: It's lovely of Riot to give lesser-known artists opportunities but...
Thats dj mako he made some league songs like piercing light but it seems like hes not really a singer. The rapper is pretty famous in korea. I have no idea about blonde.
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Alkaîd (NA)
: Riot, please consider nerfing knock ups/displacements/airborne
I think it is balanced as it has a short duration and do not stack. Also many of them require you to either be close which adds risk or they are really slow like sion or Janna q.
: Riot, does the "Ready" button REALLY need to be so obnoxiously complicated???
every other game have small bugs like this like when i played csgo sometimes i would go into a competitive match and it will kick me out saying that its full so maybe its not as simple as you think. most league bugs can be fixed by force quitting and then reconnecting so you dont need to take a dodge penalty. also whenever people complain about them adding skins instead of fixing some problem i face palm a little. you do realize that the people working on the skins are not the same people that code the game right.
Mr Tyson (NA)
: Hashinshin ban is inexcuseable by RIOT, and if anything Smurfing should be banned.
You guys claim riot games is biased against hashinshin but i think its quite the opposite. If i act like hashinshin does I probably won't last a month without getting permabanned. I think they should stop giving special treatment to streamers and treat them like the rest of us.
: Hi Riot, I'd like to have an honest, earnest, and open conversation about gay characters.
You also have to think about the lore writers and character designers at riot. They are probably straight so creating a straight character would be much easier to them than a gay character.
: Faker is not even participating and yet every other thought focuses on him, great way to put the spotlight in the wrong direction. Also, the author seems to be underestimating BDD a whole lot. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Its a common league trope. Playing like faker is synonymous with playing really well. Theres lots of times when a streamer or a pro player makes a really good play and they yell omg im actually faker.
: 10 thoughts going into Week 6 -- "Liquid is sea level and everyone below them are drowning."
Tsm focus on: going to doublelift, biofrost and svenskeren and begging on their knees for them to come back
: What happened to the Yasuo rework that Riot said they would do?
The only yasuo rework ive been hearing about is the April fools joke one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgDuqyNXoh4
Pooples (NA)
: I mean, he's right regardless of whether people like it or not. He's just being a critic. You can enjoy the photographs even if they are low quality and awkwardly staged. The article itself was super well written anyways. Don't get your panties in a bundle over a something this small.
whats wrong with the pictures? the resolution is fine, the white balance, the color space, the dynamic range and the way they are staged is to reflect the kinship of the teams.
: Sandbox mode
I think they are working on it and will implement it in waves

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