Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: I'm offended...
yeah well you play league so it makes sense
Xphineas (NA)
: Tell me, what was the name if its so 'not offensive'.
: If Riot agreed it was an offensive name, then it was **their** determination. Follow the rules and stop trying to look cool.
Get off the cool horse, it's dead. Nobody cares about a name. A name on a game doesn't make you cool. You're just spewing irrelevant opinions and trying to push them onto me as if that was my intention so you can think to yourself that you've justified what the reasoning behind the name was and think you've solved another one.
: In most cases I'm familiar with Riot does a forced name change. If you were permanently banned for the name and *not* told the ban would be lifted if the name changed, then the name must have been truly egregious, in which case they may simply ban permanently, yes.
It really wasn't egregious in any way. I did not refuse to change the name. If riot said, hey this name is offensive I would gladly change it, because it's a damn name and it means nothing. Especially means less than something that is worth of a permanent ban. just make me change it lmao
: So you pick an offensive name, then come here on a tirade blaming everyone else for being sensitive because you had to be cool and pick something that you knew would be offensive? Come on, dude.
No i picked a name that was not offensive, but sensitive people cry about absolutely everything and play victim. They nit pick everything and turn it into injustice because the entirety of this community is a toxic pile of shit. So yeah I came on here on a tirade because my message is completely sarcastic. I am making fun of you. Everyone on this game that reads something on the internet and has to GASP OH MY. I AM OFFENDED BY THAT PERSON'S NAME. The funny thing to me is, I did not have a single offensive word in my name. Unless suck is offensive. But then again if you're offended by the word suck it's probably because the shoe fits and you want to express how victimized you are.
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