: So, a very high range mage, got into melee range of a bruiser, and died {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
no gap closer and rylai doesnt exist. you right. while i think op is overreacting a bit, morde is absurd and needs to be toned back big time.
gileskd (NA)
: report them after the game for harassment playing a champ you are not familiar with, in a role you are not familiar with, im pretty sure you are gonna get flamed. playing a champ you are familiar with, in a role you are not familiar with, 50% chance you are gonna get flamed. the choice is yours to make {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Shouldn't be put in the situation in the first place, that's the issue.
: Akali 1 shotting people with no items might be a problem Riot: MAKE AATROX OP??? GOT IT!
Seems like riot brought their hard on for assassins to tft as well. Nerfing elementals and making mage targeting awful vs them. Ahri used to orb 3 of em now she just hits the one killing her.
: I never really got these threads, why don't people just take the time to learn the roles they often get autofilled for? I'm not saying that you should completely change your mains just for adc, but at least try to learn adc even though you don't really have a desire to play it. Would it really hurt to pick up ezeral or someone who's easy and safe and learn a little bit on how to position yourself and such? You could probably learn a thing or two when you practice on it and you're not hurting anyone if you just go to normals or just watch a video or something about the role. You just have to get to know it til you feel like you're confident in it so if you ever get autofilled and no one wants to take the role and you don't have anymore dodges, you some what have some experience and can pull your self up. A majority of people feel the same about certain roles but if worse comes to worse it's just best to do it yourself and fix it.
Adc is a pretty complicated role to just "learn" because you get auto filled to it sometimes. It's entirely position dependent and that positioning varies with each champion and if you dont adc odds are you have little to no experience on those champions since they are scarcely viable outside of bot.
gileskd (NA)
: you do not get assigned adc, you get the role bot. pick any champion and go bot lane with it {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: {{champion:92}} Q cd ? {{champion:238}} ult cd late game? either nerf or buff zhonyas cd cause there's no counterplay {{champion:99}} ult cd {{champion:69}} literally OP champ but nobody talks about it because nobody plays her
okay zed tho? yeah he can ult a lot late game but wtf is he going to do when its down? i just went like 25-8 or something but all they did was group up and stack the naut on carries and i was pretty much going to get killed for going in if 1 of the 3 of em could land a cc before i dip out.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: jax feels ... weak, his early game isn't good enough to beat people that you're better off and his late game is just 100% faceroll, nerf late and make his early decent again.
weak early? into who? his level 3 is dummy strong.
: I actually miss those old days, where people could talk trash and nobody would cry about it being "toxic". People back then realized that they were on the Internet and random peoples words should not matter to them.
Tbh the difference to me is no game of cod goes 30 mins to an hour. So you didnt have to listen to the same person the whole time and if the person sucked or threw it wasnt a big deal since you could just A. Leave or B. The game is over in a few mins.
: to the people who say yasuo is broken, yet also make/laugh at yasuo feed memes
??? Some people suck at driving. Some people are incredible drivers. A stealth bomber could do a lot of damage with a seasoned pilot yet it would do nothing with a blind poodle in it. Get it?
: while i agree with the "its pathetic stupid etc", you're getting exhausted by just watching others write for 30min? oh boy lol. try to sit in a room where you need to write down every word others say for 5 hours straight :D
It's a figure of speech more than anything. And your comparison seems a bit off 1. In this scenario I assume I'm being paid. 2. Is it nonstop whining and baby rage?
nGio (NA)
: {{champion:154}} I stopped playing ranked a couple of years ago when they ruined my boy for those big LCS plays that I personally don't give a shit about.
i got to gold my first season playing league with zac, i quit playing really came back and was like "wait what" and i didnt know who tf to play, i hated that rework.
: Yeah God forbid Ahris winrate not be above 52% for like the trillionth season in a row
i always get downvoted for this exact statement. she legit has never been bad.
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: How do I deal with tilted teammates?
Mute. or be like me and if its 2-3 people go afk farm and deny every ff attempt.
: It's worth a support ticket, but in cases of long absences from the game it is sometimes determined that you did not take proper steps to secure the account or make sure it remained uncompromised. So definitely send in a ticket, but understand that it's not a surefire thing.
which is kinda crap. why no authenticator? what are the steps? "change your password"
Infernape (EUW)
: She can. You need to keep pressing ctrl and 5 together until she cartwheels.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} gonna try next game. thanks!
: Getting autofilled is the worst experience and should be removed!
on behalf of most jungle mains, we dont wanna play jungle either. its awful right now.
Rioter Comments
: I don't understand why Kalista is considered toxic
kallista kites on auto and has the best ult of any adc by far to win a fight. vayne is pretty feast or famine, half the adcs right now can poke her and push her off farm, especially sivir
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
because armor barely matters come late game now, tanks are dead for a reason.
: I see it on engage supports {{champion:12}} most commonly ive also seen it on {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:90}} very rarely but honorable mention {{champion:89}}
it just seems like it takes an absolute eternity to go off.
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: I do like the idea, but it's on the wrong champion. {{champion:27}} would probably be balanced on his w since he can't really duel or burst and he's a low mechanic champion.
singed deserves to be disabled until reworked.
: I really wish riot would stop vomitting out game modes instead of fixing the modes that need it.
auro chess has 5000x the playerbase on its worst day than 3v3 does on its best.
: it's the meta. tank sups have been nerfed repeatedly for competitive play and tank tops are not very strong. JG is the only good role for a tank right now, mainly because Riot forced buffs on certain champions. Without those individual tank champion buffs that Riot gave, early game skirmish junglers would be even more prominent than they already are.
unless they wanna spam sej and rammus all day which i doubt anyone does, tank jungles arent very strong either. Maybr bruisers building tanky, like olaf and hec but thats it.
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rujitra (NA)
: I agree with you. I encourage you to refer to that quote specifically - and explain that based on that ticket, you were permanently banned with no prior punishments from this log (which is inaccurate). I do encourage you to as always be polite and respectful, don't be an ass to whoever's handling your support ticket. Your account lies in their hands right now, and per the Terms of Use they can ban you for any reason, at any time - thus they're under no *legal* obligation to undo it. Technically, them undoing the permanent ban is a favor or service gesture to you - and it's more likely to happen the more polite, understanding, and patient you are with them. Best of luck to you.
thats kinda a load of bs "yeah we were wrong but keep this L on your account anyways" thats like if you get a write up at work, turns out the write up wasnt justified, but they keep it on file anyways. ????????????
darkdill (NA)
: So you're nerfing Lux's shield while ALSO introducing a bunch of new anti-shield mechanics?
RaQqa (EUNE)
: Just please, don't overbuff Qiyana because of her wr now.
what they need to do is fix her ult to show the true area of effect, ive been hit by it when not standing in the zone shown around the wall.
: I never found Graves weak at all especially since he scales very well off items.
items can break him if done right, but vanilla he is pretty weak damage output wise.
: 10 Reasons Why Master Yi Doesn't Need a Rework
I hope this is from reddit and you didnt take the time out of your day to type this.
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: Chat Restriction??? Just look
Had a bad game yesterday got called every name in the book. No notification of penalty for them. Pretty sad. I recently was given a 25 game chat restriction for saying "you're 4-5 and cant land a w" So I get it man.
Rioter Comments
: Mordekaiser is an absolute abomination.
"Dodge everything" is not a solution really its not remotely feasible. He will eventually land his cc and ko you before you can react leaving little to no room for counterplay especially if he has a rylai. Tahm bench is great in lane but there is a reason people say "win lane lose game" hes pretty average/low tier outside of lane as to where morde is strong at all stages.
Hwke94 (NA)
: Increase cooldown Q Yi
Cdr does far less for yi than attack speed does. Snare. Kill. Ezpz. Also that's exaggerated. He needs to land multiple autos to decrease the cd rapidly.
La Bello (NA)
: 1. QSS tax or Cleanse makes him a complete non-factor alternatively {{item:3194}} seriously hampers his DPS if you are tank OR {{item:3091}} if you are DPS. Mages have access to {{item:3102}} so Morde becomes really hesitant to R you. 2. play literally any champ with mobility/ranged options or high duel power. Morde cant fight people who WANT to fight him {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:23}} mid to late will dumpster him mercilessly and like wise he cant land his E he has zero options to get on top of someone such as {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} outside of just trudging forward fruitlessly. 3. try walking a mile (or at least 5-10 games) in the champions shoes then ask yourself if you feel the same way. I think Morde is another Darius case where he will absolutely dumpster any and everyone at lower elo's due to the straightforward high power kit but wont see play at higher levels unless numbers are disgusting enough to overlook his clear weaknesses.
His r is absolutely not the problem. The problem is he has a grab which when used correctly he is going to land eventually and rightfully so, into an absolute slobber knocker of an attack. no 2 button combo is that punishing, not even Zoe, and hers has a hell of a lot more set up.
vrasidaros (EUNE)
: I agree with you that I have to start being more independent but I started playing jg this week xd and I am also not that good to actually play a team game without a team yet..sadly..for example everyone tells me to carry those who go bad but I really cannot so I hope jungle helps me learn how to roam when I am mid.Most people are like kinds and they ping for kills all the time they don’t understand that even if they have 25/2 they can lose a game.
idk maybe i got lucky with the team, but i just played a game of kindred and absolutely hard carried. but thankfully my pyke escorted me to a few of my marks early on, i had 10 marks at around 16 mins which is pretty high. just prioritize marks. your mark is top and jungler is bot? go get it asap
Lemexis (EUW)
: I play Mordekaiser a lot and I can tell you the laning phase is far from an automatic win. Ranged champs are a very tough matchup, and a few melee ones like Jax or Darius too. And Kench completely destroys me in the laning phase - I'm guessing Mordekaiser's positive winrate against him is due to the fact that Kench is simply a "win lane, lose game" champ, as many people have said. So yeah, if your top ints to him it just means they play poorly and failed to respect the champ's power in 1v1.
nobody top lane is gonna just farm solely, they will always try to fight, even into morde and tahm.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: I'd assume this is somewhat of a low elo thing, most champions are a problem when fed but you can play around the immobile ones pretty easily by just not fighting them and having split push pressure, of course this assumes that your team is somewhat competent.
an assumption i never make. low elo goes, "imma gonna fight him" - okay i died but that was obv a fluke, im gonna fight him again. -okay didnt even get him to 50% this is clearly the junglers fault *flames*
Moody P (NA)
: Illaoi. Hated her until late season 6, then I tried her after the E changes and now she's my most played champion for the last 3 seasons
i played her when she first came out and just slaughtered people so badly, it was insane. i enjoy her! I wish she could get a decent skin.
Rioter Comments
vrasidaros (EUNE)
: Omg this is me every game ,last game I was trying to get crab from Rammus and I was pinging like crazy and both mid and not ignored me for their farm.Hard match tbh,someone started targeting enemy adc alone after rammus died and I lost all of my hope for that infernal.Xd I don’t think a lot of people care about how kindred works in my elo ,especially yasuos who can’t play team games and blame everyone but themselves and they remember they have a team when they die.
tbh thats not going to get any better. people often dont care about anyones mechanics but their own. if i get anyone to roam with me im shocked. honestly, help them first and they are more likely to help you. if not, and they keep screwing you over, take their cs.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: personally haven't had any problems with him but this might be just because I play champs like jax, trynda and garen
all i know is, once i see "killing spree" and its mordekaiser we have lost the game.
: midi-tier abomination.
over a 50% winrate across 3 lanes didnt {{champion:30}} just get smizzacked for that?
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