: Do you think I could get 60 RP from Riot Support with this Drawing?
Send a support ticket to guarantee a Rioter will see it
Wolity (EUW)
: The BEST feeling ever
I think vengeance is too short of a victory I'd much rather have supportive teammates who encourage me to try new things again
: Great so Urgot going to get another indirect nerf cause Ryze and Cass are overpowered champions
What? Urgot has 52%+ winrate is most ranks Not to mention he stacks it even faster than cass and ryze because of his permanent W And, unlikely Ryze and Cass, can build Death's Dance
KazKaz (OCE)
: What happened to addressing melee vs ranged matchups?
Coming Soon Melee vs ranged lanes Primarily we want to make sure that we have mechanics to safeguard from ranged champions taking over top lane, which is the primary place where we get melee 1v1 matchups Current iterations have some additional melee only power added to Doran’s Shield Taken from surrender at 20 They essentially said they've taken notice of the issue, and hope to fix it SOON Right now, shield changes are just a bandaid fix to make it slightly less cancerous
Yenn (NA)
: Can whoever designed Omnistone explain who is intended to use it, and why they would choose it?
It is a prototype I believe that is why it is called prototype:omnistone I feel like its just something unique Riot wanted to test and see if it would work Personally, I like the idea, as it is fun and situationally effective The only champ I've used it on so far is {{champion:105}} I figured since he autoattacks and uses spells, then he could use almost all the keystones, and it feels pretty good
Cdore (NA)
: Remember when League was a game made for American and European audiences?
It makes sense for them to do that, as the largest population of league players are from Eastern Asian countries. However, this is why I loved the idea of Nexus Blitz, as games would end in 25 minutes no matter what. Now that Riot is trying to rush Summoner's Rift games with random mechanics, it feels a little messy. I just think there needs to be a shorter but equally competitive game mode.
Teémò (NA)
: Why is vision always being removed from the game?
Pro games are boring when half of the time is spent on vision control. Its a super important aspect of league, but Riot doesn't want it to be
: I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?
Jaspers (EUW)
: Think this is just the common thing of "Runes do too much damage". You took 50 damage from Press The Attack alone, THEN his following auto and Q do 8% bonus damage to you. More if he has Coup de Grace. Also, patch 9.14 W "New Effect: When empowered with 50 Fury, destroys existing shields on the target before applying the damage and stun. "
I actually forgot about that change and just thought that was normal damage, but even then it still feels like bs for almost dying for walking near my minions at level 2
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I think I've seen one Riven build shojin since its release
: Senna Being the Next Champ is the Perfect 10th Anniversery Champion
I remember all the hype surrounding PROJECT: Master Yi when people thought that he was Yone, Yasuo's brother I hope Senna (if it's her ;) gets the same treatment
: Please Bring Back Old Aatrox
I miss the old sound effects the most The demonic noise he'd make while slurping with his W, or the ear-piercing noise the E would make
Shahamut (NA)
: Skarner's ultimate isnt that oppressive. It's only ever complained about in the context of his being reworked. It has plenty of counterplay and is not imho unhealthy or too powerful. My changes barely use up the power budget of the spires by making the stats more accessible to Skarner. Why do you think this limits his power?
Because he is able to run at the backline with his W, press R on a point and click ability, and drag the squishy champ out of position, effectively guaranteeing a kill in teamfights
Shahamut (NA)
: Skarner rework concept, again.
My biggest issue is how his power is going to be limited. I feel like the best and only way to give skarner good changes is to rework his ult so it is no longer so oppressive to play against. Something like a heavy self slow or a shorter duration will balance its power and allow for more offensive changes like this to be made
: > [{quoted}](name=invisiblecat1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=96EejuhN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-10T21:19:52.806+0000) > > Still can't believe they left a > point and click > 1000 damage > True Damage > EXECUTE > in the game for that many years good thing they didn't give it to an assassin with lane wide cc, broken cc, invis, and hypermobility. or give a reset to it. or have it to ignore shields. or have it to give 300g to assist. right?
Put that much damage on ANY champion is unfair. idc if its an assassin or a juggernaut
: We finally got rid of Garens Villain mehcanic
Still can't believe they left a point and click 1000 damage True Damage EXECUTE in the game for that many years
Weexazys (NA)
: Why is ignite on such a short cooldown?
Late game relevance The damage and healing reduction is super strong early game, but 410 damage on a 180-second cooldown is lackluster. Late game it is given a short cooldown so it can help guarantee kills against enemies with healing
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you even play against Tryndamere
I actually find phase rush to work pretty well against him You poke him a bit and when he tries to W and E after you, the movement speed and slow resist always you to get away with minimal damage
Rioter Comments
: Remember Taliyah
And how she was given an out of combat movement speed passive even though Riot moved Miss Fortune's old passive to her W because it was too unimpactful
l MrD l (NA)
: Oh no pyke got caught ....
The fact this post only has two downvotes is so funny to me Literally the entire community has realized that this champion's mechanics are fucking b u l l s h i t
: Winning on 97+ LP should give you a free win in promos - Change My Mind
First its that 99 lp is tilting to get so it should auto do promos but now 98 is only 1 away so it should be too now 97 96 95 Where do we stop???
: Unfortunately, emphasis on the passive was one of the first things to go. As someone who plays Yuumi a lot, I'd love to see that be more meaningful.
This is part of the reason why I was upset when they removed the mana gain from passive, making it just a useless shield that dies down form the minion damage she takes to get it activated. I think giving her higher mana costs but giving back mana gain on passive will also force her to be more interactive
Nasakeki (NA)
: Just delete Yuumi, please.
Or, let's stop making her uninteractive with literally PERMANENT UNTARGETABILITY My suggested changes are to make it so there's more emphasis on the passive and less on her heal and Q so she's encouraged to hop off her adc often, leaving her vulnerable. Additionally, i think if the ally she's attached to gets hit by crowd control, Yuumi should be forced to hop off, that way she has to press her W in fights to be optimally played
Rioter Comments
: Accidently bought a skin :(
Send a support ticket, I'm sure they will let you transfer it
: What are some ways to negate Pyke's power?
inb4 the "Pyke has one of the most dodgeable kits..." guy comes to comment for another 30 downvotes
: When will inting trash like this ever get dealt with?
Its kinda biased to just post the scoreboard and say that she was inting You're also forgetting that she was playing support, which ideally have zero kills, some deaths, and assists If you have video evidence that proves she's inting then it would be good, but it just seems like you're upset that you lost
Rioter Comments
: It's a really weird feeling when Normals are less fun to play than ranked games when you're high elo
We've kinda lost the "have fun" attitude, that now normal games are all about winning Normals should be for practice, having fun, and trying new things, but you still get people who try too hard and play stuff like Athene's rush morgana mid, and be as uninteractive as possible. I'm definitely not as high in rank as you, but at every level there's been a change in players where they think the only way to have fun is by winning. Although it is fun to win, I wish people were less focused on it, and were willing to take more risks in normal games
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: No need for more assassin's
> [{quoted}](name=Jesi Oni,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=riYvnn6Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-12T11:55:31.533+0000) > > No need for more assassin's You say that like she doesn't currently build Duskblade/Ghostblade Previously she would build crit like other marksmen
: that I 100% agree with. they make people look bad in divisions they rightfully climbed to which is wrong,throwing their weight around and down playing their team mates is wring and not encouraging. so I'm 100% with this!
I'm glad you agree with something I said 3 years ago
: Spatula drop rarity
Its intentional If the drop was common then people would be able to form comps that require turning one champion into a specific class. Due to its increased rarity, there will be games where you are unable to get multiple or even 1 spatula, so you have to think critically while playing in order to find the best use for it
: Riot never said they would be reworked or brought back. What they said is the following: "It’s possible that we’ll revisit the concept of boot enchants in the future, but only after we find ways for it help dodge mobility creep - not enforce it." The problem was in practice boot enchantments were "you have 20 more movement speed" or "you have reduced summoner spell cooldown and bonus movement speed after using summoner spells". It ended up being anyone ahead just moved faster for no reason, and that wasn't something Riot wanted.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Dusteon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wKcLMGiz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-09T02:43:53.089+0000) > > Riot never said they would be reworked or brought back. What they said is the following: > > "It’s possible that we’ll revisit the concept of boot enchants in the future, but only after we find ways for it help dodge mobility creep - not enforce it." > > The problem was in practice boot enchantments were "you have 20 more movement speed" or "you have reduced summoner spell cooldown and bonus movement speed after using summoner spells". It ended up being anyone ahead just moved faster for no reason, and that wasn't something Riot wanted. But I feel like limiting Boot enchantments to just mobility is the reason why they were removed in the first place Before everyone purchased homeguard because it was the most efficient amount of mobility out of all of them, so Riot decided to remove the rest and make homeguard free I think if Riot gets creative and adds stats other than mobility to the enchantments then the diversity of purchased enchantments would increase For example, I think it would be really cool to see more defensive boot enchantments, that way a champion can get the boots they want and then the other stat they need later. Otherwise we are just going to keep seeing 1-3 Ninja Tabi on each team to survive burst damage better
Rioter Comments
: How it feels to jungle
One command: /muteall Just play the way you know is best and listen to pings
: Can something be done with Riven already
My proposed nerfs would be to make her Q on a 13 second cooldown at all ranks (like it used to be) and to make it so her passive doesn't work with healing effects.
: Just another day in ranked
Were they doing Tristana top? Played against one of those earlier, who proceeded to go 0/3/0 and afk for the rest of the match Checked their match history afterwards, and this was their second time doing this, and both times were in ranked
FlamyEdge (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Soraka Silence doesn't always work
I think the issue lies in the fact that its technically a permanent silence, which is constantly bugging out and screwing over both the soraka and the enemy A similar, but less commonly happening, issue is with Cassiopeia's W and Singed W, where the grounded effect doesn't always work as intended
: I can't evne follow the reasoning behind things riot is doing these days.
Anyone remember that Ekko E buff from a few years ago. It went something like "Ekko fairs pretty well when his cooldowns are up, so we're buffing him to allow him to do that more often" or some invalid shit that sounds pointless like that Or when the changed siege minions to 90 gold and caster ones to 14 to "up the ante"
: https://imgur.com/dwVbaGG
> [{quoted}](name=Darkdemon653,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9b2dmp6b,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-16T01:35:50.110+0000) > > https://imgur.com/dwVbaGG I'm glad this exists, but the fact that it defaults to using SHIFT is really bad for newer players. Its honestly just a useless feature
Rioter Comments
: Ahri While in Ultimate does not block Cait Ulti Bug
DarExplosion10's comment basically sums up why this happened. Its just that hitboxes get really buggy when you are located near where the river becomes lands
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Why are you doing this to yuumi?
I think the only nerf she needs is that she should detach from the ally if that ally is under hard cc That way she has to press W a few more times, and can't be guaranteed invincibility in a fight if she attaches herself to a fed carry This, I feel like, will also encourage her to build boots early and take flash, which will also play a part in decreasing her power
: And the award for most skins goes to....
Personally, I consider team skins as just a skin in general. If you had been watching all the work they put into Resistance Illaoi and Little Demon Tristana, you'd realize that each and every skin takes a TON of effort and cooperation. Although team skins aren't made by choice, they still take away from skin production
: the lux nerfs.
Those Ult reset buffs were kinda just thrown in there randomly when she was perfectly balanced for no reason at all I'm kinda glad they're removing it so they can give her changes when she needs it, rather than making her strong in one aspect and then being forced to nerf everything else
Nea104 (EUW)
: Many people noticed that on Day 1, still nothing...
Because on Day One, people were unreasonable upset by the RNG that instead of providing constructive feedback they just called Riot trash. Although it does its job at raising concern to the issue, it can not result in immediate change. All we can do is be patient and keep leaving suggestions
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