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: I like this suggestion. i find it kinda stupid that a champion made for mid lane, is basically never played in the mid lane anymore, and that Riot is completely fine with it. I dont mind Taliyah jg, but if she is only viable in the jg thats when it becomes stupid imo.
Exact same thing happened with graves He was a bot lane champion for years, and when he was changed to a jungle champion Riot adopted the "We meant to do that" mentality and never fixed him Hopefully, Taliyah won't follow the same fate
: how to quit league
I'm still struggling to find an online multiplayer game that is free to play, AND can be run on a computer with poor graphics League (and Battlerite) are the only games I have found that fit this description Any recommendations?
: Some clear cases where the item designers didn't learn from past mistakes
Rengar's Ult was changed from guaranteed crit to bonus damage because guaranteed crits with 0% crit chance are busted Then Riot makes {{item:3095}}
iiCOMAii (NA)
: League is disgusting to play now, even when all I'm trying to do is have fun I get stressed out...
I press the button to get into queue, and my motivation to play League completely goes down the drain The worst part is that I have no other games to play, so on occasion I tell myself that its going to be a fun game, but it never is Then I get sick of it and do something else to waste my time
Elewd (NA)
: Akali is gonna fall off the ban radar in a couple months since she'll actually get nerfs.
Akali will only fall off if Riot nerfs her properly If they don't reduce her shroud duration and make her E tether limited, then people are going to keep banning her because of how frustrating she is to play against This is the issue that Yasuo has
Carralar (EUW)
: Yasuo is since 51 patches one of the MOST BANNED champions
I can also see Akali being on this list in the future too They just need to stop overloading kits and giving insanely mobile champions insanely high damage
: So what if Ignite lasted for 10 seconds but did only in total 60 to 400 damage over the 10 seconds?
10 seconds is a little too long Supports would take it almost 100% of them time, completely killing off heal and healing supports 5 seconds is good, as you should be forced to use summoners at the right time to make a play, rather than just pressing it because its a free kill It just needs lower damage
: Can hecarim get a buff?
Press Predator Press E Right Click the Enemy you want to gank Congratz, you just did 50% of the enemies HP on that one gank
: PA: We are 15 days from a full 3 months of PBE RP-Granting issues.
I'm not sure if this is affect you as well, but I think because RP grants are broken people aren't playing on the PBE, giving me 8-10 minute queues This really sucks when you wanna do bug testing or to play to have fun
: Nearly 50 percent win rate isn’t “pretty bad”
It's basically the reverse problem that Lee Sin has Lee Sin almost always has a 48% winrate, but he always feels really strong to play Katarina, on the otherhand can have a high winrate, but doesn't feel strong to play You can win games and have a good winrate, but the champions doesn't feel good unless she has a 52% winrate
Auzyris (EUW)
: I am a Katarina main since beta and I would like to adress her issues
I solemnly swear, if Riot were to revert Katarina I would play League for HOURS each day again That champion was SO much fun, and I've begged on boards for Riot to revert her, and I'm finally glad a katarina post has made it to the top of the front page <3
: Is anybody gonna talk about how Ezreal's rework is a straight buff?
It just gave him more reliable burst damage, even if you want to build AD I guess its cool, but I'd rather them fix ezreal so he doesn't ruin every {{item:3057}} by becoming stupidly strong with it, ruining it for everyone else
Namîste (NA)
: Game is 61 to 40...Kha could have like 25+ kills. I mean yeah that's crazy damage but it doesn't show how fed this guy is...or what items. There's facts missing
That doesn't change the fact that I am not allowed to even react to Kha' Zix jumping on me 0.31 seconds to kill a champion THAT BUILT ARMOR is absurd, and does NOT need to be made stronger
: I'm Sure Kha Won't Be Broken At All in 8.19 First game on the PBE today lol
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: Serious question: Why did you make Stormrazor?
I hate how Riot seems to NEVER learn from their mistakes They turn rengar's guaranteed crit on his R to bonus damage because they realized that guaranteed crits are a bad idea And then they go and create {{item:3095}}
Moody P (NA)
: Kind of feel like old Irelia was more reasonable than new
I feel like this might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think she's all that strong right now On release her damage was stupid Right now I feel like I have to hit EVERYTHING in order to even think about being able to kill a squishy Can someone prove me wrong?
Yara0 (NA)
: Wow i made it through 2 whole games before i wanted to die thats a new record this season.
Season 6 was the last fun season for me (Except for Dynamic Queue)
: Tanks that can work as a support?
You are probably best off with Nautilus, Maokai, or Alistar
: Illaoi's E and Poison effects
I think its kinda cool how champions who have poison can become strong Illaoi counters because of this interaction Although this is a little excessive and needs to be changed, I still would like to see poison champions being a strong counterpick
Verxint (NA)
: 42 to 17.. I'm gonna guess that Fizz was fed as hell. Not a good example.
It doesn't really matter how fed someone is In this clip I was strong, but someone should AT LEAST be given 1 second to react to an assassin Fizz was nerfed partially because he dealt too much burst damage
: >Nah, actually better yet, nerf Fizz one patch after you give him buffs because people have no idea how to play safe in lane against an assassin. Yes, when i got 100-0d under my tower by an 0/1 Fizz with only {{item:3145}} it was because I wasn't playing safe enough.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: What's the point of Corki?
Corki plays sort of like a burst mage that builds AD Although he deals mostly magic damage, he is still incredibly different than Kai' Sa
: Honestly that why people quit this game, the dude said the truth
I would be fine with things like this IF IT WAS A NORMAL GAME Based on your wording I'm assuming its ranked, where people play to win, and trolling like this causes more losses, which ruins the experience In normal games this is perfectly fine, and almost encouraged as not everyone plays to win in normals, and I really appreciate off-meta picks that make the game a little more exciting than things like {{champion:238}} mid every game
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: Tower damage
I think they should deal less initial damage, but more damaging ramping up That was you can easily get away with a tower dive if you play it PERFECTLY However, if you even slip up once you'll be forced to flash, because you'll die This makes it riskier, which is what tower dives should be in the first place
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: After worlds, make sure to REVERT THE UNNECESSARY BUFFS you gave champions instead of nerfing other!
This is sort of like how they kept giving Lux random buffs on her R, then nerfed her E because she started doing well Like... leave the champions that are already strong alone
Shamose (EUW)
: How to fight sexism by Riot Games.
If you're a feminist and you support this you are not a feminist You can't believe in equality for all genders only when women are the ones being affected
: Akali's Dash Malfunction?
I have had this issue happen to me multiple times as well I always brushed it off as me hitting terrain or something, but it definitely wasn't I think its a bug, because otherwise there is nothing saying why she would have her R canceled
: What's the balance philosophy behind not being able to flash out of hyper mobile Leblanc's Chain?
The "reason" is that its a skillshot, and should only be broken if LeBlanc returns to her W pad However, when she's building stuff like {{item:3146}} , her chain is guaranteed, making it cancer
: Please Riot, just nerf Garen
It sucks, as if you're any top champion (besides {{champion:17}} ) he basically automatically wins lane
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: What i mean by "damage is too high" I'll just leave this here
Rαy (EUW)
: Fizz is still too strong I'll just leave this here (Sorry for bad quality)
: Who was Hail if Blades created For?
Its basically lethal tempo, but for champions who want burst damage immediately in fights
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: So Ninja started to play League
Never upvoted something so fast
Hotarµ (NA)
: I don't know when these changes are coming exactly, but her passive is being changed and it seems decent.
This was released over a month ago, and Riot has come up with idea for Lissandra's passive before, but haven't gone through with it Besides, I feel like this passive isn't really true to lissandra's theme
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: How the fuck is Fiddlesticks a healthy champion?
My only real issue with his kit is how he has TWO point and click Cc abilities I understand having a 2 second fear ON A SKILLSHOT, but making it point and click is just bs
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Nasus is a terribly designed champion
He'd be a much more welly balanced champion if his passive didn't exist That high amount of lifesteal makes poking him as a melee champion much more useless That combined with his Wither means that even though you got the jump on him, he will still win the trade
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La Bello (NA)
: Other recast abilities should receive the same tooltip clarity Akali R2 gets
: I know because hes a mage im going to get downvoted for this
I remember back when his E was an instant cast, meaning that if the veigar was good you would get stunned if you were in range 100% of the time This version of Veigar is a little better, but the point and click 1k damage ult needs to go
: Nerf Akali's W
I think it just needs a longer cooldown, as having it up 50% of the time late game is a little stupid
: I'm really tired of QSS against Urgot
If I can't QSS a Zed or Fiora ulti anymore I should not be able to QSS an Urgot Ult Especially considering Urgot's R is a skillshot
Swegmec (NA)
: Let Seraph shield be used while stunned
I feel like this might make it too safe of an option The only champions who seem to buy seraphs are squishy mages who need the shield to block some big hits If it can be used while stunned it makes so you aren't punished for getting hit by a cc ability Mages should still have to keep dodging in mind, even if they are building seraphs
: I get that fizz was probably a little underpowered
That isn't even his biggest problem Today I WQ'd a fiddle sticks and one shot him I have the replay, but idk how to upload it as a gif
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