: Jhin Traps Proccing Electrocute For No Reason
yea bro, this isn't a bug. You walked over 2 traps, and then got Jhin w'd which would proc his 3 spells of electrocute as it was within 6 seconds.
: New Yasuo Buff
Now that's a bug lol. Windwall was perfect to stop 1 ult I can see, but I can tell you were spamming it. The wall shouldn't of stopped more then that. As it's not in range of you.
: Disconnect Bug
I understand this is stressful, however I don't think riot has the power to grant you your LP back. Have you tried reinstalling league? Or downloading Hextech repair? Believe me 3 days ago, this was bad for me aswell. I had to redownload league and restart my computer and upgrade my drivers. With league constantly updating every week, you need to make sure your computer can handle these upgrades.
: During alpha
What don't you understand? He went invisible, you walked forward because you couldn't target him, and then he isolated you just before you entered your alpha. But it showed you trigger the alpha strike late. Either way you we're dead even if you went into your alpha strike.


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