: It is finally here... Arclight Yorick!
That scene (in the gif) was a fucking tear jerker.
: Always remember when retreating that you don't need to outrun the enemy team....
: When the feeding top laner wants to fight my Kled again
Greetings fellow Kled main! Are you in the Kled mains reddit?
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Salron (NA)
: I finally got the single champion I wanted to play in URF
should've gotten 444444 mastery points
: Stay out of range?
> [{quoted}](name=420 grams,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=EWYlzXV6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-08T21:26:02.770+0000) > > Stay out of range? {{item:3800}}
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: Pool Party Ahri!
I'm fucking drooling {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group A
I really like Ivern's unique play style and his lore
Galacius (NA)
: I wonder how many downvotes I will get? :thonks:
> [{quoted}](name=Galacius,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nm3UWKeE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-08-06T18:04:51.709+0000) > > I wonder how many downvotes I will get? > > :thonks: Have an upvote my friend!
: Which league girl are you "most fond of"
Rek'sai!!! I have good taste in woman :D
: I'm really upset right now GD >:(
: How Many Hours Do You Play?
Tarquin96 (EUNE)
: Ahri
I swear my pants were on a few minutes ago.
: Pour one out for extinct duck
: Smash or Pass: League Edition
: I made this monstrosity
I only play for the angry texan
sushixan (EUNE)
: Be Polite and Give Pentas!
Pentas are not given, they are earned.
: When you see the enemy looking like they are about to choose Ahri Midlane
Exifile (OCE)
: Pls Riot Make this
Nasus deserves to have a farmer skin.
: Go make this in meme and game because this will never exist.
> [{quoted}](name=One Ashe On,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEbhprYZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-03T02:36:19.168+0000) > > Go make this in meme and game because this will never exist. Nonononono put this in concept and creations :)
: when you're zed and ult ignite an enemy but they don't die
: When neither team wants to make the first move in a teamfight
: +1 because you're probs gonna get downvoted.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Favorite champ(s) to play?
Kled Kha'zix Kayn Anyone who does a lot of damage :)
Rexxiee (NA)
: Why is draven allowed to be ridiculous for months while singed gets hotfixed day 1?
: List of champions you can have infinite possibility to make flashy play and have fun with .
Play all of those fucking champions to the best of your ability and maybe you have the right to judge.
: Deep Sea Bard Leak
Deep Sea Urf* fucking dumbass :)
Yrzen (NA)
: The best ability in the game, conceptually
Kled's ult. Do I really need to say why? It promotes aggressive roaming plays
: get to challenger so you can show off to ur friend lol
> [{quoted}](name=MorinoZannen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pYE3ZXmR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-30T11:09:15.157+0000) > > get to challenger so you can show off to ur friend lol Too challenging :)
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: Arcade Brand should have a combo count on his ult
Is this suggestion a reference to Cinder from Killer Instinct?
HolygunIL (EUNE)
: choosing a top melee champ
{{champion:240}} This character rewards really aggressive gameplay, he takes a long time to truly master, took me almost like 2 weeks to get used to him, but it was worth it
: Teemo should be reworked to a jungler.
I like the sound of this. His role of a jungler will fit him thematically.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Wana try a champ (Even in normals) Be prepared for the enemy the taunt you and you team report you.
This is so true that it's actually sad. Those people have no right whatsoever to dictate what character I should play, bitch idc if I want to try out Yasuo, I'm playing Yasuo. I don't understand why people want to tryhard so bad in normals, when really not much is at stake, sure your time is, but you chose to play the game. The mute button is a fucking gift from god.
: wanna hear a joke ?
I have a joke too! Riot's balance team.
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Kovah (NA)
: Can't even play one game anymore
Well man, what can you do? Riot never takes actions against this toxic community and they never will. The best we can do is just deal with it or don't, just quit and find other games that are way better then League of Legends. Try Ori and the Blind Forest, some Pokemon games, Danganronpa (look it up), Pubg, or even the most recent Crash Bandicoot game (I am on my phone so I can not make lists). There is a VAST selection of games that are probably better then League. I understand that the fact that League is no longer the game you remember saddens you, but sometimes you can't do anything about it.
: Matchmaking system is completely garbage
I actually had 4 diamond players on my team and.... I was unranked. The lowest rank on the other team was gold, fucking gold. I got destroyed in lane and got carried, what can I say? I suck at this game.
Elfezen (NA)
: Look at this dude
Funny meme.... guess I'll upvote.
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Polyxena (NA)
: My Dryad Soraka Cosplay
idk how you cosplayers do it, that looks amazing
RC38Boss (NA)
: Suggestion 4 a Garen Rework
I really like your vision of Garen and I agree that his theme is rather simplistic and boring compared to the other champions. Speaking of simplicity, the kit you want to see him have is rather.... complex. To me, Garen is suppose to be a champion for newbies, much like Warwick. However, Warwick has the great balance of simplicity and viability in his kit and I would love to see Garen in the future with that balance. But I don't think Riot has any plans to give Garen a rework anytime soon.
Hmagamer (NA)
: A very accurate representation of stealing the enemy's red buff and killing him.
: Can fiora have a small buff?
I can actually agree, despite getting extremely salty playing against her. The movement speed nerf was unnecessary to me, if riot is going to nerf Fiora, they better take away that attack speed slow from her W because she is suppose to be a tank shredder, tanks do not need their attack speed. Thornmail needs to stay where it is, I think it keeps a lot hyper carries under control.
: > [{quoted}](name=PUG Dagger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IL3g8zzK,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-15T20:51:19.671+0000) > > Yea, in other games, why does League of Legends have to be the same as other games? League is a different type of game. League is all about getting objectives and accumulating a gold lead to be able to win most efficiently. It focuses on teamwork not individual outplays. From a straight design perspective assassins have no place in League. They are generally the weakest role in helping to secure objectives and their gold leads tend to stop being effective, not to mention that assassin falls outside of the combat triangle of mage/dps/tank. For balance it would honestly just be better to get rid of assassins all together. Get rid of assassins? Who's mans is this?
> Get rid of assassins? Who's mans is this? Baby*
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