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: What are the most boring top laners to fight against in your honest opinion?
Ranged abusers-Karma, Gnar, Vlad, Teemo, Kennen, GP, Neeko etc
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xbeastie (NA)
: Ranked
If youre good then you climb. LP gains are heavily inflated in placements.
: Role specific ranks have made league more toxic.
I dont rlly have the same problems, but I feel like the games are way lower quality gameplay wise than other seasons. Every few games, I feel like people are abusing the system with lane swapping.
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: clash tiers
same i was tier 3 last clash, but now i'm tier 1 and my rank solo elo didnt change much.
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
why can't new players just start off in bronze 5? or maybe have a filtering system based on normal games? idk
Áery (NA)
: LF ADC Duo to Plat
: Nope that's dumb as hell. Playing a game for twenty minutes and suddenly you don't get to lose cause someone who was carrying decided he didn't want to struggle anymore with 4 feeders. I don't think so...
if he was carrying so hard and the other team was losing why would he have to go afk and then he'll get a queue warning not smart
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