Cräfty (EUW)
: Riot's narcissism is so cringy... urgh!
this really what ya'll mad about? Here I am sick of nobles, yall mad about a button. you are playing the game for the sake of playing it, not grinding it for those big ticket rewards? who even looks at that lmao.
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Re4p3rr (EUW)
: Thats why you just dont even play this trash mode and boycott RNG based modes. Its made so every low IQ player can experience winning without actually doing anything. This shit doesnt belong to league .. but hey only money counts and little legends etc sell like crazy i guess. Gj rito at least the money is flowing right guys hehe. FeelsWeirdMan
Literally an entirely different game mode that requires an entirely different skill set, game is 60% rng 40% user competence. Sorry you are really bad at it tho, my guy. Also " Its made so every low IQ player can experience winning without actually doing anything" You play aram and bots never ranked 1 season. FeelsWeirdMan
: Am I the only one with consistent insanely bad luck?
ya'll are wild lol I love seeing these posts, scan enemy boards, if 3 other people are trying to get what you want you're gonna have a bad time. Are you after 1 costs for your comp? Fucking rereoll early stages then and dont rank up. Not after 1 stars for your comp? get a damn garen and whatever other champs u can get 2 stars of to carry you through earlier game without losing too much hp. This isnt that hard of a game mode.
: Shyvana going AFK in every match and kindred-Rangers comp was too OP pls Fix
1. is your shyvana trapped to where she cant reach? 2. rangers are literally a wildcard
: Seems broken on champ pool
ya know, i dont disagree with this. I rarely ever see Sejuani and ive tried for her a few times. I can get 3 star nidalees and elise at will, but i rarely get a 3 star darius before stage 4-5 even when no one else has em. I feel like everyone ends up with a 2 star kennen still yet I never see jayce? havent seen a 3 star jayce once yet.
: nice creepblock
at least you were a nunu and lived lmao
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: Fiora is probably the single weakest champion in the game if you don't take origins/classes into account (she is only useful because she is a noble and a blademaster)
you have clearly never gave her a spear, warmogs and dragons tooth. she goes cheese mode.
Smyrage (EUNE)
: Be honest, how much is the skill/RNG ratio?
RNG only dominates when it comes to items, do you know how many times ive seen someone only need 1 champ and its in the carousel for someone to complete nobles etc and no one picking before takes it? all the time. ill even say "take swain or so and so has 6 shapeshifters" only time i pretty much bitch that item rng won for them so when they have 3 red buffs.
: Kill him stupidly fast, get full demons, a Kassadin, or Hush on someone who attacks really quickly. Gnar is an instawin if he ults and any of his surviving team has any damage at all. The only way to beat him is to either murder his entire team before he ults, or kill him before he ults. You could try spacing your units out farther. I believe he jumps to the furthest one, so if you can get an Ashe with a Rapidfire and stick her in the far corner, that'd also probably work.
im particularly evil and I make gnar a sorcerer so he gets his ult faster and i put a morrelo or deathcap on him
: I already know about pivoting. There is no counter to glacial, the only counter to hextech is to spread items and units out. And its imposible to specifially build a comp to counter everyone. I know what is better late game again beause scarra talks about this. For example ahri is onyl good early, same with knights. There is nothing you can tell me that I already don't know. You know what? its just easier if i punch a riot employee in the face. At least thats possible for me. Because aparently winning one single game is impossible.
Oh so you are trolling, okay. Sorry you cant win games with your seemingly boundless knowledge. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: So everything I learned from scarra is incorrect? that is literally illogical.
There isnt one way only to win, there is counters, invest early on 1 costs as they have an equal return if you sell them later, hell, ill sell 3 2 stars and flip my comp mid game if needed. Some stuff is better early but sucks late, you use it to conserve hp with a decent early game board while you save and invest in endgame. If you are thinking about what you want to go before the game starts and try for it, you are already wrong.
Mártir (EUW)
: I honestly think, that is due to Riot discouraging it in the first place. By not reworking the map, adding stuff, or balancing.
> [{quoted}](name=Mártir,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rhfdVaUJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T18:26:23.870+0000) > > I honestly think, that is due to Riot discouraging it in the first place. > By not reworking the map, adding stuff, or balancing. tbf tho you cant balance a game around a secondary mode. Its like world of warcraft, they dont balance it too much around pvp, but pve instead.
: your first mistake is, you think you are doing everything right. You arent, Im not either. Nobody is. I finish top 3 more often than not, and i just finished first, ive played 3 games today, 2 1sts and 1 3rd. Im now gold 1. If you are going to ask for advice/help on boards you need to be receptive of it. want to que a game with me? See how he has far more 3 stars than me? Hell, even 1 more unit. There is so much you can do to counter people. *edit i dont think this counts as naming and shaming? but if so my b.
: i know how to build comps. the Comps is not the problem. Its the fact that I'm doing everything right and i still don't get champions i want and ive lost 30 games in a row from silver 2 to bronze 1. That makes the game seem really rigged.
your first mistake is, you think you are doing everything right. You arent, Im not either. Nobody is. I finish top 3 more often than not, and i just finished first, ive played 3 games today, 2 1sts and 1 3rd. Im now gold 1. If you are going to ask for advice/help on boards you need to be receptive of it. want to que a game with me?
: I only roll if i go over 50 gold. And if I'm doing really well I will save my gold and use it for lvls or rolling at raptors. It depends champion I have. For example Assassins, I go shivs, cannon, and IE or BT depending on the assassin, Ionic spark I like to use to nobles or tanks. I'll play a game which will probably be a loss becuase for some reason it feels rigged against me.
rerolling only over 50g isnt a great strat, you are missing out on crucial early units. i reroll 4 times total before stage 3 then after that 30g i reroll to 20, get back to 30, reroll to 20, replenish gold to 50, let it spin down to 20 or so again. If you are holding 50g or close to it at all times you are screwing yourself unless you have had insane luck all game.
: what am I doing wrong
I mean, im gold 2 but dont play a crazy amount but max rank in drodo. 1. accept that some % based comps are gimmicky trash, (blademasters, gunslingers) they rely on aatrox and now jinx to do literally anything because their chance to proc is pretty low and the damage output from other units is oof without items. 2.yordles is great if no one is going sorcerers, you wont win every game unless you get a big boy veigar/gnar but its a safe bet for at least 3rd. Literally go shapeshifters as often as you can, i like to pair them with sorcerers if im ahead, (i make gnar a sorcerer with yuumi and stick a deathcap on him, he literally aoe 1 shots all the squishies) or brawlers if im keeping pace, but once you get 6 shapeshifters its pretty hard to lose.
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rujitra (NA)
: If you are basing your satisfaction on the punishment of others, that is a toxic attitude, in that it is harmful to the community to have such an attitude.
thats such an asinine thing to say. Is it toxic for a person to wish someone who wronged them to go to jail for their transgressions? The principle is literally the same. If I have to sit through 30 minutes of flaming or trolling you are damn right I want to know it actually caught up to them. Your above statement literally hurt the way I view the world.
rujitra (NA)
: Unfortunately, attitudes like this are part of the reason Riot *doesn't* send a notification every single time.
Hotarµ (NA)
: That IFS message doesn't always appear. It's super inconsistent and best not to rely on that. Best course of action is always to just report and move on.
That makes me feel better and worse at the same time. I want to know when it works so I can laugh the tilt away.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >It's bad enough he didnt get flagged for "r%%%%%s" "fucking trash" "you suck lol" but people shouldn't be subjected to those they have opted to mute, What do you mean he didn't get flagged for it? Everything from pre-game chat to post-game chat is covered by the IFS, and that's definitely reportable and punishable behavior. I agree though, if you mute someone in-game you shouldn't have to see their messages in post-game chat.
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: So, a very high range mage, got into melee range of a bruiser, and died {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
no gap closer and rylai doesnt exist. you right. while i think op is overreacting a bit, morde is absurd and needs to be toned back big time.
gileskd (NA)
: report them after the game for harassment playing a champ you are not familiar with, in a role you are not familiar with, im pretty sure you are gonna get flamed. playing a champ you are familiar with, in a role you are not familiar with, 50% chance you are gonna get flamed. the choice is yours to make {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Shouldn't be put in the situation in the first place, that's the issue.
: Akali 1 shotting people with no items might be a problem Riot: MAKE AATROX OP??? GOT IT!
Seems like riot brought their hard on for assassins to tft as well. Nerfing elementals and making mage targeting awful vs them. Ahri used to orb 3 of em now she just hits the one killing her.
: I never really got these threads, why don't people just take the time to learn the roles they often get autofilled for? I'm not saying that you should completely change your mains just for adc, but at least try to learn adc even though you don't really have a desire to play it. Would it really hurt to pick up ezeral or someone who's easy and safe and learn a little bit on how to position yourself and such? You could probably learn a thing or two when you practice on it and you're not hurting anyone if you just go to normals or just watch a video or something about the role. You just have to get to know it til you feel like you're confident in it so if you ever get autofilled and no one wants to take the role and you don't have anymore dodges, you some what have some experience and can pull your self up. A majority of people feel the same about certain roles but if worse comes to worse it's just best to do it yourself and fix it.
Adc is a pretty complicated role to just "learn" because you get auto filled to it sometimes. It's entirely position dependent and that positioning varies with each champion and if you dont adc odds are you have little to no experience on those champions since they are scarcely viable outside of bot.
gileskd (NA)
: you do not get assigned adc, you get the role bot. pick any champion and go bot lane with it {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: {{champion:92}} Q cd ? {{champion:238}} ult cd late game? either nerf or buff zhonyas cd cause there's no counterplay {{champion:99}} ult cd {{champion:69}} literally OP champ but nobody talks about it because nobody plays her
okay zed tho? yeah he can ult a lot late game but wtf is he going to do when its down? i just went like 25-8 or something but all they did was group up and stack the naut on carries and i was pretty much going to get killed for going in if 1 of the 3 of em could land a cc before i dip out.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: jax feels ... weak, his early game isn't good enough to beat people that you're better off and his late game is just 100% faceroll, nerf late and make his early decent again.
weak early? into who? his level 3 is dummy strong.
: I actually miss those old days, where people could talk trash and nobody would cry about it being "toxic". People back then realized that they were on the Internet and random peoples words should not matter to them.
Tbh the difference to me is no game of cod goes 30 mins to an hour. So you didnt have to listen to the same person the whole time and if the person sucked or threw it wasnt a big deal since you could just A. Leave or B. The game is over in a few mins.
: to the people who say yasuo is broken, yet also make/laugh at yasuo feed memes
??? Some people suck at driving. Some people are incredible drivers. A stealth bomber could do a lot of damage with a seasoned pilot yet it would do nothing with a blind poodle in it. Get it?
: while i agree with the "its pathetic stupid etc", you're getting exhausted by just watching others write for 30min? oh boy lol. try to sit in a room where you need to write down every word others say for 5 hours straight :D
It's a figure of speech more than anything. And your comparison seems a bit off 1. In this scenario I assume I'm being paid. 2. Is it nonstop whining and baby rage?
nGio (NA)
: {{champion:154}} I stopped playing ranked a couple of years ago when they ruined my boy for those big LCS plays that I personally don't give a shit about.
i got to gold my first season playing league with zac, i quit playing really came back and was like "wait what" and i didnt know who tf to play, i hated that rework.
: Yeah God forbid Ahris winrate not be above 52% for like the trillionth season in a row
i always get downvoted for this exact statement. she legit has never been bad.
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: How do I deal with tilted teammates?
Mute. or be like me and if its 2-3 people go afk farm and deny every ff attempt.
: It's worth a support ticket, but in cases of long absences from the game it is sometimes determined that you did not take proper steps to secure the account or make sure it remained uncompromised. So definitely send in a ticket, but understand that it's not a surefire thing.
which is kinda crap. why no authenticator? what are the steps? "change your password"
Infernape (EUW)
: She can. You need to keep pressing ctrl and 5 together until she cartwheels.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} gonna try next game. thanks!
: Getting autofilled is the worst experience and should be removed!
on behalf of most jungle mains, we dont wanna play jungle either. its awful right now.
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: I don't understand why Kalista is considered toxic
kallista kites on auto and has the best ult of any adc by far to win a fight. vayne is pretty feast or famine, half the adcs right now can poke her and push her off farm, especially sivir
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
because armor barely matters come late game now, tanks are dead for a reason.
: I see it on engage supports {{champion:12}} most commonly ive also seen it on {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:90}} very rarely but honorable mention {{champion:89}}
it just seems like it takes an absolute eternity to go off.
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