him being weak now makes up for it
: If people like Shield Battery, would it be possible to turn it into a Resolve rune?
This would fit more of as a keystone rune, rather than being a basic rune Getting a 340 hp shield while also being able to run something like guardian is dumb
: Only Riot fan boys will say that Riot lost money and needs this fix. LOL They already have shit load of money but they need more capital cause they are greedy as fuck.
This is not how business works When you get a lot of money you don't automatically stop charging people? They are going to continue making money, and improving the game with that money With something like hextech chests making some players no longer needing to buy skins, they are losing money
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Riot lost a lot of money when they started to impliment this system, and of course they needed to stop this I also think them changing the issue would be a Tencent issue, rather than a Riot Games issue
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: No, no, no - it's _Star Guardian_ Urgot we want! https://yurixy.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/urgod.jpg
We need the original artist for this to make an updated version for reworked Urgot Then maybe it will finally happen
: When will Lux get a new skin?
Sorry, but she just does not fit the THEME
Have you not ran into a dark harvest + {{item:3147}} + {{item:3031}} shaco?
: [GAMEPLAY] Proc Guardian off a dead team mate
Yes this is a thing, works on all ocassions considering that Guardian is up, and this is the first time I have seen it being truly useful I think it should be removed, as how can you still protect someone when you are dead?
: Stop bringing healthy ADCs up, start knocking OP ones down
People consider Ezreal a healthy adc, as he has skillshots, up until something makes him strong and people start to call him unhealthy
: Today I learned why I have been alone in my usual tasks for the past couple weeks at work.
The punishment you get when you are caught should not be what is motivating you to not drink and drive Think of the people's lives that you could ruin because you decided to be a complete fucking idiot Thinking of that should be enough of a reason, rather than the punishment surrounding it
: She also resets with explosions of max stacks Q's.
PitchBlack4 (EUNE)
: So you're saying that you got hit by max range {{champion:105}} Ult, he got his e on you and used empowered w + the passive dmg from {{item:3145}} + the ap from probably {{item:1082}} and {{item:3145}}. What the fuck were you expecting to happen when the assassin does everything right?
I mean, when he is playing an immobile mage who can't really dodge a fizz ultimate, that combo is almost guaranteed
: Why does marksmen/ADC have the cheapest itemization in the game??
Incorrect, support itemization is technically the cheapest in the game However, ADCs generally get the most gold, so their items are the cheapest/most accessable However they are not cheaper than support items
: So he now has a 4% winrate?
up 4% champion.gg says he went from 49% to 53%
: xd he is still the trash version of ww
The point isn't really how strong he is, but how that some minor changes managed to turn him from bad to decent 4% is a lot considering how he just got some mana, and stun time
Rioter Comments
: does anyone else find nasus to be overbearing to handle right now?
My thoughts are His base stats are too high (Ad and resistances) His lifesteal is stupid, as it works with his Q His ultimate is stupid, as being able to AA Q AA Q AA Q AA Q is just unfair, and forces you to back of while having your movement speed reduced by 95% quickly His armor shred amount is unnecessary And before anyone does the stupid "y-you can make any champion sound OP by listing their abilities" bs , actually lane against this oppressive champion first
Rioter Comments
Davytjuhh (EUW)
: Super super super easy to play champions
{{champion:9}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:33}}
Eedat (NA)
: Sooooo about those Brand buffs
Oh noooo Who could have seen buffs these insane making a weak champion overpowered It {{champion:90}} is almost {{champion:113}} as if Riot {{champion:104}} has never {{champion:3}} done this {{champion:35}} before
: This is how you know League is dying as each year come
: I was winning against Zoe until she got 3 gunblades in a row at level 4.
Last sentence was unnecessary, but Zoe being able to get high damaging abilities early just because she is lucky is kinda bs
: Stop doing this to Tyler1
I dislike Tyler 1, and it is okay for other people to have/share this opinion But ruining his games just because you do not like someone is kinda stupid
: Why is Kayle Ult so short
: I like playing Bard, and I did this thing; made a video to share... ENJOY!
I think that it was actually the Ornn Brittle effect being proced
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: How is veigar balanced?
Clearly you haven't play back when his Q was targetted, and he would build DFG DFG, Q R killed at almost any hp to someone without MR
: No she doesnt. She lands her E, then Qs you and probably needs an auto to proc her passive too. She either two shots or three shots you. She does not one shot, i dont know where you're getting that from.
I have been one shotted by a Zoe Q one game Of course she needs to get fed first No E required Just one really long range disjointed q
: Wanna hear a joke?
Vayne, in theory, would be a healthy champion, as and adc with the option to shred tanks is a decently good idea However, also giving that champion the ability to deal bonus damage, turn invisible, and self peel/stun is stupid, as she has very few weaknesses besides"susceptible to cc"
: A champion's counterplay shouldn't be the person playing them being stupid
Examples like this are a little biased, as there are melee champions like this as well Riven, my main, can never be played to perfection, and that is her counterplay If you manage to perfect animation cancel every single time without fail, as well as having the smart and safe game knowledge, she becomes one of the best champions, however her entire counterplay is hoping that she can't do this (and trust me, no amount of games one Riven will allow you to reach this perfection), as if she doesn't do everything like this perfectly, she becomes balanced and fair
: Here is another reason Nintendo is a bad company.
I think this is more of their "farewell" message to the WiiU, as they are trying to make their last bit of money off of it before they fully transition to focusing on the Switch
Theorex (NA)
: Have you seen azir with nashors and triple soldiers? That shit gets shoved stupid fast. Note; most azir players are currently building morello first. But nashors is still a viable option.
Wait his soldiers can target towers???
: Darius ult doesn't trigger sudden impact
Probably a bug, as those two things are contradicting each other
KSul199 (NA)
: Getting an S rank in ARAM requires selfishness and hurting your team, or is it just me?
ARAM games are not meant for you to be able to get S ranks, as there is very little skill expression on the map, as skillshot are hard to miss However, playing incredibly well does show skill, and will earn you an S
Theorex (NA)
: Things that 8.1 Should be addressing.
How does Azir push down towers fast?
You bought 0 control wards You did not do a whole lost of champion damage 8/25 kill participation
: Tide Pod Chan(Lots of images)
My family had to perform and exorcism on me, because my soul got manifested by demons when I opened this post Thank you
: https://i.imgur.com/ACZhFYu.png This shows how Riot's punishment system works. Unless you're trying to convince us that this permanent ban was completely out of the blue, which means the punishment system broke and you need to make a support ticket, you're not telling us the full/true story. Let's see those chat logs, shall we?
This chart deserves to be placed at the top of the Player Behavior boards People will say things like "kys" and question why they got a 14 day ban
Enselus (NA)
: Flashable point-and-clicks: Are they intentional? Accidental? Is there a reason? Are they arbitrary?
Stuff like {{champion:120}} E being unflashable made him used to be a really good champion, as guaranteeing that much damage is stupid
: Nidalee's w
I think she just need it to be a new ability entirely All it really does is gives vision, and helps with jungle clear It feels useless and impossible to use
leakinb (NA)
: Phase rush definitely needs a buff/ adjustment
I don't think it really needs buffs to the power/cd, my issue is on how difficult it is to proc I will want to take celerity and phase rush on {{champion:69}} , but I have to land a Q and two E's in order to do that, but by the time the second E hits in a duel I am probably dead
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