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Nhifu (NA)
: Why are poppy cooldowns so high?
Poppy cant be good during lcs season because she hard counters big dick lee sin plays.
Jobriq (NA)
: Now it is I who try hard
Are you actually offended? Because if so...oh boy. I imagine its a joke since a lot of the community calls it "outplaying" for some reason when a zed ults you under your tower and escapes. Some simple inputs look super flashy. (not to say he isnt a difficult champ he is, but skill floor and such)
: Op that isnt quite how it works tho x) Like those buggers can easily gank even when the lane is perfectly in the middle, and given how most push very slowly early on the lanes are usually in the middle by level 2. Showing them under tower? I wish that was their success condition, woulda been great. Oh and also, zac is actually really damn good at ganking anytime from level 3 and on so he also does early ganks very neatly.....although not level 2 ones but still-
level 3 is is astronomically different than level 2 for zac. level 2 you have a 3 foot jump and a dream. level 3, you have a 3 foot jump and a form of cc. This is NOT a counterganking post. It pertains to the opening minutes of the game only.
: we see a lot of babysitting in pro play though. one side of the map is usually too safe to gank, or has a match up that is too volatile (involving a jayce or other 1-sided matchup) and suddenly there's no reason to be anywhere else.
pro play is not even comparable to ladder play though.
: I've picked really dumb jungle picks like {{champion:14}} in the jungle in the past and I've stopped ganks purely by just appearing behind my teammates and doing literally nothing. The enemy just sees "oh there's one more dude here, guess I'll stop chasing". and it works, life saved, enemy denied 300 gold. And all I had to suffer was stepping away from my krugs that I did 400 points of damage to
correct counter ganking does work. the context of this thread accounts for the first 3 minutes of the game. nothing more.
: how dare you not play the same 2-3 champions that were meta last season and will still be the meta standard for the entire next year!
Play something off meta and do well, everyone says omg thats crazy, do bad and "report this fucking troll" {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Tarquin96 (EUNE)
: Are you r%%%%%ed?I cant possibly make a mistake,its your fault for not warding my bush. Fucking jng mains and their bullshit excuses
GG JUNGLER AFK. BETTER TOP LOSES. Me: Hey Yas...its 2:45 in lets settle down a bit.
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Saevum (NA)
: Try {{champion:32}} He's kinda similar to old Zac in certain ways. He is AP, he can jump on you from a fair distance, he's a tank, his ult is really good, and you can say that is your 'secret weapon'.
i have played him a bit but tbh. im looking to stray away from jungle support roles. I can put people in a position to carry nicely with them, but i play solo. its really a crapshoot if a random is up to the task or not.
: there is a consequence, report them. griefing/negative attitude certainly applies. intentional feeding applies if they do it. leaving the game/AFK applies too. and if they say anything nasty or wont stop? Harrassment I know the report system is weak, but those reports do add up and will eventually lead to a ban
: > [{quoted}](name=VonToothskie,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=idLOABwO,comment-id=000a000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-04T04:29:28.771+0000) > > no, you all agreed to play the full game. the surrender option only exists for rare cases, yet people like you abuse it to surrender every game, often seconds before the game would naturally conclude. > this is why the game is in such a bad state: the devs see everyone surrendering at 15 or 20 so they buff damage and snowball to make games shorter on the assumption we want shorter games. > surrendering frequently also denies the victors smashing the crystal, which many find a satisfying part of the game. it also denies players who did well the opportunity to achieve S grades. its a childish and narcisistic didplay of poor sportsmanship. oh ya bc they balance the game around too many people ff'ing early. LOL what world do u live in. Remember dynamic queue season; they instated the 15 min ff vote and this was after the game became snowball heavy, it was in response to them making games end quicker. i agreed to play a game, and that's all. If i dont wanna play any more, i try to ff. If you dont ff, i am not still obliged to play the game. That's what afk bans are for. Good things for me it's very easy to bypass the afk detector so go on living in fantasy world lmao
Ugh, people like you. I dont know how many games i have won after a ff decline. I have won games even where im the one who put up the ff.
: Well u liked Zac, so im assuming you like Jungle Tanks. The most viable one currently, is Leona jungle. that being said, Tanks suck.
wait what? leona jungle? havent seen a single one. ill play rammus as needed but i get bored of him quickly.
Syrile (NA)
: Literally said this myself in a post and it was immediately downvoted. :D Less than 20 seconds of being posted and it was downvoted with clearly the person not reading it. Lovely how personal views are used to judge solutions rather than effectiveness of the solution. And I totally agree with this.
: do you have any suggestion for a system to prevent such behaviours?
There is no "preventing" anything, where there is a will there is a way. The means to the end is removing their ability to do it going forward. Suspension > suspension > ban
: Just play atk speed Ezreal.... remember its season 9. Rank nolonger matters and we are encouraged to make our own meta #isitmeta
i tend to position myself close to gold v wait for the skin to be released and if i care at all go for the skin. i have never cared about 1 since i started lmao
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BradNo (NA)
: Now I am not allowed to say stuff? What if I don't go through with it? Am I permabanned?
So making false threats? Even if you dont go through with it you are still in the wrong and had a negative impact on your team immediately. Grow up.
Brotha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=it be lìke that,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=idLOABwO,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-02-03T07:26:43.677+0000) > > "no you guys had your chance at 15" they both declined surrender and we were forced to stay in a 3v5. This is the same attitude I take. As you said, player mindset is a big part of the game. As a jungler if my laners have prio but get out rotated, are getting solo killed, or are doing nothing but afk farming it WILL affect my mental. Especially if I have 4 man invades at my buffs and my laners are still last hitting in lane (I dont mind giving up a buff, but if you dont at least shove the lane to punish their roam I'll be absolutely livid). If I notice this type of play early game when I'm doing my best to impact the game, jungle being a very early game oriented role btw, I may call for a ff at 15 (assuming all lanes are apes). I notice players who want to "play it out" usually are in a role focused on mid game and rarely late game, late game players wanna surrender at 3 minutes. They have no consideration for their team mates who become irrelevant the longer the game rolls by because _ they'll _ carry. Well if I start the surrender vote and it doesn't go through, bet your ass the rest of that game I am going to vote no. WINNABLE right? Better carry me real good cause I'll make this game last 40+ minutes while impersonating a stone heavier than {{champion:3}} .
hopefully it catches up to you. It isnt for you to decide alone when a game should be given up on.
Ashenvall (EUW)
: Holding us in hostage in clicking "no" to surrender is the same.
You arent getting held hostage by your team not wanting to ff, you signed up to play the game just like they did. the whole point of a group vote is for you to decide collectively the game is out of reach.
: I like how anyone who gets held hostage by players who refuse to FF early get downvoted by the same players holding them hostage. The irony that they then complain about being held hostage is not lost on me.
You arent getting held hostage by your team not wanting to ff, you signed up to play the game just like they did. the whole point of a group vote is for you to decide collectively the game is out of reach.
Ąqua (NA)
: yeah, i had someone like this in one of my games earlier. Definitely agree that there should be some kind of consequence for that kind of behavior.
the best part? once the game was officially out of reach due to him quitting and inting, we tried to ff. it was then revealed he had a duo with us he said "no you guys had your chance at 15" they both declined surrender and we were forced to stay in a 3v5.
: "Lost Mid has started a surrender vote" "Surrender Vote failed 3/2" "Lost Mid has been slain" "Lost Mid has been slain" "Lost Mid has been slain".
especially frustrating if its winnable, our jungle demanded we ff at 15 at minute 10, down 4 kills.
GigglesO (NA)
: afk like a little bitch is all I hear you suggest. Honestly if team can't rotate on a 3 man mid tower deserves to fall.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=it be lìke that,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=idLOABwO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-02T23:12:30.503+0000) > > Any bs ultimatum you attempt to give your team is ridiculous, you are not more important than everyone else. I'm getting 3v1'd in mid, either rotate/gank or I'm letting it open. > Play the game, play to win. That is playing the game to win. Why give free kill gold and turret? Get off your couch and help the lane that is getting his ass camped by extra players.
hug ur turret do your best to live let your team know u need a gank or for them to push objectives since they have clumped mid. anything but be a whiney baby. some of the best players ive seen dont call for a gank when they get camped but outplay them and have their own team push a tower or tack drag.
: Nothing counters Akali's shroud. Really makes you think.
ive killed a few akali in shroud with donger. just gotta watch the movement and predict your e
: I dont really understand how you really hold them hostage??? I mean dont heal them if ur a support??? Thats the only way i see u holding ur temate "hostage"
literally gave you 2 examples. refusing to do something unless they do x that heavily impact the dynamic of the game whether be play based or mindset of the team.
: > [{quoted}](name=it be lìke that,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=idLOABwO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-02T23:12:30.503+0000) > you are not more important than everyone else. I think they are if they are in a higher elo than their team
Velasan (NA)
: Right, so the answer to your question is because in the past most true damage was a flat amount. So, for example you use Vayne. She has true damage, but it's a conversion for an amount already set to do % health damage of the opponents HP. The amount it does is always based off the enemies health and rank in silver bolts. Where it started to go wrong was they gave true damage to variable conversion rates, aka Camille Q, Conqueror etc. Those numbers change wildly throughout the game and are part of a champions normal quick rotation. If you can wait a second to get Conqueror/Camille Q you get a big burst of true damage and without the use of an ult. For another example, take a look at cheapshot rune. Not many people take it. A lot of people think it's pretty bad. It also does true damage, but the amount is a flat number. True damage only gets really crazy when we have abilities and runes converting it into large amounts, it was originally intended as a way to make sure certain characters would be better at getting past tanks and not get stone walled by one on the enemy team. Vayne would be pretty awful without her silver bolts because of her low range, a tank would easily catch up to her and just sit on her until she died. Similarly Jhin has HP damage on his fourth shot to deal with tanks for the same reason, he's immobile and would be easy to focus by a tanky opponent. I'm probably forgetting something, but the only time in the past we had variable true damage was with Cho'gath ult, and that's meant as an execute. Vayne has gone through a lot of ups and downs in the recent seasons and they've buffed her several times to keep her relevant.
idk why people hate cheap shot. i think its great. i use it on heimer every game. e stun 3 turret hyper beams and a w. is fat boi damage
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: This is not Overpowered or not Overpowered thread, they have a design problem. Stealthed assassins have the easiest time getting to carries so they should have the hardest time actually killing them. That's why the system is flawed, and the OP is trying to address this.
He pointed it out but didnt address it. offered no real solution just complained.
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: stop greifing your own junglers camps early game
FUCKING THIS. I had a morde clear my wolves and gromp then bitch when i was hardstuck level 3 never caught up. was forced to invade to try for camps ended up giving fb.
: IMO 9.2 made the game pacing so much better & was a good patch overall.
I personally think bounty gold is a bit high. A couple kills turns a 0/8 adc/carry relevant again despite 25 mins of shutting them out. Had a yasuo dash in and steal 3 kills, got 2k gold off it and boom despite going 0/5 in lane was back to doin yasuo shit
aruke (NA)
: hardstuck bronze
I ended last season apparently without playing enough games after my chat restriction and it looks like imma get dumped in bronze (fucking yikes) honestly, pros say it best. Pick 2 champs. Play them. Dont worry about counters that low, play what you are good at. Get good enough to make plays/picks and carry. If you play top, dont be the guy who teleports back to lane for no reason, walk that shit. Use the tp the gank bot. BEST way to get a pick: jungler is going to go for blue/red the very second it comes up 9/10 without even thinking. Take a pink in drop it in the bush ping your jungler over with you. freelo.
: Do you believe that Riot is enfocing a 50% winrate by intentionally matching you with bad teams?
i mean, outside looking in it feels sketchy. like when you have won 6 games in a row and suddenly 2 of your teammtes have sub 35% winrates and are on a 4 game tilt streak. but it all boils down to probability. 10 players a lobby. Statistically, the baddy/tilted player is more likely to be on the enemy team since it would be 1 out of 4 vs 1 out of 5. Unless of course, you are the baddy/tilter. Then its a 100% chance every game you play.
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ZoWeeLoli (EUNE)
: Because assassins are just badly designed in league.
It aint just league, its every moba. Assassins are a devs worst nightmare. Too weak? Everyone bitches, too strong? everyone bitches. The problem starts with ADCs, Assassins are supposed to be able to kill them near instantly, because if they dont they are now just dead to high damage and sustain. Most assassins are all damage no sustain with some exceptions, removing adc sustain would be a step in the right direction you arent a "glass cannon" when you can just lifesteal back to full.
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Stone766 (NA)
: Evelynn is P good right now though... could use a early game buff tbh but her mid game is one of the best
just not the same, i dont really enjoy her now.
: revert {{champion:154}}
been saying it ever since. since the changes i just cant fucking get back to gold, former zac and evelynn life is hard.
Dr Dog (NA)
: *playing evelynn vs lee sin 5 mins in* bot lane who got double killed after shoving in with no vision: "WTF god no jger gg, cant even gank" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I got hit with "you are the jungler you dont need ganks, I have a lane to be in" today at 8 mins in.
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: I mean he did as much damage as your Vayne. Your Morgana - the support - outdamaged ALL of you by MILES. Shouldn't really be happening. You can have bad engages, you know. Just because you're the tank and you engage does not mean you're the one in the right and your deaths are justified. I don't know how you think this game played out but on paper almost all of you played terribly. This isn't on Ryze.
So if he plays someone else, this game doesnt go differently? (also this isnt a 1 game sample size) if he plays literally anyone who can deal damage we win. (you really dont seem to be understanding the whole engage thing honestly. so I dash in right? i have q up, i slow them with gauntlet and I knock up. crazy i know) him not knowing how to effectively combo ryze is 10000% the problem. it likely keeps vayne up, but it also deletes the xayah who i have cc'd. but thank you for your insight, it means a lot. (it really doesnt) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Did you miss the part where both you and your Vayne, at 6/10 and 7/10, DIDN'T give away more deaths than kills you got, your team would not have been behind in the kill game? In fact you'd be leading. Did you miss the part where he's got the best farm on your team? Maybe focus on some other problems, like your botlane feeding out of their minds or you going 6/10, instead of one player's pick when he didn't even end with poor stats.
You can stare at the kda until the cows come home, means nothing when you are on the backfoot. If he is in fights, those get turned around, if he had any follow up damage, we could win potentially more fights as well. I understand you have 1 strong finishing in silver under your belt there budget Phreak but TANK XIN. ENGAGE. If I have deaths, that means we arent winning the fights I engaged on. Including one baron power play in a 5v4. Ryze is a bad pick, idc if you can ult and chase down someone to last hit lmao. Morg support highest damage on team, keep tunnel visioning that kda though.
: Your Ryze did better than you in the game I assume you're bitching about. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I am sure you watched the whole game, did you skip to the part where I out damaged him as tank xin because we had virtually no enage? i strongly enjoyed his lack of team fight damage, you know the ryziest thing you can do. but please tell me more with your obviously endowed game knowledge and statistical genius.
Paroe (NA)
: Why does this build even need to BE nerfed? Its not toxic like proxy singed or trick-style Udyr. Not only is it easily counterable, its punishing asf. Its not the sions fault _if you dont pick a counter_ or _feed him to the point where he starts being effective_... Nor is it his fault if _you cannot win a 4v4/4v5_.
No. If Die to Win makes sense to you then this world will not.
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